How to Create a Successful Website With WordPress – 12 Point Checklist

Do you want to know how to create a successful website with WordPress?  This article is going to be a benchmark for your blog to follow and I’m calling it the “Successful WordPress website checklist“. So far it is 3000 words long and will grow over time. I have written articles before about “why your blog is failing” and “tips for new WordPress website builders” and plenty more. Unfortunately, I see that some people are still missing the point. New Webmasters contact me about a problem they have, but say this is the only problem there is, as they have everything else under control. When I get to their websites I see a dozen or more problems staring me in the face. Therefore I am developing this successful WordPress website checklist for reference purposes and to save me from repeating my answers to 100 different people. I like chatting with people but I hate repeating myself! I even get sick of what I am hearing.

How to Create a Successful Website With WordPress

We would all love to have a successful online business and I know that this WordPress website checklist will help many of you get on the right track. Unfortunately I do not know all of this information by chance, I only know all of this from the mistakes that I have made. Now I am going to save you the time and money that I wasted. Some of these WordPress website checklist items might look familiar to you, however I suggest you still read every section as most problems stem from presuming that you know something.

#1. The right hosting

If you are interested in building a WordPress website (or blog) to make money online, you will need to start with the right website hosting. I personally have made many mistakes in the past and have wasted a fair amount of money by buying the wrong Web hosting. I now use Hostgator and will recommend them to anyone! This is probably the most important part of your business. Just remember that if your hosting does not perform, then maybe your website does not exist. You need to choose the right Web hosting company where you can build a website that is going to grow to the future.

#2. Use WordPress for your content management system

I guess you knew that I was going to say this! Hopefully most of you are or are using WordPress, and even though you might think it is difficult now, if you keep using it you will become an expert. I have no doubt about this. I do not care if you are technically challenged, you will be able to manage your website like a pro if you stick with WordPress. It is also important to set up WordPress thoroughly as missing a simple setting can create more work for you in the end. I have written a full tutorial on how to setup WordPress correctly and will be adding to this in the future.

#3. Do not give up

I see people give up on WordPress and say it is too hard. This is not true as I have personally (yes in person) taught the absolute most technically challenged people how to use WordPress. I mean people that cannot even use the computer properly. Therefore I do not want to hear anyone saying that WordPress is too hard. When I hear people saying this, to me it simply means that they have not given it proper go. To ensure that new Webmasters do not give up on WordPress, I have developed a WordPress website basics section. It will give you access to videos and written tutorials all about building a WordPress website. I definitely do not earn any money from recommending WordPress as it is an open source content management system.

I could tell you to install b2evolution, concrete5, Drupal 6 or 7, glFusion, Hotaru, Joomla, Mambo, and even the new Trendy Site Builder with basics drag and drop to create  flash websites. All of these options are available when you buy Hostgator web hosting but I still recommend building a WordPress website. Even if you wanted to build an e-commerce website I would still recommend using WordPress, and then installing an ecommerce WordPress theme.

I also see people give up on building websites because they did not make money fast enough. I will tell you right now that making money by building websites does not happen overnight. There are many ways to make money from building websites, and how fast you bring in the money, depends on what type of website you are making and how much effort you put in. I have built authority sites, which in turn has also provided me with valuable virtual real estate. A few years ago I someone offered me 22,000 for a website that was made as a hobby. Luckily I didn’t sell and now I have been offered well over 100,000 for the same website. Every time this happens to me now, all I think is that these people can see the value in my website. That makes me happy.

#4. A professional looking theme

OMG I cannot stress this enough. There are so many options out there for a fantastic WordPress theme that will make you look professional right from the start. You don’t need to be an expert website designer to make your website look fantastic! This is one of the great things about WordPress, along with all the plug-ins that you can get. I have written about different premium WordPress themes that I have bought and I know that there are more out there that are will still worth buying. However for the new WordPress website builder, I highly recommend that you start with something like the elegant themes package, because it offers you 60 or more themes to choose from. It also offers you support, and if you go and visit their Gallery, you will notice that these themes look absolutely amazing! I wish I had known about this company when I first started out as I wasted a lot of time customizing free WordPress themes, only to hit a roadblock, and having to end up changing the theme anyway. Also it is the content that matters so just make your site look good enough for your content to shine.

