Quality Content? WT Fudge Is It?

The whole internet revolves around quality content but no one really ever tells you what it is? I was one of the lucky ones that seemed to create quality content by accident, without knowing that it was actually a necessity.

Quality content on a website is not just content that gets a lot of social shares or comments, although that helps, but there is more to creating the best content.

We all talk about needing quality content, we all know Google loves it, but why are some people still missing the point?

This is what I think quality content is..

Quality Content Must Have Personality

The content itself cannot have personality, but you can show yours through your writing. I actually think this is one of the biggest reasons that so many people like to read my articles. I like to make up words and say silly things in amongst the seriousness of education.

Does your reader get a feeling of who you are? Can they smile at you when reading your article? If you can make some feel something from your writing, you are making a connection.

When publishing content on a business blog, the personality factor is often ignored. This is a horrible mistake that most large companies make as people love to make a connection, no matter how famous or big your company is.

Readable Content

Some people have a hidden story teller hiding within, but they just can’t put it all into words. Others have no problem writing but have terrible spelling and grammar that ruins the readers’ experience.

You do not have to be perfect, but your content needs to please the reader and not p*ss them off!

I have a friend who can write great stories but her punctuation and grammar are just the absolute worst I have ever seen. She would have one sentence last for two paragraphs and I would lose my breath trying to read it.

One day she published an article on the local papers website about the local political candidates. She was abused in the comment section. People said stuff like, “how can we believe you when you can’t even spell”.

This was a harsh lesson that I hope you do not have to experience.

The Whole Story and Nothing but the Whole Story

I was looking through an article gallery the other day and saw an article titled “How does a computer work”, and thought to myself “WOW that must be a long article”. But when I looked at the article it was only just over 400 words long. How can you explain how a computer works in 400 words?

When I see that title I expect a decent explanation of how a computer works. To create quality content you need to live up to your title and cover the topic you promised thoroughly. If the article title was “How does a computer boot – The first few seconds only”, then I would see that this might be a shorter article.

When I look around the internet there are a hell of lot of half stories being told just to get content out and published. Very sad.

Stand Out From the Pack

There are so many websites on the internet and probably millions just covering the same topic you have. This is why you have to stand out and be yourself. There is no point regurgitating content as the internet is a very public place. Both Google and the human readers can easily figure out if your content is useful or not.

Tips to Stand Out

  • Write original content
  • Don’t be a yes man
  • Be an individual like the lady pictured right
  • Do something controversial or different (maybe give-away everything like I do)
  • Don’t be a sheep (Bah bah)

Golden Nuggets for the Reader

The reader will think your content is fantastic if they can take away some piece of knowledge they did not have before. They will love you even more if you have the answer to their current problem.

Think about it, when someone searches in Google for something, they are usually looking for an answer to something in particular. If you pretend to have the answers, this will not work, you need to have the exact content that your title promised.

Formatting Counts

You can ruin quality content by simply not formatting your text correctly. I am one of those people that cannot stand having a crooked picture on the wall, so badly formatted text is a nightmare for me!

Text dumped on the page with no formatting at all is even worse!

My quick tips for formatting your article:

  • Break your article into short paragraphs, easy to read chunks.
  • Never forget to add subheadings as it adds to the drama of your article.
  • Make both the title of your article and the subtitles interesting! (look at mine above)
  • SEO helps me format my article by using subheadings and attractive related words.
  • See more tips about writing killer content.

Admit That SEO Does Matter

Many webmasters think that with the recent Google updates, we no longer need SEO to get our sites ranked in Google. Not true.

We do need SEO and we need to include this within our quality content. I recently wrote an article about writing SEO content and it talks about writing for humans first and search engines second. Blending both takes skill and it all adds up to quality content.

When you are lacking something in your content it is like watering down your beer. It just wouldn’t taste right. (Please note: I am only guessing that watered down beer is bad as I do not personally drink it. Just sounded good.)

You need meta tags and descriptions, keywords in your articles, and more. If you do not do this, how can people find your content and how do they know what it is about?

