Tips to Avoid Writing Boring Blog Posts

Blogs are becoming a part and parcel of the Internet era, just as how web-browsing, networking websites, social media and e-mail have become in recent days. From its humble beginnings as a place to express one’s self on the Web, blogs have evolved to be a platform for e-commerce and knowledge-sharing. To appeal to readers on the World Wide Web where there is so much to see and do, what is written in blogs has to be catchy and interesting to the eye. We have all heard the saying “Content is King” and we all  know that writing killer content does have extreme advantages. Only a fair few are unable to garner much attraction to their blogs, mainly as a result of their boring blog posts. This is a pity, as there are in fact many ways to avoid being one of those boring blogs:

Tempt your readers with a good title

Every good blog post needs a good title to begin with. The title is what defines and summarizes the content of the blog post itself, and the title is also the main thing that will decide whether the reader is interested in going through the post or not.

Start with a brief title like “My day” and risk being having your blog visitor scream “Boring!” Use funny, witty or interesting titles that can pique the reader’s interest to carry on reading. Instead of just “My day”, why not use something like “The worst day ever that just kept getting worse…”. This will surely makes the reader wonder what has happened to the author, subsequently engaging them to continue reading the blog post.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Most poor blogs are criticized for being too wordy, lengthy and draggy. No one would want to read a post which goes on and on about every single minute detail in someone else’s life, especially when there are so many other interesting and saucy things out there to read on the Net.

In order to attract attention, blog posts need to be witty, concise and well-ordered. The average human being’s attention span has been said to last only 30 minutes at best and our attention actually decreases as we move on in an effort to concentrate. To take full advantage of this fact, blog posts should be more direct instead of just being verbal diarrhea. (Image credit)

Don’t be bombastic

Remember to use simple language which anyone can easily understand. No one will bother referring to a dictionary every now and then to interpret your post, so you can be certain that your readers will eventually skip your blog in the future. Even if you do write on a niche subject, use terms that are simple enough that layman can relate to your writing as well.

Add color with pictures and videos

Going through lines and lines of words can be tiring on the eye as well as the concentration. One good tip to write a good blog post is to include pictures, charts, graphs, photos or even video clips in them. By doing this, you are giving the reader a chance to read through your article and get a more vivid idea of what you are talking about.

For example, writing a 500-word blog post describing your new puppy has the potential of boring someone to death. That being said, add a picture of the cute pooch sleeping in its kennel and you’ll have the reader cooing ‘Awwww!’ and hanging on to your every word. Another example would be my own web hosting blog. You can see that I include interesting pictures to better illustrate my points. Just put yourself in your reader’s shoes – you wouldn’t want to read something that looks like a thesis, right?

Vary the typeface

Using Times New Roman font in the standard size 12 is perfectly fine for writing your school reports but when it comes to blogs, please don’t be so rigid! The lines and lines of monotonous text will do nothing to improve the interest of your readers in your blog posts. Bold some text, use italics, underline certain words and use text of different colors and fonts to attract the attention of the readers to words and phrases. Some of these aspects can be classed as a part of your SEO recipe but it also can be pleasing to the eye. Remember, an interested reader is one that will probably follow your blog, so gain as many readers as possible to get the hit counter rolling!

It isn’t difficult to make the changes mentioned above in your subsequent posts. It is hoped that with the tips and hints given above, your blog will continue bringing in readers who are interested enough to keep coming back to know what you have to say each time. So, shake up the blogosphere with your interesting articles!


  1. Geri Richmond says

    Hi Jasmine,

    The first thing that catches my eye when I go to a blog is the graphics. Guess I’m just a graphic junkie. If there are no pictures or nothing to hold my interest, then, I’m likely to move on. I don’t particularily care for EPIC blogposts, either. I know that all the big marketers are going in that direction because I’m seeing more and more EPIC posts. I am a visual learner, so I gravitate towards blogs with videos on them.
    Your post is pretty much how I feel about blogs. Well done!!

