4 Cool Ways to add Social Media Buttons to your WordPress Website

Adding Social Media Buttons to your WordPress Website is an extremely important part of website promotion. You have to add the social media buttons onto your website so people can appreciate your content and easily share it with their friends. If you have not installed social media buttons then you are missing out on a whole lot of free promotion and neglecting the chance to enhance your social media profiles.

There are a few ways to add social media buttons to your WordPress website. One is to do it manually and the other is to install a WordPress plug-in. I have ventured down both paths and ended back at installing a WordPress plug-in to add social media buttons to my website. I have previously published articles about how to add a Facebook share button and  mentioned other plugins to use. However now I have new favorites.

Why use a WordPress plug-in to add social media buttons?

  1.  It is easy and quick and you do not need to know any coding.
  2. They always look professional and line up nicely.
  3. The big one is less stress trying to doing it manually.

3 cool WP Plugins to add social media buttons to your website

I have tested approximately 10 or more WordPress plug-ins that will add social media buttons to your WordPress website. Of course this does not make me an expert and I can only suggest these 4 ways to add social media buttons. I have previously added the code in manually for many different social media buttons which was a pain in the “butt” as each WordPress theme  demanded different customizations. Now I have narrowed my choices down to the Plugins that look great, encourage shares, and do not slow my blog down.

I have also included one manual way for Thesis fans.

Sharebar – Social Media Buttons

The Sharebar WordPress Plugin is by far the best sliding vertical bar I have seen to date. It is so easy to setup and use and can be customized in a matter of minutes. I also absolutely love the look of it and I am sure it does not slow down my website in any way. In fact you will be able to see it to the left of this post. Please feel free to press on the buttons and try it out! :)


Socialize – Social Media buttons

I had a dilemma when I had to choose between this groovy WordPress plugin and the manual way I have mentioned below. Look how great this Socialize plugin looks. I just do not know why more webmasters are not using it??

  • Inside the content (aligned left or right)
  • In a box below the content

Take a look at the screen shot below. How cool does this Social Media sharing box look?


Sexy Bookmarks – Social Media Buttons

I have used Sexy Bookmarks and there is no doubt that it is cool, however as I do not believe it encourages sharing as much as the previous two WordPress plug-ins do. I am mentioning this WordPress plugin because I actually get a lot of questions asking what it is.

The fact that it is hiding is totally cool, but I think that having the buttons fully visible encourages sharing more.

The last and most obvious way to add social media buttons to your website is to do it manually.


Adding Social Media Buttons to Thesis Manually

I played around with code and wasted  time, then stumbled across an amazing tutorial by Nicholas Reese on how to add social media buttons to thesis. I grabbed this code and changed it to suit my website, adding it to the hook below the post, and changing the CSS. I also added a Google plus one button in.

  • Where it says $twitter= in the code you need to add your Twitter name after that like this $twitter=’wordpresswb’
  • I also added the Google plus one button into this code

Of course I need to adjust this further and possibly take the email button out and add other social media buttons that will work better for my website.

Conclusion on Adding Social Media Buttons

The WordPress plug-ins are fantastic when it comes to adding social media buttons to your website. Sometimes you have to give in and install a plug-in, as I know many people are trying to build their WordPress websites without adding heavy extras. At the moment my absolute favorite plug-in for adding social media buttons is definitely the sharebar.

Another one that looks great but I have not tried is WP Socializer. Be sure to check this one out if you are still undecided.


Which WordPress plug-in or manual method do you use to add social media buttons to your WordPress website?


  1. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Nice post and yes, social media sites are best way to promote our blog and helps to attracts new readers to our blog and drives traffic to our blog. Thanks for sharing this list of social media plugins. I am using socialize plugin on my blog.
    Sudipto recently posted..How do You Make a Video with Pictures

  2. Gie says

    I use some social media plugin for my blog. Some time ago I tried to install some plugin social media, but many times even can not function properly because of a crash with another plugin that I use. I finally chose one of the simplest social media plugins that I use to share articles to various social media. Maybe I’ll try some of the plugins that you review this.

  3. says

    Hi Mitz –

    This is the article I was looking for six months ago!!

    In fact, it took me a couple of tries to get to the Plug-In I currently use, which is Sociable. (Though I was *definitely* looking for “Sexy Bookmarks” I now see.) I really like the way I have Sociable configured on my site now on each single post page, but it kind if “irked” me in a big way last month when an update caused a failure. They had added a vertical bar option at that time, and it seemed to crash with the latest version of WP. It works again now, though. In fact, I installed yet another update last night – while holding my breath.

