SEO Strategies for 2012 – Post Google Panda and Penguin

It seems like the Google hand the updates are never-ending and we all need to review our SEO strategies to stay in the game. Many Webmasters depend on their rankings in the search engines and it is very important to stay near the top of those results.

When the first Google pander update hit, one of my websites was severely affected. It was not because of duplicate content, because there wasn’t any. The main reason was bad HTML, broken links, and poor SEO. This happened because the website was so large that I got lazy. My traffic dropped dramatically and so did my income for that website.

The recent updates have seen big link building networks like Build My Rank simply shut their doors as Google de-indexed every site in their network. I wonder which link building network is next? I personally use UAW and they are still going at the moment. I guess they are setup a bit different.

In the light of all these changes I have had to review my SEO strategies. This does not mean any drastic changes, it just means that I have left a few SEO steps to gather dust.

SEO strategies I am using

Guest Blogging

Article marketing

Social Media

Better content on my blogs (SEOed)

SEO Strategies I am not using

Mass link building

Mass article marketing

Link Exchange

Buying links

My SEO Tools

Keyword Winner




  1. Gary says

    My earning went turned upside down when Google Panda and penguin strike that until now I wasn’t able to overcome.

  2. Lee says

    Hi mitz
    Just read this post again basically to make sure what I am doing is on the right track and won’t get me penalised. Looks like through reading quite a fewmofmthe comments as well that we have to enhance how google wants us to do things and get rewarded rather than try and get round google and probably get penalised in the long run.

    Great article thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Summer Bucket List

  3. Tim Sykes says

    A bit confused about natural link building, where do you draw the line? Is it ok
    to pay for links on high authority websites and if so should they be related to your site?
    Thanks, you have a lot of great information here…just have to find the time to
    digest it all.
    Tim Sykes recently posted..Subscriber Specials

    • Mitz says

      Yes it is ok to pay for high quality links to be created but most of the time this never happens… Otherwise they cost a fortune. It is far better to go and guest post on a quality site… Get the content written for you and then you can choose where to add the right links.

  4. Lee says

    Hi surely now we just have to do seo sensibly and we have nothing to worry about. Do it googles way or not at all. I think we have no choice google exploits us in ways. But we are exploiting googles success as well so I think we have to embrace googles updates and get on with what we like doing.

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Sweat Suits for Weight Loss

    • mitz says

      I think that Google is not looking for the impossible..It just wants to show the best results in the search engines to please the humans…If we want to be that best result we have to deserve to be there. :)

  5. says

    I think on-page factors do matter after the recent updates. Thanks for compiling this list of strategies and sharing it to everyone!

    • mitz says

      I think certain automated stuff works but it depends how you do it.. I would not point any mass linking to my main sites.

  6. Nawaz says

    Off course Google is changing its ranking policies. I have also bad experience of link exchanged. As I linked exchanged one of my website that has good ranking but link exchanged has destroyed its ranking in a week.
    Google panda and penguin update demand quality SEO.

  7. says

    Google Panda and Penguin updates have severely affected almost all the sites in the web especially the ones that are using bad habits and techniques of SEO. Not just the bad sites but also the clean and dignified sites, have been very affected of these updates. It may be sad to know that unintentionally good sites experienced low ranking from high. I am already confused if SEO is still needed to protect and progress the site’s ranking. What seems to be helpful as of now is to correct everything through On-Page SEO.

  8. Search Engine Optimization says

    yes so many panda and penguin update came to remove all the spamy work from the search results, they have also given penalty to the websites,so now need to work very smartly and no spam work should be done, I want to give some tips now after this all updates we need to work mostly geo targeting based, have to be very clear and concern to the content of the website and also have to take care that all the information must be cleared.

  9. Magento Developers says

    very important Strategies for seo of a site its very helpful to increase site rank, increase link building of a site with social media blog commenting is very important for make your site at top
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  10. Elaine Salt says

    I appreciate the existence of Google Panda because it pushes the online community to further improve their posts. Without it, the world wide web will be flooded by nonsense contents.

  11. Stephen Brand says

    I’ve seen a lot of “post great content” recommendations in posts like this, which gets old after a while. When I started doing anything on the Internet years ago, I figured posting great content was the only way anything got popular. Later I discover SEO is important, and nearly every SEO advice blog post I see mentions “great content”.

  12. C Shedwick says

    It is interesting to note, article submission gets a mention as does anchor text. It has not gone unnoticed that lots of articles have disappeared from the front of search results. I think its fair to say the bog standard url has also been neglected in favour of keywords. Some website owners will feel hard done by if they have been penalized for over-optimization.