#5. Keywords

Building any website, or selling any product, all revolves around keywords. You can have higher paying keywords, buying keywords, and so on. When you find the right keyword it is like hitting the jackpot. People are missing this fact. They do not realize how important keywords are. I have written about keywords until my face has turned blue. (Ha ha ha) There is a short tutorial included in the free e-book I giveaway about building a WordPress website.

I also have a great video that shows you how to choose your categories for your WordPress website. Like I said, everything revolves around the keywords. Look at this screenshot below. I am in the Google keyword tool, one of the best SEO tools I use! I have searched for my keyword, ticked the box that says [Exact] match, then pressed search.

When finding a keyword for my new niche (main topic for a webstie), I like to see a minimum of 1000 exact match searches. If I really like a subject I will go down to 700 exact matches. When finding a keyword for a simple article I need to see at least 200 exact matches for the search volume. This is because I know I will use Scribe to do onpage SEO and also pick up a lot of long tail keywords.

I use the related keywords that come up below for creating WordPress category names and ideas for articles and main pages. Using keywords brings me on to my next checklist item about making everything relevant. This is probably the most important thing you can do to make your WordPress website successful.

#6. Make EVERYTHING relevant

In an earlier article I wrote about people choosing a niche that was too wide. This means that the subject of the website was not focused enough. I still see this every day. I visit people’s blogs and they have totally unrelated articles on their websites.

What are they thinking?

For example if you have a money-saving website and you have articles about saving money, there is no need to start writing about your dog having puppies or your cat having fleas, as people do not want to see this. However if your cat has fleas and you have a way of saving money on the flea treatment, then this is a great article for your saving money website. If you can relate the subject to your main aim then it is okay.

Would you rather see: OMG my cat has fleas OR Make your own homemade flea treatment to save money Obviously you would rather see the second title as you have gone to the website to learn how to save money. My best piece of advice, (not really advice, but more of a rule) is to absolutely concentrate on relevancy. So when you leave a backlink somewhere, the anchor text should already explain what the page will be about.

Therefore this is how I make my WordPress website relevant:

  1. The main topic of the website is the root of your business. Everything grows from that point on.
  2. The navigation system is the stem that comes from the root of your business.
  3. The categories are the branches that veer off from the stem.
  4. The foliage on the branches is the content.
  5. The back links and promotion is the food. If you feed your website the wrong food you could kill it!

Now take note, you do not see leaves from a gum tree growing on a maple tree. If you do then it would look quite odd and you would know that it is not meant to be. Hopefully you will not see this example on any other website about relevancy for your website as I just made this up. :)

The older the tree, the more valuable it is.

#7. Advertising overload

New Webmasters seem to think that plastering their sidebars with banners and advertising will make them money. Simply does not work that way. I rarely make a sale from a sidebar banner, compared to banners and links inside posts. If people do click on a banner and buy something on my website, it is usually because they have just read some information that is related to it. They do not just land on your pages and go and immediately click on your banners.

The other problem is that new Webmasters put too many banners on their websites. This looks silly and immediately screams “newbie”. I’d definitely recommend that less is better. You also need to put banners and advertising that is highly related to your topic. For example, on my computer tips website where I get 10,000 unique visitors a day, but still I cannot possibly sell Web hosting to these people. You would think that out of 10,000 people, maybe one would want to buy Web hosting? No they do not! Of course I might fluke a sale but it is not the place to sell this kind of product.

People visiting my computer tips website are interested in solving their computer problems, buying software, and learning about computers. They do not come there with the intention to build a website like they do on this website. You know how people say that the money is in the list, well I am telling you that the money is also in the content. That is how I make most of my money and I’m sure that other Webmasters will tell you the same thing. Please tell me what you think about this statement in the comment section below.

#8. Monetize as much as you can

Now after reading number five above, you must keep this in mind when trying to monetize your website. Yes I am recommending you monetize everything as much as you can, but I recommend that you do it in a discreet way. New Webmasters often ask me “when should I monetize my website?” The problem is, this question should not even be asked. When building a website you must have an idea of the business model for your website and also the monetization SEO model that you want to use.

