How I Make Money Online With Worpdress Websites – Part 2

Firstly, I have written an article about how I make money online previously but I did not want to add this information to that old post. Although the information is valid still, I thought that some readers might not revisit an old post and I did not want them to miss this stuff. This is a crazy business, building WordPress Websites full time.

Now even though I make money online, it is not all about the money, because if you think this way you will burn your audience. I never push a sale as I hate pushy sales people! I like to get involved with affiliate programs that are so good they sell themselves!

I probably shouldn’t be releasing this information but I know that there are a million ways for me to make money online and I always keep my best secrets up  my sleeve. (sorry about that!)

The Best Computer Software Affiliate Program

I have mentioned Spotmau software before but never said anything further. I have mentioned that it was easy to sell but that’s it. I am shocked at the progress I have made with selling this software and it is only selling on about 4 pages. I feel like flooding the computer related websites with this product as I think they know how to sell to people. Anyway Spotmau gave me some copies of the software I am selling now and I am testing them at the moment. Go and Join Now if you have a computer related website.

The screenshot you see above is basically for two months. November is when it started to click for me. Now I can make $100 in a day from this software. Not all the time though but this is just the beginning! I am pretty excited about this one!

Selling Hostgator Web Hosting

When I showed you guys the real life WordPress website case study I was using Commission Junction to create affiliate links for a site I had made that sold web hosting. Well that was fine but I realized that most of my sales were Hostgator web hosting so I decided to go through them directly to earn commissions.

It was a risk though, as pays $100 straight for a sale, whereas Hostagor has a sliding scale. Therefore for the first month I only got $50 when I could have had $100. (Ouch!)  On the second month I got to the $75 mark. If I had invested more time in this I probably could have done it but…I am slack. Then in November I just scraped it in for 11 sales to get $100 a pop. I still have odd sales of hosting in Commission Junction too as there are other hosting companies like Fatcow and Bluehost that I still get through there.

I didn’t make 21 sales but I did make 11 which will land me $1100.

Advantages to Selling Hosting Directly Through Hostgator

  1. You get to see what actual page the sale came from. All you have to do is hover over where it says link. If you press on it you will be taken to the page where the sale came from. This gave me a big fat clue as to where to concentrate my efforts to get sales. will just tell you the website name only. (unless you create separate SID’s for each link)
  2. You can see the actual domain name associate with the sale. This is highly valuable as you can see the finished products.
  3. You can see if a commission is valid in Hostgator but in it just disappears.

The screenshot below shows the details of my sales through Hostgator. I just got 11 sales which took me to the $100 level. Obviously the best way to sell something is to use it yourself and I have been with Hostgator for about 4 years now.

Making Money Online With Recurring Commissions

Again, I have mentioned how to find products on Clickbank with recurring payments and also how to keep making money from your blog even after it is sold. These are both great ways to make money online and it is also excellent if you want to do less sales and still earn money. So I am going to mention my favorite affiliate program again. Elegant themes of course!It is easy to sell and this you get a recurring commission if the person renews for the year. The program is so packed full of value that you would be nuts not to be a member.

Below you can see a screenshot of my total earnings for the year so far and I am hoping to get that commission next year on top of the new sales I make. Lets image that figure at 10,000 base for the year and growing. That is what I plan to do!

If you are a website builder (like building for other people) the Elegant Themes package is only $88 for a developers license and that includes all .psd files too..  Imagine how professional you could look when you build a website for someone using this theme collection.

That is just another way to make money from Elegant Themes. You do not even have to sell this program to make money from it as this is an essential “tools of the trade” item you will need. I would always include Elegant themes in my Internet Marketing Toolbox.

Ok I hope this information gives you some food for thought. Even though my primary income is from Adsense, there’s no reason to not experiment with other opportunities.


  1. says

    You know I am not much of an affiliate marketer, but have made a surprising amount of sales in the last month with BlueHost. They have a great support staff just as HostGator. It is clear to me if I set out to do this for a living, your tips and tricks would guide me through the process, as they already have. Thank you Mitz! Congrats on your success.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Build A Business WordPress Site

    • mitz says

      That’s great Bryan. Does Bluehost tell you which of your pages is making the sales? Hostgator does this and then I push more traffic there. :)

  2. mical says

    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

    • mitz says

      The powersuite package. I might send people there for other reasons or software but the Spotmau site is structured so well and they end up buying the bigger package software as the deal is too good to refuse.