A Professional Theme

I know you will be saying to yourself  “Hey a theme has nothing to do with quality content”, but I believe it does.  I will tell you why you might need a premium WordPress theme to parade your quality content on.

This screenshot shows one of my up and coming technology websites with a new theme from Authority Pro. I had this theme up and running within 5 minutes.

Anyway back to why you need a decent theme.

Earlier today I was reading a persons comment on my blog. I thought the comment was very insightful and it enticed me to click through to this fellows website from the commentluv link he left on my site. Shock horror! I was faced with a blogger Google blog (nothing against Blogger) with a red background and white writing and that is it! There was no style and the template was one of Bloggers old one. Now I didn’t even stay to read a word because the blog was just so damn ugly and I think it actually partially blinded me.

Immediately I thought to myself, “well too bad if the guy did have great content”. Therefore you can have all the great content in the world, but if your website visitor doesn’t like the look of your site, your content is as good as rubbish. Remember that post I published called Content is not the only king? It clearly shows you why having great content is only part of the package.

Show Your Sources

Professionally written content will show where the sources for the information they have provided originated. This is not always possible though, but I think Google loves it.

For example in this article I have no real sources because I made all of this information up myself. The images are mine and I even had permission for the photo of the tall lady taken at Splendour In the Grass at Woodford. So this article is fine, but on my computer tips website, I often use Microsoft as a source for information and mention this at the bottom of my articles.

This way I am not taking someone’s  information without their permission or credit for what they own. Adding these outgoing links is not going to hurt your SEO, it is going to help your rankings.

The University of Sydney defines using sources in your article as a way to  to identify, build and support arguments or research which demonstrate the understandings we have acquired.

Images Also Equal Quality Posts

You need to have some kind of graphics included with your articles. Have you ever heard the saying “an image can say 1000 words”? (Might have twisted this a bit.)

Anyway you all know that images add to quality content and simple text on a page is just not the whole package that readers are looking for. Images are both visually appealing and great for SEO. ( If you add in the correct ALT tags)

Either way, an image added to an article is the icing on the cake. I like to add and one image to every 600 words of text. I just do not feel that one image is enough when you have longer articles.

Add Video or Audio

I know people reading this will moan and groan when they see that they need video or audio on their site. I totally understand that some of you out there do not like your voices being heard or your faces seen on camera. That’s ok because you can simple embed a YouTube video or a video from a site that offers embed code and use this to engage your audience.

It does not matter where the video comes from, (must be OK to embed though) as long as it is relevant to your subject and will add engagement to your article.

I personally have a YouTube channel and I am more than happy for anyone to grab a video from there providing they do not alter the code provided by YouTube. I am sure there are many other people that would allow the same.

Can Quality Content Get Any Better?

Just say you have covered all your bases here and produced the best content you possibly can. No way could Google or your readers ask for anything more!

When I first started building websites to make money online I never thought that blogging involved so much writing, however I have persevered because I realized the website content was important. Some content I produce takes me days to finish, so yes, quality content is not easy for anyone.


  1. shakshi says

    Quality content is a life of any website which you want to rank. If the content which is present on the website is of good quality and posses all the required information in comparison to your users then a person wont need much of effort that needs to be put in for link building of social media marketing.

    A content which has a proper grammar, research, interactive images, data, graphs and other necessary thing in accordance with the niche can be termed as a high quality content.
    shakshi recently posted..Review on Sagar Ratna – Delhi

  2. Andrew picker says

    Very nice and important topic for discussion.Without quality content no website will be a good one.
    Must write quality writing skill.
    Thanks for share.

  3. Andrew picker says

    Quality content is very important for a website but from my point of view quality content must be unique and different from others.

  4. Seve says

    Nice post. To an extent, quality is in the eye of the beholder, but you’re right, there are some common elements.

    The most common mistake, beyond attrocious writing, is the sin of extra long paragraphs, followed closely by subhead omission. Really, who wants to wade through 47 lines of text while reading? I sure don’t.

