Quickly Building Blogs That Make Money

BloggingYou don’t need to invest years of labor to create blogs that make money, but you do need to follow a plan. If you can learn by other peoples mistakes, you can monetize a website or blog and earn money while you sleep very quickly.

Happily, it’s a very simple plan which doesn’t require some of the strange SEO techniques you often hear about.

Step 1: Setup Your Blog

This step doesn’t require much discussion—there are thousands of articles, tutorials, and videos which show you how to setup a blog on one of the major blogging platforms, such as WordPress. This site also has a number of great tutorials about how to build a WordPress website from scratch with videos included.

I do encourage you to avoid spending too much time tweaking the technical settings in your blog. Internet readers see dozens or hundreds of different blogs every day, from low-quality homebrew sites to amazing professional sites, but the only thing they tend to remember in the long term is how informative the site was. Good sites always have good content, and little else matters.

Step 2: Blogs That Make Money Publish Often

Almost all blogs that make money make their money from content—that is, blog posts. The more blog posts you have, the more opportunity you have to make money.

That doesn’t mean you should publish low-quality junk. The goal should be to publish useful information as frequently as possible.

Note that once you have an established readership, they’re going to expect new posts on a regular schedule, so it’s no good for you to burn yourself out writing post after post in the first few weeks or months after establishing your blog—but you should make your best effort to publish as often as you can.

A great way to publish extra articles to your blog without creating an expectation of frequent publishing is the submarine post—this is a lower quality post you publish without promoting to the front page or main RSS feed, so the search engines can pick it up but your regular readers don’t see it.

Again, I don’t recommend that you deliberately write or buy lower quality posts, but I also know from personal experience that not every post will turn out as interesting as you initially hoped it would.

See what I think Quality content is?

You can use submarine posts to make a brand new blog look authoritative—just back date the initial set of posts to make it look like your blog has been active for a few weeks or months. I suggest every new blog launch with about 10 posts already published. I also do the opposite on an old blog by revamping old posts and re-publishing them as new. This works a treat and ensures you make the most out of your posts and evergreen content.

Step 3: Choose Your Business Model

All blogs that make money have a business model. Some early for-profit bloggers may have been lucky and stumbled upon a working business model, but in today’s competitive online industry, you need a solid plan to make money before you start investing your valuable time.

The solid plan doesn’t need to be complicated.

Here are the three most common types of blogs that make money:

1.   Blogs that make money through advertisements are probably the most common but least profitable. They’re super-easy to set up, but you need a lot of traffic to make them profitable.

2.   Blogs that make money through affiliate commission are probably the next most common, and there’s potential for significant income, but you need to find an audience which buys either high-price/low-margin items (such as high-end technology from Amazon.com) or high-margin items (such as independent ebooks).

3.   Blogs that make money from list marketing are less common but can make the most money. The challenge for a blog is to get random visitors to sign up for your mailing list, Twitter feed, or Facebook page so you can market products to them.

If you are creating an authority website then all of the above can be put to good use.

Step 4: Find Your Partners

It’s possible to rank for long-tail keywords on Google and other search engines today simply by publishing keyword-optimized blog posts relevant to those long-tail keywords—but it’s easier and better for your blogs that make money if you start collecting incoming links as early as possible.

Although there are hundreds of somewhat-scammy techniques for link building and at least a dozen or so legitimate link building techniques, such as guest posting, the easiest and best way to get links is to actually talk to other bloggers and people in your niche.

You don’t have to talk in person—something quite rare in the blogosphere—but you should start posting informative comments on their blogs and maybe sending them news and other useful information by email.

Don’t spam them, of course, but do try to build up goodwill gradually and hint at the fact that you have a blog. If they appreciate your help and they enjoy your blog, they will almost certainly link to your blog not just once but repeatedly over the course of several months.

Just remember to return the favor and link back to them whenever you get the chance.

Step 5: Try One New Technique A Month

Many blogs that fail to make money follow a sad progression: they launch, they publish a few posts, they try a bunch of SEO techniques, and then they fade away with less and less frequent posts. I have seen them come and go over the years, believe me. Some blogs I noticed and admired as a true competitor in my niche, but sadly not many still stand.

The problem here is the focus on SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization is a good thing for your blog, but you should be very careful using any technique you haven’t mastered. Think about it: would you want your doctor practicing a new surgery technique on you? If not, why should you do virtual surgery on your blog without mastering the procedure first?

This is why I have SEOPressor (a WordPress plugin) watching over me. This is my expert on the side telling me if I am implementing the right mix of SEO into my content.

