Tips to Create a High Conversion Landing Page

When it comes to making your blog or website profitable, your landing page is critical. This is the page where your visitors first land when they reach your site. If this page is confusing, unattractive or irrelevant you will quickly lose your visitor. That’s why this page is really the most important one on your entire site.

The following are some effective tips to help you create a landing page that produces results.

The Purpose of a Landing Page

Not all website owners understand the concept of a landing page. On this page, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitor with facts, information or lots of distracting bells and whistles. It’s therefore best not to have any ads for other products or multiple offers on a landing page. Keep it as simple as possible. See this tutorial about creating a simple landing using the Thesis WordPress theme.

All you want is to get your visitors to take a certain action – usually, to fill in their e-mail address so you can send them more detailed information.

A landing page that exists solely to capture email addresses is also called a squeeze page. There are also other types of landing pages. You may want to use your landing page to get visitors to click on other pages on your site. In this case, the landing page is a summary or pre-sell of a longer page.

Either way, with a landing page you only have a few seconds to make the right kind of impact on visitors. After that, they will either take the action you want them to take or click away from your site, probably forever. So what can you do to make sure that you get the former rather than the latter result?

Tip 1: Use Striking Images

With a landing page, a single striking image can make all the difference. This can be something related to your topic, or just something that will grab the reader’s eye. Sometimes a humorous image such as a cartoon can be effective. For more serious sites, you may want to use a photo or a logo.

Tip 2: Make Use of White Space

Your landing page should be uncluttered so your call to action is very clear. This is one of the main characteristics of an effective landing page.

An ordinary page that may contain a long article, video or other content usually has too many distractions to be a good landing page. What you want is for your call to action to stand out, so this page should contain plenty of white space. If you have an opt-in form, it may have a box around it for emphasis.

Tip 3: Landing Pages Must Match Your Ad or Offer

One feature of all high converting landing pages is that they are well matched to the off-page ad or offer that brings visitors to your site.

Whether people find your landing page via an ad, article or video, make sure that you don’t mislead people with your copy. Some marketers make the mistake of trying to hype their offer to increase traffic to their landing pages.

This may increase traffic, but it will produce dismal conversions. If your landing page is a perfect match for your copy, however, the traffic you get will be valuable and high converting.

Tip 4: Write Compelling Copy and a Clear Call to Action

With a landing page, you have to make the most out of every word. As I mentioned, you want this page to be spare and uncluttered, so each word counts. This starts off with your headline.

Headlines are crucial in any type of copy, and this includes landing pages. You want to call attention to the main benefit you are offering. This can be done as a declarative statement (“Product X Solves Your Problem….“) or as a question (What If You Could Do…?).

One you’ve got your readers’ attention, you have to give them a good reason to take action. Whether you want them to click on a link to reach your sales page or leave their email address, make sure you give them a compelling reason to do so.

If you’re collecting email addresses, you should either offer people a free gift or the answer to a particular question or problem.

Conclusion: Keep Improving Your Landing Pages

There are quite a few ways to make your landing pages more successful, and the above tips can get you off to a good start. Since landing pages are typically brief, it’s fairly easy to test different options and see which ones perform best.

You may also want to look at the top websites in your niche and see what kind of landing pages your competitors are using. While you don’t want to directly copy someone else’s style, you may get an idea or two that you can use.

Your landing page is critical to the success of your product or website. Make sure you give it the attention it deserves!


  1. Sonali says

    This gives me motivation and direction to rebuild some of our landing pages. Well this article has given me the kick up the ass to redesign half of our pages.

  2. Lina Lawrence says

    I don’t really like squeeze pages so I would avoid using them if at all possible, but that’s just my opinion.

  3. says

    Wow, great post. Landing Page plays a most important role in any business. Landing Page could be home page or any other pages of our website, and its more important that it should contain content that relates to the keyword search phrase. This page create amazing impression to the visitors so it should be catchy and attractive.

  4. Wayne Lara says

    You could also play a bit with the design, such as make people scroll to the right instead down. I’ve seen a page like that and it looked awesome.

  5. says

    A good landing page copy guarantees results, and if you have a sexy design. All you have to do is just drive traffic, and count the money. I was looking for a theme, do you recomend any? It’s for wordpress. Thanks.

