The Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips

The following SEO blogging tips are in order—the earlier a tip appears in the list, the more impact it will have on improving your site ranking. But that doesn’t mean the later tips should be ignored. If you want to rank well on Google and other search engines, I suggest you follow all of these ten SEO blogging tips.

SEO Blogging Tips #1: Content First

The best thing you can do for your site is publish quality content. Too many bloggers today focus on other SEO blogging tips to the detriment of their blog quality.

The other tips in this article and other articles all require a base layer of great blog posts. If you have great posts, improving your search rank or ranking for new keywords will be easy. Without great posts, you’ll have to work several times as hard for the same results.

But WARNING: Just remember that content is not the only king. You should never rely on great content alone.

SEO Blogging Tips #2—Get Incoming Links

Although Google relies less on PageRank now than ever before, the number of incoming links is still the most important thing about your site to Google.

But getting incoming links can be hard. The best way to get incoming links is by getting people to link to your site—and the best way to get people to link to your site is to get them to read your site. But who will read your site if they can’t find it in Google Search? It’s a Catch–21 scenario.

To get incoming links, you need to work with other people on the Internet who already have established sites. Offer to guest post on their sites, or offer them something else in exchange for a link (for example, if you’re a Google Analytics expert, offer to setup their Analytics Goals for free).

Just keep talking to people and rewarding them for linking to your site.

SEO Blogging Tips #3—Keyword Optimization

None of the other tricks on this list will help you if you choose the wrong keywords for your site. What are wrong keywords?

1.   Keywords which don’t attract customers. We’ll discuss the importance of customers versus visitors later, but choosing keywords based on traffic is not the best strategy for most sites.

2.   Focusing on high-profile keywords will keep you in constant competition with other sites which may have more resources than you. It’s better for you to find medium-popular keywords which you can easily rank for.

3.   Keywords which don’t match your content. Most people make this mistake when choosing a too generalized keyword. For example, you don’t want to make your core keyword “soap” if your site is about making your own soap because most people searching for soap will be interested in using store-bought soap to clean something.

SEO Blogging Tips #4—Outgoing Links

Outgoing links are an often-neglected SEO strategy which can pay huge dividends. The main reason most SEO blogging tips talk about outgoing links is because Google may reward sites which link to authority sites such as Wikipedia.

But outgoing SEO links can be more useful to you as a strategy for generating incoming links. All serious webmasters monitor their referral report which tells them which sites referred visitors to their site.

If you link to someone else’s site, they’ll see your site on their referrers report and they’ll probably investigate your site. Not everyone will link back to you, but the more people who know about your site, the more people who can link to you.

SEO Blogging Tips #5—Make Content Obvious

Search engines don’t see your page the way people do. An important part of the reason they see your page differently is that they don’t typically read your Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), so all they see is the bare text of your page.

That’s a problem, because the text on your page includes not just your content, but also your advertisements, navigation links, and footer—things which distract from your keyword-optimized content.

HTML 5 introduced a bunch of new tags to help you mark parts of your page as navigation, footer, or inline content for the benefit of search engines, but even if your blog software doesn’t support HTML 5 yet, you can optimize your site by removing extraneous elements which don’t support your keyword optimization.

SEO Blogging Tips #6—Customers, Not Visitors

Another frequent mistake made in SEO is thinking only about website traffic in terms of visitors instead of customers.

A visitor is anyone who visits your site, regardless of what they do during their visit. A customer is someone who makes you money—whether they bought a product or clicked an advertisement.

It’s easy to increase visitors, but it’s harder to increase customers. The biggest blogs on the Internet have a terrible visitor-to-customer ratio because they’ve focused solely on increasing the number of visitors.

You need to focus on getting more customers—even if that hurts the number of visitors you get.

SEO Blogging Tips #7—Small Site, Long Tail

As mentioned earlier, if you have a small site, you don’t want to compete with larger sites for valuable keywords. Instead you can focus on what’s called “the long tail.”

The long tail are specific search terms only a few people search for every month. Because they’re low-traffic, you can rank for these terms easily—often by simply writing just one blog post.

Although ranking for a low-traffic term may sound nearly worthless, ranking for dozens or hundreds of low-traffic search terms can attract to your site more visitors than you would get if your ranked well on a high-traffic search term.

SEO Blogging Tips #8—More Is More

High-quality content is the best way to boost your SEO, but more content is also a good way to boost your search engine ranking.

Before I tell you more, let me note that I don’t recommend scam ways to boost your content, such as pirating content or spinning content.

If you can add more content to your site, you increase the number of opportunities you have to attract traffic and rank for various search terms. Even if this content isn’t as good as your best content, it’s still better published on your site than buried in your Drafts folder—or, worse, left unwritten because it didn’t sound interesting to you.

