9 SEO Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

In this article I am going to share SEO tips that I use to dominate Google search results. There are absolutely no tricks involved here as it is all hard work, and very transparent. All of the content that I publish to promote is definitely original content and highly valuable for each website.

I am going to use a real life post as an example that was not ranking on the first 10 pages of Google. I do not like revealing my exact keywords to certain pages, however I have so many high-ranking pages that I can afford to use a few as examples for you.

Please do not take advantage of my keywords that I am using in this search engine optimization tutorial. It is simply not the right thing to do.

#1.  Choose which keyword you want to rank for

The first thing I do is create a list of potential keywords that I would like to rank for, all being similar. If I have a post or page that already exists then I can research what keywords the post is ranking for through Google Analytics.

I can see which keywords bring in the traffic for each particular article. Then I can research those keywords and see which one is getting the highest search volume as shown below.

Please note that I often go for many keywords in the one article. This means that I can rank number one for many different search combinations. This is one mistake that people often make. They presume that you can only go one or two keywords in an article.

#2.  Research the keyword in the Google keyword tool

Criteria for keyword:

  1. Over 200 exact monthly searches
  2. Over $1 CPC if Adsense website
  3. You can also check competition and earnings potential.

There are more things to look and everyone does this differently. Please feel free to share your criteria for picking keywords down in the comment section.

You will see me optimizing a page for this keyword in the video below. This process alone can take a lot of your time, and if you have the money I would suggest buying Keyword winner as it will deliver the best words directly to your post. Then you can use them to your advantage.

#3.  Research your Competitors

I like to type in the keyword and go to at least five of the top ranking websites. I then see what content they are offering, and more importantly what content they are not offering. The question is what is missing, and what can you do better?

It takes experience to recognize an opportunity or loophole that is available. Therefore do not panic if you cannot pick anything wrong with your competitors websites. The knowledge will come with experience.

#4.  Perform Onpage SEO

You know the drill. H1, H2, H3, keywords, meta descriptions, and so on. Onpage SEO techniques are a massive part of how I make money. As you will see I am using SEOPressor because I know it works! You can see my latest SEOPressor review which includes the new updated version 5 which is absolutely amazing for your Onpage SEO.

Also after researching your competitors websites, you now know what to include in your content. You can also take the best parts of all your competitors and use them in your one article. That makes your article the one stop shop for that keyword. I do not suggest that you copy any content at all, but I do think you should write everything in your own words and add your own tips.

The big difference between you and your competitors is that you would have optimized your content and will dominate Google search because you have invested the time to succeed.

#5.  Write for Humans – SEO tips

Read through your post after doing your onpage SEO optimization and make sure you have killer content that is suitable for humans and not made for the search engines. Yes we do need on page SEO, but there is a delicate balance between writing for the search engines and writing for humans. You can definitely incorporate both methods into your post and with experience, this will not be noticeable. Your post will simply look like you have not performed search engine optimization it at all.

#6. Internal linking

I believe that internal linking within your website is one the best SEO tips and is far more important than any other linking. Lets face it, if you are not giving your own post a thumbs up, then how can you expect others to do so?  Years ago I did not even know that link building even existed, but I did, for some unknown reason, incorporate internal linking into my website. I did not even know that I was helping my own articles to rank in the search engines until I studied the reason for my success later.

When internal linking you will need to use a variety of keywords that all mean the same thing. For example if I want to do some internal linking for a post about “computer maintenance” I would make a list of all the keywords that can mean the same thing.

Some examples could be:

computer maintenance

computer maintenance tips

computer maintenance help

computer maintenance articles

about computer maintenance

If I was to just build links using the main keyword of “computer maintenance” it simply look like spam.

#7. Articles distributed

Yes, I still do all sorts of article marketing. This can include submitting an original article to Ezine articles, posting an article on blogger, also on a free WordPress blog, Squiddo, Guest posting, and so on. Everyone has their own way of promoting their websites and all of this is part of mine. There is no right way or wrong way, the only way is the one that works the you.

I do like to use dofollow article sites for this purpose. Yes it still works! i already get enough nofollow links to balance my link building efforts out.

#8. Other linking

I am not big on other forms of linking, however if I am on a forum and see the opportunity to mention something, I will. I will only mention a link if it adds value to that post. I do not want to be seen as spammer and leaving links where they are not welcome.

I do however leave links on Yahoo answers, but I actually give very valuable answers in exchange for those links.If you are looking linking opportunities see Ben’s 18 backlinking techniques.

#9. Using your Websites

I like to use some of my existing websites to also get a possible back link to the article I am promoting. Of course the two topics have to be related and this is why I like to make websites that are in a similar niche. This is a huge advantage and is one of the reasons I do not venture into outside a topics. This is not shown in the video because it is not totally necessary, but is definitely an advantage if you have this opportunity.

SEO Tips Video – Dominate Google Search Results

It is very hard to learn how to dominate Google search results unless you can really see it for yourself. This is why I have made a video showing exactly what I did to get to the first page of Google. As you can see there are no tricks or secrets here. Please excuse the audio as it is a bit up and down.

I have to tell you that I have entered a highly competitive niche using the words “computer maintenance” as I am competing with software manufacturers, big company computer websites, and even IT repair guys. Of  course I will have to work extremely hard to keep a position on the first few pages of Google. If I slack off, which I probably will, I will be balsted out of the rankings.

Also bare in mind that I did this for $0 when other companies have a huge budget to play with. If I gain a .edu or .gov link for this page it will cement my position better. At the moment I do not have one..

Please note that when searching in Google if you are logged into your Google account or you have a cookie on your computer, they will deliver results that are tailored to your needs. For example they will show pages you have shared or visit often, pages your friends share, and more. The search may be geared towards your location. This is a problem when trying to see the true SERP (search engine rank placement).

Here is a video I made showing how to search Google anonymously

This video will help with keyword research

Video showing how I use Scribe SEO from CopyBlogger

This is all a lot of hard work but is well worth it. I now use Scribe SEO plugin to help me with all of my Onpage and Offpage SEO. Check out the video to see the what Scribe can do.

Will all these SEO tips and promotion keep me at the top of the search engines?

Yes and No. If your competition is slack and is not fighting for the position, and you have done all the hard work then yes, possibly you could stay at the top of the search engines. However if your competition notices that you have taken over in the rankings, they may fight back and a war could be started.

I have noticed with Google’s latest algorithm, you really have to be on the ball and have the latest and freshest content to be up in the top of the search engines. For me to keep my computer maintenance page on the first page of Google, I need to update the post often and also build links to it. If your page is very important and brings in a lot of money, then I suggest you work hard on it. Unfortunately you will have to prioritize your own promotion methods and choose which SEO tips to use to benefit you. I have used this page as an example but it is not listed as one of my important pages compared to others. Therefore if I had to make a choice, then I will let this one go.