If you have an idea about the specific business model you want to follow, then you can implement this immediately into your website. If you have to go back and start to monetize your website later, this is an extreme hassle that I like to avoid. People believe that they cannot sell products on a new WordPress website, however I believe that if you build your website correctly in the first place, you can avoid the fact that it looks new. You might only have 10 articles on your website, but the base structure can be complete, and make your website look like a fully working business.

When I say to monetize as much as you can, I am talking about at least recommending one product per article or page. Think about what the goal is to this page? What is the purpose of this page or post? I’d definitely do not recommend slapping text ads or text links all over your posts. For example, if I was writing an article about computer backup, and how to do it, I would simply mention what software I use. Even Google AdSense recommends that you blend your advertising into your content.

#9. What is your goal?

Why are you building a WordPress website? You should start your own WordPress website checklist and add your goals to it. My main goal for starting a WordPress website in the beginning was to conquer the challenge. After that it became a way to earn a full-time living. Now that I have a full-time income, my goal has changed again. Now I would like to help others do the same thing I am doing. This does not mean I can give one-on-one help to everyone, this means that I am willing to share everything I know to help others.

You need to have a main goal to work towards when building your online business. You also need to have a goal for every piece of content that you produce. I mention this in a recent article about why your blog is not making money. Unfortunately I talk about this a lot. Ok so let’s talk about having a goal for the content. I mentioned some aspects of this in checklist item number seven, where I recommend monetizing your website as soon as possible. Obviously monetization might be a part of your main goal and you should not be producing content and giving it away or publishing it without a goal in mind. Even when I give away a free report as a viral marketing tool, I always have a goal in mind.

#10. Write it down

Make a plan for everything! I love lists and especially checklists, where I can follow steps to avoid stuff ups. I have a list for everything. I even have a  daily blogging routine that I shared with everyone recently. This is turning out to be one of the most popular posts on this website and this is telling me that people want more lists. But why wait for me to create the lists? Why not make your own. In actual fact, you might even do a better job than me! I do plan to create more lists like the SEO checklist and the 18 back linking techniques, however it is a matter of finding the time.

#11. Traffic sources

Stop getting traffic from all the wrong places! Yes you might be link building which is ok, but targeted traffic is another story. This is where the valuable traffic is. To find the valuable traffic for your website, you need to know who your audience is and where they hang out. If you wanted to grab targeted traffic from the search engines for free, you would have to target a particular keyword that brings in the customers you want. One of my favorite articles on this blog is about 20 often forgotten traffic tips because I love good traffic!

Examples of how to work out your traffic sources:

  • Web hosting: You could sell this to people that want to build a website or people that are not happy with the existing Web hosting company. You could look for forum posts where people complain about the hosting company or ask questions about how to build a website.
  • WordPress plug-in: You could sell a WordPress plug-in to Webmaster that uses WordPress. There would be no point trying to sell this to someone that uses another content management system.
  • Dog training guide: You could sell this to people that want to train their dogs. These people must care about their dog if they want to train it. You could find these people in dog loving forums, dog training membership sites, enrolled in real dog training classes, and so on. You can also target people that buy puppies.

You can leave links on other websites to promote a certain keyword in order to get that keyword ranked in the search engines. This is a great way to get the right traffic because these people are searching for what you have. As I stated above, the other way is to go straight to the traffic source. All you have to do is think about who your audience is and where they would be hanging out.

Now if you knew where your traffic was, why would you wait to get ranked in the search engines, why not going get it right now? Also if you have your the main topic, your categories, your content, your back linking, and so on, all related, you also need the traffic that comes in to be related to what you have on the website. That’s how you know if it is targeted traffic or not?

#12. Search engine optimization

I know you are probably sick of hearing about search engine optimization, however, earlier I stated that keywords were very important, well search engine optimization is part of that. Search engine optimization is what you do with the keywords so that the search engines recognize you for those keywords. I have become a search engine optimization freak and this is because you cannot create an online business without understanding this aspect of it.

