My Daily Blogging Routine Exposed!

Today I am giving you my daily blogging routine cheat sheet. It can probably tell you a story about how I make money online and give you some insight into this blogging career. It is pretty crazy and very hard to explain what I actually do when someone asks me. If I actually showed them my daily blogging routine, the next question they would ask me is why. Outsiders do not understand why I build links to my content from other websites, they do not understand how a blogger can make money period. In fact my husband barely understands what I do, but he knows that I’m doing is something that makes money.

Below I have listed a few things about my daily blogging routine and I sincerely hope that will it will not scare the new bloggers off when they see how much work is involved. But let me tell you that it is not always like this. When you grow your blog you will notice that you will absolutely need to outsource some of the jobs. A true blogging business, and the best one to create, is one that you can fully outsource and have a hands off approach.

Facts About my Daily Blogging Routine

I have been blogging for a few years, but it wasn’t called blogging, it was called owning a website. I have tried so many different ways of making things work that I have come to a few conclusions.

  • If I do not turn up for work, I still make money.
  • If I do not turn up to work for a week, I still make money.
  • If I do not turn up for work for a month, my money decreases. :(
  • If I outsource I do not have to turn up to work and I still make money.
  • I can work from any location in the world with an Internet connection.
  • When someone says “Will you be free at that time?” I have to say yes because I am always free.

When I read over these points I have to laugh. Where can you get a job like this?

A Bloggers Job

Imagine if you asked your child a question about what they wanted to be when they grow up? Imagine if they said “I want to be a Blogger”

When I started building websites I had no idea what I was actually getting into. I seriously thought I was simply building a WordPress website and nothing else.

Then I realized there was more to blogging!

  • Writer
  • Editor in chief
  • Web designer WordPress Theme expert
  • Graphics artist
  • Marketing guru
  • Public relation officer
  • Social Media expert
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Advertising manager
  • SEO Expert
  • Employer
  • Self motivator

Oh boy! I could probably list a few more qualifications but I think you get the picture.

Full Time Daily Blogging Routine

Yes I have a daily blogging routine. It does not mean that I actually stick to it every day, but I would dearly love to. The one thing I never miss out on is my beautiful espresso coffee to get me started.

View full document on Google Docs. It is a work in progress and you will have to download this and edit it for yourself to suit your needs.

Daily blogging routine steps

I will list a few jobs that I do as some may not be on the daily blogging routine sheet. Thankfully not all jobs have to be done daily, as some can be done weekly or monthly. When you get experienced in the blogging world, you will be able to develop your own daily blogging routine and you will know what is necessary and what is not.

Learning to Be a Blogger

The process of learning what is required to become a successful blogger is absolutely mind blowing. Image going to college to get a degree for this? How many years of studying would it actually take?

Obviously some people learn quicker than others and some people are DOERS and others are not! Some people also think they are working hard when they really have no idea what hard work is..Hmm.

There is a bright side though..

After a while it all clicks in your mind, all the mess of learning glues together and something snaps. New horizons open up and you see money making opportunities everywhere you look. The problem then becomes a matter of time and organization. I am at that stage of organizing time and output. I can easily make money but there is only so much I can do.

Hiring people to help you and outsourcing some of those jobs that are listed above, is not as easy as people suggest it is. I have been completing most of the jobs that you see myself. I do have people working with me but nothing in comparison to what I do.

The process of learning to be a blogger also requires that you move through the stages of blogging. You cannot grow a business and expect to be able to run it on your own forever. I am looking forward to the day when I can hand this daily blogging routine over to someone else. I just have to find that person..

And You Call Yourself a Blogger?

Is a blogger someone that owns a blog? Is a full time blogger a person that works on their blog everyday? WT ? It is probably not fair to say that a full time blogger is a person who earn is a full-time wage from blogging. This is because there are actually people out there that are investing all of their time into blogging but are not making any money. So I guess they are full-time bloggers too!

There are no rules in this game so how do you know when you become qualified as a full time blogger?

Do you qualify all call yourself a full-time blogger and do you have a daily blogging routine?


  1. Setiawan Aguz says

    One thing I can think of after seeing your schedule is that you’re really a hard working woman. Man, I envy your blogging passion and endurance. How can you keep your passion? I mean, I do have strong interest towards blogging and on one day, I can work really hard but after the next few days, my passion drops all the way down. This is especially after I see no significant results for what I’ve done. Thank you though for sharing your blogging routine.
    Setiawan Aguz recently posted..Top 3 Android Flash Player Apps You Must Not Miss

    • says

      I love experimenting and getting the success. That is probably it for me.. I try new things and they work, then I get even more motivated.