    Geri Richmond
    Geri Richmond recently posted..The Secret Formula For Building Big Lists

  2. Sudipto says

    Hey jasmine,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us and Yes, boring blog post may cause readers to switch to other blog. For interesting post the first thing is eye catching title. Title really helps to attract readers to post and Yes, images and video really keeps post interesting and also helps readers to understand easily.
    Sudipto recently laptop in 40000

  3. Elena says

    well of course adding some color with cool pictures would never bore me at all, but they have to be related to what you trying to imply too..

  4. Frederick says

    Hi Jasmine,

    Thanks for your info and tips. I’m new to blogging and I’ve got good info to start up.Everyone agree that blogs now a days are becoming a part of the parcel of the internet era n life.

  5. uri says

    nice post but what about writers’ block any remedy to it. There are times even famous writer has been through this moment, when they can’t be able to write anything and unfortunately that’s what happening to me. It’s been a week since i started this, i can’t come up to a meaningful story, i feel lost.

  6. Jeane says

    That was really gold mine article. Strategics in driving traffic to one’s website have been an indispensable one for social media marketing specially writing worthy content. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning.

    Jeane recently posted..Philippines Outsourcing: A Head of Steam

  7. Gails says

    Very interesting tips Jasmine.Thanks.But I would like to add that one of the most important skill for bloggers which can do wonders for them is Copywriting.The purpose of whatever we write on internet is to attract readers so why not learn the skill to attract attention using words(Copywriting).I’m not saying that you must put your blogging business on hold and devote your time to learn copywriting but I think most of us can devote a little bit like 1 hour everyday for a skill which is of such vital importance for our business .I’m myself learning how to write copy nowadays.With all of your points I agree except the one about short is a real proof of this most of the posts on that website are more than 1000 words and even after that steve is successful in getting more than 1 million pageviews every month
    Gails recently posted..Content Marketing Strategy in Internet Marketing Blogs

  8. Chris says

    the title should really appease the audience,also make it interesting,because for the readers,if your title is good,but the content is bad,well never come back to your site..

  9. Matthew says

    I totally agree with these tips here Jasmine. I would have to agree with Noel above, although shorter blogs are easier to get through, if they have valuable conent and you can relate to them then you are more willing to read through them. Also if the blog has a interesting title that grabs the readers attention right away that is a good thing.
    Matthew recently posted..Nike

  10. Noel Addison says

    Great tips Jasmine however I am not convinced that blog have to be short so people will not get bored reading it. I have stumbled on many blogs which contains lengthy content. When someone shares valuable content people don’t easily get bored reading your post even if it is in 2,000 words for as long as they learn something new and valuable from this post. As a writer or a blogger you have to keep the interest of your readers from the start to the last words of your post. And not all writers are capable of doing that.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

  11. Alice says

    Personally I just try to write as if I’m talking to someone. This certain someone doesn’t have any specific knowledge about the topics I’m discussing, but isn’t stupid either. I usually imagine a friend. This way I’m using language that is interesting and that everyone can relate to.
    Alice recently posted..How to Get Out of Debt Fast-

  12. Mary says

    I really don’t like reading lengthy blogs with lots of flowery words stuffed on it. Short enough would be very nice for me. Series of most can be recommended in case a blogger can’t avoid to have a long discussion about the topic. In that way, the blogger can also hook the readers to visit his/her blog again and again.
    Mary recently posted..Anti-Aging And The Fight Against Wrinkles

  13. Joe says

    I was thinking to my self ,it is better to get a blog for my site.
    then i get a thought that it is no easy way to maintain good posts and articles for blog so i am sure your post for new bloggers like me is very helpful.