    • mitz says

      Hi Stan
      I do not think Hostgator is recurring income but if it is let me know and I will have a party! :) A few of the others are though. Love them!

  3. says

    Thanks for the great tips here. I did well in 2010 with a really nice Clickbank product, but I think the niche got a bit spammy and my commissions nose-dived in 2011. Also I don’t think the product vendor realised just what a great niche they had.
    Brett recently posted..Abacus Accounting Services

  4. Cheng says

    Making money through internet is difficult task as it requires patience ,and love with internet and almost impossible for the one who is not interested in it. Your article is the one that can build interest in people of earning money through internet ,and the advantages to selling hosting directly through hostgator are very helpful
    Cheng recently posted..motivation blog

  5. Joe says

    Great information about hosting affiliate revenues. Have you had similar success with book affiliates like amazon, b&n, etc? My website is more related to the latter rather than the former.

  6. Jim says

    Great post. Very interesting to see how people actually make money from affiliate links. I’ve always been tempted but really our site is product based and adding affilliate links might look out of place. Regarding Adsense, I’ve tried using before but don’t really know how to set it up. At one point it was displaying competitors links on my wedsite!! Do you have a basic how to set up adsense article in your goody bag?
    Jim recently posted..Christmas & New Year Sale On Now

  7. says

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. There are a number of bloggers who still haven’t signed up on major revenue earning models other than adsense. This post will definitely help them out in a big way!

  8. Lee Jay says

    Good Information – For anyone to make it in Affiliate Marketing you need to promote different products – just make sure that they apply to your sites customers.
    Adding your Hosting Site like Host Gator or whatever host you use is a good starting point.
    I have a GoDaddy reseller account so I add my banner to all my sites.
    Lee Jay recently posted..How to Hold Your Guitar

  9. Amanda Gordon says

    Great article. Now who wouldn’t love recurring comissions!

    Webhosting affiliate is a great biz but having your own reseller hosting is even better. One of my friends moonlights as a freelance website designer who had a gala time as a bluehost and hostgator affiliate. He realised much later that he could have done much better if he had taken a reseller hosting and billed the clients himself directly. Needless to say, that is what he is doing right now.
    Amanda Gordon recently posted..Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

    • mitz says

      I agree that a resellers account can make recurring income. We are very lucky as there are just so many ways to make money. :)

  10. Ricky says

    Thanks for all the tips. I have wondered how people do affiliate marketing. I was just using the Google Adsense advertising before, but I am thinking this is much more time worthy than the change Google sends back and the extra .5 a sec it adds on to load time really is not worth that much. Thanks again for the ideas and examples. It gave me many ideas.
    Ricky recently posted..Hypnosis Training Update

  11. Ruth Sayson says

    Hello Mitz

    Thank you for sharing another online income opportunity. I’ve been using Host Gator as my hosting service but haven’t tried selling it. I shared it to some of my friends and they also used it too. Reading your post makes me wonder why I did not do the same thing that you do right now. I could have earn some income selling Host Gator web hosting service. I believe it’s not too late yet so I better grab this one.

    Ruth Sayson recently posted..5 Fixed Blade Hunting Knives Everyone Should Own

  12. Lillie McKinney says

    Hi Mitz,
    Thanks for the tips and list. I am looking forward on dipping my foot on affiliate marketing since one of my friends is making a couple of good bucks just by running a website. There are so many tutorials on how to start, however, I am having problems what to follow. For starters, if I may ask, where do recommend I start? Thanks very much, you are the greatest!
    Lillie McKinney recently posted..Hello world!

  13. says

    I host with hostgator and am impressed with their support efficiency. Their affiliate program is also one of the most lucrative.

    I guess however that it is a volume game to make sales with their affiliate program like all others as i have not had much success, apparently due to my relatively lower traffic volume.

    I’ll keep trying though.

    Dele recently posted..Improve PageRank With Blog Commenting : Get Highly Productive Results By Commenting On CommentLuv Enabled Sites

  14. Mark Tesa says

    These seem like very good and efficient ways of making money online. With time I hope your income will become better as it takes sometime before profits become full blown in blogging.

    • mitz says

      I am definitely full time in blogging and love it! An amazing way to make money!!!! I am so lucky to do it!