This is also why I recommend that you limit major changes to your blog to once a month. Not only does this give you time to learn the new technique, but it also helps you focus on the number one way to get more traffic—writing more blog posts.

There’s another benefit too—if you can only implement one major change to your blog each month, you’ll probably focus on the most effective technique and you’ll spend the month mastering that highly-effective technique and getting the most out of it before moving on to a less effective technique.

The Final Step: Learn About Your Customers

Depending on which business model you use, your customers could be people who click on ads, people who buy commissioned products, or people who sign up for your mailing list. But whoever your customers are, it’s critical to building blogs that make money that you learn more about them.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them—and the better you can serve them, the more they and people like them will visit your site.

There are many ways to learn more about your customers:

•     For advertising-based sites: put up an advertisement on your own site to a survey. (You can increase the survey response rate by entering respondents into a drawing for a prize.)

•     For affiliate-based sites, you can offer a free ebook or other product to anyone who emails you a copy of their receipt from buying a product through your site’s affiliate link. When you reply to the email, ask them to answer a few questions about themselves. (Warning: you probably don’t want to use a contest to collect affiliate information—some countries such as the U.S. have anti-gambling laws which complicate contests involving sales.)

•     For newsletter based sites, learning more about your customers is easy—run a search on their email addresses or send them a personal email asking them to fill out a quick survey. (Again, you probably want to attract more responses by offering some sort of freebie in exchange for filling out the survey.)

Although the whole survey process may seem complicated and unnecessary, just think of how you can use that additional and definitive information about your customers to build more blogs that make money.


I have been making money online with WordPress websites for years now but I always look back with regret about how long it took me to actually start making a full time income online. The problem was, I thought there was some big secret about creating money making blogs. I was always searching for the best way and unfortunately ignored the basic simple knowledge I already possessed.


  1. himanshu says

    I think one must start fro a free blog gain experience of all skills like quality writing ,seo and much more and then should start up his fresh new niche build site surely the earning process will be late for this one.
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  2. Dhaval says

    I am following the hove steps from last 2 months and I have already recovered my domain cost 😀 hope it works in future too
    Dhaval recently posted..Verification

  3. Ashish Gill says

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the information.
    Not only can blogging lead to money, but it also keeps your mind ocupied and opens to doors to valuable connections via other blog owners etc..
    It’s definitely a worth while hobby if not a career!

    • says

      Some very successful blogs I know don’t even build links. They just produce amazing content and verybody link to them. On of those blogis niche pursuits by spancer. He said that he never created any links. He is making a lot of money by getting affiliates. Susan
      Susan recently posted..How to Care for Palm Trees

  4. Rinkesh says

    I don’t think that the blogs who makes much money publish often. In fact you could take the example of popular blog called Dailyblogtips.com, which publishes post once a week and is still very popular. On other hand I know a lot of bloggers who publish content every alternate day but hardly have any decent visitors.
    Rinkesh recently posted..Deforestation

    • Jasmine says

      That is great observation. But I believe publishing often and consistently is the key. Of course, on top of this, other methods play a role too, for example you must promote them through social media sites, practice good SEO, leverage on multiple traffic sources, etc…

      Dailyblogtips.com already has tonnes of good content on the site.
      Jasmine recently posted..OpenCart Shopping Cart Application

  5. bing says

    I feel like there is money in blogs but only for very limited amount of product. How much can you write about door handles relay ? I feel like it could somewhat work but only as a backlink builder for your main site,

  6. Sam Martinez says

    I guess I really didn’t about writing a blog for income possibilities. I started it to get my name out in the real estate community. But the advice that you gave Darryl Thode about creating a blog about home building or house furnishings kind of opened my eyes :)
    Sam Martinez recently posted..Short Sale Tax in 2013

  7. Shazeb Ali says

    very detailed and nice post, Regular updating is really important when it comes to gaining traffic people who subscribe need to find something new every time they visit the website

  8. says

    Collaboration with other successful bloggers and your blog promotion can also become very important steps in this process. But, of course, all the tips you mentioned are also very effective

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  9. says

    Blogging is a good way of making money but the content of the blog should be related to blog and it should be updated content.

  10. says

    My site was not accepted by google for adsense so I have to rely solely on affiliate products. I wish to get atleast five hundred visits daily to my site otherwise it difficult to earn with a blog.
    Thara recently posted..Guaranteed Income

  11. Michael Smith says

    Yep, once you decide that you’re willing to invest the time and energy into creating a blog that’s going to make money, the profit will follow soon after. You just have to engage in a bit of trial and error, and you’ll see profits within a month or two. Is there a single business in the real world where you can see profits that quickly without starting out with a massive amount of capital?