  13. Nandita B says

    Hi MitZ,
    Great article for newbie as well as seasoned Bloggers/SEO Practitioners!

    This happened because the website was so large that I got lazy

    I absolutely agree with the above point. Due to this laziness Panda,Penguin and Kangaroos! are slapping left, right and center to Bloggers.

    Thanks :)
    Nandita B recently posted..10 Timeless SEO Tips Search Engines Love

  14. Marvie says

    Well said. I think if anyone is playing the game nicely and following google webmaster rules then they are on the safe side.

  15. says

    Oh its really very sad that your site affected. I have read whole of your article. Article submission is one of the major off-page task. Try to create the link wheel for your website that will definitely increase your website traffic.
    Thanks for the share Mitz
    Jobr recently posted..Required Android developer

    • Mitz says

      I do not see it as sad, I see it as an experience to learn by.. I already got my traffic back and to find out the whole story you need to visit the link. Yes I did make kind of a linkwheel but really it was all about optimization and cleaning up…

    • Mitz says

      Yes I agree with being social but sometimes I wonder about it as it is so easy to do and easy stuff never turns out to be quality. Don’t get me wrong though, I do social media..but I hope I am not wasting my time for the future.
      Mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  16. Website Application says

    By just having a fan page in Facebook and twitter account you can’t get your website ranked well in Google, you need to engage more frequently with your Facebook page fans Google now started indexing Fan pages and its comments, the same applies for twitter as well. The more signals Google receive from Social Media the more your chance to increase your webpage authority.

  17. trisha larken says

    Passion is what make people great in their niche. Writing quality articles can provide quality links for you. Provide helpful articles and surely they will build links on that!
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  18. says

    Hi Mitz – Do you think a person’s theme, itself, could actually be a significant player here as well? My theme is somewhat of a custom job – and while I love the look of it, I’m wondering if I should bite the bullet and potentially rework using a better more maintainable & SEO-optimized theme. What theme are you using? (As I’m sure you’ve picked an SEO-optimized theme.) Do you think I could replicate the essential look & feel of my site easily using your theme here?
    Mark recently posted..The Bradford Pear – A Gorgeous Landscaping Tree

    • mitz says

      Yes you can replicate anything with Thesis. But I am not sure this is a problem for you. I am wondering what link building you are doing for each article?

      • says

        I just gave a careful read to your link-building tutorial from February. I can see a few things I can surely improve here – my quantity is about 5-6/month (which sounds *way* too low), and I’ve been using my full page URLs instead of keyword-oriented anchor text.

        For me, it’s definitely been a challenge to find good (niche-related, high PR, dofollow) places to comment & guest post. Thanks for the focus adjustment & I’ll hold off on messing with my theme for now, but Thesis will be the eventual replacement!
        Mark recently posted..How To Visualize Deck and Landscape Design Ideas

  19. Ami says

    Post-update periods are always hard, it’s like the aftershocks, aftermaths and holocaust of SEO. Some won’t be able to get up again, some will survive, some will change their courses but at the end of the day, we have to adapt to what the world (and cyberspace) give us.
    Ami recently posted..Missing Reading Real Books

  20. Jafar says

    To be safe from google panda/penguins .. We have to be natural.

    Leave black hat SEO and all the illegal ways like cloaking, Black hat seo, Link exchange etc.

    I was also using those strategies but now I am safe after getting a new domain.

    :) And now penguin is helping me to get traffic.

    HURRAY !!!!!!!!!!
    Jafar recently posted..What will be the Specs and Price of Apple iPhone 5 ?

  21. Guenter says

    Helpful advice. I agree with you that SEO is not dead. However, the days of buying links and spamming the internet with fully-automated software seem to be gone. This will drive the focus back on quality content. And that’s something I really appreciate.

  22. says

    Hi mitz,
    seems from penguin update now people don’t have to worry about seo totally coz strategies change little bit now post quality only matter as in my few domain coz of quality content only got pr without doing any link building but it doesn’t mean SEO end its just get smarter
    rohit kothari recently posted..Day 9: Light painting photography

    • mitz says

      Well for most of us it just stays the same.. Google itself says SEO is important but only done the right and honest way. We all know what is right and wrong and now we have to stick to those rules.

  23. says

    Do you feel that the future may be more to do with branding/company name in the SEO realm?

    Also, do you have any tips on how to become a “master of knowledge” within a particular field?

