The 5 Best SEO Tools For WordPress Website Builders

The best SEO tools aren’t easy to find—unless you know where to look. Too many companies want to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for services of dubious value. I personally have tried many SEO tools only to find that they never actually do what they promise. I have ended up with a short list of my best SEO tools and hopefully this will help you avoid the same mistakes I did.

Best SEO Tools #1—Google AdWords Research

Choosing the right keyword phrase for your site is, in my opinion, the most important part of keyword optimization. Choose the wrong keyword and you could spend months chasing after traffic that doesn’t exist. Or you could attract a lot of traffic but discover none of it converts into revenue. To choose the right keyword, you need to know what people—real people—are searching for. Google knows what people search for and they’ll give you that information in one of the best free SEO tools if you sign up for an free AdWords account.

How To Use Google’s Free SEO Tools

Log into your Google account and access the AdWords page. Then load the Keyword Planner tool. Now you can enter a keyword phase and see statistics for it. The key statistic is how many people search for that phrase every month. Pay close attention to the related phrases. I write down keyword phrases and the number of monthly searches as I do my research and then choose the most searched phrase at the end.

Google also tells you the amount of competition for the keyword phrase. Note that competition is the number of people bidding on AdWords ads for that phrase—not the number of people using SEO sites. But there’s usually a correlation: sites that spend money on AdWords will often spend money on SEO, so heavy AdWords competition means heavy content-based competition. Of course, where there’s heavy competition, there’s also usually great opportunities. Also note that I have bought software such as Keyword Elite and it is fantastic but you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I always seems to end up back at the Google keyword tool. :)

Best SEO Tools #2—WordPress Split Test

What SEO features on your site make it the success or failure it is today? If you can’t answer that question with confidence—and hard data—then you’re almost certainly not making as much money as you could be. Your website is a marketing tool and smart marketers have been testing their ads since at least ancient Egypt. It’s ok not to understand effective ads if you just read them—but it’s almost a crime not to understand advertising when you’re an advertiser. You can read about SEO and copywriting all day, but until you test it yourself, everything you read or hear is the other kind of SEO—Somebody Else’s Opinion.

The Best Of The Best SEO Tools For Testing

The gold standard for testing your SEO techniques—or any advertising technique—is split testing. (Also called A/B testing.) To split test your site, you need a special tool that redirects half your traffic to separate two versions. One version is the original; the other is a modified page that includes a new SEO or other feature. Then you need to choose an action that visitors should take for the test to be successful. For example, if you want visitors to stay on your site for longer, the action you want them to take is to click any internal link. Here are some other common actions for SEO:

  • Click on an ad. Ad-supported sites should frequently test their ad layouts. Only testing can reveal the ideal number and placement of ads on your site.
  • Newsletter sign-up forms. How can you get more people to sign up for your newsletter? Only testing one sign-up form against another can tell. Try testing free giveaways with newsletter subscriptions, longer or shorter “we will not spam you” guarantees, or different call-out styles.
  • Home page layouts. Every SEO expert I’ve ever read has suggested that you try to make the front page of your site its most popular page, but only testing can tell you what home page layout gets the greatest number of visitors to click the next link (or fill out a form).

You may think that you don’t need any fancy split testing stuff—you can just test the old fashioned way by making a change and checking your Google Analytics statistics after a week. If that’s what you think, then I wonder how often you do check your Google analytics account. Most sites I’ve seen have traffic variations between 10% and 30% every week, making it almost impossible to see the effects of all but the most dramatic changes. Split testing with enough traffic can reveal traffic increases or decreases as little as 1%. And, before you scoff at the value of tiny changes, note that it only takes 71 tiny 1% improvements to increase your total traffic by over 100%. (That’s because results are cumulative in the same way as compound interest.) Implementing split testing is easy if you use a popular content management system such as WordPress or Drupal. Just search for a split testing plugin and follow the directions to configure it.

Best SEO Tools #3—SEO Plugins

Yes SEO WordPress plugins are the absolute best help for any WordPress website builder. I have been using SEOPressor and Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin for a long time now. Recently I added Scribe to the armory of SEO tools and I guess I am set for life now!

Here is a video showing how and why I am using Scribe as one of my SEO Tools

I wrote an article on How to Dominate Google and get to the to of the rankings. I have detailed videos showing how I did this but having Scribe has made my job so much easier.

Best SEO Tools #4—SEO is a Tool Itself!