SEO Blogging Tips #9—Forget Google (For A Moment)

Google is undoubtedly the king of search engines, but too many SEO blogging tips come from people who forget that Google isn’t the only search engine, so take a moment and think about optimizing your content for Bing, Overture, Ask, and other search engines.

(You should especially pay attention to alternative search engines if your target audience speaks something besides English. Google’s market share is much smaller outside of the anglosphere.)

SEO Blogging Tips #10—Make Partnerships

For small and medium-sized blog sites, other sites in the same niche aren’t competition as much as they are potential partners. Consider: if you and I both write about the same subject, we also probably share much of the same audience. If we fight, our audience may split—my partisans sticking with me and your partisans sticking with you.

But if two sites in the same niche work together, than can both sell to their total combined audience. It’s even better if the two blogs are in related niches—for example, a blog about leaf blowers and a blog about lawn mowers can work together under the assumption that anyone with one device probably has (or wants) the other.

Find as many sites as you can in or around your niche and send them an email asking if they want to be partners. As partners, you both agree to mention the other site in a blog once a month or so. This repetitive mentioning improves your standing to the other audience, while the repetitive linking improves your search rank, so don’t skip this or any of the other SEO blogging tips.


  1. Brian says

    Hello !
    “More Is More” really liked this concept. I never thought about it.
    Moreover, This is a guideline for me.
    Please keep helping us all.

  2. Rob Marshall says

    I can confirm about the number 1 tip. My website traffic dropped significantly when I stopped updating content for only few days.

  3. says

    Hey, nice post. All the blogging tips are very helpful. In second point “Get Incoming Links” you have mentioned really great ways for this, and guest posting is really very effective method of link building. By this we can connect with new bloggers new people, which provides lot of benefits to us.
    Swet recently posted..Resources

  4. says

    I definitely need to start worrying about my blog’s current SEO. I’m still new to the entire “please google” idea, and I;ve been researching a lot lately, trying to figure out the perfect way to get more traffic from google.

  5. Carson Hawkins says

    I find that many people complicate SEO. Probably because there are so many tools available on the market to use. BUt the tips you outlined is SEO in a nutshell. It’s a great resource for a noobie like me, and I thank you for simplifying it. Thanks.

  6. Ileane says

    Hi Mitz!

    I stopped by to say Happy New Year!

    I enjoyed this post and for me tip #10 is one that I think more people should make use of and talk about more often. I also like #6. I think that as affiliate marketers we forget that we want more customers. I plan to shift my mindset about that in 2013.

    Thanks for the post my dear!
    Ileane recently posted..Why You Should Start a Second Blog on Blogger

    • Mitz says

      Wow does that mean you are going to make money from your blog… How exciting!!! I can see 100’s of golden opportunities on your blog.. :)

  7. says

    Yes it’s true. Linking for such of pages like Wikipedia is excellent way to get authority for young website. Of course we have to get some links from good websites, but high quality outgoing links also prove, that our site is not another link farm. So… good content, with linking to authoritative websites it is a good idea.
    Mariusz recently posted..Network monitoring tools

  8. says

    Manage RSS feeds and leverage podcasts and videos are some tips which I would like to add. Keeping track of your blog and daily updating it is something which I make it mandatory. Enjoyed reading your post. Everything which you have explained here is without technical jargon and I really appreciate it. Excellent article!
    Jack recently posted..Comment on Hello world! by Mr WordPress

  9. James says

    Hi Mitz! Great Tips! I’m an avid fan of your tip #2—Get Incoming Links. Nowadays, the most secure and convenient way to gain incoming links is to write guest post to other sites. There are a handful of blog owners that offers free guest post as well so you will never ran out of it. Some are also making money out of guest posting.
    James recently posted..Healthcare Marketing Trends and Predictions For 2013

  10. says

    Happy New Year, Mitz. Funny enough, I just scheduled a post where I have decided to lessen SEO on my home blog to focus on building a better blog and putting the ‘social’ back in social media. Having said that, I am not doing away with it altogether so I identify with #8-10. I want to build up my blog, build relationships, establish a brand and leverage all of that to the benefit of the niche sites I’ll start building this month. To me content is important and I need to start writing more for the audience and less for the engines. Great post :)
    D. Dixon recently posted..Reality Check: The Other Side Of Blogging & Social Media

  11. says

    I like your tips and I find it interesting that you say linking out to other sites is a good way to get backlinks and traffic to your site. I wonder how well that works, Maybe you could do a post with examples of articles you’ve done that link to other sites which have gotten links back to them because of it. It would be interesting to see.
    Shaun Rosenberg recently posted..15 Strategies To Overcome Gossip At Work

    • mitz says

      Well i do have a network of bloggers that I can mention and they will link back because that is the polite thing to do… That is the kind of people I associate with.