  2. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing your schedule with us as it really helps us to make a schedule similar to you. I think for getting success in any field, first we have to focus on one thing then we need a schedule according to which we easily done our job on right time.
    Sudipto recently laptop in 40000

  3. Kathryin says

    This is so great!! Thank you for sharing this with us, I have a lot of input now to make my own plans, inspired by your schedule!
    Kathryin recently posted..Paleo Recipes

  4. Stephano says

    This is totally awesome that you not even share the Google Doc with your schedule. I am so inspired by your schedule and am going to have to create something similar for myself. I need to really get more organized to make sure I get all the blogging work done and am more well-rounded. Sometimes I lean too far to new content and don’t get other promotion work done.

    Totally random question – why are some of the links on this page (the comluv “recently posted ones”) nofollow and some are dofollow?
    Stephano recently posted..l’acqua ASEA e l’acqua alcalina?

  5. says

    I am impressed by your way of work must say you manage your time amazingly great.Work plan includes all thing and in a very manageable.
    If you’re a new bloggers you have to give more time on promoting your blog so that targeted people can know about your blog. But as you start getting some traffic it’s your reponsibility to make your regular reader and you usually look to outsource some work
    Great piece of work.
    Wazz recently posted..Yes !! You can workout at home !!

  6. says

    Wow, what a fantastic post, Mitz!

    You really are one of the rare dedicated bloggers who’s really making IM work for them in their own way. I have a daily blogging routine that mostly involves daily forum marketing to build my list, daily commenting and networking with other bloggers to build relationships, writing guest posts, recording videos, and creating content for my own blog.

    Right now, I’m only focusing on the tasks that are the most high leveraged and give me the most traffic/exposure for the time I put into them. Eventually I’ll outsource other things like repurposing my content into various other formats and syndicating on other sites to bring in even more traffic and exposure.

    Thanks so much for sharing your routine with us. It’s awesome and truly inspirational! :)

    Ti Roberts recently posted..[Monthly Traffic Case Study #3] How I Went From ZERO to 19,828 Visitors In 3 Months Flat!

  7. John says

    Mitz, I love your whole blog and your refreshing writing style. I just stumbled on it today, and you have so much interesting and helpful info for internet business beginners. I will have to follow your example and start following a schedule too, as I know I tend to drift on the internet when I am supposed to be working on my sites.That’s because there is so much interesting stuff to read and learn.

  8. Robert says

    Its obvious you know your stuff. As a Blogger I’m just getting started. I made a pdf of this so I could check out some of your links. I’m afraid I might not find my way back here…
    Staying focused seems hard, I tend to get caught up following rabbit holes. Never sure where they come from but I find myself an hour off schedule and I don’t know how the drift started.

    So, your schedule adjusted for someone who still works a job may help me stay focused.
    Robert recently posted..Make Money Blogging – Is It Possible?

  9. says

    I have to assume this schedule is what you’d wish to do, as there’s not enough time in a very month to induce all of that done. as an example, submit five sites to ezinearticles in Associate in Nursing hour. World Health Organization will do that? Unless perhaps you’re shopping for all of the articles that you just submit.
    Abdul Kader recently posted..Free download Angry Birds Seasons for android

    • mitz says

      Yes I might not write those articles..that is just submitting them… I have no problem adding 5 articles to e zine articles. If I had to write 5 original articles for this it would take me one hour to write them and 1 hour to submit.

  10. Maja says

    Whether you work as a freelancer or blogger, your consistency with your routine makes you a successful professional. Today blogging is industry and it is more productive than 9 to 5 job if you know how to earn from a blog.
    Maja recently posted..Reasons for Short Haircuts

    • mitz says

      I would say that you can find a great writer on any site..I use Elance but it takes time to find the right person to match your job.

  11. says

    Hi Mitz,
    For getting into blogging we have to maintain our time and work. And your routine is looking best for doing lots of blogging work with great ease.
    Thanks for such a nice article.

  12. says

    Mitz, I love your whole blog and your refreshing writing style. I just stumbled on it today, and you have so much interesting and helpful info for internet business beginners. I will have to follow your example and start following a schedule too, as I know I tend to drift on the internet when I am supposed to be working on my sites.That’s because there is so much interesting stuff to read and learn.
    John recently posted..Obama Nobel Peace Prize 2009 | Obama Nobel Peace Prize 2009

    • Mitz says

      Thanks John
      Yeah I know what you mean about drifting …. but stop and think about what you are doing and get back to work! :)

  13. ranvir says

    Good day very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally…I’m satisfied to seek out a lot of useful info right here within the put up, we’d like develop more techniques in this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .
    ranvir recently posted..Hello world!

