How to Make Money From Your Website While Trying to Build Trust

SBI!Majority of people I met online, started their websites with the intention to make money from them. However, a lot of them also have this wrong idea that it is very easy to do it and that putting up a few pages online are going to make them rich.

That can not be further from the truth, because even behind some of the fast successes online is hard work. Learning to monetize a website and doing it the right way is not easy.

I believe that the most important strategy in making money online is getting people to trust you. So if you are new and no one knows you – no one will trust you, hence you will have a hard time to make any money.

That means your main goal at the beginning should be building trust not chasing money. When you get to the point that people trust you, the money will come.

So how can you make this process easier for you and start making money from the get go?

Pre-selling To Stand Out

Let’s say you are going to focus on the most common way of making money for bloggers – affiliate marketing. And let’s say you will promote the same products everyone else promotes, like some “Social media product XYZ”. How are you going to get people to buy it from you and not someone who has been online much longer than you?

Pre-selling is your key here. Instead of putting ads in your sidebar and affiliate links everywhere, remove all ads and focus on preseling the product.

Step one would be to buy the product you want to promote. You can not promote a product if you don’t know it in and out. Once you bought it, dig deep into it so you can know all the details, how to use it, how to get the most of it, what are its faults and so on.

When you know the product almost better than the creator, write a detailed review. By detailed I mean realy, really detailed. What did the sales letter promise, did it deliver the promisses, how did you put the advice to use, what results did you get and so on. Make this review a page on your blog (rather than a post) and add affiliate links to the product.

If your review ends up to be a negative one because the product isn’t good or doesn’t bring the promissed results, say that too. There are many people pushing the same products just because they have good affiliate commissions. But in reaality, the products are not good. Telling it as it is will get people to trust you because you are not pushing the same story as everyone else.

Just BE Honest

I had this happen to me with a product everyone was raving about so I bought it and it was a piece of cr*p. I wrote a post about it, how I ran into bugs while working with the software, how some of the promises weren’t delivered, how parts of the sales page were just a hype and so on. People loved it (except for the creators of the products and a few of their bigger affiliates) and that is all that matters. I saved a lot of those people money they would waste on the product and they could see I was an honest person that was not after their hard earned cash – win-win for everyone.

What if you like the product? Tell people how much you like it, how did you implement the tips, how great the results were for you and so on.

Bottom line, what ever you think about the product, know it well and tell the truth.

But this isn’t all. This is just the start. Now it is time to actually start promoting the product.

Instead of writing your own version of their sales letter, write tutorials on how to use the product, how did you implement the tips in some inovative ways to get even better results, and so on. Just keep writing about your experiences with the product.

Of course, this is the time where you are going to start selling. And this is the time when your detailed review is going to start working for you.

Every time you write a post related to the product instead of linking to the product with your affiliate links you will link to – the review post. So this is how it would look:

This way you are almost making a sales funnel for the affiliate offer.

How Does This Relate to Building Trust?

Number one is – you aren’t pushing the product into anyone’s face. You are helping people with tips on how to use the product and get the most out of it.

Then you aren’t linking directly to the affiliate offer (that yells BUY, BUY, BUY) but to your review that helps more!

That is so much information on a product, that if people are ready to buy they will buy through your link because we tend to feel “obligated” to say thanks to those who help us. Well, I guess I do at least :)

Another benefit of this approach is that every time you are linking to the review post, you are building links to it, so you will eventually rank the review page on Google and get more people to it. When a new person lands on such a detailed post, they may just go ahead and buy it right there, since you were so helpful.


This approach is working smarter and not harder. And once you write that detailed review, you don’t have much to do, just a post on the product from time to time. Multiply this with a few selected products you want to promote and you can have  great results from the very beginning.


  1. Nadia Barbara says

    Being honest to your website visitors and target clients helps you build credibility on the web. Trust is a very important factor in growing any form enterprise on the web.
    Nadia Barbara recently posted..SEO Tip: Google Analytics

  2. kelly says

    This is a very informative post. Making money online is not as easy as it’s thought. You have to have patience, work hard, and think of it very well.

  3. says

    I agree that trust is the very thing we should never take for granted. Sure, readers do not see us but they matter and contribute a lot to the very essence of what we do. Thank you for reminding this to us. Thanks a lot! Great post!

  4. Kristine says

    I totally agree with your point that you should be honest with your posts and your website. That’s one way to gain trust and more traffic from your audience as well.

