Tips to Get Free Traffic From Facebook

Facebook has become one of the busiest sites on the internet, so it only makes sense that it would be a great source of traffic. Getting website traffic from this giant social network, however, requires the right mindset and techniques.

Why get traffic from Facebook?

At last count, Facebook has surpassed 1 billion users around the world! This one fact by itself tells you that you should be looking for ways to tap into it! However, it’s not just the number of members that make Facebook such a valuable traffic source.

People have become very engaged with social networking. While they may still use Google for searches, they come to Facebook to interact, chat and share information.

You can find people of every description on this site. While initially, social networks were primarily populated with younger people, now practically everyone is on Facebook! This gives you the opportunity to create highly targeted campaigns on Facebook.

While Facebook advertising is one way to find a targeted audience, there are also many free methods. In fact, the free ways are probably best, because many people are reluctant to click on ads on Facebook and other social sites.

The following tips will help you get tons of high quality traffic from Facebook!

Tip 1: Make Friends!

In order to get free traffic from Facebook, you need to make contacts. You will probably want to set up your own Facebook Page (previously called Fan pages). It is a good idea to add as many friends as you can. Why? Because this is one of the best places to draw people to your page.

There are various ways to get friends on Facebook. You can literally buy them. On some internet marketing forums, you may have came across ads that offer to sell you a certain number of Facebook friends (or likes for your page).

This is something you can try, but there are risks involved. Some of these friends might end up de-friending you if they were manipulated into becoming your friend through some incentive. There’s even a chance of having your account deleted if Facebook finds that you’ve violated their TOS.

Overall, it’s better to make friends in a natural way. You never really know what tactics someone is using when you pay them for friends or likes. In all likelihood, these friends aren’t highly targeted and won’t do you much good anyway.

So how do you make friends in a natural and ethical way? Simply search for people who are interested in your main topic. While Facebook has a policy that you aren’t supposed to befriend people you don’t already know, this isn’t strictly enforced. Otherwise, you’d never be able to meet anyone new on Facebook!

Don’t be shy about sending out friend invitations. Some people will accept, others won’t. You don’t want to go crazy with this, however, as this is a red flag to Facebook that you’re a marketer. If you send out a few invitations per day you should be fine.

Tip 2: Set Up a Targeted Facebook Page

If you don’t already have a Facebook page, you should start one as soon as possible. You should add as much interesting content to your page as possible. This includes photos, videos and posts. You want people to find your page visually appealing from the moment they arrive.

Your next challenge is to get people to return to your page frequently. Additionally, you want them to share lots of your posts and content. This can bring more traffic to your page, as your “fans'” friends check out your page and hopefully “like” it.

It’s essential to be active with your Facebook page. You should post something relevant to your niche every day, or several times per day. Aim for content that’s eye-catching and potentially viral. Videos, photos and Memes are all good to grab people’s attention. Short posts consisting of catchy quotes or links to interesting sites are also useful.

Check out my Facebook page.

Tip 3: Use Facebook Buttons and Plugins

You can generate traffic from Facebook by taking advantage of the many tools that are available nowadays. You should place a Facebook Like Button on your site so that people can “like” your Facebook content while on your blog or website.

There are also Facebook buttons that allow your website visitors to share a certain page or post with their FB friends. You should check out all of Facebook’s social plugins and use them as much as possible:

It’s now quite easy to integrate all of your web properties, such as blogs, websites, Web 2.0 sites and social networking profiles. In other words, each of your sites, pages or profiles should have links to others. This helps you build traffic to all of your web properties.

Tip 4: Make the Most of Your Profile

Your Facebook profile is very important, whether it’s a personal profile or one for your page. Don’t just fill in one or two sentences, but give people a real idea of what you’re all about. You should seriously consider having a photo of yourself with your profile. Some people with businesses use a logo, but I don’t recommend this.

For smaller businesses, you want to connect with your audience in a personal way. People will feel better dealing with you if they know a bit about you. So show them some photos, and fill out your profile thoroughly. Even if your Facebook page is for a business, that doesn’t mean people won’t be curious about your hobbies, favorite music and movies and so on. All of this information shows people you are a real person and not just a corporate entity.