  14. Will says

    Hi Mitz!
    It looks like you’re a very organized person. And I like your schedule. Very detail and actionable! I’m trying to make my own as well. But I plan my daily actions with my Bookmarks on my web browser. You know, when the week of blog commenting (this week and today is the final day) comes, I will have my daily task to complete (10 links from 5 blogs for example). And things go on to article submission weeks and more

    I find it works for me as it helps me stay organized as well. And it’s very important especially when talking about SEO.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I really like this post. Have a nice day Mitz!
    Will recently posted..Live Cricket Streaming

  15. John Will says

    Hi Mitz!
    I have to assume this schedule is what you’d like to do, as there is not enough time in a month to get all of that done. For example, submit 5 sites to ezinearticles in an hour. Who can do that? Unless maybe you are buying all of the articles that you submit.

    • Mitz says

      Ah I did do this… After so many years I can easily submit articles that are already written for me. In fact I could do ten and that would be creating a different bio for each. :)

  16. says

    Mitz, I love your grid. It’s clear, concise and a goal I want to achieve. For now, I’m dealing with clients for 3-4 days a week and have committed to having 3 days to do my own stuff. The thing with me is that unlike a lot of you guys, it takes me a long time to write posts/articles because I’m researching and crafting it. Writing is something I don’t do well on the fly so, that’s where you and I differ a bit. But I am totally stealing this and doing it for my 3 days. Thanks :)
    D. Dixon recently posted..7 Ways To Reduce Blog Comment Spam

    • Mitz says

      Ha ha thanks Joe! It gets better as you get bigger though… I really do not do this much work now… I have people doing more and more..Not on this site though. :)

  17. says

    woooow i can’t find like this in the all of bloger world, that there is a man hang out with blog n can survive……tech me guru (teacher in indonesian langguage)…how to mantain my blog n make money of course.

  18. Garen says

    Hey Mitz,

    I think a lot of people get into blogging, internet marketing, ect. Lots of hype out there promising you that you can make a site and blammo you are going to be driving a Rolls Royce.

    Lots of things take handwork and many people get frustrated and quit. Believe, me I have made every mistake under the sun. First years of business were not all that profitable, but once the learning curve is. Glad I stuck with it.

    Actually, talking with experienced bloggers, internet marketers, ect is a great way to get started on the right track.

    I retweeted this post: @BlogSetupGuide

    Keep up the hard work. I just launched my site a number of days ago, but have been in the IM game for about 4 years now :)

    All the best,

  19. Neal B. says

    Wow! This is quite a lot, but I definitely love to have this one as well, so I can be a better blogger. It might be challenging for me to follow the same schedule, as I also have to attend to other online tasks, but I know that I can also come up with a more manageable schedule if I also want to be a more productive blogger over time.
    Neal B. recently posted..Pointers When Writing A Video Script: Part 2

    • mitz says

      Yes this will just give you an idea on what you need to do…Of course I do not do that much all if the time…but I should and if I did I would make so much more money…But I have enough and that is all I need.

  20. Leo says

    That is a brilliant schedule! Very nicely made, and I might be borrowing a couple of things from it myself!

    I like how you portray blogger as being a multifaceted individual – being a writer, a marketer, a PR expert and a webdesigner. It is true! And it something that, for me, makes blogging all the more fun!
    Leo recently posted..Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Webhost

  21. Michael says

    I think that when you are starting on a shoesting (like it’s almost always the case), you need to work incredibly hard at first since you don’t have much money to outsource and you might need that money for something else.
    Then when you are more successful you can start outsourcing the most time consuming tasks and have more time for the tasks you need to do.
    Then in phase 3 you outsource everything (or almost everything, there might be some things that for security reasons you might not want to outsource – eg. I prefer to add a plugin myself rather than giving admin rights to an outsourcer) and you have more and more free time while still making money.
    Phase 4 is optional, but it’s what can make you a millionaire: expand your business in any way you can and start other business ventures by using the money you are making from your first website.
    Michael recently posted..Mobile Fast Commissions Review & Mobile Fast Commissions Bonus

  22. says

    excellent post. I always had a vague feeling that there was as much work involved in a blog like yours. But to actually see your working routines makes it more concret. Now i understand better why it is hard for me to keep up with blogging in my limited time. But priorizing my tasks helped me a lot to achieve more.