Without SEO I would not be getting free traffic and earning money online like I do. Having the skills to perform SEO is one of the most important aspects of this business. Of course you can pretend that you do not need it, however when you do use it you will NEVER turn back! During the holidays the blogs that had been SEOed had continual traffic and sales whilst the blogs that required traffic generation died off during that period. For example I have built blogs that get traffic from guest posting, however I was not doing this during the holiday season so the traffic suffered.

Best SEO Tools #5—The Reason We’re Here

Google didn’t invent Web searching, but they made it effective. Before Google, I kept hundreds of bookmarks just so I could re-find useful sites. Now I only keep bookmarks for sites I visit often. SEO wouldn’t exist if Google hadn’t made searching easy, quick, and effective. There’d just be no reason to optimize our sites for search engines. Google’s qualities make it the search engine most used by your visitors, so use it often to find your own site. When Google analytics tells you what keyword people used to find your site, don’t just look at that statistic—open up Google Search and type in that query. See what your visitors see as Google Instant guesses what you want; see what your competition is and figure out why that visitor chose you. (And decide whether other visitors may have chosen your competition.) Google is the grandaddy of all free SEO tools, so use it often.


  1. joenie says

    I really want to thank you for this valuable information! SEO is the best way the get a great flow of traffic! Before I got all this information I did pay a lot of money to get my sites listed in the ssearch engines! Really thanks!

  2. says

    Mitz thanks for sharing your views, however these are just the basic thing which anyone need. Although, I like All in one SEO, Yoast and Feed plugins to enhance my optimization work. Plus I have installed image optimization plugin in one of my site which helps me to optimize uploaded images instantly. The best thing about wordpress is- “Most plugins are absolutely free. :)

  3. James says

    This is truly great effort. I really appreciate you on this dedicated article. Google adwords and plugins are the most important tools to generate traffic on site. Google free SEO tools give us a lot of information and benefits. Google adword is very important component for producing a successful PPC campaign.

  4. says

    Google Adwords is an amazing tool! I used it for the keyword research of my site. I found related keywords, It also displays the competition plus the global and local searches! Awesome! Thanks for sharing Mitz! Appreciated!

  5. Harsh Gupta says

    Mitz, I think you should also include MAX A/B Testing for testing two or more variations and Headspace too. Although, the headspace is bit tough but is more powerful SEO tool for optimizing all your post and pages with this single tool. Plus, If your website has lots of images than SEO Friendly Images would a extra stuff to install.

  6. says

    Hi Mitz –

    I’ve been avoiding using too many plug-ins as I’m really worried about incompatibility issues with so many upgrades all the time. I see you use several, and you mention 3 SEO plug-ins in this post alone. Do you ever have incompatibility issues? How do you deal with this when you do? Just last week my version of Sociable went belly-up with WordPress 3.3.1. Fortunately, I always upgrade my test environment first – so my real site is still Okay. And frankly, every time I see something needs an update, I get a nervous feeling in my gut!! Any suggestions on how to manage this? I’d really like to add more capabilities – but I’m a little gun-shy!
    Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

    • mitz says

      I understand how you feel as I have been through this. Many a time I used to crash my blogs..But I know I can quickly go to the server and remove the plugin from there. (not all though)
      And the plugins I use are all tested on a lesser site (not worth much)..Also I stick to the same plugins on all my blogs..This helps as I know how they will go together..I also have learned to live without many plugins and only keep the ones I really need. I feel that I need the SEO ones.. I love SEO and traffic!

      I do not add a plugins to my site easily, even now. Especially my big money sites as bringing them down makes me lose money.

  7. Kenneth Thomas says

    I think that it a great tools for the promotion of the website…
    In SEO process the very first tool is keyword that makes your all desires fulfilled but it is also a competitive task to be performed as the main keyword are used by a lots of other person in order to make them optimize. Well there are also a lots of steps to be taken in this context which are too little but have a great importance.

  8. Žogi says

    Experience, patience and logical thinking is important too. Do things consistently, don’t dream about 4 hour work week.

    • mitz says

      Hi Dev
      If they are showing signs of traffic coming in go into Google analytics and find the keywords used..then put those keywords into the Google keyword tool and see their search volume. Choose the ones you want to go for and optimize for those.. Also back link to the post and you should see an improvement… All of this info is free and is very valuable.

  9. Nirvana says

    Its great to learn the techniques ,however in order to get the traffic and making the Google Bots and Engine , the SEO techniques are getting mechanical, what is required is to assist Google in getting worthy content to be listed good in the rankings.As long as the real user of the Google Search doesn’t get satisfied , in the long run Google would neglect the optimization.

