Social Media Checklist for Website Builders

Nowadays, if you are into building websites for a living, you would well know that you cannot do so without including social media.

I say “bummer” believe it or not. I am not a fan of social media as it can be trap for bloggers. A big fat time waster! But I had to overcome this and do the job.

Now when I build a website I have my social media checklist to keep me on track.

Lay the Social Account Foundations

You should never make excuses about why you haven’t set up a complete package of social media accounts for each website you have. Here is the bare minimum you should have..

For example I like to set up these accounts:

  • A Facebook page dedicated to this website only.
  • A Twitter account, with a username resembling the website, using this websites e-mail.
  • An Rss Feed through for this website only.
If you have a few websites in the same niche then it is sometimes ok to share social accounts as the audience will be interested in the same content anyway. But be careful because if you have a saving money website and a computer tips website, the content does not mix.
This would also apply for other accounts such as a Digg account or a StumbleUpon account. make sure your followers are getting the same content they joined in for.

When I build a website from scratch, I never open the website up to the world until my social media accounts are ready to go. It is the same with the newsletter optin forms, you might as well do all this from the start.

Does Google Care About Social Signals?

Well I cannot speak for Google so I found a video where Matt Cuts answers this burning question for you.

Expose Your Buttons for Your Social Media Checklist

Creating the accounts in one thing, but adding the social media buttons is another. There are two types of buttons you will need:

  1. Direct links to Your Accounts.
  2. Social Sharing Buttons.

#1. Direct Links to Your Social Media Accounts

These are usually the Social sharing icons you see at the top or the sidebar of a website or blog. See the screenshot below.

If your website visitors click on these buttons they will link directly to your accounts. For example the RSS icon will lead to your Rss feed page where they can press on the subscribe button. If there is a YouTube icon it will lead to your YouTube channel.

The most common sharing icons seem to be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Stumbleupon.

#2. Social Sharing Buttons

This is the other type of social sharing. This allows people to share your content on their social media accounts so their friends and followers can see it.

If you do not provide these buttons you will see less sharing. Therefore we need to add these social media buttons to our websites as part of the setup so you can get some sharing straight from the start.

The key here is not to go overboard. Choose which accounts are the most important to your and your business and choose them.. Some websites do well with LinkedIn, others do great with Facebook.

The most common icons to use in this area are Facebook share, Google Plus, Twitter tweet or Retweet. Things change though as I remember when these sites did not exist and Digg was the most popular sharing button.

Automate Some Sharing

Social media is a lot of work and you will need all the help you can get. This does not mean you should employ a social media expert, but of course you can if you wish. I much prefer to automate my social sharing with plugins and software.

#1. Tweet old posts

I talk about this plugin all the time as it is just so helpful. All it does is tweet your old posts on Twitter for you. How simple is that? People often ask me where I find the time to tweet like I do and this is the secret weapon, the free plugin, Tweet Old Posts.

#2. Get a Social Media Dashboard

You can manage all your social media accounts from one simple dashboard. There are free dashboards and paid.
HootSuite Social Media Dashboard

Just signing up for a free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro can get your accounts rocking. Then you can cancel the free trial and have your social media status increased because that’s what this software does. It allows you to control more, schedule more, interact more. Many of the top bloggers use social media dashboards and I guess I should too, but I am just not a social media freak.

Choose Your Social King

You cannot be the king of every social media website, therefore you need to choose your favourite and concentrate on that. For example, I have chosen Facebook as my social King and this is the one I concentrate on the most. Well more than others anyway. There is no way I could manage too many social media profiles and if I tried, some would have to be neglected.

Participate A Bit but Find Friends That Do It A Lot

This is a sneaky tactic but if you are short on time or prefer to spend your time doing something else, find friends that are heavily involved in social media. This way you can get them to share your content with all of their friends.

Please note, I do not become friends with people for their social media status, it is just a bonus if they are highly into that stuff. Take Ana, for example, who has been conducting a Pinterest traffic experiment. Here is a friend that is involved with a new social media site, experimenting and testing the waters, then sharing her findings for all to benefit from. After reading Ana’s article, I now know that people are having success with Pinterest and it possibly could be worth trying. The first connection I would make on this site is with Ana, as I know she is now an active user.

If you have no idea about Pinterest, here is an article explaining what Pinterist is?

Guest Post Where the Button Pushers Hang Out

As I stated earlier, I am not really into social media so I try to get the sharing scores happening in other ways. Since I am a serial guest poster, when choosing a site to guest post on, I go for the social butterflies.