    And hey – did you use the word, “groovy” above? Very retro… I like it! 😉

    Quick status update: Had my first 200-visit day yesterday, now up *more* than 100% since I started optimizing (as best I can on weekends) based on your advice throughout this site. This weekend, I have to figure out how to use CommentLuv Premium to its full use if I can.

    So, we’re just gonna keep on truckin’… Remember that one? I hope not. I’m so old!!
    Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

  4. Medx Power says

    Sharebar, socialize and sexy bookmarks are three nice plugins here to share content on web. But itslitle bit hard to find out the right one because each plugin has its own features. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Alaik says

    Social media is best way to attract the visitor. Thanks for sharing these cool plugins. I tried several plugins. I highly recommend Sharebar. It works great because it is fully customizable. I like it because we can change almost every thing in Sharebar. I hope it proves one of best plugin for most blog templates. I want to know how I can add badges for Google+1 and LinkedIn.

  6. says

    I actually love the DIGG DIGG plugin you shared somewhere, it may have been one of your videos. Attempted to use the SEXY share and it just seems to get in the way of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m certainly not saying social sharing should be subtracted, this plugin hasn’t fit into my style. I love the functionality though.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..One Time Lawn Mowing

  7. Dennis says

    Hello Mitz,

    Good informational post her. I am using sharebar and had troubles to get the buttons lined up correctly. That’s how I found your blog. The sharebar plugin I think is great. I used to have buttons coded in my template (I do this myself) But this plugin is a lot easier to use.

    I am testing the sharebar on the left and the right to see if it makes any difference. What’s your take on that?

    Dennis recently posted..Focus Stupid! – Een Internet Geheimen Tip

    • mitz says

      I have tested a few different combinations and ended back on the left side. I have even tried moving the whole sidebar but nothing works as well as the left for me.

  8. Alex says

    Every SEO knows 2012 would be the year of social media so we must consider social media effect and develop a socially optimize website to generate more traffic from google and social media as well.
    I will add Social media add-ons manually.

  9. Tobi says

    I’ve tested a few, and as Benjamin says, there are way to many.
    Iike Sexybookmarks as it looks fantastic and really calls for action, while allowing you to choose which social sites to include.
    sharebar is also pretty cool, with its obvious advantage that it stays in your face all the time waiting to be used.
    p.s love the recommendation box, do you mind sharing with us on how to use it?

  10. Max Gold says

    I love social media buttons, my readers could easily share my post to their own accounts, either on Facebook or Twitter. You will get to see how many like your post and have shared them to their own sites. It is just a great tool I must say.
    Max Gold recently posted..Nexus Pheromones Review

  11. Bob Lipply says

    I use share bar because it places itself on the left side of my blog and it moves down the screen whenever the user scrolls down which really makes it accessible to my readers.

  12. Dr Jeremy Hunt says

    Thanks for the great post Mitz! I am new to social media. How do you get all the buttons to stay on the screen like that? (even when you scroll they remain on the top right of the screen)

  13. hp tablet pc says

    I don’t use his tools but prefer to go to their sites and post.using his tools are good but i just use bookmark folder in my Firefox that makes me more easier to post in those social network sites
    hp tablet pc recently posted..HP Slate 500 Touchpad Tablet

  14. Robby says

    Thanks for the reviews. I struggled trying to find a plugin for social media buttons. There are so many out there. I am currently using DiggDigg. I wish I would of found your post earlier before I pulled my hair out.
    Robby recently posted..Increase Bench Press Fast

  15. hello there says

    I wonder if the wordpress can comment without giving personal info and can be protected to others( ex, IP address of other and stuffs like dat )

  16. Alex Warren says

    I haven’t gone the code route personally since I’ve been more than happy with plugins

  17. weight loss says

    I’m still searching for the perfect social plugin for WP. I’ve got a couple going on my blog now and it looks more than a little messy. I do have the G+ on my Follow Me, but I would like everything in one place. Surely there’s an answer out there. Will be following for suggestions.
    weight loss recently posted..By: Bio Oil « Phoenix Tradelinks

  18. Benjamin Hübner says

    After testing the different free Plugins, I really learned to love Sharebar!

    I´m using a premium plugin on a few of my Blogs, but Sharebar still gots the better design and options! (The other plugin offers a content reveal feature, thatswhy I´m using it still!)