  23. George says

    This is really a good post. My blogging routines consists of visiting other blogs, leaving comments is essential for blogging success. I also spend time to promote my blog posts through social networks and share other interesting content adding comments to social networking sites.
    George recently posted..Getting Most Out of your Writing Career

  24. Žogi says

    And another your post bookamarked, good work. I will have to write a routine like that for myself too!

  25. Jon says

    Excellent post. The lesson being to have a schedule and discipline yourself to stick to it. Obviously easier said than done, except perhaps for the morning coffee part:) Your routine and ‘must do’ tasks comes from several years online so it’s something to build up to rather than try to do in your first few months. Agreed?

    Must admit I still have trouble with that “blogger” title/definition. I have several WP sites with paid domains and hosting that I try to post content to regularly but don’t consider myself a blogger. To my mind bloggers use those freebie WP websites and maybe generate some AdSense revenue. Then again there may just be a difference between professional bloggers (eg: Copyblogger, Problogger, etc) and the raw amateurs. What is your “blogger” definition?

    The other point I picked up from your post was ‘outsourcing’ which is something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. Not so much from the content creation angle, since there’s no shortage of PLR available and stuff vendors supply that can easily be edited and repurposed, but rather for the more technical tasks. The problem there of course is knowing who on fivver or elance might be worth hiring. Will now have a look to see if you’ve posted anything here on that topic.
    Jon recently posted..Lose Weight Fast Reducing Excess Body Fat

    • mitz says

      Hi Jon
      A blogger is someone that blogs. A professional blogger is someone who does it for a full time income. That is how I see it.

      Outsourcing has been a hard thing for me… I have been doing it for years and have only found a few good writers and coders. I stick with them, however after a while they move on.. I hope my current writers do not do that!

      It is trial and error with outsourcing. I have had some bad jobs but when I get a fantastic job done it makes up for it. You really need to give someone a go. I have even tried to hire the ones charging top dollar and was sadly disappointed by the result. The only way to know how people work is to try them out.

      When it comes to working your way up into this routine.. Why wait? If someone was straight with me and told me “here is the map to success” then I would take it and use it. I would never sit back and say that I am not ready to use it. The morning coffee thing is the first step though. Once you have that down pat then you can try the others. :)

  26. Mary says

    Mitz, I love your whole blog and your refreshing writing style. I just stumbled on it today, and you have so much interesting and helpful info for internet business beginners. I will have to follow your example and start following a schedule too, as I know I tend to drift on the internet when I am supposed to be working on my sites.That’s because there is so much interesting stuff to read and learn.

  27. Jim says

    Blinkin heck. You bloggers work hard!! Great post though. Really shows what it takes to be a successfull blogger. Keep it up :)

  28. Mark Tesa says

    This is a very nice routine but only if followed without fail. It is important that you have a routine to follow each day so that no time is wasted. Blogging is a wonderful job which can enable you to make money even if you do not work for sometime.

    • mitz says

      I do not write all articles my self.. I write all the blogging articles here and on guest posts for this as I cannot find a writer that has experience in blogging that wants to work for wages? (They are too busy doing what I am doing) I have some writers for other blogs but it takes a long time to find good ones. I had a VA from the Philippines but I felt that he was juggling too many other jobs..I am in the process of finding someone else to work with me..

      I find guest post sites by searching for websites in my niche and then seeing if they accept guest posts or simply emailing them…

  29. Sandy says

    WOW! This is an excellent blueprint! Very well written and informative. I will try to do parts of this in my own daily routine.

  30. Jack says

    Very interesting! It’s nice of you to share your daily routines with us. You sure are a hard worker. And in the “Daily blogging routine steps” you’ve pretty much outlined the most important points a blogger should remember at all times – so thanks for that! I’m gonna save it on my desktop so as to keep myself reminded of it. :)
    Jack recently posted..HRT Music Streamer

  31. Missy says

    That is pretty routine for a regular blogger, well one that makes money. I think most people who wish to make money online via a blog site would not dare consider it, if they really knew all that it takes. Blogging is hard work, plain and simple.

    Usually those that are making good money at it have been doing “the trade” for quite some time. It doesn’t tend to happen overnight and it takes considerable effort. Not too mention a bit of a learning curve as well. I mean who other than a blog or site owner knows what the heck SEO, SEM, PPC, HTML is. Not many. Lol.

