SEO Keyword Research Tips and Tricks

SEO keyword research is the most important part to learn when building a WordPress website. Finding the right keywords will directly affect the amount of success your website receives. If people are not searching for the keywords that you target, then you might not get traffic from the search engines. Even if you do not rely on the traffic from the search engines, you still need to know that people are interested in your keyword. This is why we need to perfect SEO keyword research.

In the early days I definitely struggled when trying to grasp what the hell keyword was? How did I pick my keyword for my whole website? This was a daunting task but I have narrowed down some steps to help you figure out what key word you want to go for. This SEO keyword research does not just apply to an entire website, it also applies to a single article that you write. After all, it is no use spending all your time writing articles when you have not researched if people want to read them or not.

Logical steps for SEO keyword research when writing an article:

  1. Choose a topic related to your niche.
  2. Dig through this topic to find long tail keywords.
  3. Find a keyword that fits the criteria. previously I wrote a post on how to find keywords to target in your article.
  4. Write an article about that keyword and include related keywords. Publish the article.
  5. Do a mini back linking campaign to this article targeting three or four main keywords.

Logical steps for SEO keyword research when starting a website

I use free tools to do my SEO keyword research as I believe you do not need software to research a niche.

  1. Choose a topic for your website, find a niche.
  2. Dig through this topic to find a small and niche.
  3. Find long tail keywords related to this niche that fit that criteria.
  4. Collect the related keywords that shows up in the Google keyword tool. Use them for the categories and titles for posts.
  5. Write five articles targeting various keywords, including related keywords, for your website.
  6. Always use your on page SEO techniques from the beginning. it is a lot harder to go back later and repair your mistakes with on page SEO.

Learn how to do SEO keyword research or pay for traffic

These are your simple choices. Learn how to do search engine optimization keyword research or go and pay for your traffic. Learning how to do SEO keyword research is a lot cheaper than paying for your traffic. Why not get it for free if you can? It is really not as hard as you think. All you have to do, when it comes down to it, is think like the person that is searching in Google. What would they be typing in to find your website. Along with the tools that I show you to use, it also takes common sense to do SEO keyword research correctly.

A video tutorial about ways to do SEO keyword research

In the video below I wanted to see if the words that were bringing people to my page were buying words. Then I did intend to monetize the page with a few more affiliate links. That part is missed in the video. It shows me ranking number one in Google for a certain keyword but not really making the most out of it. I was getting the traffic, which are from buying keywords, but not doing anything with it…Ouch!

That’s what happens when you have such a big website! You lose track of what’s going on.

How important do you think SEO keyword research is in your business?


  1. Dean says

    I completely agree with your statement that you either have to pay for your traffic or perfect your keyword research. Creating a website nowadays is like throwing a marble into a stadium full of them. If you aren’t laser focused on what you’re doing, then your marble is going to be lost behind the seats. With keyword research, your marble has a chance of reaching center stage.

  2. says

    I saw this link on the related post! Google adwords is really an amazing, easy to use and effective keyword research tool. Been engaging on keyword research lately.. My boss has a formula on getting KEI too!

    • mitz says

      Oh thanks Elena..Glad you are finding somethign useful here.. I really love chatting about all this stuff..

      Yes that is a bummer that site closed! Now I use a few other things like:

      1. Seeing if ads are on the serach pages for your keywords.
      2. Seeing how successful your competition is.
      3. Seeing if people are talking about it in the forums.
      4. Estimated CPC for Adsense sites.
      5. Common sense.. ‘free computer tips” or “computer help” or “computer suppport”

      My FREE EBOOK about building wordpress websites has some details in there. It is contantly being updated with new info..

  3. paulsimon says

    Keywords plays an important role for improving the page ranking of website in Google. Right keywords effects directly on the success of website. This post explains very useful SEO keywords research and tricks. These tricks are very beneficial for finding right keyword for the website. I will suggests all my friends to implement these tricks for the success of website.

  4. Govind says

    Selection of keyword is very important in seo. because many you choose high trafficked keyword but on these hard to compete.So Choose keyword in which have low competition but must be popular.

  5. Kostas says

    Great article, using the right keywords for your site it’s the most important factor of on-page SEO because if you don’t target the right keywords visitors may come from irrelevant search results or you may have no traffic at all from search engine
    Kostas recently posted..Using SMO To Supercharge Your SEO

  6. “Ford says

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  7. Steve Markham says

    Hey Mitz,

    I have the same problem as you have/had. I ranked #1 in for the term weight loss at one point thinking that I was going to make a ton of money from it, after all there are 110,000,000 million competing pages and 100,000+ searches a month for it.

    But I found out quickly that it wasn’t a buying keyword and although there was a ton of traffic the money didn’t pour like I had hoped. I did gain a ton of readers and emails which was great.

    Keyword research is so important. I learned that the hard way.
    Steve Markham recently posted..Huggies Coupons

    • mitz says

      Would these keywords work? “I want to lose weight” or “lose weight” because then you can solve their problems.. Weight loss is not showing a clear intention. MSN used to have a commercial intention tool but they have taken it down….

      • Steve Markham says

        Those keywords have/had the same effect as “weight loss”. I tried a few different combinations with similar results. When I started the blog section I was targeting more specific terms, like questions rather than generic ones.

        “How Many Days Should You Exercise Per Week ” is an example. A lot of people search for this and variations of this questions. (I think I rank 1st for this term). Using a question as the title of a post has worked well for me.
        Steve Markham recently posted..Homemade Protein Bars

  8. mitz says

    This is very true…I believe it is better to have the keyword in the domain name. Even if you have too get a longer the domain name just to have the keyword in it.

    I have definitely found that it does not matter how long the domain name is. It does matter how relevant the content is when comparing it to the keyword.
    mitz recently posted..Do You Need Software to Research a Niche

    • mitz says

      I have an amazing post on another WordPress website of mine that gets 2000 unique visitors a day to that post alone. I totally manipulated the search engines (by SEO)but provided the absolute best content there is for that keyword. I also optimized the article for approximately 5 related keywords. this is easy to do when you have a very long article.

      When you look in Google analytics that particular page has been visited by people using 926 keywords. That’s how many combinations it took the 2000 visitors to see the page.

      I am shocked to see that I did SEO for five main keywords and can get results like this.
      mitz recently posted..WordPress website builder has dofollow backlinks and comment luv comments

  9. Delena Silverfox says

    You are completely right; keyword research for SEO can be tough, but it takes a lot of common sense and creativity, as well as patience. Sometimes those keywords are so competitive you have to work a few angles to stay in the game without getting drowned out by those bigger sites.

    Delena Silverfox recently posted..epc Belfast

    • mitz says

      It is really annoying when you know you have better content than the bigger sites and they still outrank you!

      SEO is great but better for people that have money to spend on it…

      You just have to hope that your competitors didn’t do the keyword research right in the first place….LOL

      I love it when that happens.
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