    There are so many sources out there, it is essential that you attribute anything that you took from it. On my personal finance blog, I usually link to my info sources which are normally government or university. Linking out to .edu and .gov authority sites has the bonus of being well liked by Google, in addition t being beneficial oyour readers.

    Ultiumately that’s whoit comes down to, your readers. Make sure that you are giving them something they wil want to come back for. Take a long, hard look at what you’ve written.

    Would YOU come back for more of it? That’s the question, because if you can’t even give an honest “yes” to that question, shared content and repeat visitors will be scarce.
    Seve recently posted..CommentLuv Enabled Blogs – A List of Lists for You to Comment On

    • Mitz says

      A good way to learn is to listen to English speaking youtube videos. Your writing look very though.

      • Aivars says

        Watching Youtube vides might not be the best idea, better idea would be reading books and watching differenti types of movies. The languague on Youtube videos is .. somewhat dull :)

  5. says

    Quality Content is also an article or post that would last years after it has been written. A post having a lot of quality will last in the webspace and SERPs for a long time than expected. When used with proper SEO and right marketing skills, a post would quickly claim its post especially if it has continued link building efforts.

  6. Jenifar says

    Thanks mitz, Hope This post really help me to write a quality full content. I wasn’t follow subheading when i create a content. This is a good idea for me.

  7. Elaine Salt says

    Quality content is not just having proper spelling and grammar,though these factors are important also, a quality content have to be interesting also, it should exploit some character and express genuine ideas.

  8. Maja says

    Quality contents are not those that are always written good English. Quality contents for online business are those that are very helpful to boost the online business and that is self creation by using cognitive psychology of the writer.
    Maja recently posted..Fantastic Sams Promo Codes

  9. says

    Hi Mitz, Indeed you have given nice intro of the quality content! Honestly, if i say I had read many posts regarding the quality contents and everywhere I used to get only this kind of information that the quality content is that one which can easily get shared and tweeted by folks ! it should content the unique piece of information and so on BLAH BLAH! But I never got any idea about how exactly the quality content should look like! Thanks Mitz for showing us the real look of the quality content and one thing which i learned from you is that everyone of us has a unique quality and hence the content should be reflection of our quality!

    • mitz says

      Yes..People have to realize that I can share this page on Facebook 100 times (different pages,even other peoples) and tweet 100 times to make it look good… It really bothers me when I see a lot of social sharing on content but hardly any comments. :)

      Also I see content that is not worth sharing having loads of shares??? It is just too easy to do.
      mitz recently posted..Link Building Tutorial – What Is Link Building

  10. Scott Mattingly says

    We’ve lost the focus on the importance of content because we’ve gotten too used to the idea of quantity over quality. For too long the goal was to jam the internet with as much stuff with your name on it as possible, well written or not. I am glad to see Google changing that, putting the focus back on the content. Hopefully this change in SEO will cut out the people that are just looking for quick success and are spamming sites, and allow the people taking it seriously and putting out solid content to succeed.

  11. Anton Koekemoer says

    I do agree – Content is definitely still king in the world of Search Engines. And yes – SEO still matters. Not the grey and black hat tactics – but the normal white hat SEO tactics (even just on-page SEO) still proves to contribute a tremendous amount of visitors and value to most websites.
    And when it comes to Google penguin – in my opinion one’s actions like building links should be done as natural as possible and one shouldn’t try to outsmart Google by finding shortcuts (like paid links etc). Google constantly make updates to their algorithms on a regular basis to combat spam and other grey and black tactics, so even if you’ve found a shortcut now – It most likely won’t stay that way forever.
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted..How to manage your time with social media marketing

    • Mitz says

      You are right here. There are no shortcuts to creating a successful website. The funny thing is that the game has never changed. All of it has been the same but people went in a different direction to try and make fast cash. Now they are all getting pulled back to the right game plan. :)
      Mitz recently posted..Outsourcing Tips – Five Things I Bought on Fiverr