    Now its time to see if both Plugins are wotking together on one blog!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Google+ Plus Features and First Impression

  19. name says

    Hey there, this is definitely a great post and I’m gonna try these plugins on my personal blog. It just irritates me whenever I installed plugins that slow down my blog.

  20. Jamal says

    I think you should start a series of WordPress articles so that newbie and professional bloggers can learn from your blog.I think two plug-ins in a week will be the good start of this series.

  21. Christopher Roberts says

    I use AddThis on my personal site and on Technology Bloggers I use Digg Digg.

    I have used other things in the past, but they are my current preferences, as they meet almost all my social media needs :-)
    Christopher Roberts recently posted..AddThis

  22. Benjamin Hübner says

    If someone is searching for alternative social buttons and icons, I recommend to take a look at the iconfinder website! Here are many icons related to social networks for personal or even comerzial use!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Google Plus One WordPress Plugins

  23. jared says

    Really like the Sharebar Mitz – going to add that one on the double. People don’t always have to read to the bottom of your post to get the info they wanted from it. Good to see that it isn’t a drag on your sites page loads too.

    I haven’t gone the code route personally since I’ve been more than happy with plugins.

    A couple of my favorites are AddtoAny and TweetMeme Retweet, although I have still yet to find one plugin with all the socialization possibilities I want that comes in a lite and user friendly enough package.

    I agree with Teresa about social media blindness. My solution for now is to simply add a colorful, terse line of text to post pages that reminds people that it’s a good idea to help their friends find my article if it’s as good as I think it is.

    And I did “feel free to press on the buttons and try it out!” Haha.
    jared recently posted..DUBturbo Review

  24. Robert Tanner says


    Thanks for the great article! I had been searching around in the Thesis forums and elsewhere for the information you provided. I really like the sharing box look of socialize so I chose it (although I wish it had an email option like Sharebar). Thanks again for your excellent article!


    Robert Tanner recently posted..Idea Quota for Innovative and Creative Solutions

  25. mitz says

    That is the sharebar. It is a WordPress plugin so you just go to install a plugin and search for it. Let me know if you need more details.

    • mitz says

      Same here. Love anything that is neat and tidy. I have a thing about aligning things, balancing, and so on.. Probably a mild case of OCD.

  26. ben says

    Until reading this post I was happy with Sociable for WordPress 3.0, after reading I think I’ll switch to sharebar. Well, once I find a new theme as I suspect it wont suite my current.
    ben recently posted..Spotify in patent row

  27. Lynn Brown says

    Good info here Cory! I prefer the ShareBar and the SexyBookmarks. They look nice and seems to be a popular choice among other sites as well.

    Socialize looks interesting and maybe I will try that out. I will be happy to share this with my fans, followers and clients!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Why I Am Pulling Up the Reins on Google+

  28. James H says

    Hey Mitz, I have never used Sharebar, and it surely looks intersting to me, i would certainly be using in all sites of mine as i use siocial media a lot to create awareness about them
    James H recently posted..new driver insurance

    • mitz says

      I do get some great traffic from social media sites. They are a great way to get free traffic. Love IT! :)

  29. Teresa Williams says

    I particularly like the Share Bar. I find that users eventually become blind to some of the existing social media buttons. They see the same buttons at so many sites they don’t stand out. It would be nice to able to customize them a little so that they blend in to different themes.
    Teresa Williams recently posted..Baby Trend Double Strollers

    • mitz says

      You are right Teresa
      We are getting blind to social media buttons. Sharbar is good because you can put it in different spots and edit the css very easily to brand it for yourself.

  30. danika says

    The great thing about wordpress is that there are so many plugins to save time and make things easier, I know that manually putting the social icons in, to a purest, might have some appeal, however I cant see any reason to do anything manually that a plugin will do for you with a few clicks! A plugin would definitely be the way I would go.
    danika recently posted..spy on text messages

    • Dan says

      I completely agree Danika. There are just so many plugins for WordPress, it makes life so much easier, and most of them are so easy to install. Its just about an absolute must for every site to have a social media bar and with wordpress theres just no excuse not too.

  31. Jose says

    Hi Mitz, I have some wordpress blogs and I always use Socialize in them. I didn’t know Sharebar, I think I will give a try. Thanks for sharing this info.
    Jose recently posted..BlackBerry Torch 9800

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