  15. Dwane says

    Excellent list of affiliates. There are a few here that I had never heard of like Spotmaiu and I’m going to look into it. I continue to follow your blog and appreciate your articles. BTW I took your advice from another article and implemented a dofollow comment love onto mine allong with guest posting that will allow others to put there adsense code in the article.

    Dwane recently posted..How To Get Karaoke Music Cheap – Cheapest Price Karaoke Songs

  16. Glen says

    That seems to be some good news for us working on making money online. I haven’t had the chance to work on the things you did, but it seems like there’s a lot of good business going that I am reconsidering them for future ventures. Good job.

  17. Danny says

    Great to read posts like this. It is more inspiring than people just saying they earn a lot or whatever. Because people talk so much on internet, but most of it is just talk.

    What about your own products Mitz?
    On tips4pc,com you sell your own information products right?
    How does that go?
    And if you don’t mind me asking: what do you use to sell digital downloads on wp?
    I am planning on adding some more value to my site with a report.
    Danny recently posted..Husqvarna 327P5X Pole pruner 25cc 12 inch bar

    • mitz says

      Yes I have some products. I have been very slack with them but lets just say they are worth making.. They take me about a day or two but continue to give me income over and over. I make a few sales a week but use to make more when I was focusing that way. I am getting organized now to promote more than is normally possible. I thought about doing an article on this and I will if I get time. It is a great way to make money by writing once and selling hundreds of times over.

  18. Paul Rowlands says

    Some really interesting advice there. I’m just getting started building my own websites. Can I ask what you would recommend between Adsense and Affiliate Marketing? I can’t decide between the two, and I’m looking for a reliable guide to which one makes more money.

    • mitz says

      I will tell you now that the one that makes the most money will be the one you work on the most! It is possible to make plenty of money with both methods. Deciding what to use depends on the website and the visitors it has.

  19. Juphet Mislang says

    Nice Mitz. Your really giving us a good idea on how to learn money online! It is also my first time to know Spotmau software, I’m still a newbie and thanks for informing.. Thanks..

  20. Azhar says

    I think the best way for online income is affiliate marketing but patience is required. SEO take a lot of time for web hosting keywords. There is a lot of competition for web hosting keywords.

    • mitz says

      Yes so do I.. But it is too busy at Christmas so I am not sure if I will have time to pump it up!:)

  21. says

    Hi Mitz and thank you for sharing your stats, I always find these kind of posts interesting as it allows me to see what is really working. Your total amount of visits at between 15 and 20 thousand a day is impressive too, how many blogs is that across?

    The Spotmau software sounds good as well, you say you only have it on 4 pages but it’s converting well, which is what every affiliate wants.
    Beth recently posted..Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Some Things You Shouldn’t Do

    • mitz says

      Yes this is true about Spotmau. The pages were good with Adsense too so I knew they were converting. Also the amount of traffic is not important when you look at my case study.. I basically have no traffic there!

      The traffic is only for 4 main blogs. I do not even count the others.

  22. says

    This is really really interesting. Thanks for telling us how this kind of thing works! It can sometimes be very very confusing about how to make money online, you never know whats real and whats not. Well done, its very clear that you work incredibly hard, I wish you every success :)
    Harriet recently posted..Nokia Lumia 800

  23. paul says

    i`m using a different method, one that doesn`t involve commisions or making a email list.
    it`s working great for me.
    i`ve learned this method from a wso.
    thanks for the sharing, will implement this into my system to boost my profits :D
    all the best,

  24. Anne says

    Great article and clear break-down of earnings. I too wonder what kind of traffic would garner a decent sort of payment on adsense. If I make 0.30 cents a day on adsense I’ve made a lot. Today I’ve spent 8 hours and counting writing, blogging, sorting out websites, commenting etc. This is by no means a good return.
    Anne recently posted..Is This The End Of Books?

  25. Peter Lawlor says

    Hi Mitz,
    I love these types of posts. I should do one as well. Anyway I read this post and your first “How I Make Money” post and am wondering if you still earn $5K / month from Adsense?

    If you do, I’m curious how much traffic you receive each day across your blogs in order to generate that kind of Adsense income?

    I just added a few Adsense ads to a couple of blogs and it’s proving decent; however, I could probably dramatically improve Adsense earnings if I placed ads in more prominent places (I’m concerned about losing affiliate sales which is my primary revenue source).