  12. Michael David says

    Hi !

    I really believe in your advice. I used some of these tips and were very helpful.I think “Step 4:Find your partners” it’s the most important. Partners can help you at the marketing and you really can learn from them. It’s not easy to make money from a blog or website but with whis advice,will be easier.

    Thanks a lot !
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  13. harish says

    The best platform for creating blog is Word Press. Because it is fully user friendly. It does not need more knowledge. It gave easy plug in and free themes. Thanks for sharing great business articles to us…..

  14. James Dreesen says

    “The Final Step: Learn About Your Customers” – In my opinion this is the most important part. Studying the patterns/behaviors of your visitors is good way to go. Once you learn about their interests, its time to get your plans on motion. Great tips on offering ebook for affiliate-based sites, I do this myself and found it very effective indeed.
    James Dreesen recently posted..Part 3: The Search Engines and How to Protect Your Online Reputation

  15. Darryl Thode says

    I feel like there is money in blogs but only for very limited amount of product. How much can you write about door handles relay ? I feel like it could somewhat work but only as a backlink builder for your main site,

    • mitz says

      choosing a niche about door handles is very limiting and you’re right, there is only so much you can write. On the other hand, creating a site about house furnishings or building a new house will give you an endless scope.

  16. says

    i Mitz i landed on your blog from basicblogtips and this and extremely interesting blog. Regarding the post i found your two points extremely remarkable i.e to publish content quite often and try some new techniques every going month..
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  17. Anshu says

    It is always a profitable business, if we are regularly updating the blog. This is an awesome manner for getting more from the site. Creating more traffic is not so easy but if we can make blog which is updated on a regular basis, then it will generate good amount of visitors.

  18. Petr Bednarik says

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  19. vicky says

    Building a blog requires a lot of patience and hard work. But its better paid off if we do smart work and see that our efforts are not wasted. Choosing a right business model is very important. Building up relations with other bloggers is nice for us bloggers.
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  20. says

    Following a plan, that would really be for somebody that has sat down to look at the end from the beginning…and like the expert would say…WORK back from your destination and really plan your moves…am still learning from you sir!
    Thanks for share this post.

    • mitz says

      I just let people signup at the moment. I am in the middle of rethinking my whole email strategy. I do not make money pushing products like some do and I am just finding my own way. It is not something i like too much, compared to blogging for money so it is not important to me..But I do have thousands of subscribers as they just wont stop signing up…!! Good dilemma.

  21. says

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s like building Real Estate but on the internet. Easy to get information overload and get sucked in all those product launch but I love it as a career.

  22. says

    Amazing post. I love the content, I will keep it in my bookmarks in order to go over it once in a while. My personal opinion is that the only way to have a real blog empire is to have a model that we can scale up by having 100% commission and a daily method of operation that is simple and effective…so we can spend the rest of the day doing the thing we should be doing in life: spend time with the people we love most.

    • mitz says

      I think blogging gives you a big choice about when to work so you never miss out on family stuff. Working towards 100% commission is a great goal. I have done this through ebooks, courses, and software.

  23. Darcie says

    Not only can blogging lead to money, but it also keeps your mind ocupied and opens to doors to valuable connections via other blog owners etc..

    It’s definitely a worth while hobby if not a career!

  24. says

    This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

    • mitz says

      If you know how you made that first sale then you need to do the same thing over and over. rinse and repeat. :)

  25. Sam says

    This is very inspirational article from where every newbie can understand what and how they should start and over their work for every their new blog post. But from my opinion newbie blogger should not think about make money in starting of their blogging career.
    Sam recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

    • mitz says

      This is where many bloggers fail. They do not have a plan on how to build the blog or how it is going to make money. You need to know these things or you could be wasting your time.:)

  26. says


    Thanks for sharing great article about tips for how to create quickly blogs for earn money at online. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  27. Jules says

    When you master everything about blogging, it leads you to sales and traffic to your site. Understanding and doing some steps helps a lot!

    Thanks for sharing this post, I have learned something new…

  28. Yasir Khan says

    Learn about your customers is what you need to master in order to get sales and leads because they are the reason why you website is still standing or now is out of the picture. Remember no sales means no business, so learn how you can get more clients in order to have the best website and online business.

  29. says

    I´m pretty sure that it´s really important to publish oftenly in order to be succesful… but assuming that the content is relevant, this is the most important issue for your blog´s audience!!

    Very good post

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