  5. Chitra Lekha says

    Really great post, it is 100% true. First don’t start a blog or website to make money. You should start because you love to write and share with others, eventually the money will come, but it takes awhile before you start earning.
    Thank you for posting this useful article.
    Chitra Lekha recently posted..Review of Swagbucks

    • mitz says

      This can be true if you are lucky..but making money from writing also takes skill..I had great content from the minute I started my blog, I made sure of that, but the money didn’t come until I worked out how to get it.. What to promote, where to promote and when.. :)

  6. Chris says

    Brankica, I think part of the solution is patience. Don’t try to sell to people straight away, get them to join a marketing list and then slowly introduce them to products, maybe after giving away some free tips or suggestions.
    Chris recently posted..How To Make A Great CV

  7. says

    I am a newbie in online marketing, but I do understand the principles of online trust. Thank yuo for the article. When I write a review of someone else’s product, I give an honest opinion. What results I received from the product and how I used it. I expect the same reviews for my product.
    Logan May recently posted..Auction Buying

  8. says

    It’s a good idea to develop your understanding of your future reader and ideal customer first. That will help you write a more targeted ebook, and market it more effectively, too. It’s the right place to start!
    mich recently posted..Minka kelly Spandex

  9. Richa says

    Hey Brankica
    These are some excellent points you have shared here. Honesty always pays in business, this has been my personal experience. Loved your post. Thanks for the share.

  10. says

    I can highly agree to this article. Online reputation is essential to start making money from it. Forcing people to review your product is crazy. If your product was good enough to be talked about, then it will be talked about.

  11. Maja says

    Online earning is not easy as the people consider. Many people round the world has left their jobs with the intention to earn online but soon they were back to 9 to 5 jobs as a lot of patience and consistency is required in this regard.
    Maja recently posted..Reasons for Short Haircuts

  12. says

    I really like that last idea – “Why is [x] better than [y].” It helps a lot with SEO. You may have trouble ranking for a basic term like “[x] review,” but by comparing two products you create some long tail keywords that people are searching for. That’s what I did when I wrote about photography – the posts comparing two products or cameras were the most successful.
    Brian recently posted..National Survey Data on Tech Usage in Schools

  13. says

    You have made some great points and I have to admit, I’m working text links in my posts because I want to try monetizing. These are affiliate links from products I use and just LOVE or are liked by trusted advisors so I’m not just putting anything and everything on there. But I like your plan of guiding people through the process to a review site and then an affiliate. I’m actually planning a niche site around a program I use religiously and love (but have some issues with which I will raise) so this is helpful. Great post, Brankica!
    D. Dixon recently posted..How Reachli Helps You Monetize Your Pinterest Pins

  14. says

    Excellent post. we use Adfly for advertising in experiments but never used it as a publisher. After reading this and your other post we shall be looking into it and running a few more experiments.

  15. says

    Bang on correct. I love this model and it works for me. Killer review based on using and liking a product. Write tons of articles that lead to the review. Dead-simple and works like a charm.

    I’ll add that if you can, really demonstrate the product and how you use it. This way people get a real sense of it. Of course your feeder articles can do this as well, but the review itself should be a comprehensive resource.

    If you promote several products this way on your blog, you can consider creating different sidebars for each “product section” so that you can set up different navigation menus that provide links to key resources for each product. I’m doing this on one blog and it works really well.
    Jon recently posted..Themeforest Review Reveals Why This Customer Keeps Returning

  16. Larry says

    Brankica, this idea of preselling interesting. I’ve heard of review posts, but doing multiple approaches like you suggest, that sounds powerful. Are you a super affiliate?
    Larry recently posted..Passion Flower Tea

  17. says

    If you want to your readers to trust you, you need to be honest, especially in doing product reviews. I tried out a product from a review that I read months ago. It turned out to be very bad. Now, I don\\\’t read or believe anything that he writes again.
    April recently posted..REO Recruitment Website Copywriting

  18. Andre Daniel says

    Right on! There are so many mistakes newbie marketers make while trying their hand at internet/affiliate marketing because they think they have to take the approach as a sales person. People like to read something unbaised and or honest. It is so obvious, even to the visitor/customer when you are trying to sell them something and that is a turn off for sure. I always say approach your websites with the aim of being genuine. Aim to help, because the people who will eventually reach your page and read it are people just like you, who, when you’re not working on your website, are looking for information too. You are no different. The same way you feel when you are being a “visitor” on someone else’s website is how your own visitors feel. Don’t waste their time and be honest with them.

  19. Sanjay says

    Another way of selling is giving away tutorials and techniques of using the software / product, show them the secret settings you uncover and link that to your review post. Thanks for the sales funnel method, I never thought to doing that :)
    Sanjay recently posted..20+ Free Responsive Themes Collection

  20. Aasma says

    It’s true, by writing honest review about any product and service you’ll not only build trust and reputation for yourself but can also encourage people to buy good product/service from your site, which helps you to make money.
    Aasma recently posted..MLM Software Delhi Noida Gurgaon

  21. Tony Nguyen says

    OMG! Brankica, you totally delight me a lot by this single post. I’m in stuck with how to do a better review page, and suddenly found this post. There’s a thunder pushing in my mind after reading it.
    I’m curious to apply my new ideas now.

    Thanks very much for your post!
    Tony Nguyen recently posted..Blogging with John Chow Review

  22. Elena says

    Building trust is extremely important when you are trying to establish a long-term business. I really like your idea of pre-selling: writing a review of the product you know very well. That is a good way to build trust with your readers and potential buyers of your product. I should try this idea on my site. Thanks for sharing!
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