Tip 5: Don’t Over Promote

One mistake many beginners at social media marketing make is to inundate their friends, fans or followers with offers. This is not a good practice on Facebook or any social sites. People come to these sites mainly to socialize.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find great prospects for your business here, but it does mean you should tread carefully and not promote too aggressively. Placing affiliate links directly on Facebook, for example, is not recommended.

The best policy to follow is to combine casual, friendly posts, useful information and selling. In general, Facebook is better for getting leads than it is for direct selling. So you may want to focus on getting people on your mailing list first.

Facebook is One of the Best Places to Get Free Traffic

If you use it properly, you can leverage Facebook to gain lots of targeted traffic. Keep in mind that with any type of social site, it’s particularly important to build trust with your friends and fans. Give them a good reason to read and share your posts. Don’t just promote your offers, but maintain a friendly and helpful presence on Facebook.

Facebook gets bigger all the time, so it promises to become an even better source of traffic in the future. Once you reach a certain number of people, you’ll find that your influence spreads virally as other people share your content for you!


  1. says

    Hello Jasmine,

    I am impressed with your post. thats fact that facebook is one of the best site and populor also it. and Mostly people are using Facebook as we know that and even you can creat facebook page for our business. Well thanks alot for sharing nice information.

  2. Mahendra Chhimwal says

    Hello Jasmine
    Ya I am agree with you.Facebook is a great place from where you can get some awesome amount of traffic.As personally I struck most with FB respective of other like Twitter etc.So all the tips you shared are absolutely true and effective.Thanks for sharing these.
    Mahendra Chhimwal recently posted..Nimble Quest Free download for Android and iPhone

  3. says

    Hi Jasemine, Update your status regularly, and posts some links to your new posts, web pages or new links occasionally. Your niche posts should be in a 1:3 ratio to your “normal” status updates.

    Make sure there is a picture on the page you are linking to, because then you can select the picture to be shown in your status update as well.

    People will see your status updates on their homepage of Facebook when they look through the news and you will generate some nice click to your links this way.

    sara recently posted..The Mens Linen Suits Have Made Men Become Fashionable

  4. Mohideen says

    Facebook the right source for driving traffic for our blog which need to be more professional for readers to get engaged the points you have listed are most needed one thanks for sharing it Jasmine
    Mohideen recently posted..Stop Bad SEO On Time

  5. Brady Partridge says

    Facebook is something that I have yet to take real advantage of, simply because I hate social networking sites. I’d much rather post on a blog or a comment and interact with people that way. Nevertheless, if it has one billion users, as you claim (and I’m sure you’re not telling fibs), then I’m really going to have to make it a major part of my seo or be left in the dust by blogs that do.
    Brady Partridge recently posted..Sony XBR55HX950 3D LED TV

  6. says

    social networking specially facebook is a powerful medium to bring traffic. i started an account for business a year back now i have 4500 friends and when i made my brand page i asked all my contact and in 20 days i had almost 8000 likes. so it takes time but gives you free traffic which is beneficial

  7. soniya sharma says

    Hi This is very lovely post and very informative post. I know very well that Facebook is indeed one of the best way to get more traffic as an extra activity. Its also very good if we use in properly way. Well thanks for sharing with us..

  8. John Will says

    Hi Mitz!
    It’s All true. Facebook is one of the best ways to draw attention to your business – and it’s free to use! If you truly engage with your friends/fans in a way that is genuine, people will want to keep you as a friend. It’s good to post funny pictures or videos in between your promotional posts, too. Friends of your friends will see that they have “liked” something you posted and this may entice them to add you.

  9. says

    I think FB has become even more severe when you try to ask a friend, today I tried to ask for friendship, but the third request message appears a window saying to request friendship only to people you know. For fear of being banned I suspended my action but I wonder how many times you can request friendship in a day without the risk of being banned?

  10. says

    What I feel is that Social Media should be the integral part of your SEO process. I mean search engine optimization is incomplete without being active on social media.