  14. Singjon says

    Very nice points Jasmine! I always found blogs boring especially when the post is uber long. For me, the best way to make the visitors surely read your post is to keep it short, precise, and easy to understand. Adding color will also be good, but choose colors that will blend nicely in the color of your template. “Vary the typeface” its also nice to mix pointed out quotes by using italicize.The most important, the title (if the title is not that catchy, the whole content will be non-sense if they won’t open your article right?)
    Singjon recently posted..Start Halloween early with Haunted San Diego Tours

  15. Ricardus says

    I think the keep it short and sweet can also be applied as keep it short and simple.. Abbreviation of KISS. Very true. Too lengthy blog will make everyone bored. Replace it with images and let the image do the talking will help as well.
    Ricardus recently posted..Oktoberfest with 50% off for Freedom Plan

  16. shelly says

    When blogging, to keep your readers following you til the very end of your post, try to use a variety of different organizational patterns such as mixing up short and long sentences. Or using some independent clauses. And some dependent ones! English grammar should be fun!

  17. Albert says

    Add images to a blog post are essentially for me.
    As a reader I hate long article without images or without a proper text formatting, so I’m trying to offers to my readers what I love as a reader myself

  18. Ted says

    Hey Jasmine,

    I agree that writing a good title is important to get people interested enough in your post so that they won’t be boring. If the title makes it look boring then chances are the person is going to be bored.

    One technique I like to use is to ask a question in the title of the blog post. That immediately engages the reader. If the reader is interested in talking about that question then they will read the post. If the reader doesn’t want to talk about the question then they will skip the post. It kind of cuts to the chase.
    Ted recently posted..Do You Realize How Much Power You Have As A Blogger?

  19. Blake says

    “Keep It Short and Sweet” – Very true! I prefer to read short articles than super long post that will take you years to finish (LOL). Its the first thing to avoid boring blog, easy to read short, precise, concise is the best. Cheers!
    Blake recently posted..Jump Start 2010 Promotion

  20. KK says

    I LOVE that King Card. Thanks for the great blog. When optimizing, it’s easy to forget that you want someone other than Google spiders to read your post!

  21. Wayne Lambert says

    Hi Jasmine,

    You raise some great points in your article.

    The one I don’t agree with is writing really short posts is necessary. Both short posts and extremely long posts can work as long as they are engaging and deliver on the promise that the headline delivers.

    Headlines themselves are a great traffic generating tool. It’s not all about optimisation – it’s also about getting clickthroughs to actually read your content.
    Wayne Lambert recently posted..Ten Top Headlines That Get Good Traffic

  22. Michael Belk says

    Good Job Jasmine, this great information. I struggle with a lot of these subjects. At first I do not know how long is good enough and sometimes I get a little to “bombastic” with my words. I will keep these things in mind. Thanks
    Michael Belk recently posted..Is Link Building Worth The Trouble?

  23. Sandip says

    Brilliant tips! I’d like to share my top tip:

    Dare to be different! Let your true self shine through your writing so that you can leave your own unique mark. Conforming is boring
    Sandip recently posted..KGB Deals

  24. Claire Bluett says

    Jasmine you’re wonderful. You have catered the information I was looking for and I’m glad I was able to find it on your blog. I can see how your tips can be effective when taken into application. What can i say more count me as one of your biggest fans. :) Thanks a lot. Cheers!
    Claire Bluett recently posted..Overview of Real Estate Market

  25. Salsa says

    I also hate blogs that goes on and on; dragging the whole story which was suppose to have been really interesting until they injected so many ad lib. This blog is very useful for old and new bloggers alike, this reminds them to keep in mind the most important thing, which is their readers approval.
    Thanks a lot for this post!