  12. Ricky Strode says

    Great Post Mitz, like always. That is why I love reading your blog. You definitely have a very nice style. I like the idea of putting a picture up every 600 words. People prefer some senses more than others. If you are not appealing so much to these senses, then they are not going to stay. I would like to add to a statement you made to someone on here. We all do process things differently and that is a proven fact. Not only do we process things different, but we also somewhat take them in slightly differently. The next part is what happens once it is received. However, that is a much more complicated topic.
    Ricky Strode recently posted..Florida Hypnosis Resistance is Futile

    • Mitz says

      Yes I have learned this fact the hard way.. Trying to teach staff how to do a job..Some people understand you while others do not. That means you have to alter your teaching method for that person. They will understand but it depends on how you tell them. Then, as you have said, they might do something completely different with the information they have.. It is complicated but it is very interesting!

  13. DynnaLou says

    Quality is very important in everything that we do.. For me, quality over quantity should be prioritized.. Anyway, this is a great post as well..
    DynnaLou recently posted..Treating Gout Naturally

    • Mitz says

      I think in this case I have shown that quantity or size does matter when it comes to a quality post…400 words is not enough.. On the other hand quantity as in how many articles you post is second to quality. I agree.

  14. says

    Hi Mitz.
    This is the best explanation of great content that I have ever read. It is a never fail guide. Thank you so much. But I want to make a comment on your articles in particular. You have a way of writing that makes the read feel that you are truly communicating with them alone. I think that is a personal trait you possess, not something learned. Love all your articles.
    Ann recently posted..How Does Bankruptcy Work?

  15. says

    Creating good content is challenging. Writing without spelling mistakes and bad grammar should be the standard. However, incorporating your personality in your content can be tricky. I try to write in a casual style (with some slang here and there) to make my content more personal.

  16. Mark Sanders says

    I agree with the fact that is always taught to bloggers, Content is King. That is the reason why we should always make sure that we give our readers the best content, make sure that it is with the correct grammar, the appeal or the personality that was mentioned in the article and make it interactive if possible. All the tips given in your article Mitch will definitely help me and other bloggers to improve and make their content better, wiser.

    Mark Sanders
    Cable Tunnels
    Mark Sanders recently posted..NEW E Z Roll Wire Dispenser

  17. Azam says

    According to my knowledge for online business the quality of contents is in two ways one is for search engines and other is for readers.If your site get good ranking under a particular keywords,your contents are good with respect to search engines and if readers on your sites are increased, your contents are excellent with respect to readers.
    Azam recently posted..Silpada Designs National Conferences

    • Mitz says

      But think about this one…
      The search engines put the great content in the search engines and if the humans like it and visit the post then the search engines sees that the post deserves to be there. If the human hates the content and leaves the site then this tells the search engines it does not belong there.

      So does everything now rest on the humans approval?
      Mitz recently posted..Writing SEO Content to Please The Search Engines and The Humans

  18. Becca says

    For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. We know that people have their various preferences when it comes to getting information.

  19. says

    Hi Mitz, Indeed you have given nice intro of the quality content! Honestly, if i say I had read many posts regarding the quality contents and everywhere I used to get only this kind of information that the quality content is that one which can easily get shared and tweeted by folks ! it should content the unique piece of information and so on BLAH BLAH! But I never got any idea about how exactly the quality content should look like! Thanks Mitz for showing us the real look of the quality content and one thing which i learned from you is that everyone of us has a unique quality and hence the content should be reflection of our quality!

    • Mitz says

      Same here..I have seen articles that are meant to show you what quality content is but do not..Those articles are a perfect example of non quality content that did not really give you any in depth information or answer the real question. :)
      Mitz recently posted..5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

  20. Android app Developers says

    I agree quality content has very strong position in SEO. If you will start your work with quality content then your site traffic and SERPS will definitively increase if you are following link building white HAT techniques and do follow links then you will be able to better results.

    I loved to read your article. Thanks

  21. dagnyjbarber says

    I agree with your article. Quality content is very much necessary. Now Google penguin have been launched, is has now become more essential to have this. Thanks for sharing all points which has to be considered fir promoting.