Hope my blogging friends are not reading this!!  LOL

So if you see a website that has a lot of social sharing, this could be a great place to guest post.

Never Buy Likes and Followers

Buying likes and followers is easy but this will not help you gain the right social media status you need and should not be something on your social media checklist. Bought followers usually do not exist at all but are just fake accounts. There are also other ways to deceive these sites and get followers but this traffic (if there actually is any) is junk and actually brings your website reputation down.

A successful website social media campaign should only involve real life, targeted followers and nothing else! That is the only way it will benefit your website.

The Social Media Game

There is no doubt that if you have a website you are now tied in with the social media game. There is no getting out of this as people just love to hang out at their social media hubs. The trick is to attract the right followers, likers and pluses for your topic. The quantity is not the key, it is the quality that counts.

Hopefully my social media checklist will help you cover all the bases when laying your websites foundations.


  1. Prisely says

    it is very good way of making money through online . Social Media is very important role of geeting money through adds, doing promotions, marketing, sales

  2. says

    LOL, I had a client tell me that the reason why he didn’t think he needed to have buttons was because he didn’t think anyone wanted to share his content. After I picked up my jaw, I asked him, why and what was the point? Make sure your social buttons are visible.
    Also about guest posting, that is working very well for me and I’m looking to add 1 more to my roster. I really like doing it and have gotten some great feedback from it
    D. Dixon recently posted..How To (Really) Use Twitter Beyond Counting Followers

  3. Anderson says

    Great factors ! Too often I see a endemic of almost social networking route available, filling up webpages.

  4. Nina Corales says

    I agree that buying likes and followers is not an effective social media strategy. Because there is no assurance that these accounts really exist. It is not about the quantity rather it is about the quality of engagement.
    Nina Corales recently posted..Subdivision

  5. says

    Social media is the best tool in creating brand awareness in the web. For years, social media has helped many businesses acquire online visibility because we know for a fact that people today are using social media excessively.
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  6. Elaine Salt says

    It is essential that you make your website or blog post shareable to different social platforms. Do not forget to include social buttons in your website so readers could easily share your post to twitter, Facebook, Google plus and other social networking sites.

  7. Jane says

    Thanks for sharing these valuable information. In my firm, I made a good business with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and linkedin. I have also added the social plugin on my site on each post.

  8. john saxena says

    This is amazing post for media is good to promote your business . It helps you to derive best outcome for your business by concentrating on few social networking sites.i am very thankful for this post.

  9. Mike Howg says

    I have added a number of different ways for people to connect with social media on my blog. There are direct links in the sidebar as well as a floating toolbar on the side of each post that people can use to share an article. Recently, I have also added buttons at the top and bottom of each post that people can use to share.
    Mike Howg recently posted..Rent Referrals from NeoBux to Earn More Money

  10. Link Building Services says

    Social media offers any wise entrepreneur a number of new ways to communicate and research his markets. Embracing social media and using all the amazing benefits it offers will allow your business to stand head and shoulders above the competition.
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  11. Jacki says

    Great points mentioned there. It really takes time for you to build your reputation online, so better to do it the right way. Connect with fellow bloggers and provide real, helpful content so it will be easier for them to share your articles.
    Jacki recently posted..Why Blog Hopping Is Good For Your Business

  12. john saxena says

    A lot of people are on facebook and twitter a little work and your website will be teeming with viewers and followers provided of course that we provide our readers quality content.

  13. linda says

    Awesome post , yup social media are really needed for our business promotion. Thanks for sharing this informative post

  14. Dan Norris says

    Nice post, I don’t mind the Tweet old post but I think it’s overused. I have un followed people who tweet old posts more then about once a week. Particularly if they aren’t also actively posting new content and generally getting involved on Twitter.

    Also a big fan of Hootsuite and use it a fair bit to schedule posts when I write a whole bunch of posts at the same time.
    Dan Norris recently posted..Google Analytics Advanced Segments – Getting useful metrics on your broad marketing efforts

  15. Glen says

    You’re right, really. Social Media can sometimes take up a lot of your time but if you use these sites wisely, you’ll surely end up with something bigger than what your blog can do. The best thing about social media is that it is easier to connect with people who are interested with your niche than in blogs. We need these social media sites in order to connect to those who are always in the social media and yes, redirect them to our blogs or websites. It’s quite easy to say so, but we all know how hard it is to be able to do that. But thanks for the tips!

