The Ultimate Whitehat Guide To Building Backlinks

One of the reasons more and more webmasters prefer whitehat backlink building every year is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance as blackhat backlink building. You’re not trying to outwit Google, you’re working with Google to promote your high-quality content. But that doesn’t mean that … [Continue reading]

10 Tips for Hiring on Elance.Com


I have too many WordPress websites to provide content for them all and I outsource some of the work to specialized article writers on Elance.  You can go to Elance to expand your staff beyond just you and outsource a job that you would usually perform. Unfortunately when I first started creating … [Continue reading]

Free Blogging Images Part One – Attribution Only

link bait

Hi guys, today I want to share some free blogging images with you. They are free for you to use on your blog providing you link back to this website as the image source. These photos took a huge amount of time and effort for my photographer friend, Deb Diplock. Of course I would set up some … [Continue reading]