    I see why your husband doesn’t fully know what you do. It’s quite specialized knowledge. But it can be a lot of fun as well and once you’ve been bitten by the blogging bug, there’s no turning back.

    Missy recently posted..Why Guest Post? Here Are 8 Reasons

    • mitz says

      Ha ha
      Hi Missy
      My husband pretends to be interested but he doesn’t understand what is going on… That’s ok because us girls need to keep some things a secret! :)

  32. says

    Dear Mitz!
    To be honest with you – I’m newbie in a “blogging world” :)
    I know pretty much about SEO and internet marketing , but earning money on a blogging itself seems to be some kind of black magic for me :))
    Big respect!

  33. Duy says

    Wow Mitz, I’m impressed!

    It looks like you’re a very organized person. And I like your schedule. Very detail and actionable! I’m trying to make my own as well. But I plan my daily actions with my Bookmarks on my web browser. You know, when the week of blog commenting (this week and today is the final day) comes, I will have my daily task to complete (10 links from 5 blogs for example). And things go on to article submission weeks and more :)

    I find it works for me as it helps me stay organized as well. And it’s very important especially when talking about SEO.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I really like this post. Have a nice day Mitz!


    • mitz says

      I like your way too Duy…Have you got that set out like a schedule too..I would be interested to see it if you do..Sounds cool! :)

      • Duy says

        Ah, too bad, I haven’t got them on any Excel file yet. But I think it’s not necessary. As I like to grab everything I need in one place (my web browser). Besides, I backup my bookmark every one week so that if there’s something wrong (my web browser goes down and I have to reinstall it) I still have my database :)

        I think a picture is worth a thousand words. So here it is, a bookmark example of my daily task (and you can see your blog there).

        I don’t know if the comment section supports html or BBcode or not, so I just paste the link here:

        Hope it help. See you around Mitz!


        • mitz says

          OMG I think that looks absolutely amazing! Never thought of doing that!!! That picture is worth a thousand jobs! Thanks for sharing! :)

        • David says

          Hi Duy

          Why not try a service like XMarks to back up your bookmarks. That way you can reinstall your web browser and it syncs your bookmarks back again. It also allows you to keep them synced across multiple computers. Create a bookmark on one computer and it appears on all! I love it.


  34. Jasmin says

    This is a really busy shedule and I admire you to make this work. But I guess if you really write your shedule down and just do it your mind will focus on the things, that needs to be done and wont drift away, which is often a problem I encouner 😉

    All the best
    Jasmin recently posted..Sex and the City Quotes

  35. Courtney says

    Dang lady…..Do you have time for anything else LOL. I have to give it to you, you’re well organized. I going to have to steal your structure. Would love to hear from you about guest blogging. I have a PR 3 blog if you’re interested.
    Courtney recently posted..Leaving Comments for Backlinks

  36. laura says

    You really know how to manage your time. I am motivated to create a table for my schedule as well. I am focusing on promoting my site. It is really impressive how fast you can work in a specific task. I wish I have the same productivity level as you so that I can get the same results.
    laura recently to get a girl to like you

    • mitz says

      Hi Laura
      I guess I have always been a fast worker, multi tasker, crazy person. You do not have to get all this done, as long as you stick at it.. Everthing you do will snowball in the end..

    • mitz says

      No way Marty!! Never board! I am so excited to work everyday and like getting thing accomplished! I have built many businesses from scratch and this is the one that makes me jump out of bed everyday! …I thought I liked businesses, but I really like this business..The other were work for me and a hassle! :)

  37. Maja says

    You post describe your interesting story. When person throw themselves in any field. A real learning related to profession begins.Many people do a lot of professional works about which they no have idea at beginning.
    Maja recently posted..Modern Hair Styles at Fantastic Sams

  38. Corey says

    We actually have similar schedules, for the most part. But, I really like the idea of having a set-in-stone schedule to abide by. This article provides great motivation to be more disciplined as a blogger. Thanks!
    Corey recently posted..Google Steps Up the Local Effort

  39. says

    Hey Mitz great article,

    Any tips regarding submitting articles for Ezine? I heard their rules are very strict, I applied at their site and without even submitting an article yet they said I made a mistake choosing the format of my author name…lol. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sayed recently posted..Subdomain or Subdirectory Better?