    Thank you,

    • mitz says

      Becoming a master in any field is 100% easier if you enjoy the topic.. that way you cannot help but absorb all the knowledge you need..

      As for Branding.. I am not sure that this will ever be as important as the quality of content you deliver. You can brand all you want but if your customers are not happy with what you offer then that’s the answer to everything.

  24. Karolina says

    Wow! That’s actually what I was looking for! had been searching for an article about the new Google algorithms and the change of SEO techniques for a while, when Google lead me to your article. Thanks for sharing the useful information, I think there’s a big fog around these things in the scene.
    Karolina recently posted..Muttertag: ein wunderschöner Tag

  25. Shane Ryans says

    Great article I know that there are many people out there clueless as to what they should do after all the updates. I use many of the techniques you list and it is always nice to see how others are doing it and also see what more I can do myself.
    Shane Ryans recently posted..Why keyword negatives are important

  26. Anton Koekemoer says

    One thing that almost all web-masters are saying / confirming about the Google Penguin update is the negative impact of repeated Anchor text. But among all other things I think as long as you keep things natural as possible (not spamming or cloaking or any other form of Simple Black-hat tactics) then you should be fine. One thing is for certain – Once you’ve been hit by an Google Update , its normally quite difficult and time consuming to recover.
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted..Online reputation management starts with your website

  27. Increse facebook like says

    For the past few months, SEO experts have been practically living in an analytics dashboard, constantly monitoring organic search data for even the smallest hint of a Google slap. If you haven’t noticed, Google has been busy updating their search products. On top of those changes that they have publicly documented, we are also seeing additional SEO-specific updates by Google.

  28. Elena says

    Hello Mitz, I find your articles extremely helpful and read all of them from A to Z. This article has a lot of great points as well. How many guest posts would you say someone should do a month in order to promote their blog and get decent traffic, at least 2,000 -5,000 visitors a day?
    Elena recently posted..Blog Giveaway Update

    • mitz says

      it depends where you guest post but all guest posting has a snowball effect.. The new guest posts gets a surge of traffic and the old ones continue to get dribs and drabs… So after a while you could stop… To really keep my blog pumping I do one or two a week.. If I do more it gets crazy and hard to keep up with comments..

  29. Jeff says

    I don’t think google has a clue as to what will really happen when they do an update, time and time again sites have dropped out of the search for no valid reason. If you have good quality content and update it frequently you should have a good shot at decent rankings, however when it comes to link building what can you do??? According to google any kind of link building is against tos and I read somewhere that the big g considers any type of site or page that has the sole purpose to sell something or make money is spam….mmmm guess their whole site is spam :)
    Jeff recently posted..Advertise With Us Source

  30. Robert Koenig says

    Mass publishing of content to increase your placement in organic search results seems to be going the way of the dodo, which I like quite a bit. I appreciate that Google is rewarding those of us who take this seriously, comment, post articles, and create genuine content that is thoughtful, not just spammed across the internet. Google is a bit of a monster controlling what we can and cannot do in SEO, but I do like that they are pushing in a positive direction.

  31. says

    For this new update doesn’t really change anything. I f you follow sound SEO principals and do things the right way (the harder way) you should be fine.

  32. Azam says

    People often used to think that Google panda update is the name of quality contents but they did not know it covers other factors also. You have talked too deep about Google panda update and also provided remedy for it.
    Azam recently posted..Silpada Designs National Conferences

  33. Javed says

    Article marketing seems to still be the solid way to go. EzineArticles has such a tremendous amount of pages, I believe the most numerous. It may possibly be about the oldest site for hosting articles, so longevity is one of it’s strengths. ArticleBase, same thing. Squidoo, I love. So many utilize it and it’s pages are growing by leaps and bounds. It’s PR supercedes that of EzineArticles, but since PR may be going the way of the dinosaurs, I’m not sure how much that is worth. HubPages seems to get special notice for quality of articles.

  34. says

    My 3 SEO strategies for 2012:
    1. social media
    2. social media
    3. social media

    I kid 😀 it is still important to have strong onsite-SEO score, write good content, do a bit of guest blogging (both ways), etc but social media does seem to be getting me a lot of traffic on many of my blogs and is almost always responsible for a boost in visitors and traffic. My social media ROI has been great!
    Leo recently posted..Making Money in the Music Industry

    • mitz says

      I like Social media but I am not that into it… There is also too much spam for me to commit to it fully… I do like Google plus though… Facebook is good but the spam is unreal. Also most of the users are not even real..
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

      • Leo says

        I dont know about you, but from a business POV, my clients have been doing just brilliantly on Facebook and Twitter! Very happy campers, the lot of them. Google Plus has been quite good as well. But Facebook has been the most profitable. About the spam, I totally agree with you, they (FB) need to look into this pronto. But users not being real? Never heard that before.
        Leo recently posted..Top Ways of Generating Targeted Traffic

    • Nile says

      Social media can be almost useles if your web project is out of seo order (content, layout, etc). Yes, people may visit you but they won’t return. the latest google updates will lead (at least I hope so) to an well-ordered Internet.

