This Website is Moving On – Ready For a Change

This website is ready for a change! Yes I am taking a different plunge, moving to another domain name and setting this business in concrete.

I realized that all the sales from this website are coming from the same path. From people who want to build a website and make money online. These people do not know WordPress exists at this point, they just want to build a website.

WordPress Foundation Trademark Breach

Yes I have the word WordPress in my domain name and to tell you the truth, I did not plan this website at all.

Not that WordPress has bothered me, but I do not feel like I own this name. Unfortunately this website was setup as an experiment that took off, totally by accident. I had no idea that I would enjoy showing people how to build websites and make money. In fact I had no idea that people were even interested in what I do as I was always too busy doing what I do.

Therefore I would like a domain name that says something about building websites to make money… or even just building websites.  Most think that blatantly trying to make money is not the right thing to do, whereas I believe that anyone who says they do not want money is lying. We need it to survive. It’s like saying “Shhhh..Don’t tell anyone we eat food, we will just eat it secretly.” It is just something we need in life.

Which by the way is totally against the WordPress Foundations policy.

People Get The Wrong Idea

As my website is really about building websites to make money money online, when people arrive here they presume it is only for WordPress users. Even though I use WordPress and love it, you can make money building websites using other content management systems.

Many people showed this in their comments when they stated “hey this article can apply to any website, not just WordPress.” Yes that is the case and I have felt a bit boxed in. I thought a small niche would suit me but it does not. I want to go big and broad. (This is a long term plan)

Things like SEO, website traffic, building a community, making money on-line, and more, all apply to any website you like. I can use most of my own tips on a handmade html website or a WordPress website. Either way, the intention is the same, to make money from my website.

Money is The Root

I want this website to be a success by bringing in huge amounts of money and by becoming a go to place for building websites or blogs to make money. I have decided that honesty is the best policy and making money is a big part of the success for me. I am not a pushy affiliate marketer but I do make great money from this website and others.

What About My Rankings

Not to worry too much. I have overhauled a website before, and it turned out for the better. I know people think I will never get the great Page Rank and Alexa ranking back, but I will. No problem. I just have to be patient.

Some links I have built can be changed, others will be redirected to an ebook giveaway page.

My Categories Are Wrong

As I have stated before, this website used to be an auto blog. The categories were pretty much setup to accommodate the articles and that’s it. Next time around I will make categories the right way, according to my SEO strategies.

What Will The Future Hold

Well when I am finished with the idea and then the move, this website will be exactly what I want it. I will not be half happy with it any longer. I am very confident that this is the right thing to do!

I will still have this domain name and redirect it to my new one. I will also redirect the Rss fo

I am still working on ideas for a domain name that says something about building websites and making money.

The Appearance

The website will look the same initially but the categories and resources will be different. There will be more focused information about building websites, getting traffic, SEO, and so on.. I don’t really do many actual WordPress tutorials as this is too boring for me.

I guess you all think I am crazy but this is not a risk for me, it is just the next step in my business.



  1. shakshi says

    setting up the website properly is really a very daunting task when you are really new in the field of making money by using your online business. The points shared are really very effective targeting type these are the some of the basic problems that every newbie faces.
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  2. James Leasing says

    You are very bold with your decisions and I like it. Those people who are not afraid to question the status are the ones that really attain success in their respective fields. I know doing that is so laborious but I am with you in believing that someday you will reap the fruits of your ideas.

    • mitz says

      I agree that people who are not afraid to question the status and change do get success. If there are no decisions made there is no moving forward.

  3. says

    Yes,the confidence plays.Ofcourse,we should not regress pump losing traffic,The next instrument be all virtually structure websites to accomplish money. It is as cordate as that!and how to okay visitor posts for linkup building

  4. Azam says

    Hello Mitz
    I think it is your good decision as I think change is inevitable thing in the world. Good luck for new thoughts and new spirits for work.
    Azam recently posted..Silpada Catalogues

  5. KennethThomas says

    Best of luck from my side and hope you will solve all the issues regarding the same…

  6. Sanjeev says

    Hi Mitz, I guess its the content which tie up readers to the blog and your content will always be amazing..I really like the new domain name and its great you are trying to increase it in scope and trying to provide help in bigger level. Best of luck for your new change…
    Sanjeev recently posted..How to Recover from Google Penguin Update

    • Mitz says

      Yes i hit a road block and simply demolished it! I will work hard to make this work!! I am excited about it! :)

  7. Andi says

    Hi Mitz,
    I always knew you are crazy – reading from you now for more than a year – and I hope you will stay crazy that way. As everybody in the online business must be a little crazy – at least in the eyes of the folks that are running to their factory every day ;).
    I have started out to make money online 3 years ago – just knowing wht a Browser is – and am remodeling my bizz in the moment also. Sometimes you have to ‘adjust your goals’ to the needs of your users – I know it is a lot of brainwork to come to this conclusion – but it pays at the end – sure – and go on !!!.
    Andi recently posted..Why install WordPress ?