  26. Rammesh says

    Good tips Jasmine, Agree with your points but there are many influence bloggers who love to write long post and flooded with huge traffic. And they argue short write up could not deliver detail info on the topics. I find they do have valid reason to say so. If they can keep amuse their audience, number of words doesn’t matter. What you think Jasmine? Nice post and many useful feedback in comments. Thanks for sharing Jasmine :).
    Rammesh recently posted..Why You Must Know The SEO Secret to Make More Money

  27. Dewan shahedur says

    Boring posting is really fall the visitors in climax. It’ s make confusing for the visitor. I want to add some thing here that for the high visitor blog owners try to post a comment word more and more times which is good for SEO. But they don’t think about that visitors are just bored.
    Dewan shahedur recently posted..My Link Exchange experiance

  28. Genie says

    Hi Jasmine!
    I am really a great fan of yours. I looked on your other articles and I am very much satisfied with it. It reflects on this post of yours as well. I see that your posts aren’t boring. And the title themselves are catchy. It really is imperative to drive people first via titles. Then the introduction then the visitor not knowingly have already read the whole content of the post. And somewhat anxious to read more. There then comes the next part of the story. This example is what I call the “driving factor” a blog writer must have. Taking people’s curiosity to exploit your story.
    Genie :)
    Genie recently posted..lifecell reviews

  29. Ben says

    I only recently started blogging and I was really surprised at how high the quality was and it’s been hard to know how to break through…so thanks for the tips!

  30. Nicole says

    That’s really helpful, Jas. I myself is so fund of looking at pictures on blogs. That’s really came first to my interest when I’m surfing. I guess many would agree. Invest on a good P&S cam and as long as it’s true it’ll be appreciated. Thumbs up to this tips post. :)
    Nicole recently bedroom furniture

  31. Arjay says

    @Ray – you’re right. So to make a blog post not so boring, don’t just focus on the title. Give them what they want at the first paragraph and also make it humorous.

  32. Ray says

    I think the average readers attention span is a few minutes maybe even seconds. If something doesn’t catch their attention quickly they don’t stick around long. Too short and they don’t get anything out of an article. Too long and they start to drift after a few paragraphs. A good title along with pictures and a clean page layout can be helpful.
    Ray recently posted..5 Free awesome sources for quality photos

  33. vhein says

    As one of your reader, I salute you for always having catchy titles that never fails to get my attention and drive me to read your whole article. I guess, title is the most important thing to consider aside from the content (love the image of King) because TITLE of the article is the one that is first seen by the viewers not the content itself. You have great insights on how avoid being a boring blogger. I agree that having a little color/images makes most people look deeper.

  34. Nawaz says

    According to my experience more than 10% readers do not read the article if an article has not good and attractive title.Your content should be search engine friendly and readable to every one.
    Nawaz recently posted..Modern Jewelry

  35. Jaime says

    Great post, Jasmine. Really, really great graphic, too, by the way. Content IS king. But it is easier said than done, I’ve found. My personal blog is growing and doing well since I started paying attention to it this summer, but the professional one not so much. It’s harder to write about your job than your hobbies evidently LOL. I’ll keep trying though. Great job!

  36. Allen says

    Thanks for the tips. Im new at blogging and I mostly write some boring entries which do not attract people and/or which are not discussed in comments or appreciated.

    Thanks for your tips. They will help me alot.

  37. Greg says

    Hi, Jasmine:

    As you mention there are several ways to write articles that aren’t boring. My biggest beef with some articles on the web is when articles contain long paragraphs without any indention and or sub headings. Or when blog posts are just way way way too long. I’ve been on some blogs where I clicked on a link from Twitter because the headline caught my eye only to land on the biggest article ever.

    The web is for short and sweet. Keep this mind all you writers and bloggers out there.

    Greg recently posted..Kindle Fire: Amazon Tablet Pics and Info

  38. Brian Maher says

    Its surprising that no one mentions the negative effects of blogs for seo sake. I have been finding it more and more difficult to get quality information on my niche as the web is full of poorly re-written copy

  39. Aaron says

    Hi Jasmine,

    I would say it’s a complete article and no-one can find any missing piont here. All points are realistic but I personally liked one point “Don’t be bombastic”, I usually see blogger use tough/dictionary language…. they might feel that if they use such language that’s going to make positive impression on their readers or something else, but ultimately they loose their visitors. So it’s better to use simple langauge so that everyone can understand what you want to convey.
    Aaron recently posted..Goa Carnival 2012

  40. Wills Peter says

    I really love your tips and have found them to be true. Keeping your blog content fresh and easy to read helps the reader better take in and think about the information on your post. A picture too will help draw people in and also be a place to rest the reader’s eyes.