Have you got any SEO tips to share on how you dominate Google search results?


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    Thanks Mitz for such a beautiful information about SEO. but I would like to join you to just continue the discussion. as you said that keywords and content are the main factor for a website and its visibility over the cloud I just want to share the order of work in ON PAGE as well as OFF PAGE….

    for the very first time when a website is just fresh and you have not doing any SEO stuff you should do the following:

    1. The proper optimization of each and every page of your website i.e the Meta Tags like Meta Title Tag, Meta Description Tag and the Image attributes
    2. Then submit your website in Some top search Engines Like Google and Bing which is called Search engine Submission
    3. The third step is the Webmaster

    Then start the OFF PAGE stuffs like Directory and Bookmarking Submissions.

    For more info Click Here

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    Perfect article, it will take lots of time to put up things like you.You can use some seo software to save your time, but method showing in this article is very good. and i think may gain your page/site up very long time.
    pallav recently posted..Matrimonial Site Matrimonial-Site

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    Hi Mlica:)

    I just came over from your other site, http://tips4pc.com, and wanted to say it is really great to see solid SEO tips shared. One thing I would add is that everyone – whether small website owners or optimisation experts – should start using their Google+ profiles to share their content and build up a community. We have seen singular Google “+1’s” given by strangers boost pages’ rankings pretty much overnight!

    I know it is hard, I can see that – like us – you are using your Google+ profile to promote posts, but getting “real” people into circles and interacting is the real challenge that I think will feed well into the future. Any tips on that one maybe?:)

    Many thanks!

    • mitz says

      I agree that Google + is making an impact but I am not really happy about this. I just feel that getting plus ones can just be another way to manipulate the system also like you can with all Social media. I still take part in this all but I am not sure where it is going to end up. I feel that we will eventually go back to basics sooner or later. You can always force a Plus one or like but you cannot force someone to click on your listings in the search engines. These choices the user makes there and then are the most genuine there is.

      • says

        I know what you mean, but can also understand why Google is doing it. It is a simple form of enticing grassroot spread of +1 profiles.. to rival Facebook! The two current giants are in a race – FB wants to build a rival search engine, Google wants to build a vibrant social network. And we are stuck in the middle.:)
        Of course the organic click from a SERP is The Ultimate Goal. But with the very recent revamp of +1 profiles, I cannot really see Google letting go any time soon. And as they are calling the shots, I rather want to be on their “good list”.
        Binamic recently posted..PS Composites – Magento SEO

          • says

            Oh, with you there! It sort of IS evil, at least from a business perspective. I think there are too many businesses – small and not so small – that rely too heavily on leads from Google. If/when their website drop off from SERPs, the business model collapses – “all eggs in one basket” etc. Then one of the more appealing “immediate remedies” is.. paying for AdWords! Welcome to the annoying brilliance of the dependency cycle.

            ..Sorry about the rant.:)
            Binamic recently posted..PS Composites – Magento SEO

  4. Anamika says

    Google is now smart enough to determine the quality of blog, they are working on the top level artificial intelligence.., therefore no one can hide Google, so producing the high quality content, high quality back links and other fair SEO techniques will lead to better search rankings..:)
    Anamika recently posted..Tips to Improve Computer Performance

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    Hello Mitz and thank you so much for your work. This question you may have answered many times, however, your help would be appreciated.

    if I’ve written my own article, can I submit that ONE article to numerous article publishers above? Will I be penalised for this?

    Or do you have to submit EVERY article as one offs only?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    kind wishes from NSW

    Jason Stephenson recently posted..Only the best relaxation music online

    • mitz says

      How are you Jason. In the old days we used to submit the same article but now days it really should be original. I am not too sure about being penalised but I am sure that the actual impact of the same article with the same links everywhere waters down the results. All I can say is that when you are in the zone of writing and on the one topic, churn out some extra versions then and there, while it is fresh in your mind.
      mitz recently posted..Making Money from One Simple Content Marketing Strategy

  6. Sudipto says

    Nice tips and Yes, Keyword really helps to find good keyword for the post. Using long tail keyword is really good option as competition is low in these keyword. Nice video and Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All Time

    • mitz says

      When searching for a keyword in Google Adwords keyword tool you can click on “Advanced options and filters” to choose CPC as a filter from the drop down list. Some words are worth 0$ and others have a good price. This does not give you an exact price that you will get paid but helps to see which words are more valuable.

  7. Jane Stevens says

    Very well post for the internet worker who like to earn money from online. Also valuable for promoting a site.

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    Hey Mitz!These are nice tips on SEO. Keyword concept is very important indeed.Write for humans, really liked this point. I actually enjoyed the whole article.Thanks.Matt Kennedy

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    After reading couple of good words about Scribe, I am interested to use it in my blog. In one of your post I read it cost $17 monthly but I see they are charging minimum $97 per month. I think I am wrong somewhere Mitz?

  10. Julia Myah says

    I agree with you Jean. It’s not really important if the site is no follow.And also PR is not important as Google said. You should know this about No Follow links.Thanks & Nice sharing with all once again Thanks.:P

  11. Kate says

    Awesome blog, to add to it – you can also search for recent trends, then do KW and then write a blog

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    Some of the best tips you have assembled here if these tips are followed intelligently the site will automatically overcome the effect of panda and penguin and gain a good momentum in organic searches too

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    Hi there. Really nice tips. Thanks for sharing it. These are very nice tips. Mainly unique content and quality link building can give high rank in SERPs.

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    Great post, I totally agreed with your point that we should write post for human not for search engines, else readers won’t stay on your blog and I don’t think any blogger like this result.

    Excellent post Mitz,
    Keyword research is such an important technique in SEO. There, you can determine whether your successful or not. I extremely agree that choosing the right keyword to rank for is essential when doing search engine optimization because as we all know keywords will be the the possible prospect’s guide to your website..

    Great Information 😀 love it!
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    I agree with you most of people do limited ways that you have mentioned. After reading your article all Keywords and links perform well. Nice information keep it up. I got great advantage from it.

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    Thank you for sharing this extremely useful article. I have checked it and noticed that I missed some of the most important points. However I have a question and all the answers / suggestions are highly appreciated. I am curious to know how the use social media such as facebook, twitter …etc.
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    You have a very impressive information. Thanks for your best tips… SEO is a great help for business, when in terms of generating traffic to your site. With the help of SEO, your brand will become popular and credible. Since, lots of people are captivated in using it as a form of communication and entertainment.

    Excellent post!

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    This was a very informative and in-depth guide on SEO. Thank you very much for refreshing my minds on these strategies.