  10. Michael Kapoustin says

    Pluigins are the most convenient tools to make one’s task so easy. I have found YOAST SEO plugins most comprehensive in comparison to other SEO tools. And thanks a lot to you for explaining the Scirbe SEO tool. I am thinking to use scribe as now.
    Michael Kapoustin recently posted..Immigration Application process to Canada

  11. says

    I think plugins make websites very successful if you get the right one. Like a great plugin for a blog I think is commentluv. I think commentluv is a very successful plugin for blogs.
    Joe recently posted..Japanese Chin Gifts

  12. Mark Tesa says

    These really are some of the best SEO tools around. Such tools can make search engine optimization easier for a website owner. Since there is a variety you need to chose one which will work best for you.

  13. says


    The article is really interesting. I knew just about google keyword research tool. This information will help me do better keyword research for my clients.
    Thank you

  14. Richard Brown says

    Google really is a wealth of information, it’s all about learning how to interpret it and make the most out of it. I also believe that all the information from google should only be used to get a feel for what needs to be changed as there have been many inaccuracies with their reporting, at least with my experience.
    Richard Brown recently posted..Top 7 Business Budgeting Mistakes

  15. says

    One more tool that I use while researching for keywords is the Google Traffic estimator. You can visit it from the Google Adwords screen shown above. It’s on the top left corner.
    It helps you to know the Daily budget , no. of daily clicks and CPC for your keyword.
    Try choosing keywords with more budget. They have more competition but also present more opportunities.
    Rob recently posted..Saving Bucks with Outback Steakhouse Coupons

  16. Amanda Gordon says

    Till now, among the different keyword tools I have tried and tested, wordtracker is the best. While I started with GAKT, slowly I have migrated away from it.

    So far, I always used all in one seo or platinum seo plugin. I just took a look at SEOPresser – it seems very interesting. It seems like something that I would want to have in my arsenal! Thanks for pointing it out.
    Amanda Gordon recently posted..Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

    • mitz says

      Yes I still use SEOPressor and it is really an amazing plugin that pushes you to make better content. That’s all it does for me! You can do all this yourself but this plugin helps you save time.

  17. Albert says

    Google tools (Analytics,keyword tool and GWT) are the best free tools ever for any webmaster.

    Some automated software like Market Samurai and SEO Pressor make all the work easier and automated, but you can do all the work yourself for free.

    I usually suggest to move to automated software when you can afford it with money that you’ve earned with your website
    Albert recently posted..Tagged has acquired the social game network hi5

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree that you can work all the hard jobs yourself until you make some money to buy these tools.. Thats what I did..But if you are making money and resist these tools then you might be holding yourself back… Sometimes I wish I had bought certain things earlier, to free my time up for other things.

      • Albert says

        I agree with you too…The best way to invest back your money is to get automated tools to do what you were doing yourself, so you can get more free times to set up what you can’t automate or spends more time with your family :)

  18. Haith says

    Another fab post. I too seem to spend half (well maybe a quarter lol) of my life on google keyword tool. It’s a great source of keywords I would never normally think of. Keep sharing Mitz. I’m becoming addicted to your blog lol ;)
    Haith recently posted..Happy New Year!!

  19. Rory says

    Helpful article. While most of the things I already knew about I have absolutely zero knowledge about “split testing” however it does seem like a massively useful tool for improving conversion.

    Could you write more about split testing or include a link to some of the best tutorials on setting up split testing? It’s a subject i’d definitely like to learn more about so i’m hoping to hear from you soon!

  20. Eugene says

    Hi Mitz!
    I agree with you on the role of Google. Without it all SEO efforts would be useless. I’m using SEOpressor myself and this tool helps me really a lot.

    • mitz says

      Check out this article to see more on finding keywords

      low competition can also mean there is no money to be made in that niche…When I search for my keyword in Google I like to see people advertising there.

      I also like to see a min of 200 exact searches for post keywords. Then I have to actually rank on page one for that keyword to get any traffic..And even if I get to number one, the description and title I use might not attract clicks.. If this happens my page will drop from those rankings.. There are many factors even after finding a good keyword. :)
      mitz recently posted..Successful WordPress Website Checklist

  21. says

    Very nice post. Im surprised you didnt mention the allinone SEO pack. I have found that to be one of the best wordpress plugins for SEO.