    • mitz says

      I got an article rejected because it told people what not to do in SEO..They considered the article “black hat” because it gave people ideas… I am impressed by the strict approach now as this site only works when you submit excellent quality content. I will do a video about it soon…But there is another article if you search for it..that will help too…Because I show how to submit an article and get approved…It is not that bad as they are just looking a bit closer..I mean they are reading EVERY word and they have proved this to me…

  40. Anna says

    I think that in order to have success (even concerning blogging) you have to be organized. And I really envy you that you have this great schedule and that you are really disciplined. I will try do one for myself (not so harsh one though).
    Anna recently posted..These are not some temporary veneers!

  41. Paul says

    I liked your blogging time table although I’m not very good at following one 😀 Well I enjoyed your post thru out. Thanks for revealing your blogging secrets.

  42. James says

    That is some routine you have there! It’s a tight one and I must say you’re a very dedicated blogger. I guess you have other time to enjoy other things aside from blogging (although I could see that you have 15 hours of shopping. Haha.)

    But seeing you with this kind of routine on your blogging makes me want to do blogging even more. I’ve been thinking of other ways to have income, and blogging is on top of my list. Since I could work home and take care of family at once.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    James recently posted..New website

    • mitz says

      Seriously I can do anything I like…I can go away anywhere and work or even set everything up to run and only answer comments on a holiday… Then again I can sell my authority sites and only concentrate on small niche sites which require less content created..and less interaction with comments…but I love to chat..and I get my fix from replying to comments…

      Also I do love shopping…I will not simply recommend something for the sake of selling it…That sucks..I need to really like it…I have had people offer me 10 free copies of their software to giveaway but I had to give it back because it was junk..I wouldn’t even give it away…how embarrassing! :)

  43. Danny says

    Wow Mitz, this is a great post. Great insight into the workload of a succesfull blogger.
    I admire your structure, many people don’t have structure in their work when they work at home. This makes it too easy to procrastinate or just not do the things you don’t like so much at all.
    Many people don’t have a real plan, and they don’t really work out how to get there.
    They just keep walking around like a headless chicken. stabbing in the dark hoping they hit something. Not very efficient. Hopefully and probably your post will open some eyes :)
    Danny recently posted..Earthwise PS40008 8-inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

    • mitz says

      Ha ha..sometimes I feel like a headless chicken when I get distracted and forget what I was doing. That ‘s why I need this timetable. :)

  44. Regie says

    Oh my God, I didn’t knew blogger does it all. I don’t think I can do that kind of routine lol. Well, I’m blogging just for personal use, so I often check it and update it. I need to learn more about this kind of field so I can call myself a full-time blogger that earns money. He he.

  45. Peter Lawlor says

    Mitz, I’m a regular reader and blog on similar topics, but I always learn something when I come to your blog. You’re one of my top 5 blogs for learning and research. So thanks for all your hard work.

    Clearly you work hard for your success. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every part of your schedule. We do things differently, but I’m going to implement some of your techniques.

    One activity we share is buying products to review. i love doing that. Usually I look for products I’ll need or want to at the very least test-drive.

    I find it interesting you create Web 2.0 pages. I don’t really do it, but maybe I should. Thanks for sharing your schedule, it’s always interesting to read what other full time bloggers are doing to earn a living.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..StudioPress Review: 100 PLUS Sites with StudioPress and Climbing

    • mitz says

      Thanks for sticking with me Peter.. I do work hard and appreciate it when someone tells me that I can make a difference! :)

      Also Web 2.0 works for me..Just like any other link building but I do it on my own free blogs…This all counts for my SEO..

      It does not mean you have to do this but it is an option available..
      mitz recently posted..5 Things you Should Look for in Premium Themes

  46. Ann says

    Hi Mitz,
    I always enjoy your posts and love the look of your website. Nice to know that you designed it yourself!
    Your 5 day work week looks awesomely busy. And, you sound like you so totally love doing it! I have copied your schedule and am spending the time to fully understand exactly what each one of those tasks entail. Thanks for giving us a look into your life. Enjoyed it. P.S. if I wasn’t so old, I’ld say that I want to be you when I grow up!
    Ann recently posted..Debt Relief Scams Dominate Debt Settlement Says NY Department of Consumer Affairs

    • mitz says

      Ha ha…Well lets just say I do not stick to this all the time…but when I do I feel great! I feel like I have accomplished everything. Then I can happily get on with the other schedule in my life..the family…there’s another whole routine there.. :)

      • Ann says

        Hi Mitz,
        Thanks so much for your reply! Hey that family routine is the awesome one! Either fortunately or unfortunately, it never seems to end. : } !!