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    If you properly use the SEO tips then you will be able to dominate the Google search results. Among the other tips, you can use the tips of researching the keyword in the Google keyword tool. Second, you should draw your attention towards performing on page SEO. Third, you need to write wonderful content focused on the topic humans. A proper balance should be made between humans and search engines.
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    I was advised to use Traffic Travis when i began my car valeting business. This helped with me gaining knowledge of my competitors backlinks and keywords which was mainly from car valeting forums. I believe watching videos are the best way to learn so this was a useful post
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    Thanks for great info!
    Google define position of website according to link popularity.
    So, better PR lets you better position.

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    You gave great tips MITZ. But in my point of view we must concentrate on image in SEO. Because here’s what Google looks at when it crawls and indexes images image file name, ALT tag, TITLE tag and context. If we done any mistake here then we will meet big problem. Thanks for this post…….

    • mitz says

      yes I agree that image optimization is very important but I haven’t mentioned here enough. Thanks for the reminder.

  23. Elena says

    I watched all your videos and got a better understanding on what I need to do to dominate Google Search Results. I am going to try your tips with one long tail key word and see what the results are going to be after a week. I am very excited to see what kind of ranking I can get utilizing your tips. Thanks a lot for sharing! Your advice is always priceless.
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  24. Michael says


    I’m curious… do you still use the seopressor plugin on your sites?


    You’re so used to on-page seo that you know don’t need seopressor any longer.


    Michael recently posted..10 Anti Aging Foods

    • Michael says

      I’ve read rumblings about the plugin negatively impacting page load times. I have not see any verifiable information that shows that it does though. Have you done any testing relative to page load speed and seopressor?


      Michael recently posted..10 Anti Aging Foods

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    Writing for humans, nor for search engines, is probably the most important tip, which is always forgot by the majority…and it’s a pity…

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    I have seen many SEO tips and these tips is the most complete tips that i have ever found. Beside great tips, this posting also completed by great video. i learn a lot from these tips Mitz. i will be waiting for your next posting. Thanks for share
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    Great advice, mitz! My old time strategy to dominant Google search results is getting rid of “junk” URL space and regularly re-optimizing and refreshing older content. I believe re-optimizing content for SEO is easier than writing that content all over again in the first place. Nice post. I am glad you posted such informative and helpful article.

  28. vicky says

    I like reading your posts as they are so awesome and here is one more to the list. What an interactive article you have written and explained with videos too. I have been in this field for sometime and these tips are so helpful to rank in the first page of Google. The most important is the keyword reasarch which if done properly can bebfit us a lot.
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    Hello Dear

    i read your post really what a great points to discuses with me keyword is most important part of your site and choose correct keyword for site this is main work of seo and google adword tool is one of the best tool bar really thanks for the sharing me

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    What a great goldmine of content! Thanks, Mitz!

    I actually found this post because I was Googling impacts to SEO when changing themes and your discussion with Robin brought me here. I’m going the opposite way, from a theme that didn’t control SEO to Thesis and hoping that it will help my rankings.

    So with your answer to Robin providing me the insight I needed, everything else in the post is just icing on the cake…great, creamy, delicious SEO icing!! Thanks!


    Sean Nicholson recently posted..[COMIC] Who Is Running Your Social Media Channels? Is It Your Intern?

  31. Jade says

    Even through a site might have a no follow, isn’t there any benefits of getting a backlink from them?

    • Mitz says

      Yes there are always benefits… You might gain customers from a link. For SEO you do need a mix of both nofollow and dofollow so there are always benefits.

  32. says

    Hi Mitz,

    Wow, this article is old, but the information and videos are still priceless. That’s awesome that you are on page 1 for computer maintenance, that’s a big big word!!

    I have a question for you. I only use the SEO Ultimate Plugin, if I use SEOPressor will that over ride or mess with SEO Ultimate?
    Justin Musiker recently posted..Florida SEO

    • mitz says

      I have never used the plugin you mentioned. I used SEOpressor to teach me to write SEO optimized posts and I would say I could do it with my eyes closed now. If your plugin does a similar thing then just stick with that. :)

      • says

        Hi There,

        Thanks so much for the in context l*nk, ;-). Much appreciated.
        Question for you…
        I have to transfer a wp site to a new domain for a client. I know that the 3 folders; wp-content, wp-admin, and wp-includes has to be downloaded and uploaded via ftp. Also, the database has to be exported and then imported via phpmyadmin. But, I have spoke to a few people that said that if I do it that way, I wont be able to log-in, because the config settings will be pointing to the old domain. If I edit the settings in wpress – General – to the new domain before downloading and uploading that will adjust the database settings automatically, but then that locks me out of my old domain.ughhh….I am not that php savy…any suggestions please?? Also, please see my resource page on my site 😉 PR4
        Justin Musiker recently posted..Who Can Benefit From SEO

        • Mitz says

          Hi Justin
          I definitely do not move a site like that.. I always take this opportunity to start fresh. I export what I need and upload this into a new installation of WordPress. If I am changing hosting though, I get the hosting company to move it. Also if you are moving the domain name as well as servers then this should be fine…If you are changing the domain name too then I suggest you see this article.

          • says

            Did you check the page I mentioned on my site? Let me clarify a little more. I am building a e commerce site for a friend/client. I was using one of MY domains to create it so I wouldn\\\’t have to use his and hide the page or edit the robots.txt file to hide it from Google. So now it\\\’s pretty much done, but there are 100\\\’s of products that I manually added. I don\\\’t want to redo it all. It\\\’s not the type of thing that I want to start fresh on. It is on the same host (Gator) so it should not be that hard. Different domain name is all basically. Just need to take the content from one domain and put it on another, without doing it manually 😉 So summary
            Justin Musiker recently posted..Do Backlinks Have To Be From A Relevant Site

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    Awesome tips and videos. I agree, varying anchor text for internal linking is important, whenever I write an artcile, I tried to link it to my old related post. I usually keep a 50-50 ratio of anchor text, 50% for having main keywords as anchor text and rest for lsi keywords as anchor. So far I didn’t hit Google first page, however some of my posts are at Google second page :), I am newbie and still happy with it, working hard to hit the first page.
    BTW thanks for the post.
    Chaitanya recently posted..How to build quality backlinks

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    Varying anchor text isn’t only important for internal links, but external as well. In internal linking you should just use whatever anchor text feels natural and not focus on keywords along: it’s the context that matters a lot as well not only anchor text.
    Matthew Farnsley recently posted..Proper Maintenance Of Your Katana