  16. Phil says

    Social Media certainly helps to generate and traffic and just as important in building online relationships.

    I currently use Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and just opened a Pinterest account.

    Personally I find Twitter is by far the best way to generate web visits. I use TweetDeck to manage the account and also use the ‘Tweet Old Post’ plugin on my site that automatically tweets random posts at pre-determined times throughout the day.

    Thanks you for sharing your thoughts :)
    Phil recently posted..Wise Words Top 10 Inspirational Quotes

    • Mitz says

      Yes I agree that Twitter is a good traffic source, especially if you can get the right traffic.

  17. Martin says

    Great article Mitz. I agree with a lot of your points especially with the twitter and facebook accounts. Since a lot of people are on facebook and twitter a little work and your website will be teeming with viewers and followers provided of course that we provide our readers quality content. Great job, more power!
    Martin recently posted..Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive Sale

  18. David says

    Great points, Mitz. Too often I see a wide spread of almost social media channel available, cluttering up pages. Even worse, many of these buttons are broken (seems to be very common with tweet buttons, for some reason).

    I agree, establish a presence in Facebook and Twitter, then look into communities of other networks to see where else you may be a good fit. Things like Digg, Reddit or Stumbleupon are tough to see success on unless you have very shareable content.
    David recently posted..The Importance of Manners and Courtesy

  19. Kevin Loyed says

    These all social media website more helpful for get traffic on your website. you have shared really great post.

  20. Alexandra says

    Love your secret to re-tweet old posts, I am always doing so but manually that is really a time consuming task. Thanks for revealing your secret here.

  21. says

    There are tons of social media platform one can choose from. And unless someone gets hired help (and sometimes even with the paid help), it is close to impossible to use them all effectively. Choose which platform will work best for you depending on the nature of your blog/business and audience and also your marketing style. Of course, you can only do this after careful research and study.
    Reese recently posted..Get Out of Debt

  22. ayesha says

    Social media plays vital role in link building. If we select one social site and concentrate on it then we get better results as compared to the all social sites.
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  23. Mariella Lombardi says

    Hi Mitz,
    very interesting post and lots of useful ideas. I think buying likes and all that is quite a bad strategy as you said. People can always find out that a website was promoted this way and it looks really bad.
    Social media can be a great way to bring more traffic but only if the content is relevant and interesting.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..Fat Burning Foods – Delicious Negative Calorie Recipes

  24. says

    A social media dashboard is a great feature to add in any website or blog. That way people will be more likely to share your content and allow more people to read it. This will then create a never ending wheel of sharing get your blog up to the first page of Google.

  25. Matt says

    “Choose your social media king” is a real gem. I’ve found myself far too heavily involved in social media in the past and although it can produce excellent results at times, the maintenance can be overwhelming. Choose one or two and do it properly.

  26. Anton Koekemoer says

    Hi Mitz,

    So glad you’ve mention the point on buying followers or likes. This is misleading and can almost be considered as false advertising – in the sense that you provide “social proof” (which if bought doesn’t exists) to the average user and gives them a sense of false security. Not to mention the spammy methods that sometimes is used to gain these followers and or likes – this is not good when it comes to ranking in search engines.
    Anton Koekemoer recently posted..How to find time with your social media campaign

    • Mitz says

      Yes buying likes and followers can look good but is not good for your sales and conversions.

  27. lenin says

    I´m a newbie so need all the tips/help and advice I can get my hands on, I´m strongly aware that we need to be totally focused on the customers´needs and wants. Social media is a great way for getting traffic these days, I´m pleased there are many more avenues to go now.

  28. says

    I’m already doing all I can with social media as far as having links to my social media accounts on all my pages and having “share” buttons on all my content. I am loosing some focus with so many different social media sites and I should really take your advice and focus on one or two of them. I also like your idea of adding influential social media users in hopes of them sharing your content. Automating my posts should also help me be more consistent with my posts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom Mitz!

  29. says

    Hey Mitz, tweeting old posts works incredibly well and nice to see you have a plugin that does it! The reason why it’s so important is because things move so fast on Twitter and it’s easy for people to miss what you’ve posted. Status updates on Facebook on the other hand have a much longer shelf life

    • Mitz says

      Yes Facebook does have a longer shelf life but they are both very fast. A post on Facebook can flow past peoples eyes quickly if they are following a lot of people.

