Prices Slashed on My Favorite SEO Tool – Be Quick!

There is no secret, that I use a few different SEO tools to help me with my business. One is the SEOPressor WordPress plug-in and the other is Keyword Winner.

Before I stumbled across Keyword Winner, I was performing the long and boring task of finding related and low competition keywords manually. But doing this task has paid off for me, over and over. Therefore I already knew that if Keyword Winner could do this job quicker, it would be well worth its money.

Previously I made a video about optimizing an old post and it was long and boring. Well it had great information but the task itself took a long time to explain. Now that I am using Keyword Winner I am saving at least 20 mins of my precious time when optimizing an old article.

This is how Keyword Winner works

Prices for Keyword Winner have been slashed for a quick 1 year anniversary. The offer is valid until the 26th of July. Here is the Keyword Winner discount link.

What is so good about Keyword Winner?

  • I like it because it is simple to use.
  • It shows me results I can understand.
  • You can easily add the keywords to your article and use them as related keywords.

Here are some more Features:

How much do I have to pay for this SEO Tool?

Dan Lew, the creator of this plug-in, has discounted the price by 70%. This is a huge saving and if you were thinking about buying keyword winner, this is definitely the time.

I have been using this plug-in for more than six months now and I love it so much, I definitely would not want to be without it. That is the sign of money well spent. But the difference is, when I bought my copy of Keyword Winner it was $97, and now it has been reduced to $27.

I would highly recommend buying a multi-site license now, even if you only have one website at the moment as this price is just so cheap!

Here is the Keyword Winner discount link as this offer is not available on the normal sales page. This offers ends on the 26th of July.

Be sure to watch the video on the sales page too as it shows how John Chow uses this product. He seems to use it to craft great titles but I use it more to add related keywords that have low competition to my articles. By the way, this still works even after the recent Google Panda updates as there is nothing Black hat about this plugin.


  1. Rudy says

    Keyword winner is fantastic… i have been using it for some time now and it work great in terms of getting new keywords ideas.

  2. Glen says

    I wonder why they slashed down their prices. Is it because it’s no longer that effective? Or because they’ve got so much clients that they already want to share some love? Will go check it out.

    • mitz says

      It is a great product and when people know this they often look at other products made by the same people because you know they work. Therefore reducing a price can be a good way to make more sales.

  3. Jack Trades says

    For the moment, I don’t have a budget allocated to these kinds of tools, even if I would appreciate some of them, because I’m at the beginning and my site isn’t bringing any amount of money. I had in mind thought some software that do more than one thing, something like Market Samurai or Seo Spy Glass, but I’m considering Keyword Winner after reading your post.
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  4. Nawaz says

    I think is one of the best tool that is milestone in online earning.Because of such a tool we can do good decisions for our online business.

  5. Ciara F. says

    I’ve researched many keyword tools but hadn’t come across this one. From the sounds of it I’m missing out!! This just might be what I need, thanks for sharing!
    Ciara F. recently posted..Costa Mesa Mosquito Control

  6. says

    Great tool indeed. Makes keyword research faster and easier and it offers great value, especially now with the discounted price.

  7. says

    Wow! so nice informative post it is. I got so much information from this post. Good luck the admin! It is one of the great posts. i was in search of such kind of information since long. i am happy to find mine required information here.Please continue your struggle in this regard. Tnks the admin!

  8. Lena says

    That looks pretty cool! Although I haven’t heard about Keyword Winner before, it seems to be a very effective tool for optimizing the content, I think I’m going to give it a try as I can, thanks for sharing the great idea!
    Lena recently posted..Is a dental implant luxury?

  9. says

    Hi Mitz, I have been using the Keyword Winner Plugin for my automobile blog and I am pretty happy with it in terms of it’s performance for fetching awesome set of keywords! The only thing for which I am having a bit regret is that I bought it on usual price , I wish if I could have purchased it in current discounted price! Though I am happy for the people to try this out,little bit jealous too for this awesome tool in reach of almost every serious blogger! Thanks Mitz!

  10. says

    Very nice, l’m interested of using this tool and its sound promising as well, so I’ll probably grab it tonight and give it a try. Thanks for sharing this to us. This would help my business.

  11. Aditya says

    Hi Mitz,

    Its great news for the ones who are thinking to buy this tool,but unfortunately its sad for me as i have purchased it a long time ago.Although its very costly at that time but with time i have recovered that money.Thanks to keyword winner :)
    It has made my work easy and i can check suitable keywords and ranking so easily.Its my favorite tool too :)
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