  35. Lakshmi says

    Hi Mitz,
    Thank you so much for the awesome post and videos – I’m learning a lot of very useful things and I really appreciate the fact that you’ve laid it out in such depth and clarity. Thank you for taking the time out to do this!
    I wanted to ask – the content that you post on the blog and tumblr in your video for backlinking for the keyword – do you post a unique article on each? Am just wondering how many articles you write for your backlinking efforts – 1 for ezinearticles, another for articlesbase and other unique ones for any social media page? Is this how you do it? Just want to get an idea of how much content you need to create for backlinking.
    Thank you! L

    • Mitz says

      Everything I do is original for this kind of promotion. Of course others ways work as well, but for a good post I do a back link foundation for it. I get a lot of promotional stuff written too but not much for my blogs.. I like to do that myself. :)

    • mitz says

      Hi Robin
      Yes I have changed my site theme and lost some SEO.. Especially if you go from something like Thesis that controls seo (don’t know why I would do that though?) to something that doesn’t. My best advice would be to decide on a theme and stick with it.. Of course this is why people should go for a premium theme straight up. I would hope that WordPress includes the SEO options in the core one day. Then we can change themes freely after setting up our SEO. :)

  36. liz says

    Mitz, honestly I have spent the better part of an hour watching your video tutorials and have learned SO much. Thank you for taking the time to show us how you do it. You have taken the mystery out of it and put it in simple terms!
    liz recently posted..Your Questions Our Answers

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    I love the fact that you just tell it and my brain reacts as if you already told me this. I suppose I read you all the time, so you must be rubbing off on me. Whoa, that did not come out the way it was in my head. lol
    On page SEO is huge for me and will only benefit in the long run. Page rank is more important then most people DON’T know. Once they figure it out, algorithms will have changed and we will be on to the next phase of SEO.
    The more I read this article, I realized half of a posting I wrote on my site was darn near identical. For sure it is not exact, but like I said “You must be rubbing off one me”. Than You Mitz!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Best WordPress Website

  38. John W says

    Like to add one more tip – the “wordpress” platform is great for seo with all the available plugins and website structure layout.
    John W recently posted..Timber Doors

  39. jan says

    Hi MItz
    Carrying on the theme of anonymous searches in Google to check your rankings, would you be able to use http://www.scroogle.org/ to the same effect? They don’t keep any records of your searching and cookies are deleted within an hour, but I don’t know if they can make searches relevant to your location and so skewing what you think are your rankings?
    jan recently posted..Three things I learned at Weight Watchers

  40. jan says

    Hi Mitz
    Happy New Year to you. I hope it’s a great one for you and your readers and I look forward to your new posts.

    I hope that you can help me with a problem. I optimized 2 of my posts yesterday for four keywords each using SEOPressor, which I think is an awesome tool. For each of the 8 keywords I rated between 91.11-96.67%. However, before I optimized the posts I was ranking from 4-11 for all keywords and a heap of other related keywords and had been for some time. Today I am only ranking for two keywords for one of the posts and those rankings have slipped! The posts have not been changed substantially and they still read well. So hoping you can help me here.
    Many thanks
    jan recently posted..Kindle Fire, the newest color Kindle reader

    • jan says

      OK I think I have worked out the answer! On my sites I have a tool called SEKeyRanker – although it doesn’t work really well and I can’t get any customer service! However, they warn you not to use the refresh button too often because Google doesn’t like that and will put you in the temporary sandbox. Well because it was only the second time I had used SEOPressor and was learning to use it properly, I was constantly refreshing, which I would imagine has a similar effect to the one warned about by Key Ranker. Anyways, my sites are back now and ranking on page 1 for a lot more than the 8 keywords that I optimised for and some of them in positions 3 and 4 – yay.

      I also learned something while I was optimising for a long tail keyword but couldn’t get enough density. I didn’t feel that I could add anymore without making the story sound forced, so I actually took out a couple of sentences that I didn’t really need and voila, I got the keyword density.

      Anyway, thanks Mitz, I really love this tool and will now be able to use it as I do new posts.
      jan recently posted..Kindle Fire, the newest color Kindle reader

      • mitz says

        Glad you worked it out Jan. Sounds like a great tip about removing some sentences to get the keyword density right. Now that you have SEO that page you can build some backlinks to it and really cement your position. Just a few here and there though, not to overdo it if you are already ranking well.

        • jan says

          Ah yes the dreaded back links – that is something that I am starting seriously this year and I have a plan in place to keep me on track. You may be able to help me with another question Mitz, my browser is Firefox and I am on page 1 of Google for several keywords, but when I check on IE on another computer I am not on page 1 (or even 2). Do you know why this might be? Thanks
          jan recently posted..I quit sugar – how to stop sugar addiction

          • mitz says

            Hi Jan
            I have added a video into this article to answer your question. There are four videos in this post and one is on how to search Google anonymously.

    • mitz says

      To tell you the truth here Jan, the SEO you do today takes about a week to make an impact, sometimes longer depending on what you do. I would say that all this is just a coincidence and when Google does crawl your website and index the changes, it is only then that you might see the effects.

      • jan says

        Awesome thanks for the video Mitz, that explains my problem beautifully – I appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to do that. My rankings slipped a bit and some disappeared all together doing the anonymous search :( However I also watched your first video which just reinforces the need to do some link building. So Ezine articles, guest blogging and Squidoo here I come!
        jan recently posted..FAQ about the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program

        • mitz says

          Yes thats it.. So choose a page on your blog and SEO it…Then promote it with backlinks and internal linking. It would be best to choose a page where you have previously made a sale or think you can make a sale. If you want to choose a page I will personally give you some tips if you like.. You can email me from the contact page.

  41. Richard Brown says

    Would internal linking using all the same keywords cause a site to be penalized? I mean, internal links is to help users find what their looking for quicker rather than a method of increasing ranking (although it does affect ranking).

    The reason I’m asking this is my internal structure links between pages using very similar variations of the keyword I’m targeting, for example: plural, singular and different order of the same words.
    Richard Brown recently posted..What is the Best Budgeting Tool for Getting Out of Debt

    • mitz says

      Well I have a site similar to yours with the same problem but have never been penalized. The backlinks might be similar but are pointing to different pages. It seems to work for me. I also vary the anchor text for the main page like “saving money” “money saving tips” “money saver” and so on.. I rank for all.

  42. Mark Tesa says

    Great tips as usual.. I think the first place where people go wrong is getting the wrong key words. This spoils almost everything for bloggers. Knowing what your competitors are up to is also a nice idea.

  43. alex says

    the keyword research is one of the most important, u need to know very well your competition and u need to get niched keywords, otherwise you will have to work much more for getting your website in the first 3 SERP.


  44. says

    Fantastic article(Video) Mitz.