    Thanks for the Spotmau suggestion. I love learning about new promotions that convert well and I love the fact they’re with SAS. If I decide to promote them, I’ll be sure to sign up through your link!!!
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..WordPress Theme Editor: 5 Theme Editor Options Featured Here

    • mitz says

      Yes I have the Adsense too but I do not mention the traffic as this is irrelevant. I believe that the Adsense income is good when you have great traffic from target sources. I can get the same amount of traffic but if it is junk then the income is down..

      Overall on my blogs I get in between 15,000 to 20,000 visits a day. Some of that is not great traffic. I look after the the traffic that brings me sales.

      I also do not use Adsense on all of my blogs. I have sites that are purely affiliate income so that is what I concentrate on. If you do not get the right balance you will be draining one from the other. In some cases Adsense is needed and in other cases it is not.

  26. Melly Lifshitz says

    Great income sources you have there. Though I’m not into the money making niche I can still see the importance of monetizing your blog to sustain your presence online.

  27. Rochelle says

    I think you answered your question yourself, you wrote “make an income from working online?” The keyword here is ‘working’, just think about what you know about and which skills you have that are worth other peoples money. If you are good in graphic design or programming you could do this or if you are skilled in writing, you could write for money. There are a lot of freelancing opportunities on the web, for example odesk, elance or textbroker. If you want to make money with your own websites or blogs or on revenue sharing sites like this, that doesn’t happen over night! So, since how long are you trying to make money online and what do you do that is worth paying for?
    Rochelle recently posted..PPI Claims

  28. Suvitha says

    This is an excellent guide for newbies. I have read your other post related to this one. I am trying to learn internet marketing concepts now. I have searched for few products on Clickbank. However, I could not find any good ones. I have tried to promote few products but in vain. I have a blog related to blogging niche. So I think elegant themes is a good one to promote. Thank you for your great tips.

  29. Liane Markus says

    Many have proven that WordPress has a great impact when it come to making money online. You really have utilized WordPress well here. Hope to see more of your Worpdress success in this coming days.
    Liane Markus recently posted..Baby Eagle

  30. John Armstrong says

    I am not an affilaiate, but sincerely figures like these surely makes me think to start with online welling also. I know it is a tough job and requires your undivided attentions.

    But those figures makes you think again :)! I haven’t added ad-sense to my business site, plzz take a loot at it and advice whether i should or not? remember it is my own business not an affiliate site.
    John Armstrong recently posted..DIY Double Glazing

    • mitz says

      I wouldn’t add anything to a site like this. Your main aim is to sell your glass products, not let your visitor leave to a competitors site. If you had a website about information on glass or how to website I would say yes..But not your own real life business. It does not seem right!

  31. Raj says

    What does that Spotmau software do? I too have one tech blog and would love to feature this. But currently I am not promoting any affiliate programs there. Perhaps in the future I might…
    Raj recently posted..Digital Copyright 101

    • mitz says

      It has heaps of software..file recovery, boot discs, cloning, partitioning, and more..Then it has bundles that include all! I think thats what people like, the software that does it all..

  32. James Hussey says

    NICE! Love the breakdown, and never heard of Spotmau (?) software. 11 sales at $100 a pop – as a HG affiliate myself I’ve not put in the time at all to make any sales w/them. Funny how a little focus can change all that, as you indicated.

    Pretty inspiring, Mitz!
    James Hussey recently posted..A Backlink Checker Besides Yahoo Site Explorer

    • mitz says

      Yes..If only I focused! I really entered this program to get the $125 but I have too much work! I am getting help though.. I have invested in some more tools for SEO as that is the killer for me. :)

  33. Cheolsu says

    Thank you for sharing the stats Mitz. I am yet to have any success with hosting affiliate programs. I should start a blog targeting other web masters. I recently signed up for Hostgator reseller program and their service is pretty good.
    Cheolsu recently login

  34. says

    Great tips! Especially the recurring payment one – as it has never crossed into my mind! Though finding one is probably not easy. Elegant themes is great but I think it suits well for “blogging tips” kind of blogs, and not techie readers like mine (though some of my readers are bloggers)
    Michael Aulia recently posted..Top 5 Mobile Phones for 2011 runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.