  47. Denis Hayward says

    This is the best article I’ve ever seen on this topic. I’ll be linking and sending out links to this one for a long time. I would recommend that everyone else does the same. Web Design

  48. Rob says

    Hey Mitz,

    You are awesome! I love the way you lay this out. It gives each of us motivation at what can be accomplished with strategy, persistence, and tweaking. It always encourages me (and educates) when I stop by. Thanks for the great education you offer on this and other websites.
    We appreciate it.
    Rob recently posted..Is There a Recession Going On?

    • mitz says

      Thanks Rob…Here I was having that timetable hidden away for years…thinking it was totally boring! :)

  49. Albert says

    Thank you for sharing this!
    I really appreciate it.

    Well, I believe that one someone talk about “full time something”, we’re thinking regarding its major income.
    At moment,I’m a student so my main incomes stream are my what?
    I’m a part time student and part time blogger ? I follow some routines on both sides!

    • mitz says

      WOW Albert… I remember when I had a business and I was blogging at the same time…It was really hard work! I blogged in my spare time which was every minute I could…When I did sell my business and invest all my time in blogging the game changed big time…:)

  50. Jeanie says

    Your schedule is really very serious and difficult to manage!I think that the best way to become a successful blogger is to have practice every day. Only doing this, we can be able to decide what we should and what we shouldn’t do
    Jeanie recently posted..Free TV Channel Video Facebook Template

  51. says

    Hi Mitz,

    Great insight as how you get it done. My question is in regards to Ezines. I have not written any articles for them as I’ve read different sources describing the Google algorithm changes leaving little benefit for posting to Ezines. Obviously you think differently.
    Has this been still working well for you?
    Dakota recently posted..No Posts Were Found!

    • mitz says

      Yes it is still very good…When people say it doesn’t work you do not know the individual circumstances. I saw one guy saying Ezine was dead and he has only ever had two articles on there…How can you judge when you are not involved. I also write interesting articles for other sites..not the junk that others (were) doing. I work on improving the CTR of articles and test what works…I don’t find something that doesn’t work and leave with that conclusion.. :)

      Ezine did get hit by Panda but they pulled their socks up big time!

  52. John says

    Hey Mitz,

    You have a very solid daily blogging routine. I see a few things in your routine that I myself do on my own blogs. I completely agree with you when you say after a while it all clicks in your mind. It definitely does, and when it does you get excited because you start seeing all these opportunities you can take advantage of. Me personally would say a full time blogger is one that makes a full time income through their blog. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.
    John recently posted..Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners – Quick Tutorial on The Basics That Matter

  53. says

    Some people won’t realise the number of jobs required when becoming a blogger so its great that you have made this clear. I think motivation is key and having a healthy and strict resume which lets you produce your great content.

    Its also very kind of you to produce your schedule as this will certainly help lots of people get started with their blogging routine and have the confidence that they are doing the right thing.

    • mitz says

      Yes..As you can see the schedule is very productive and keeps you away from commenting and reading emails in the work time… I find that if I start to answer emails or comments I will ultimately get another job in between and confuse the situation.

  54. says

    Mitz, you are more than amazing! I can’t even set up a schedule like that on my day job let alone my blogging tasks. I do like the way you give yourself two days off each week that way you can make up for anything you didn’t do from the grid – or basically just step away from the computer.
    I plan to record YouTube videos more often and your plan is giving me some encouragement for that also. Thanks!
    Ileane recently posted..CrowdBooster Analytics for Facebook and Twitter

    • mitz says

      Yes I need to do more Youtube videos too…And they are not that hard either…there is just no excuse! :)
      Sometimes I work on the weekend but I really do not have to…It is really just to check to see if the websites are still I am paranoid about the server going down. (not that they do)
      mitz recently posted..5 Things you Should Look for in Premium Themes

  55. Maverick says

    You are very organized with your task.. I love to keep on coming back to your site since I learned a lot from you… Please keep it up.. Thank you.
    Maverick recently posted..Womens Health Blog

  56. says

    Hi Mitz!

    I really enjoyed reading through your routine. I must say, you’re exactly right. Blogging does take a lot of time and effort. But if you love what you’re doing (and I think you do), then it can be very rewarding work.

    I loved your list of skills that you develop as a blogger. I never really sat down and wrote a list like that, but it’s pretty impressive to look at.

    Todd Pettee recently posted..Improve Search Engine Ranking With The Google Page Speed Tool

    • mitz says

      I love business full stop..Anything with a challenge that I can conquer. The list of skills is crazy and that’s just the beginning! I didn’t want to mention too much just in case I freaked some people out! :)

  57. Dave says

    Wow – Mitz – everyone who thinks you can “get rich quick” by blogging should read this article. Its refreshing for someone to show hoe much work is really involved. There is no such thing as a free lunch!!!