    Using various SEO methods can make a huge difference in how our website pages are ranked for certain keyword terms.
    The greater the quality of the keywords we wish to go after(higher exact search volume and seo value) the greater the amount of seo optimization work will be required.
    For keyword terms with zero(or very low traffic and zilch seo value) we can get to the top of page one without any real effort(What’s the point)?
    On the other hand, some keyword terms(high quality) are being fought for tooth and nail.

    As far as where we rank in Google search for our pages, this can be quite amusing to watch.

    There seems to be a form of sequencing(Like a cycle) whereby our pages go up and down, as indexing takes place, before the big G finds a nice spot on the ladder for us.
    Many others have spoken of this.
    Once this process is finished, our pages may have gone from page one, to page ? That’s when the building process starts…..

    After reading your post(Actually I watched the first video and read the comments) I realize I have to do far more work to get better results for my target keywords.
    I also need to diversify my outlook, as far as getting more exposure for my site.

    One thing I have learned was to be aware of what keywords we go after.
    Even though, I did a fair amount of research, I should have aimed my keyword cross hairs a little lower. Some of the keywords I targeted were ultra competitive, though, I had already pointed my boat in that direction…….ouch!
    Daniel recently posted..Google Search Engine Ranking – How Important is It?

    • mitz says

      It is very possible to rank for competitive keywords but it is hard work to stay there. If you have a page where you are making $100 a day then you wouldn’t mind the hard work. but it is a fine line between keeping your rankings and building too many links, This is the balance you need to master. Making enough links to stay in the best position and then links to maintain it without raising alarms.

  45. says

    On site SEO is one of the best tips and a lot of people don’t pay alot of attention to it, In just the short time I have started SEO, I have seen some websites SERP and page rank shoot up as a result of just a few changes made to thier website like adding the rite headings and writinga good and keyword rich meta description.
    I will say a combination of everything really helps.

  46. alex says

    i agree with mitz that keyword research is very important for optimizing…. i’m always doing the keyword research with the client cause he knows his business better than me..
    nice tips though, i can see a couple of things that i haven’t thought about yet..

  47. Rajnish Anand says

    Ranking in Google has become more of a mathematical formula. I see many website SEO companies with loads of high PR ready sites and they link these sites to their clients sites to make them look good. It is really sad that even after Panda update there are tons of sites with much less value content which are thriving in the Google World. Google itself has an aggressive mindset so a good content without an aggressive SEO can rank you well in Yahoo and Bing but not in otherwise. Out of the whole lot Bing is the best in not indexing duplicate content and Yahoo out of the lot mysteriously does not index at till you pay them for a directory listing or they take ages to index your site. These tips are excellent but then many a times it is sad to see good content lying low in the Google rankings !
    Rajnish Anand recently posted..Samir Dental Care Jalandhar

    • mitz says

      I know what you mean… Google does index all sorts of wrong pages from a website and they also rank bad websites high…Eventually they catch on though…so I am still waiting. :)

  48. Maja says

    I agree all of your points but question arises how get idea of keywords that you check from the keywords tool? You are right we can not get nothing without unique contents.I often say that the contents are the driving force of a blog.
    Maja recently posted..Beauty Treatment at Salons

    • mitz says

      I pick the keywords that are the most related to the main keyword and that have a decent amount of searches.

  49. says

    Thanks for the post. I think it’s important to note in the keyword section that that number of keywords you try to go for is really dependent on the competition in the niche you’re looking at.
    For competitive niches you really are better to go for single keywords, or a few longer tailed keywords. I know your combination of keywords would be to go for various longer tailed searches but if you choose the right keyword in a lower competition niche then by all means going for a single keyword with a thousand searches a day is better than multiple with 10.

  50. Jeremy says

    To elaborate further on the benefits of using “no-follow” links:

    I think one of the goals, especially since Panda, is to ensure that your site’s backlinks look natural. Looking natural is almost intuitive, though: Not all links will be follow, not all links will be created at the same time, not all links will have high page rank, and so on. Google is not stupid and will find out if you are trying to fool them.
    Jeremy recently posted..Savannah SEO

    • mitz says

      Yes that’s right Jeremy. Google will find out if you are scamming them…But this is why I have a variety of links and also I have original content going out for article marketing or guest posting.

  51. Satrap says

    Hey Mitz,

    I just wanted to emphasis the importance titles. I think a lot of us dont really realize the power of keywords in title (despite reading and knowing about it). I have seen what I would even call miracle happen when I got my titles right.

    Believe it or not, I got a few posts with tittles that were exact (long tail) keywords that I rank #1 for them without building even one backlink for them. I was amazed the first time when it happened.

    I am sure there are other factors in there as well but I think most of it had to do with the title being the exact keyword, nothing less, nothing more.
    Satrap recently posted..Ways To Make Money Online

  52. Mary says

    I know only few about SEO so I would like to learn more about it thru this post. Anyway, I bookmarked this post for further reading. Just saw few links of your previous SEO post within the article so I will read all of that stuff.

    With the help of SEO, dominating Google is possible. However, paying attention attention with this can be very hard to start and to maintain as well. But all the benefits are worth it in the end.
    Mary recently posted..Have Younger Looking Skin Using Berries

    • mitz says

      This is just showing how to get to the top of Goolge…But you are right it is very hard to stay on top of…Especially when your website gets too big to deal with..

  53. Thomas says

    Five? Do you mean five guest blog posts? Or five backlinks from your various backlink methods (articles directories, guest posts, etc.)? In any event getting ranked off five links is impressive. I’ll have to look around the site and see if you’ve written anything about guest blogging. Something I’d like to hear more about. Thanks for your reply.
    Thomas recently posted..Black Hat SEO Techniques – What Is Black Hat?

    • mitz says

      Thomas you might have to watch the videos in this post to learn more..All the information on what I do is in there…In the video it shows exactly what I did…and don’t take what I say as gospel as I cannot remember the details now…It’s all in the video.

      I do have stuff about guest blogging but there is also more to come. :)
      mitz recently posted..Beginners’ Guide To SEO

  54. Thomas says

    You say you focus your backlinking mostly on article distribution — Do you distribute published content from your site or do you generate content specifically for article distribution? How many article directories do you distribute you to (if you don’t mind my asking)? Thanks.
    Thomas recently posted..BlogGlue Review – The BlogGlue Blog Network

    • mitz says

      I only submit original content… I only use 2 article directories (ezine + articlebase). I do have 5-10 blogs to guest post on…And a Google blog, etc… If I want to rank for something I do about 5 in total pointing to the target…I also might have a youtube video and maybe a few yahoo answers for traffic..

  55. Noel Addison says

    One thing I would like to add about researching your competitors. You can use Yahoo’s siteexplorer and similar services to see where they are getting their links from. Then you can use that in your own link building strategy.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

    • mitz says

      Yes good tip. Although I do not do this as you will find that most people do not really know how to do SEO so if you do some you should see some good rankings…If you can’t rank then I would look into other things like what you have suggested.