I have written so many articles about this subject:

5 Hidden SEO Problems Costing You Traffic Right Now

10 Point SEO Checklist for New WordPress Webmasters

Beginners Guide To SEO

9 SEO Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

7 More SEO Mistakes to Be Avoided

10 Critical SEO Mistakes to Avoid when Building WordPress Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained for New WordPress Website Builders

Sorry I cannot mention them all. Please search for more if you are interested. You can also download a free report called SEO My Way. Yes I called it this because so many people have different ideas about SEO. I only will tell you what works for me! It is as simple as that! There are millions of so called SEO experts out there, but are they walking the walk or just talking the talk?

Download this 79+ Blogging Tips Free Report

79 Ultimate Blogging Tips

WordPress website checklist conclusion

Even if you think you have a successful WordPress website but you are not making any money, this WordPress website checklist will help you. In order to make money from a WordPress website, there are many things that you need to make right before the rest can fall into place. I myself have tried to slap advertising on a website and make money, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. This article is not finished and probably never will be completely. I know that I will add things to this WordPress website checklist tomorrow, the next day, and maybe even in a years time.

What can you add to my WordPress website checklist?


  1. Dev pandey says

    Hi Mitz,

    Nice post!!!
    All the points are very much relevant for a successful wordpress website. i am little bit worried about the point for “8. Monetize as much as you can”. I have seen many times, Webmasters sometime try to Monetize their website in such a way that it really becomes very difficult to make out the real content in the post. I hope you understand my point.
    The Monetizing point should be done smartly. Else the result is people don’t return to your website often..
    Thanks for sharing this useful post!!! Keep writing such wonderful post.
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  3. Kathy Robinson says

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    • mitz says

      LOL Kathy! Thanks for dropping in. I definitely have my own way of explaining things and sometimes its gets a bit crazy so be prepared!

  4. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    HI mitz,

    First thing which is considered on a successful blog is content and design. If the blog has great and attractive design with good navigation then it could help in getting good loyal readers.

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  7. vincent says

    These are very important tips that goes with WordPress. I think I can agree on the “hard part” at the start, but every thing starts like that right? Soon it will be easy for anyone when they establish the feel of WordPress.

  8. Žogi says

    So true about number 3, this is the final word for so many bloggers. I quite blogging two times, I failed in the migic 3rd law :)

  9. Amanda says

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  10. Jim says

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  14. Anne says

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  15. Robin says

    A truly comprehensive article! To sum up, to have a successful wordpress website is hard work! I think that’s a good thing, if we want to be successful we have to work had it, whether online or offline. WordPress is great in that anybody can make a successful website with it, the catch is, that they’ll have to work hard at it!

  16. vhein says

    You’re tips are truly valuable and true. I would commend to be more focus and consistent in generating fresh content and coming up with the competent keywords. But first, as other says,we have to come up with a web design that is best suited with our business. WP is great and tehy offer wide range of pro themes to choose at.

  17. Danny says

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    No, seriously Mitz. Great list and article.
    There is so much helpful stuff in here, you should ask one of those v** g ra sp*mmers to send your post all over the world. I am sure it will be a great help to a lot of people.
    And checklists are great. I went through the Google Webmaster tools checklist yesterday and found out that I was not aiming for an important keyword.

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    • mitz says

      It depends on your content..Is it great? And if so, what are you doing to promote it? did you try to rank for any keyword in particular or are you trying for too many? Also are the keywords longtail or short tail. Have you got some monetizing happening when people do come? Depends on loads of factors… Fast traffic = guest blogging..

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    • mitz says

      Thanks Albert! This is exactly what I aim to do. Setup a blogging road map from the start to end.. It is a big job! :)

  19. Mark Tesa says

    These are very good tips and especially for those who are new bloggers and want to start up new websites. Most people think that it is easy to start up a website and start making money immediately but the do not know that there is so much to be done before they start earning from their websites.

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    I am sure people agree that wordpress is a lot easier to work with than Joomla. But I have to say when it comes to having more advanced options Joomla is the way to go.

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    I started my first business about half a year go and I was about to quit. I started my website and learned about SEO all on my own. This was one of the most challenging part of this online industry. For a long period of time, I was nowhere to be found on Goggle till I decided to change to WordPress. I love WordPress and I have to agree with you that it doesn’t take a genius to work it!
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  23. Tommy says

    I completely agree with number 7, i hate going on websites and seeing twelve ads and 8 other things flashing at me. Simplicity and strategic ad placement sells far better.