      Just give links and see who responds or comments to say thanks…Thats all it takes…Just do it!
      mitz recently posted..Are You A Link Building Expert?

  12. Len says

    great tips about SEO for beginners like myself, thank you. I am in a tough field – health and fitness, so my knowledge is limited on SEO.

  13. Jeremy says

    Guest posting is a really good way to drive much traffic to your website, but unfortunately it is quite hard to find blogs with relevant content where you could guest post on. The tip that I liked the most – You need to focus on getting more customers—even if that hurts the number of visitors you get. I totally agree with this one.
    salvage autos from car auctions in miami

  14. says

    Thank Mitz for sharing this valuable and impressive blog post. Really this is one of the good source of SEO blogging tutorial. Actually i never thought about using Keyword Optimization before for blogging purpose. When i interest to read blog, i just visit them and i think it would not only help for creative purpose but also help eliminate publishing. I guess i should start using them to organize everything and get rank well on Google and other search engine.
    Andrew Legion recently posted..Tally peacocking like a twat

  15. Sandra says

    Excellent piece! I’m new at SEO writing and this will definitely help me in rebuilding my blogsite. Hoping to read more things like this from you. Good job!

  16. Silas says

    Wow learnt two things from this post firstly i didn’t know that outgoing links can be just as important when it comes to blog marketing and overlooked most other search engines focusing only on Google as the major one, I’ve realized that if i increase ranks on the other search engines it will increase my confidence and hence i will be able to keep up the determination, dedication and discipline for more link building.
    Silas recently posted..Blogging Basics for Beginners

  17. Kelly says

    Bookmarked! :) It was nice reading your blog, I learned so many tips about successful blogging that may go along with SEO properly. Thanks a lot! 😀

  18. says

    Always if you’re going to create a blog, you should share its link through your social media channels either on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus because these are the most visited websites now. Try to gain more traffic from them. By the way, great article!

  19. Maja says

    Yes I agree that contents are King. But the contents must be unique and research based. These contents are very useful to reduce the bounce rate of the site if they have some sort of potential in them.We can make the contents search engine friendly by using appropritae keyword density in them.
    Maja recently posted..A Chance to Avail the Coupons

  20. Richard says

    excellent post. Content is always key. The hardest thing I have found is finding other sites to guest post on. Being a car valeter it is also difficult to link to another site to gain authority with Google as they are my competition.
    Richard recently posted..F1 Review 2012

  21. Praveen Soni says

    Hello mitz,
    Hope you are great in health.
    I enjoyed all your SEO blogging tips, I think these tips are best for all the newbie bloggers. Mostly i like all your points like content is king if we have reputed content then we will get loyal readers, And another point is that small site ? Use long Trail keywords because there is too much competition so it is Better to use long-trails.
    thanks for sharing , keep sharing :)
    Praveen Soni recently posted..Apple Inc going to launch new iPad in March 2013

  22. cellulaze says

    This post was a great way for me to reevaluate my blog and my progress. I’m happy to say that I’ve already started to implement most of these tips. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  23. christine robert says

    Hi mitz,
    Its was the little brief of seo prospect. These are the perfect tips for increasing the rank n business of any website. Following all these tips is necessary for any blogger and this should be done very carefully otherwise it may decrease the website rank n business as well. Thanks for the great post n we will wait for next one mitz..!!!!

  24. says

    Thanks for compiling some of the best tips on seo these are really helpful for begginer as well as experienced bloggers after panda and penguin a perfect methodology for successful seo is a must

  25. Sam says

    From my opinion these are the ways from where you can open many doors for you online business but before that you need to take this post seriously because when you are going to online business then you need to walk with the help of all other things which give you better return on your hard working strength.
    Sam recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

  26. Aasma says

    Hey Mitz,

    As far as “SEO Blogging Tips #4—Outgoing Links” is concerned, I’ve heard that if you link back to any authority website then it could actually help you to rank your page higher on search engine. As you’re linking to an authority website then search engine would consider that your page is quite informative and would be useful for readers. Please correct if I’m wrong here.
    Aasma recently posted..Paying Guest in Delhi for Girls

    • mitz says

      No you are right because Google just wants us to give the best information to the readers and if linking to an authority site with more info is part of that then so be it. :)

  27. says

    Following all these tips can be much important and more over very fruitful for every blogger. But of course, this all should be done attentively and carefully, because there are many important details

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Parallax Scrolling Effect: The Old New Concept

  28. says

    Excellent set of tips – more like a 101 on blogging! When it comes to content, ‘quality’ and ‘high-value’ are two important keywords. I always recommend people focus on developing great content, rather than more content, and I’m sure that is what Google likes as well.

    Happy holidays!
    Jeff recently posted..A list of Kickass Writing Tips for Bloggers


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