  41. Raj says

    I agree especially with the ‘Keep it short and sweet’. People do not have much time and giving them the message / value in the shortest possible time should be the most important part of a blog post. I myself look at the length of a blog post before deciding if I have to read it or not. If its too long, I might think that it was written for the search engines and skip it. So, efficiency is important. Especially with words.
    Raj recently posted..How To Write A Good Blog Post: Tips To Help You Overcome Writing A Potentially Bad Post

    • Jasmine says

      Right on, Raj. The length of a blog post is quite important too… don’t write too short as it is not good for the Panda. But do not write it way too long until 20 kilometers if you do not have anything interesting to say.
      Jasmine recently posted..Budget Web Hosting – WebHostingPad

  42. Jean says

    When blogging first started, I thought it was just another fad but it has truly caught on as part of the Web 2.0 revolution. Now everyone from a school student to reputed journalists have their own blogs that read by millions of users.

    I agree with all your points about writing an interesting blog. Keeping it simple but effective is what I like as well. Too much flash, hype and unsubstantiated writing is a turn-off for me and a lot of blogs are like that.

    Jean recently posted..The risks of driving on worn tires

  43. Toby says

    Great post and addition from me – live interesting life! You won’t be able to write interesting content is your life is boring! Trust me on this and go bungee jump :)

  44. Liane Markus says

    I surely agree with the tips that you have posted here. When it comes to blogging, it is important that you make it short, simple but interesting at the same time. I know this because a lot of people prefer reading something that is short but has a sense.
    Liane Markus recently posted..יוגה תרפיה

    • Marvin says

      I agree with you. For readers to be interested on the article, the blog must be interesting (of course) with catchy title (to attract readers) and short (so they won’t spend the whole day reading your blog, kiddin’) These tips must be implement for all the bloggers, in my opinion. Nice pointing it out, Jasmine!

    • Zhyra Bonete says

      Your welcome Jasmine. I agree with you that when you met the criteria of what a reader is looking for I’m pretty sure your readers will eventually update themselves in reading your new article. Whenever I have the my free time I read a lot of blogs and when they met my criteria I keep on reading lots of their article. Blogs for me is great and through reading I can get true and deep insights from individual blog posts. They are also easy to fit on your day and there tends to focus on practical and easy implement advice. And I do believe that through reading a lot of blog posts it add my knowledge to discover knew things and it helps me grow professionally and as an individual.
      Zhyra Bonete recently posted..ייעוץ זוגי

  45. Zhyra Bonete says

    I do agree with you that blogs now a days are becoming a part of the parcel of the internet era. You must also consider that in writing a great blog is like creating an enjoyable experience with art of being
    truthful and simply conveying your personal thoughts and experience. You also must considered the equivalent experience of sharing a conversation with a friend that you didn’t see for a very long time. You should also consider what are your readers searching for, what interests them, great content and great keyword. Figure this out and then develop an organization format for your articles. And I’m pretty sure this would help your readers in avoiding getting bored.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..Best Alarm System

  46. Allen Cerezo says

    Thanks for the tips Jasmine. I usually got hooked by blog posts that give tips and tricks and something that I can learn and apply. When it comes to post length, I prefer reading 250-500 words. I don’t care about the typeface but I want the post to be organized. Like separating or emphasizing important things. And lastly, I love funny pictures on blog posts.

    • Jasmine says

      Hello Allen,
      Thank you so much for reading my blog post. You need to thank Mitz for allowing us to blog here. :)

      These days I usually write 500+ words, and somethings more than 1000 words on my blogs. I find I usually cannot express well with fewer than 500 words. Yes, you are right. Separating and emphasizing important points make the reading much easier.

      Jasmine recently posted..Bluehost vs GoDaddy runs on the Genesis Framework

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