  56. Joey says

    Hi Mitz! What do you prefer to use in SEO technique? I’m currently doing blog commenting, is there any effective technique that will surely boost my site’s ranking?

  57. Neil says

    Now this is a very interesting article on Wordpess and Adsense. I am stilkl trying to figure out the best way to usae Google Adsense and Adwords. Adsense seems to trickle money in while Adwords seems to let it flood out. I think it also depends on what industry the keywords are in. My business is highly competitive (what isn’t?). I will certainly have another read through of what is written here and look to give it a go! Thanks for taking the time to put ths post togethr and hopefully more to come! :)
    Neil recently posted..Driving Miss Daisy Review Wyndham’s Theatre

  58. Aaron says

    Hit Mitz,
    I think it is great that you recommend such ethical ideas! There are a lot of people out there that are just doing any possible thing to get them where they want to be. Also think it is cool that you have shared so many great ideas without leaving the reader feeling as though you are not sharing something. I think you should be praised for your approach!


    • mitz says

      Oh thanks Aaron! :)
      Sometimes I think I share too much but if it causes a problem for me I will deal with it… (I mean letting my keywords out of the bag) hmm oh well..There is room for everyone on the internet and I am very excited to work on this every day!

  59. Laura Christine says

    Great tips! Thank you for your guest post,interesting article! I learned much more things on SEO services from this blog. Also your blogging style is great. It’s creative and simple. that’s why I like your blogging style. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Laura Christine recently posted..Facebook Just Shifted From Scale to Engagement

  60. Wills Peter says

    You really don’t have to be an IT expert to put up your site in the web. You can just outsource the help from your trusted provider. However, be careful in choosing one though.
    Thanks for this post. I have understood everything. Good luck!

  61. Marvin says

    Hi, I like your tips about SEO. I’m also doing SEO through blog commenting, with 3 ‘dofollow’ quality backlinks is it good enough to make my page go high (high competition keyword)?

  62. Jeane says

    Now that’s a neat wrap for optimization. SEO have been an indispensable one for social media marketing. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning. software development

  63. Azhar says

    In SEO we take start from on site optimization.Good SEO based article enhance the on site SEO campaign.For off site SEO article submission to high PR directories delivers good results.

  64. Nawaz says

    I have observed that some people that want to earn revenue through adsense, always choose very low competition keywords and by optimizing their site for many keywords earn smart income.
    Nawaz recently posted..Modern Jewelry

  65. Missy says


    Have you got a post on H1, H2, H3 tags? I’ve seen a lot of mention lately about these tags, yet really have no idea how to add them to an article. Lol. If you do, place the link below for me.

    Let me know.

    Missy recently posted..Halloween Decal for iPhone

    • mitz says

      If you are using WordPress…
      When you are editing a post there is a box that says Paragraph.and has a drop down arrow next to it where you can choose to make text H1 H2 and so on.. You have to select the text by making it blue to change it.

  66. Bob Lipply says

    Two thumbs up! Great tips Mitz. I also want to emphasize that domination in Google requires you to give valuable information to your readers. This doesn’t build your reputation in the internet world but also it can give you tons of traffic. As they say, Content is the king and this is so true.

    • mitz says

      One way links are links that are only going to your website. That means they are not a link exchange as there is only a link coming in. An example of this is guest posting (as long as you do not link back to your guest posts). Any linkbuiding is SEO and does affect rankings…If you have watched the videos here you will see some examples..

      • vhein says

        hi mitz,I’ve been doing SEO for awhile now (blog commenting to be specific) but I am still confused about the effects of nofollow sites in my SEO stuff? My friends said that I’m a mess beacause of doing blogs on NF sites! They say it has nothing to offer in increasing PR and traffic. Is it really not advisable to comment on nofollow blogs and just keep on pushing on dofollow ones? Hope you could provide me answers. Thanks! more power!

  67. Reihann says

    thanks for nice article,. I have some questions?
    I am working on creating back links of one of my customers and I want to know which method is best to get pure back links and for ever?
    Secondly I need to know does forum posting is good way to build links??and whats about yahoo answers?
    Please help me i really need to know about it.

  68. jan says

    I like #4, that is a bit of lateral thinking as most people tell you to just look at the links and try to out link. Also #6, I know about internal linking but hadn’t thought about using different ways of using the term – if you try to use the same keyword several times it can look a bit spammy. I really love comment blogging because of finding some really exceptionally interesting sites that add to my knowledge, and also because of joining other communities. You often learn a great deal from the comments people leave, but it is very, very time consuming love it or not! I had just started reviewing all of my posts but have had no internet for almost a week – very frustrating!
    jan recently posted..Breaking the sugar addiction

    • mitz says

      Hi jan
      Its funny that I mention to out do your competitors with great content and not backlinks..This is a habit for me…But if you have great content the links will naturally build for you..Not just that..I really think that the best content will be the last man standing because you can’t fake that…You either have it or you don’t.. Link building works but I do not know how long it will continue..But content will always be important.
      Glad you have your internet now! I cannot live without it!

      • jan says

        Hi Mitz
        The jury seems to be out as some people say great content and some people say back links for SEO. I hope that it leans towards great content as I love writing, but I am also just delving into the world of PLR as I work full time so just don’t have the time to write as much as I would like. I agree that content is king as well, I noticed that my bounce rate has dropped significantly as I add more content and add some internal links. At least I understand about on page optimising now so my new new stuff will be optimised properly from the start! How much content do you think you should be adding for optimal results as I have seen some bloggers who have added several posts a day – they get great results of course but yikes if you have a full time job as well it just isn’t possible.
        jan recently posted..Kick your metabolism into fat burning mode

        • mitz says

          I am really not keen on pumping posts through too fast…It doesn’t do your content justice. I see the people with heaps of content running through but I guarantee you can rank just as well with less content that is promoted correctly. They also do not give readers a chance to see some posts..
          I like to post every two days (approx) and promote each post if I can..Lets use this website as an example..I have 160 posts on here which is nothing, and more traffic than most blogs with 1000 posts. Some people choose to keep adding content and are happy with a small amount of traffic for each…i am not..

          On the other hand big companies with websites can afford to pump the content in and promote it at the same time..

  69. Poinçons says

    Thank you for the videos.

    May i suggest you the best tip : Optimized Content !
    Add any single and usefull information you can !

  70. Tom says

    Guest posting is a great way also. If you manage to get your post onto one of the big blogs in your nice then you’ll get your article syndicated all over the place. You’ll get people sharing your posts all over social networks. This all adds for lots of link juice pointing to your site. Not to mention the traffic you get from linking to your site.