  35. Bryan Ring says

    Great stuff Mitz, I was wondering when someone would speak plainly of the on going Panda report. Of course you never have failed me since I found you and switched to WordPress.
    Your strategies and tips have propelled my website, generating new customers at a rate unheard of in the 10 seasons I have had my business! ! Hence the almost no blogging I have done in the past two months.
    I have sat on Google’s 1st page since last season for my local area, but now we are showing up in other service areas and have been getting some envious looks from our competitors. Thank you for not quitting, I though I had lost you!

    • mitz says

      No I was just changing my path and it is working a treat!!! I am very pleased with the website move and Google has indexed the new site nicely..

      As for SEO strategies…For local promotions SEO is unheard of so if you do any SEO at all you can rule… When the others catch on to what you are doing you will be so far ahead it will be too late.
      mitz recently posted..5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

  36. Katja says

    I don’t think SEO is dead, but after the new updates a lot of people are having to rethink their strategies… A few white-hat SEO pages got hit as well from what I have heard so it’s not just about sticking to white-hat – I think we will still have to see how Penguin will affect us.

    • mitz says

      Yes but there are so many factors for white hat…They might have thin content, or duplicate, or they might have broken links… Creating content is turning into a profession and soon not just anyone will be able to do it..
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  37. jan says

    Thanks for this article Mitz, I believe I am on the right track – but I do have to do more of the SEO work as in social book marking, guest posting and article marketing – I have just submitted to Ezine and CommentLuv to date. I have only been marketing since October 2010 and already I have seen so many changes and updates in that time!
    jan recently posted..Should we really be on a sugar free diet?

  38. Kris says

    Well I have learned my lesson from this. Before I was using mass article creation using some kind of software that spins articles (I won’t mention what it is) but it destroyed my blogs and Google shut it down for good. So I made the right thing and that is to write real content and real information. I notice that I don’t just get some readers and commenters but I learned as well as a person. Thanks for these tips as well I will try to do these techniques rather than the upper ones.
    Kris recently posted..The Elevation Group- Newest Investment Social Network

  39. ganpat says

    gr8 points .. and yes there is a new point that the articles under 250 words are under attack of penguin update of google..

  40. says

    I am still sticking to my old ways of doing SEO. I do Whitehat SEO so I think I won’t have any problems. My only concern is the repetition of anchor texts. From now on I will be doing partial match of my keywords. This is what most SEO specialists advised me.

      • Brandon says

        How about relevance? What if your site is mentioned in a website that is not relevant to your niche. Does that help in SERP?

        • mitz says

          I think it helps to get mentioned anywhere but even better when sites in your niche mention or link to you. This not only builds your reputation, but gives you a good link. You cannot stop others mentioning you though.

  41. Ricky Strode says

    Hello Mitz. I am not really that knowledgeable in the SEO department. I know that the idea is to create awesome killer content and pick keywords and write a good description on it. I have about 20 pages on the first page of Google for some pretty competitive key words. So, I am guessing that I am doing something right. However, I know there is still a lot to learn, which is part of the reason why I am here. The key words I am after have much more competition than the ones I am currently ranking pretty good on, I also know that it may take quite a bit of time and effort to achieve the rankings I want for the super competitive keywords I want to also rank for. However, I am more than prepared to do the work to get there.

    I would like to say thank you, because of you and a few other blogs I read I have been able to come up with the strategy I am even using. I had to learn as I go. The last website I built before recently building a new site with WordPress was back in the mid 90’s. I am pretty sure you can relate with how much has changed since then. So, needless to say it has been quite a bit of a learning curve for me. However, this blog has helped make it so much easier for me.

    Thanks again,

    Ricky Strode
    Ricky Strode recently posted..The Hypnosis Stories V2.1

    • mitz says

      I do a small promotion for each article on this site… So for example I will add an article to Ezine pointing back to this post…I will also guest post…and maybe post on one of my free blogs.. All original content… All about this topic and relating back here.
      mitz recently posted..Is Email Marketing Worth Your Time?

      • Jasmine says

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