    • mitz says

      Well lets just say you can do less work when you get more money and outsource…Although i do not believe in outsourcing it all or your business would lose its personal touch..
      The work is crazy but even working this hard brings so many other freedoms…:)

  58. Jean says

    I know the feeling, Mitz. Despite all my attempts to explain my job, most of my friends or family still don’t really get it and prefer to stick by ‘weird internet job’ when referring to what I do, lol. Thanks for posting your routine. You’re so well organized. I try to maintain a schedule also but I usually leave an hour’s buffer between each task because I know I’ll overrun atleast one of them as I’m very easily distracted by something on TV or an online chat invite from a friend among others.

    Jean recently posted..How to stay safe while driving on wet roads

  59. Dr. Arpan Kar says

    Indeed the work of a blogger is great, given the freedom and the possibility to balance profession and personal life.. However, somehow I tend to believe this is still at a rather nascent stage as a profession, and is yet to develop and provide opportunities as a full fledged profession for matured bloggers.
    Dr. Arpan Kar recently posted..Services Process Mapping

    • mitz says

      We are paving the way in the blogging world and one day the world will recognize this new “blogging” profession so we can acquire qualifications to prove our education. At the moment if you say your are blogging then you are a “blogger”. Imagine if we all practiced medicine and said we were doctors? Unfortunately this is why so many bloggers show their income because people need proof of something and we have nothing else to show.

  60. Aaron says

    Hi Mitz,

    I know a blogger requires a many skills to setup a good looking and interesting blog. If you’re a new bloggers you have to give more time on promoting your blog so that targeted people can know about your blog. But as you start getting some traffic it’s your reponsibility to make your regular reader and you usually look to outsource some work. I agree that blogging schedule is different for each blogger as per their comfort and requirement, but if you follow a time table for your blogging it’s really help to manage your precious time.

    • mitz says

      Ha ha ..Not really insightful.. I had to get organized as my blogging was out of hand! :) Being organized and having control = better, secure money coming in..

  61. bpb says

    I have been reading some of your articles, and to tell the truth I blog because I like playing on the computer. I guess the big thing I am interested in is where does the money come from? Do you sell ads, or use adsense, or something like that? I might be more interested in taking this serious if I made money at it.
    bpb recently posted..How to get more YouTube views

    • mitz says

      I know what you mean…and there is money to be made…but this is not blogging on a free host..I have invested in hosting and my own domain names..This is a real business.
      I sell other peoples products, I have Adsense, I do a lot of things…to explain more you just need to look around this blog…I tell all..
      When you get into it and get your first sale you will be hooked like a fish. :)

      • says

        Hey Mitz, I have friend in the business, and they say making the first sale is the most difficult thing. I have never really tried my hands at online selling (but definitely have plans in the future), happy with designing at the moment, but the day i feel i have enough of designing, will certainly start with it. I keep reading the blogs and I have copied your daily schedule chart and will save it for my future use!
        Grant recently posted..The Web Surgery wins at the Richmond Business Awards 2011

    • mitz says

      It is probably because I do this full time…My family goes off to work and school and I work at home…I guess it is just a job but I am the boss and get to do what I want.. Every time I hire someone to help me I also create more websites which makes more work… It is a vicious circle but I am looking to sell some websites soon to reduce my load..
      mitz recently posted..9 SEO Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

  62. says

    I have to assume this schedule is what you’d like to do, as there is not enough time in a month to get all of that done. For example, submit 5 sites to ezinearticles in an hour. Who can do that? Unless maybe you are buying all of the articles that you submit.

    I see buying articles like buying lottery tickets. You pay $20 an article and if you’re lucky you hit the jackpot every 200 or more.

    Anyway, if you can really do all that then you’re my hero, but you make me feel really unproductive.
    Chris recently posted..How to Save Money When Building a House

    • mitz says

      Hi Chris…
      Yes I do buy articles for certain niches and when you get a good writer you can easily submit 5 to ezine in an hour…probably less…I do not buy all of my articles though…
      Also this schedule is under estimating what I do as I sometimes do a lot more than that…Just remember this is not just for one website as I have about 10 that need ongoing care…5 that are must do’s..and others that are less work…If you did all this for one website you would have a pumping blog within a few months.. runs on the Genesis Framework

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When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.