  22. Martin says

    Very true. There are so many duplicate contents out there and yours would truly have to stand out. It would be impossible to be truly original especially when explaining tough and technical terms. But it would not hurt to contribute your own personality into your writing. That’s what makes readers come back I think, it’s usually the feeling of relation to the author of the post.
    Martin recently posted..Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive Sale

  23. david says

    Hi Mitz. you know the question of ‘What is quality content?’ is a super question to ask.

    I like your content because it is long and frequently goes into details. You don’t write short basic articles that tell the reader what they already know.

    I had not thought about the personality aspect, but I think you hit on something there. The most popular blogs of all, generally have lots of personality embedded in the information they provide.

    Glad you don’t drink btw. I don’t either (except on rare occasions) I gave it up a long time ago and I am super glad I did.
    david recently posted..AAPL Stock Commentary – Pre Market 5-24-2012

    • Mitz says

      Yeah drinking just wrecks your brain power and I need as much as I can get!!! :)
      And I am glad you noticed the personality tip as I think this is the absolute most important thing to show.

  24. Jack Sander says

    From my point of view, I consider that a new project should do whatever it takes to stand out from the rest of the blogs in the same niche. After we have built a strong brand and brought enough traffic, we have to keep up the pace and provide the same quality content. It is hard to research continuously and come up with fresh content, but it’s a small price to pay.
    Jack Sander recently posted..Pergola design

    • Mitz says

      Your are right there…producing this quality content is not that bad considering the rewards in return!

  25. Leo says

    Too much copied, spun and (crudely) rewritten content on the blogosphere and the internet in general nowadays. Despite the fact that the Panda has been around for well over a year now. Great job with the post, a combination of all the things you’ve listed is what’s quality information to me. In addition, information should come from an authoritative source and like Raaj said, a bit of humor never hurts but that depends on the nature of the article.
    Leo recently posted..8 Reasons Why AdSense is Awesome

  26. Glenn says

    One thing that you have beautifully done is to reference the image that you hare using, unlike it to just be a decoration on your page
    “Be an individual like the lady pictured right”

  27. says

    Nice post Mitz! Quality content totally depends on the person who’s reading it. For example, when I read other articles (doesn’t matter what niche it is), along with the information in an easy manner, I look for some humor in it. So that’s me. Everyone has different views.

    Hence, whether the actual quality of content is good or not mostly depends on the readers’ views, right?
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..3 Ways to Make Money With Private Advertisements

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree! Quality content does depend on the person who is reading it.. But hopefully you have targeted your visitor and you are giving them what they want.

      I also look for humor in people’s writing but not for the serious subjects. :)
      mitz recently posted..5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

  28. says

    Unless you live a truly extraordinary or unusual life pretty much you’ll have the same set of experience, skills and knowledge as the most of us. So if you write something about a specific topic, concern or issue, you can bet someone somewhere already did or is about to. The only thing that can make you stand out is your voice. So cultivate and hone your own voice as a writer. SEO knowledge is also a must-have.
    Reese recently posted..United MileagePlus Club Card Review: $395 Worth It?

  29. says

    One question, Mitz, on this topic that I’ve been struggling a bit with…

    When you say “show your sources” – that feels completely right to me. I’ve been, in many of my articles, adding in high-crediblity source links to .edu and .gov domains. (Like the USDA website in the article below.) But it seems I should make these dofollow links – and that goes against the default settings of SEOPressor and what I read in some SEO documentation as well. I’ve made these type of source links dofollow anyway. What do you think? Dofollow or Nofollow on these??
    Mark recently posted..Switching from Mulch to Ground Cover

    • Mitz says

      You can do dofollow if you wish…I do, as you can see in this article.
      Google does say something about nofollowing outgoing links and I guess it is better for crawling within your site, but sometimes I dofollow.
      I have also noticed many webmasters changing their commentluv links to nofollow as they think it will hurt them. I guess this is true if you let in junk comments. On this site I reject 90% of comments for starters.
      I like to nofollow affiliate links but really valuable info is not right to nofollow.


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