    • John Will says

      Yeah you are right.Its really is.I am actually using it to bring traffic to my blog.The facebook is now at present one of the biggest traffic sources.First you make a fanpage and then you make many like and then you just have to put a link on your fb page and then you can see that you will surely get very high traffic.

  11. Naveen says

    Another tip to get free traffic from facebook is you can also like major company facebook pages relates to yours and in return you can post something on it and build traffic through backlinks. ( Be sure to read the fb page before posting)

    • John says

      Yeah santosh you are right.I agree with you.I am also using facebook but i am not realy just stucked to facebook,i also use other websites like digg and especialy twitter.
      John recently posted..Live Cricket Streaming

  12. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    I think any social media would be a right place for gaining traffic. Nice article. Thankyou for sharing it.

  13. Bryan Ring says

    Thanks Jasmine! Facebook is a true traffic getter. The real fact is(to me)your post is a blue print on how to get readers & followers from most social outlets. Website or blog traffic is one thing, but to keep that traffic on your pages takes technique and patience.
    There are tons of free ways to get true traffic from other outlets as well, such as: Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Craigslist(I know)…even forums relating to your niche or blog, in my case especially.
    Over posting can definitely ruin your brand or chase away followers, so of course I agree. But most of all, you must be consistent.
    Bryan Ring recently posted..Lawn Care Website Traffic

  14. Sameer says

    I normally see many people promoting their Facebook pages by offering them with several reward points, which in my view is completely irrelevant. One will become the member of Facebook page if and only if he/she find something interesting and relevant to their interests.
    Sameer recently posted..How Will The World End

    • John Will says

      Yeah you are completely right.I also have the same view and it really works.I am using the facebook page to gain my traffic.I just made a page about the people’s most relevant topic and then i just attracted the people to my page.They get to my page and lieked it and whenever i put link on my facebook page they got attracted because they are real genuine people which all have the same interest.

  15. Hydrangea says

    The last point is important; I feel that too many brands, organizations and business try too hard on Facebook, especially when it comes to selling. They end up spamming the walls of their followers with too many tweets all at once, for instance, all of which are too ‘sales-pitchy’. The best strategy is to be just another social media user, be one of your customers. Schedule your updates. Dont shove your products into your followers’ faces. And above all, schedule your tweets (buffer is your friend here!). Just my 2 cents.

  16. says

    You must be active on Facebook profile by posting some thing new on your profile, every one who is in you profile must realize that you are active and always shares some valuable information with them. This act will also create a trust on your profile.

    Your facebook profile or page must be arranged in good manner, here you profile is the reflection of your business. Never ignore any thing on your profile which is totally against your theme.

    If you need some quick result, you can go with Facebook Ads also. These ads will definitely help you a great to get visitors and business.
    Jaquelin recently posted..Advanced Biofuels Investment Readiness Grants

  17. Maja says

    To get traffic from the facebook first of all we should know the strategies of online markting. Off course Facebook is reserviore of traffic but one should follow the above mentioned techniques
    Maja recently posted..Massage at Hair Salons

  18. Rob says

    Hi Jasmine,

    I never really know what to do with Social Media sites. How to use them for my business growth.
    You have pointed out some good tips I can use right now that will be very useful!
    I think that you are right for the profile. Profile is always the best even for a blog site or website. People tend to over look at the profile/about me page.

    Thanks for the tips and have a nice day.
    Rob recently posted..9 Effective Tips on Creating a Blog Website

  19. Javi says

    The last point is important; I feel that too many brands, organizations and business try too hard on Facebook, especially when it comes to selling. They end up spamming the walls of their followers with too many tweets all at once, for instance, all of which are too ‘sales-pitchy’. The best strategy is to be just another social media user, be one of your customers. Schedule your updates. Dont shove your products into your followers’ faces. And above all, schedule your tweets (buffer is your friend here!). Just my 2 cents.
    Javi recently posted..Adding Images and Videos on Your Blog – A List of Best Practices to Follow

  20. says

    All true. Facebook is one of the best ways to draw attention to your business – and it’s free to use! If you truly engage with your friends/fans in a way that is genuine, people will want to keep you as a friend. It’s good to post funny pictures or videos in between your promotional posts, too. Friends of your friends will see that they have “liked” something you posted and this may entice them to add you.