  8. Jennifer Alvasin says

    congratulation on this move.. lets hope this change is a change for good …

    thanks for sharing this news…
    Jennifer Alvasin recently posted..Sell PSP to Get Cash

  9. says

    Mitz, you picked up the right thoughts of your readers, most of the readers come here to know how to build a websites, how to get traffic and finally how to earn money online. I appreciate your decision for making a change and best of luck for the future of your website.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Mythology

  10. Marty says

    Hi Mitz, nice to see you’re moving on after you’ve put in a lot of work in this website. If you need help with WordPress you can contact me fot theme customizations and anything you want – coding or design.
    Marty recently posted..How to Delete History in Google Chrome

  11. Shane says

    It’s is so surprising to hear that this site started as an experiment and see how it become so successful. You’re truly an inspiration to all you readers who also want to achieve what you have now. How’s your traffic now after you changed your domain name? Thanks.
    Shane recently posted..How To Pick Up Girls

    • Mitz says

      My traffic is now coming here.. I am also changing as many links as I can instead of being redirects but all is working well so far.. I am even getting traffic from the search engines…but it will take a while to kick in properly.

  12. Anne says

    Wow! Mitz, I do admire your guts to do this move after working so hard on the website. I’ll subscribe, so here’s one reader you won’t lose. All the best and I’m sure you’ll get your ratings back.

    When I moved my tiny Blogger blog to wp it was a PR 2. In 2 short months the new wp blog was a 2 again.
    Anne recently posted..Kitchen Storage Tips

    • Mitz says

      Yes Google is very smart when it comes to that. It will notice the change..Believe it or not I am already getting visits from he search engines because of the redirects. I am very happy with the way it is going so far.

  13. Jasmine says

    Oh, no wonder there wasn’t any updates on the blog, you were busy moving! This new website looks pretty cool and I definitely love the domain name. And I think this is a great move for the bigger potential!

    Yes yes, please publish my guest post. I am sure many readers will be redirected here and not to worry too much about the Alexa, PR and etc. They will be back. :)
    Jasmine recently posted..Top Fast WordPress Hosting

    • Mitz says

      Hi Jasmine
      Glad you like the idea!! I will post your article very soon..Really appreciate your support!

  14. says

    I think it’s a great move Mitz. I didn’t really liked the name of your old blog anyway. This one is better :)

    Why don’t you do a 301 redirection from old blog to this one? This would allow you to keep your pagerank and authority I believe.
    Anita recently posted..Devenir avocat en France

  15. Wayne says

    Actually, I thought I (emphasis) was crazy, because I went to one of your recent posts at your old domain (about reasons people Like Facebook pages), and only a paragraph of the post would load in my browser. Yet everyone seemed to be commenting on the post…

    Now I know it’s because you’re migrating to a new domain.
    Wayne recently posted..Hunger Games-manship: a Sculpey Clay Mockingjay

  16. Bea says

    I love your transparency not to mention your great content. I always open your emails and not so many of others’. Thank you for letting us know about your change and congratulations on taking the leap your soul tells you to take. You have validated my own desire not to do what everyone else tells people to do, and I’m happy with my lot. Making more money would fit quite nicely into my own life however. Blessings and all the best!
    Bea recently posted..Poetry Aficionados Demand Larger Venue for Third Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival

  17. says

    Hi Mitz –

    Frankly, I think this is a great move. You’re “resetting” into a platform that makes much more sense overall. One that scales forward better. Looking forward to seeing how things progress and how the community evolves. You can even write a whole suite of articles about the SEO ranking re-acquisition efforts, as that’s a perfect topic. And I, for one, would be *really* interested in reading those!! :-) Best of luck…
    Mark recently posted..How to Patch a Drywall Ceiling

  18. Donna White says

    I think it’s great that you are evolving. Great role model for us. Don’t be afraid to change things for the better. I really like the new domain name. I never thought about the WordPress name being in your old one. I guess it’s because it has become a generic term instead of the brand that it really is. Kind of like Kleenex. [At least in my part of the world – we tend to say Kleenex instead of tissue. :)]

    This explains why you haven’t answered my 2 support emails to you I sent several weeks ago. You’ve been busy. :)

    Take care,

  19. says

    Good luck with your new website. It a shame to lose the great Page rank and Alexa ranking but like you said, you’ll get back up there in time. I think you’re taking a step in the right direction. Keep at it

  20. Scott says

    Most think that blatantly trying to make money is not the right thing to do, whereas I believe that anyone who says they do not want money is lying. We need it to survive. It’s like saying “Shhhh..Don’t tell anyone we eat food, we will just eat it secretly.” It is just something we need in life to get by. (But not if you are a hippy living off the land)

    Mitz, I love this part! You are always so honest in dealing with your readers. That is what I like most about your sites….and also that they are VERY good with awesome content!

    Hope you have a great day!


  21. Bruce says

    Good move I’d say, albeit a gutsy one, as you will have a lot of re building to do, (and not just links!). However, your new name is less constricting, & I have to admit your old name seemed to be a bit “cumbersome” (not quite the right word, but hope you get my drift) compared to the quality of the posts that appeared. Good luck with it.
    Bruce recently posted..The Real Path To Success

    • Mitz says

      Hi Bruce
      Your comment made me think about the names even more…
      The old name was boring..”wordpress website builder” “ok so you build WordPress websites”
      The new name “lets build websites” is saying “lets do it!!!!” Lets take action and make money.. It has more inspiration.. Well I want it to anyway!!
      Mitz recently posted..Content Is Not The Only King Of WordPress Website Building!

  22. Liane Markus says

    I hope your site will be able to achieve more success and you guys will continue to share us bunch of informative and reliable blogs. This will serve as a good news to us.
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  23. says

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