    My advice is, just start sending off posts to the bigger blogs in your niche which accept guest posts. They will accept more often than you think. If you stick to writing opinion pieces, you can;t be wrong and they will most likely accept.
    Tom recently posted..The Future Of Search And What This Means For Marketers

  71. John says

    Well, all in all great article, but these tips won’t help you to dominate google, this is just an ethical blogging(?) outline :) You should do all this just to be ok :) Dominating Google takes something more :)
    John recently posted..Nav naudas žogam..

    • mitz says

      You are a bit negative! I dominate Google for thousands of keywords and the stuff in the article is why. Great content, well organized, SEO, and promotion.

      • Thomas says

        That’s something I think too many people overlook the value of – effective promotion. Not just spamming links out haphazardly, but creating powerful content and using social networks to market your offerings. Just by putting yourself out there in a professional manner, in an organized way, can stand you above many of your competitors immediately.
        Thomas recently posted..Successful Internet Marketing

  72. jessicatracey says

    Hello Mitz, very well stated article… I admire you for sharing these tips. An yes, i agree with article marketing… As much as your article is readable and with good sense, that will stay on web and will be liked by people. Regarding no follow and do follow, I think they are both important can not tell the difference but I am using them both.
    jessicatracey recently posted..Is Free People Search By Phone Numbers Available?

  73. Shani says

    Google keyword tool is the best one tool to do keywords research. For ranking I think relevant links are very useful to get rank.
    I want to share my experience that for keyword having more than 1000 local searches has zero traffic at rank 7. Total local searches for that site are 49,000 according to Google Adward keywords tool.No traffic

  74. Thomas says

    Number 2 is definitely the first step to take after determining your niche/market, which I consider to be Number 1 but essentially the same as yours.

    I’d also tell people to broaden their ‘use of’ when it comes to their keyword(s). They might want to their keyword to be just the keyword but often in domain names this is not the case, unless you have the money to invest in the domain (a whole ‘nother topic!) or have latched on to a brand new trend you expect to grow or be explosive.

    For example: when I first got into WordPress and began building and developing websites, I had to do a UFO website. Looking at the competition and other players in that segment, and brainstorming domain names back and forth over the course of a couple weeks, we went with ‘Recent UFO Sighting dot com.’ I leave it like that and not as a link to show I’m not spamming, and also, because the original owner of the site let it lapse when family became a priority, and it’s now just a standard parked page a domain buyer grabbed up.

    This allowed us to get two of our great keywords in there, and also an easy tag to show that it was an updated and valid site – it’s Recent!

    Many of us always look for the shortest domain name we can find – but don’t be afraid of those longer ones, especially if it’s a phrase that works. The UFO site above ranked on page 1 of Google within a couple weeks (for UFO, UFO sighting, UFO news, etc) and was well on its way to being one of the top online UFO resources on the net before the owner was involved in a custody case and forced to channel time and money (hosting) elsewhere. Of course their success was ALSO due to good content, updating daily, and a PROFESSIONAL looking website compared to…well, a lot of the other tin foil hat operations out there. 😉

    Just my two cents for what it’s worth!
    Thomas recently posted..Successful Internet Marketing

  75. Rich says

    I’m very happy to see a post like this. As a professional writer / amateur-yet-expected SEO I have long played to my strengths and always just created more content for our blog, and guest posted on other blogs. While I may not understand these metrics as much as other writers, I’m glad to read that my efforts, whilst unguided, were at least working in the right direction.

    One question, most of this article was pretty clear, but how would I figure out what keywords our competitors are concentrating on?

  76. Erik D says

    You mentioned on-page optimization. How do you feel about heading tags after H1? I only optimize my H1 & H2 tags. The rest I just use for user readability. I’m under the impression that only H1 is really given seo weight in Google.

    • mitz says

      For years i only used H4 or H3 tags as I didn’t know SEO…But it worked just the same…Now I use h2 and h3 in the post and h1 is the post title. I think it is all important…I never rely on one thing…diversity is the key.

  77. James Curtley says

    Each and every aspect given above is important but which i feel is No matter what you choose, you absolutely need web analytics for your website or else you’re blind to all the forces that make your website as popular (or unpopular) as it is. Checking out your web analytics is like going to the doctor for a routine check-up. You need to know what’s going on. Only this will help you to know whats going on and will take you closer to your results.

  78. Sandip says

    One of my key SEO practices is to make sure I build links slowly and over time. Google likes consistency.

    I purchased Article Samurai and I felt the fast link building hurt some of my results. Now I prefer to do it manually and over time. That way, your also likely to stay at the top rather than bouncing up and then back down.

    Another great post, btw
    Sandip recently posted..QuickQuid

    • mitz says

      Very true Sandip
      In the video it might look like I did all that at once but it was all manually done so it did take a bit of time. The problem is I need to keep doing it to stay there. I am very sad about this..:(

  79. Richard Brown says

    These are all very good tips on SEO. I do have a question about internal link building. Do you manually create the links to your other pages as you type (if so, how do you remember all your pages) or do you use a plugin like SEO smart links to automatically link pages based on pre-defined keyword phrases?
    Richard Brown recently posted..How You Can Benefit From the Best Budgeting Software

  80. jeremy says

    Thank for the tips. I was already following a lot of them when i searched for my KW but i will add some more criteria like the CPC thank to you =)

  81. Brayden Seekamp says

    Nice tips to post so helpful, I’ve been working on SEO lately but my contract with them was ended I was planning putting up a team to make my site visible from google.

    Thanks for the post its been a helpful article
    Brayden Seekamp recently posted..Hello world!

  82. Richard says

    Hi Mitz,
    Great article. I think you hit every aspect of SEO on the head. Most importantly write for humans. I’m much less concerned about keyword stuffing in my articles than I am about writing good readable content. Over time, the search engines will pick up the articles on my blog anyways. Also, I like your point about article marketing. Many people recommend quick and easy ways to build links, but article marketing I think is still the best. Your article has longevity that can bring in traffic for years.
    Richard recently posted..90 Tools for All Your Blogging Needs

  83. Anne Lyken-Garner says

    Great article, Mitz. I like the fact that you link to several post on your own blog – with different versions of the keywords. I do have a question about Yahoo answers. Whenever I answer questions there I go into detail and make sure I leave a helpful solution. I only answer questions in the topic I’m qualified to answer.

    My question is, whenever I leave a link it doesn’t come out as a clickable one. It’s merely text on a page. What do I have to do to make my link on Yahoo answers a clickable link?
    Anne Lyken-Garner recently posted..Free Blog Gadgets For Blogspot

    • mitz says

      Hi Anne
      I think you have to earn a certain amount of points on Yahoo answers to be able to leave a link. I have no idea how many you need as I have been answering questions there for a few years before any of the qualifications came in.