  6. Latisha Kelsey says

    Great article! I’m showing my friend the copywriting ropes, and this will definitely help him out. lso, one thing I’d like to ad. Start using big red buttons. I tested this out with a campaign of mine, and I actualy saw some good results. (a 3% conversion increase)

  7. Ashraf Kamal says

    I agree with you ! Landing page is most important part of any business or professional website. It makes an amazing impression on people who visit your website first time.. Most of the time Landing page decides whether they will come again to your webpages or not. BTW nice Idea !
    Ashraf Kamal recently posted..Some Facts About Thesis WordPress Theme

    • Jasmine says

      I think just by using a good theme will do the job, for example try OptimisePress as one of the readers recommended.

      Alternatively, you can try using a minimal theme, then use my tips above to optimize the page. It isn’t that difficult.
      Jasmine recently posted..Happy New Year from

  8. says

    Great post! Having a catchy title makes your visitors want visit your site again and again. So, I think it is essential to make the first sentence of your copy so attractive that it allures people and make them stay in your website for longer time. I have been following #tip1 and it works out really well for my landing page. Excellent points noted out by you!

  9. Maja says

    A landing page that meets the criterion of onlione business is main cause of your online income. This page can be a sure cause to reduce the bounce rate of the site.It will make the vistors returning visitors.
    Maja recently posted..A Chance to Avail the Coupons

  10. Silas Blog says

    The key is to indeed update your landing page to attract newer visitors especially those that ended up on your page by luck. the most important thing is to try and not make it a squeeze page because if you cant pull it off you could loose potential visitors for good. Thank you for the article.
    Silas Blog recently posted..Blogging Basics for Beginners

  11. says

    This is where I really struggle, I understand the importance of striking images but I have a hard time relating to which image conveys the message I am addressing.

    • Jasmine says

      Rajkumar, image definitely works wonders! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, that certainly holds true in online marketing as well. Use attractive images, they will catch attention and will get a good number of clicks!

      A lot of the images you see on my website are designed by my partner who is really good with graphics. She also designed the infographics on my site! Do you like them? Do give a comment or two… :)
      Jasmine recently posted..Best methods to reduce Bounce Rate on your blog

  12. says

    I agree that we all should improve landing pages as much as possible, because the first opinion about any blog or website people get after looking at it. I like the idea about using striking images it can be really helpful)

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 45 Fresh Minimal WordPress Themes

  13. says

    Hi there. Really a great post. eCommerce sites should draw all the attention towards it. Thanks for sharing it. Landing page is very important to bring traffic and stay for long time. Otherwise bounce rate will be increased.

  14. says

    Great post. I think a lot of people neglect the testing aspect. You really need to be able to see the small differences each change makes though, that way you can get a feel for what works best for your site, which will help you come up with new improvements.

    Ps, Google cannot actually know your conversion rate. The conversion rate your analytics tells you, is only based on criteria you set. If Google were to take that into account, it would be far too easy to manipulate the data. Google may be able to track your bounce rate though…

  15. says

    Thanks for the tips! At my company, we’ve discovered that split-testing is another surefire way to maximize the conversion of your landing page. Give people options, let the test run for a period of time, then consider the results. Numbers don’t lie. Even if you have a page with conversion you’re ok with, you can always make the best better. TEST TEST TEST! It’s a short, simple and helpful motto to remember when building ANY landing page, PPC, organic, informational…the list goes on and on :)

  16. christine robert says

    Hi jasmine,
    This is actually a excellent set of tips. Landing of pages should always done very carefully because sometimes it may harm your website if it is not done carefully. And I think we can agree now that landing pages can directly affect your website(traffic, keywords and content).
    Super-like jasmine.Keep sharing your post…!!!

  17. says

    hey Jasmine!
    Very helpful tips you have shared with us. These are literally going to help me. and yeah when I use to come across with such a website which has its landing page different than its Adds and offer. i become hyper. definitely No one need it. I really liked your pin points about landing pages.
    Matt recently posted..Join the Buble Babes at M8ts Bingo

    • Jasmine says

      Thanks for liking my article. Yes, OptimizePress is a great theme to create highly optimized squeeze pages which should bring very high conversions. This theme might not be great for blogging, but it definitely is great for building high conversion sales page!
      Jasmine recently posted..Best methods to reduce Bounce Rate on your blog

  18. Aasma says

    Thanks Jasmine for these useful tips,

    It’s quite essential that your landing page should match with your ads description, it helps you to generate higher conversion plus give more quality score and charge less comparatively.
    Aasma recently posted..Paying Guest in Delhi for Girls runs on the Genesis Framework

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