    SEO is the hardest part of owning a website there’s so many different aspects of both on-site and off-site that it takes so long to master them and this makes it terribly hard to drive traffic unless you’re willing to put the work in. I enjoy the work however and don’t mind putting in extra hours if it helps in the long run.

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  27. Alex says

    Hello Mitz..
    Very nice post about wordpress and what it is important..All these tips are very important in order to succeed and build a succesfull wordpress blog.
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  28. Carp Fishing says

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  29. Sarah says

    Hi mitz. This is short lesson for all new affiliaters and bloggers. Good written, thank you very much. BUt I have question about crawling and indexing any post changings. I’ve changed my one post title 2 week ago but page not changed on google SERPs. how can I know how many times google bot visit my site?
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    • mitz says

      You can go into Google websmaster tools and see when they have last visited your site and if there were any problems. I also have Clouflare which shows the bots visits. You can also speed up the visits but not recommended for just a post title.

  30. Shiva says

    Hi Mitz,
    This certainly is a must check check-list for any blogger newbies and experienced alike. You have mentioned all the steps needed for a blogger to have a successful blog. I have no disagreement with any of your points and all of them are a must follow points and also I have nothing to add since you have said it all.
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    • mitz says

      You are right there. all you have to do is keep going with your original valuable content and you will get noticed. But just remember that sitting there with your great content is a slow process to success. I definitely recommend going out into the world and grabbing your audience to bring back to your blog.:)
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  31. Amanda says

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    • mitz says

      A 300×250 usually works well in the middle of the post, set to the right.. But the add has to be relevant. If you are talking about repairing a computer then put an add for software that will do it for you.. Show them the answer without pushing it. For me the sidebar is just a lucky sale…80% of my sales come from inside my content. The bottom does not work for me…In fact I usually take it away so I do not distract the person from the in text links and the banner inside the post. By the time they get to the end I want them to comment or see a related post. That will give me a chance at another sale.

      If the ads in your sidebar look ok and are making sales then this is fine… If only one or two are making sales then get rid of the others to increase sales on the best ones..

  32. Hendrik says

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  33. Chris says

    This is the post of the YEAR for any WordPress user. VERY helpful tips on running a successful wordpress website no matter what your niche is… Real Estate, tech, arts & crafts… WHATEVER!

    Appearance is HUGE. Themeforest has some awesome themes. They might cost you $40.. but it’s worth every penny.
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  34. says

    Excellent article Mitz, as always, extremely useful and informative. I’ve fairly recently moved into web design after working in graphic design for a number of years. Since I’ve come across your site about 10 months ago, I’ve slowly changed my idea of what the best tools for building sites are. I’ve also changed my hosting service and have my first WordPress site up and running only a few weeks ago. Thanks again.

  35. says

    Fantastic post Mitz thankyou. i have a website on WordPress and too start with found it a nightmare to use, but with practice I can now do a lot of the changes needed to my website myself and have learned a lot!
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  36. Peter Lawlor says

    I disagree about “make a plan about everything.” This may work for some people, but it’s not always the best approach and it’s not one i use. I like a little flexibility in my schedule and sometimes I’ll have a brainstorm where I’ll write something completely unplanned. When I have such an inspiration, I’m inspired to crank out something excellent. I’d say at least 30 percent of my posts arise from a spur-of-the-moment inspiration.

    I’m not saying don’t plan at all, but instead to be flexible with your schedule to some extent because inspirations result in some of the best content.

    I LOVE the tree metaphor.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..Best WordPress Theme Reviews: My Top WordPress Theme Reviews

  37. ioana moise says

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      • says

        The information over-load is slowing down now and it’s starting to become more clear. Plus I love that you mentioned in this article “Don’t Give Up”.
        Maybe one day we video chat and you can see the true appreciation I really do have for you personally. I know words are just words sometimes and can’t really express true Thanks! You’ve inspired me from day one and it’s been a mere 2 months, but that is how much of an impression you’ve made with me.
        I really am a driven kinda guy, but you push me even harder to do something I don’t really want to do even though it benefits my biz in the end. I apologize in advance if this is not the setting to say THANK YOU!

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