  22. Jack says

    What’s the deal with “(Not provided)” keywords in Google Analytics? Why is Google hiding those keywords in analytics?
    Jack recently posted..Buy PS3

  23. Chris says

    This is a great post on SEO. I always wondered how to use the Adwords keywords research tool and use it effectively… Now i know! Some people brag about ranking for certain keywords, but it ends up being that those keywords are hardly searched if not at all by users each month!
    Chris recently posted..How To Purchase Owner Financed Homes in Austin Texas

  24. Anne says

    I’ve always wanted to know how Google Adwords work. I thought you had to pay for it. Now I’ll go sign up for a free account. I always try to use the keywords with medium competition when I look them up on Google Keyword tool. Am I doing the right thing?
    Anne recently posted..Win Computer System For Your Office Space

  25. Brooke says

    Yoasts plugin actually does more than I need, definitely recommended. One quick extra tip — we need to check what our theme does by default, with regards to H1, 2 etc. and also your page titles.

    For example, some themes may append your site name to each page/post title — not good. Or some automatically use H2s for sidebar headings etc.
    Brooke recently posted..Astrological compatibility part 2

  26. Dennis says


    Thank you for sharing, however from my experience SEO tools did not work for me. Maybe i did something wrong, who knows, but I have spent months using all kinds of SEO tools without good results.

    Maybe i should rethink this strategy..

    Warm wishes to you all,
    Dennis recently posted..iOS Goofed Again on New Year’s Eve

  27. Monica says

    Thanks for the information . I opted for wordpress platform for my website and wanted to what all i can do to draw traffic . Help me out does love comments help in driving the traffic ?
    Monica recently posted..Maclaren Volo Baby Strollers

  28. says

    I love Google’s keyword tool, it still amazes me how many sites try to to sell this data (and how many people must be paying for it)!

  29. Liane Markus says

    Thanks a lot for sharing to us this 5 best SEO tools. I am sure people like me who work online will be able to utilize this effectively and accordingly. I am sure this will create a difference and this will really help a lot when it comes to SEO.
    Liane Markus recently posted..שליחת SMS

  30. Mark Choo says

    Wow….. There is so much good contant and value on this site, I found it earlier today while looking for something online, and I am into my 3rd article which I am getting value from! and I am about to what that 26min video in this post. Keep up the great work guys! ~ Mark
    Mark Choo recently posted..5Linx Success Secrets

  31. says

    I personally think, the free ools provided by Google (Google Analytics, Google Web master Tools, Keyword research) without any other tool can help you a whole lot with your SEO strategy. Using even more tools then make it even better.
    Wonu recently posted..BMW ALPINA CONVERTIBLE

  32. says

    Over the past 2 years I tried out and tested various keyword search tools – some free, some paid. But at the end I always came back using the free Google AdWords Keyword tool – to me that’s still the best keyword research tool on the market. Occasionally, I’m also using Google Autocomplete to find low competition long tail keywords.
    Robert recently posted..Magic Submitter – In-Depth Review of Magic Submitter

  33. Joseph says

    We can’t deny it, we need google for our online businesses. And google is really a big help to search for some information that we need.That’s why google not accept content that won’t give useful information for us.
    Joseph recently posted..AVG Antivirus Review

  34. Rick says

    Great information and excellent review video for Scribe. I’m curious though…you have both Scribe and SeoPressor installed on your computer…why do you have both? After watching your video, I think that all you would need is Scribe.

    • mitz says

      Well SEOpressor helps me optimize the post first, before analyzing with Scribe, therefore saving money. So I only analyze a SEOed post which allows me to use less times and get the best results quicker. With Scribe you get a certain amount of time to use it per month. SEOPressor is now doing the base work.

      • Rick says

        That makes good sense. But, here are a couple more questions:
        1. Your monthly fee is based upon the # of evaluations that you do. Is an evaluation counted only when you click “Analyze” or is it also counting all the “Reviews” that you do such as “Keyword Analysis” and “SEO Score”?
        2. Were you trying to optimize your article for “speed up your internet connection” or just “internet connection”? I suppose if it were “speed up your internet connection”, that would mean you would have to go into your article and use that phrase several more times…then, ask Scribe to analyze it again. Is this correct?

        • mitz says

          1. It is a monthly fee and you have a certain number of time you can press the analyze button and a certain number of times to press the keyword research button. When the new month comes it is set to a full amount again. This keeps you taking action because it is better to use what you have.. You can press the review to see the results you already have over and over again.
          2. I actually optimized for more than one keyword..All and both.. I make my page the absolute best for these keywords by adding many related key terms too… This also makes me cover the subject entirely…You can ask scribe to analyze again but I feel I already am armed with the info I need.. Apparently they recommend you analyze a post up to 3 times.. Let me tell you that this is well worth it if the searches warrant this… Of course it is better to have people searching for the keywords so you actually have some fish to catch.

          I craft the posts for the people but I need to make sure the search engines find my pages so it can bring the people to me. Catch 22. runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.