  30. Aditya says

    Hi Mitz,
    While developing websites we has to consider various points and having social media buttons and sharing buttons will add some differnce as most of the peoples are always on social media sites and most of the companies are sharing their thought on them its a good place to maintain relationships with other companies too using these buttons.

    Thanks for the valuable post.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP CRM Softwares Solutions Providers

  31. says

    I would like to see a little bit more about Google Plus. When in Rome… recent reports have said the plus ones will rank higher and are more important than likes and tweets. This makes total sense when you look at who and where the search results are coming from. I am not saying that Google plus is better than Facebook or Twitter, just that Google sees the results as more relevant. Just a thought.
    Spencer Campbell recently posted..Why Small Businesses Need Three Google Plus Accounts to be Successful Online.

    • Mitz says

      I like Google Plus and it is working well for me, but I do not know it as well as Facebook and Twitter.. But I think everything that Google is creating is better… Even the Google hangouts (video conferencing) can be recorded now…for free??

  32. vishvast says

    good SEO practices. Facebook, Twitter and co are things that you simply cannot do without anymore. Very important to have a strong presence on social mediums. Besides, Google has now started taking social signals very seriously,
    vishvast recently posted..How to Make Your Computer Secure

  33. Sanjib Saha says

    Hi Mitz,
    I am on the brink of building a new website. This post is so helpful. I am now seriously thinking of incorporating all the points given above. A website must have what all the visitors expect. We are building for them.

    Sanjib Saha

  34. Centrelink says

    Thank you for not only sharing this guides, but also explaining this over to us. Overall I can definitely see how they would help you tremendously. Great article and great information as well thanks. For me social media is a good combination with your website specially Facebook and Twitter.

  35. Marlon says

    Social media is now the cornerstone of good SEO practices. Facebook, Twitter and co are things that you simply cannot do without anymore. Very important to have a strong presence on social mediums. Besides, Google has now started taking social signals very seriously, and has even integrated these in the SERPs.

    PS. HootSuite rocks!
    Marlon recently posted..Tips and Pointers for Choosing a Good Domain Name

    • Mitz says

      I also believe Google is taking more steps towards social media so they must think it is important..

  36. says

    Hi Mitz,

    Today you’ve told me about a plugin I never knew existed, the tweet old post will come in handy for my blog thanks for listing it. And yes, guest posting at responsive blogs is a must they might not be well known but they do have interaction which is what we all want.
    Simmeon recently posted..3 Simple Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks

  37. says

    Great points Mitz,

    You can’t rule all social networking sites. So it’s always better to prioritize them as per your audience and business requirements. It helps you to derive best outcome for your business by concentrating on few social networking sites.
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  38. Jasmine says

    Social media is a great source of traffic these days, perhaps only second to search engines. Anyway, it’s a great idea to guest post on sites which are active and flocked with social butterflies… mind sharing some with us? :)
    Jasmine recently posted..How to Save Money on iPage Web Hosting

  39. Liane Markus says

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  41. says

    I definitely do most of this stuff already. For me I choose to focus mostly on twitter since many finance bloggers are anonymous and are wary of connecting their personal facebook with their blogging activities. I’m still learning things, but I feel that I’ve come a long way already. I do really recommend using hootsuite since is simplified twitter a lot and scheduled tweets are extremely powerful.
    Jeremy recently posted..Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best Car Financing Rates

  42. says

    If you want to use social media on the website in a discreet but functional manner (as web designer I don’t like huge buttons and annoyingly distracting elements), offers very convenient way to use it, and highly customizable. Design – wise it’s a very good solution. The only problem is that Google button breaks CSS compatibility (does not validate as CSS), but it’s Google problem actually.
    Roman recently posted..How to choose a canadian professional, freelancer or studio to design your website in Toronto?

  43. says

    That’s very sound advice. For me automation is the next step. I currently have a few social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + and I’m finding it hard to keep activity uniform and find myself mostly focusing on Facebook and Twitter. Getting a social media dashboard will help me better track the my activities and with automation I can be more consistent with my activity. As for the rest of your list I think i’m in good shape, I have share buttons on all my pages and I avoid buying likes and followers. Thanks for sharing this. I will keep referring to this checklist to make sure I stay on the right track.

  44. Steve Chou says

    The other important thing to remember is to prepopulate your fields correctly. For example, if you have a tweet button, make sure that when someone clicks on it, it is already populated with the title tag, link and attribution. Same goes with Pinterest. Make sure that the image has a caption and a link back to your site.

  45. andrew says

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