      It is well worth building a profile up on Yahoo answers as it does really benefit your website.

      I am waiting to see you in the forum and continue the conversation about your blog. :)
      mitz recently posted..5 Tips to Getting your Comments Approved on this WordPress Website

  84. Paul Salmon says

    I think out of all the points that you mentioned, “Research your Competitors” is probably the one point that many people fail to do.

    It is one thing to find a good keyword to use, and then try to rank well for it, but unless you have an understanding who you are competing with for that keyword, you may be spinning your wheels. Ranking well in search engines is not only about what you do, but also about what others do.
    Paul Salmon recently posted..Guidelines for Writing Great Titles

    • mitz says

      Yes you are so right Paul!!!
      I have been competing for years as I entered a niche that was cut throat and the rankings changed from day to day. You had to be on the ball. In the beginning I did not know that search engine optimization and the only way I knew is to research the competitors websites.
      Of course now knowing search engine optimization as well, it makes it a whole lot easier to our rank other websites. But maybe a bit harder when they have a massive budget to spend on SEO.
      mitz recently posted..WordPress Website Case Study From Zero to Seven Hundred Dollars

  85. NO NAME says

    Hey Mitz,
    An SEO algorithm follows the first link it finds in a webpage, and if there are more than one link on one page it will crawl only one link per page, and you should paste the text link first and picture link after text, because a text link is better than 1000 picture links.

    • mitz says

      I not sure where you mean…I already know the first link is only followed??? Which part are you talking about? Is it in the video? I am curious now..:)

  86. Zhyra Bonete says

    I do agree with you that if you want to be on top on Google you must have the latest and freshest content to top the search engines. Your job in updating your post often is the right way to know if your post is love by your readers. It’s amazing how Google had change the internet the world today, it satisfied people from what they want.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..דיוור אלקטרוני

    • mitz says

      I agree Zhyra.

      I often just use common sense when trying to rank for a particular keyword. As you can see in the video I researched my competitors and that was a big key in rankings for me. I personally went and checked out their websites to see if I could beat them.

      All I have to remember is that Google wants the best content and the freshest content at the top.
      mitz recently posted..20 Often Forgotten Website Traffic Tips

  87. welles says

    Mitz! Importance of keywords research is always acknowledged by the internet marketing experts. in fact key word research with traditional techniques is not enough these days. experts must go for some unconventional means and way. interaction with customers or clients by social media is one of those unconventional means. i recommend this technique because clients do use some innovative keywords in their comments or queries.

    • mitz says

      I agree that “interaction with customers or clients by social media” but I like to get the page ranking first or the website…Then it all flows from there… Your traffic goes up, your e-mail list explodes, your social followers rise, and so on…
      mitz recently posted..7 More SEO Mistakes to Be Avoided

  88. Priya says

    Hi Mitz,

    Great post, I totally agreed with your point that we should write post for human not for search engines, else readers won’t stay on your blog and I don’t think any blogger like this result.
    Priya recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

    • mitz says

      As you can tell I write for humans and make mistakes like a human…LOL But I have SEO too..If I cannot have both, SEO has to be compromised first.

  89. Paul says

    Amazing video! Thank you Mitz…
    Actually,I’m also keep tracking of my keywords performance and I hope to find a footprint methods to rank.

    Regarding nofollow links,I believe that they’re important like follow link,especially if they comes from an authority site

    ps: Mitz, your mispelling in title is a a strategyto rank for this keyword,or simply an error? 😛
    Paul recently posted..Social Networking CMS – Plugin solutions

    • mitz says

      Hi Paul
      Where is the misspelling? I am always doing that as I pump out the content. My brain works faster than Dragon naturally speaking can type..Then I read it over but always miss something!!! :)
      Oh do you mean “Reslults” I must have typed that myself…That’s how good I am at typing!

  90. Mika Castro says

    I agree with you Jean. It’s not really important if the site is no follow. It’s not all about in business purpose, it is all about the page rank.
    Mika Castro recently posted..שליחת SMS

    • mitz says

      Very true Mika… And I definitely do not have time to waste on things that don’t work.. Yahoo Answers is great if you give the right answer and get picked for the best.. I also think that nofollow does count to a certain extent. Not sure to what extent though…

        • Kelvin says

          No follow backlinks does not pass “link juice” and so your PR will not be affected and it will not affect search engine rankings. And also PR is not important as Google said. You should know this about No Follow links. Read below.

          ” Nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring in the first place. ”
          Kelvin recently posted..Clan War Kinjutsu Rewards

  91. Jean says

    Even though yahoo answers is nofollow, its still really beneficial in my opinion. Not only are you getting the link, and normal readers will click through to your site, but I still believe theres a chance that the nofollow link will actually count. As far as squidoo, I know a few people who have taken a serious path in Squidoo and have been able to make top level pages. If you are able to do that, people are going to be linking to that page, therefore when the ‘link juice’ is passed to your computer maintenance post, its going to be even stronger! Keep us posted on your progress, I am seriously amazed by the fast progress, is it still ranking on page one for you? Right now its ranking #11 for me when I do a search. It might be a geo issue though, between us since I am in the USA.

    Jean recently posted..The right way to calculate your used tires optimal air pressure

    • mitz says

      Hi there
      Yes it is ranking 11 because I actually made this video over a month ago… I kept having a problem with the editing so it got held up. So if I want to get back I need to work at it a bit more… Those big companies do not want me on page one because I am not directly selling anything… I show people how to maintain their own computer for free and then mention a product that will do it all for them… The other guys are just selling stuff…

      As for Yahoo answers I get the best converting traffic from there so the nofollow makes no difference to me.. The link still shows in webmaster tools too so I know google sees it…
      Squidoo is great and I have made some pages that are stayers…but the others that didn’t hit the big time have to be updated all the time and get taken off if they are not…Its a shame because the link juice is good!

          • Michael says

            If you find that there is massive competition for your keyword, then it may be best to invest in an SEO campaign with a professional company. As for an SEO campaign to be successful against strong competitors then it will take a lot of man hours, trust me!
            Michael recently posted..Yo Conference Site Goes Live

      • Marty says

        I’m not sure you’re on the eleventh place anymore. Yesterday your page was the last result on page 2 in google.com. Still, in my experience you only need a few great articles that rank well to put you on the map in particular niche. Showing everyone the process of making an article rank well was quite a treat. I usually don’t have enough patience to take all the steps.
        Marty recently posted..Best Android Browsers for Your Smartphone

        • mitz says

          Sorry guys but it will drop if I do not keep up with it…At the moment I have other things…but hopefully everyone gets the picture…This just proves how it all works..thats all..

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