    • Jasmine says

      Yes, Facebook is indeed free… mostly. Until you want to get likes more quickly, you may then have to spend a little to advertise. Anyway, Facebook is a great place to hangout and have fun, as well as to promote a business.

      Good stuff!
      Jasmine recently posted..IX Web Hosting Review 2012

  21. Jimi Ellis says

    Thanks Jasmine,
    It’s becoming tougher to add friends on Facebook in my view, other than giving a link on your website to join. The hurdles are that asking unknown friends as you say is risky and many have reported me as unknown therefore i get my hands slapped by Facebook (after Facebook suggesting them in the first place!). Also because of heavy advertising these days, people are selective to what they see on their wall. One last point, please explain how the Facebook Ad promo works, is it a bidding system where you are confined to a budget, not good if you have limited finances, or have i got it all wrong?
    Jimi Ellis recently posted..Black bears being held captive

    • Jasmine says

      Oh, I think advertising on Facebook is cheaper compared to AdWords, eh?

      Anyway, yes, you set a budget… ie, how much you want to spend per day. Then, you can choose either CPM (pay for impressions) or CPC (pay for clicks), and you put your bid, for example $0.30 per click.

      Pretty cool eh? :)
      Jasmine recently posted..IX Web Hosting Review 2012

  22. says

    Facebook has made some changes and now 15% of your visitors will only see your posts made by your Facebook business page. 1/2 Months ago you were able to reach 80% of your fans.

    Facebook will be offering this by the option Promote which is new lately, only big company’s will be able to keep their Facebook ranked above the others.

  23. says

    This is a great article. However, i would advice one to find other methods of getting free traffic. Facebook traffic is so fickle, at best, and convert terribly, at worst. Personally, i would advice one to focus on other method of traffic generation.

    However, if one must use facebook traffic, then this article would be a very good guide.
    Steven Jude recently posted..Work At Home Business Opportunity: Why Invest In A Home Business? + Gestational Diabetes: At The Time Of Pregnancy

  24. Aasma says

    Hey Jasmine another great post.

    However, You should know the difference between several posts in a day and over promotion. If you share useful, informative and interesting posts many times in a day then nobody going to complaint about it. However if you keep promoting your one offer and deal continuously then nobody going to tolerate this. So be careful about sharing any content on social networking sites.
    Aasma recently posted..Online Mobile Recharge Software Developers

  25. noman says

    Like allways u have very important ,and very useful stuff to show.Thx for your expertize,and for all u to help other ppl.Facebook is a really source to get traffic but more important is to transform all the trafic in real MONEY (this is what we want, is int ?) thank you for sharing
    noman recently posted..Apple and HTC reach global legal settlement

  26. Rashi Chakra says

    Hi jasmine, thank you very much for such valuable information, i request you to provide more information about twitter and getting fan from twitter as i have lots of connection on twitter than facebook

  27. Nestor Flores says

    While the general opinion of FaceBook is all so wonderful, I just don’t get it. I much rather focus on SEO campaigns rather than posting and chatting on FB. Call me anti-social but I really don’t like it. Actually, I do like to socialize, just not so much with people that hang out all day on FB.
    Nestor Flores recently posted..Cool Photos • Re: Avatar 90×90

    • Jasmine says

      I am all for SEO too. In fact, your website will not go far if your don’t do any SEO. But just do not ignore social media sites such as Facebook and Google+. Remember, Google is placing higher importance on social media presence these days when they are ranking your website and pages.
      Jasmine recently posted..Web hosting companies which accept PayPal

  28. mobilewix says

    Social networking is one good place to promote your blog and here you have delivered all important and needed information about how to do it perfectly. not all are able to get the best out come through facebook because they don’t have enough stuff about it. but for sure from your article everyone is going to get maximum focus. thanks.
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