Top 10 Firefox Add-ons to Get Blogging Done

Bloggers spend many hours weekly working in their browsers. Your time is eaten up by trivial aspects of collecting data, assembling it, and writing your blog. This is the time to reassess the tools you have assembled in Firefox to ease your burden. If you haven’t yet considered your Firefox add-ons for blogging, now is the time.

WebRank – is one of many ranking add-ons that you as a blogger should choose between. Webrank is sleeker than SEO Quake and has a more modern feel. SEO Quake is most commonly used for finding out if a link is dofollow or nofollow.

Speed Dial – is my number one choice for blogging tools and number two for general Firefox tools (read further for number one). It’s like a visual bookmarking program, but that description doesn’t do justice to it. This is the fastest, surest way I know to organize and access those sites I use so often that I just don’t ever want to dig through layers and lists of bookmarks in the normal way. Speed Dial is the way to find it immediately and without hassles. It’s all visual.

Auto Copy – automatically copies into memory whatever you highlight. Then you can double-middle-click to paste it. However, this only works within the contents of the page, not in the url address bar, as I found out today. If you are a true blogger then you won’t be able to live without this tiny tool.

Firebug – gives you a programmer’s view of the page. You get a hierarchy of code and as you move your mouse over parts of the code parts of the page light up. Whenever anything goes wrong with your coding Firebug is the place to turn.

LinkChecker – This is a simple status icon add-on that verifies links on a page. With a large blog you should use a WordPress plug-in for this, but the nice thing about this add-on is that you can check the links on any page you are looking at in the browser, whereas a WordPress plug-in would allow you only to verify links in a post associated with your blog.

KGen – With the significance of keywords in blogging you cannot miss out on such an extremely practical tool as KGen. It will analyze any page for keywords and present the stats in a straight forward fashion. On top of that you can export the data to a csv file, which of course can be imported to a spreadsheet program or into a database.

Morning Coffee – when you have a set of sites you visit daily you need Morning Coffee. It allows you to set up any number of tabs for every day, every weekday, every weekend, M-W-F, or T-R. The add-on is a huge convenience if you start your blogging early and visit the same resources daily or on certain days each week.

Scrapbook – saves whatever page you are looking at, as is. The page is then available for offline reading. If you have captured the links to any depth of pages you can then traverse links as if they were online, to that depth. Scrapbook is my number one general Firefox tool.

ScribeFire – When you work at blogging and do not want to waste your time this add-on is a necessity. It takes up part of the browser window and gives you access to a blogging interface with each your blogs accessible and every post for that blog at your fingertips. Blog and browse in one interface – Firefox.

WordPress Helper – This is a status bar icon with a quick menu access to all of your WordPress blogs. You can launch any function that is normally available in the admin panel with one click, regardless of where you are on the Internet.

Ajeet Khurana is the tech guest blogger today. Check out two of his blogs to read more of his writing: TechnoTropis and TechnoZeast.


  1. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Thanks for sharing these firefox add-ons with us and these add-ons surely help us in blogging. I really like the first two add-ons you mentioned but surely installed all these add-ons.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 10000

  2. says

    Hi Mitz!
    Thanks for sharing your suggestions for our firefox add-on tool box. I have run into Scrapbook again in the past and this was a great reminder I should start using it.

  3. Mat says

    Hi Mitz!

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions for our firefox add-on tool box. I have run into Scrapbook again in the past and this was a great reminder I should start using it.

    I would like to add the “Rank Checker” add-on for Firefox which is Free and it can be downloaded at the SEOBOOK website.

    Offers a great platform to check your rankings for multiple keywords at once for various countries.

  4. harrysom says

    A geate list of good add ons for will help to do a comment in follow no follow add on tell us where we should do a comment or not.speed dial,webcopy etc are a good add ons.
    harrysom recently posted..Detox Pro

    • mitz says

      Hi Noel
      I tried the auto copy one and did not like it.. It was copying things that I did not want it to ..And to tell the truth I forgot I had it there and thought the browser was malfunctioning! LOL Short term memory loss…:)

  5. Keira says

    I am looking for add-ons that will help me in my blog but I don’t have any idea what to use…This can help…Thanks!!

  6. Satrap says

    Hey Ajeet,

    Great list. I have SEOBook and its juts fantastic, It does so many thing from page rank, Alexa rank, domain age to nofollow, backlink count and lots of other seo related tools. Unfortunately its not compatible with the latest version of FF and I am looking for something to replace it. I did try SEO Quake and SearchStatus, but they didn’t work either. I am going to give WebRank a try, hopefully it will work.

    love the Morning Coffee. Seems like a great tool for increasing productivity. Thanks for the list.
    Satrap recently posted..Ways To Make Money Online

  7. harris says

    Hi Mitz, how are you doing?

    The plugins you mention are all useful, just like the thousands other firefox plugins out there. I have been using firefox for the last 3 years and I’m very happy with it. Its only drawback however is that it consumes a LOT or memory. One firefox process instance consumes around 90MB from RAM. Thats a LOT!!!
    They say Chrome is lighter on RAM, but have not tested that.
    harris recently posted..The latest spamming trends are using cloud services

    • mitz says

      Hi there Harris…
      I know what you mean…But I like to disable the Firefox addons when I am not researching…I only enable them when I want to use them…

    • mitz says

      Hi Harris
      I have a question for you.. I sell alot of Spotmau software and I wanted to work directly with an affiliate manager. I have contacted them through two different avenues and have had no response. I have actually had offers from other software companies and now I am thinking about jumping ship. Do you have any personal contact with an affiliate manager at Spotmau? If you do, how did you contact them?

  8. Dashing says

    Great adons i was just using firebug and you give me 4 other outstanding ad ons. Thank you so much Mitz for sharing them you make my work more easy.

  9. Shivam Garg says

    Hi MITZ,
    this is really very good and informative article. This is really helpful for the neophytes in blogging. Well thanks for the information.
    Shivam Garg recently posted..Bootstrap Coupon

  10. Priya says

    I’m a big fan of firefox and don’t think about other browsers. I’ve been using few of these add-ons already like “WebRank”, “SEO Quake” and “Firebug” but rest all are new for me. But you mentioned how important these add-ons are so I’m now going to install them. BTW it’s my first visit on this blog and really like your blog.
    Priya recently posted..Goa Holiday Packages

  11. Azhar says

    The introduction of these plug-ins will help the users of FireFox to understand it more. I am user of FireFox but never explored its add-ons.Thanks for sharing these plug-ins.

  12. Vesper says

    Nice collections of plugins. Looks like speed dial is interesting. I just started blogging and I’m still learning about plugins that are useful for blogging. Good thing I found your post and you have a really nice list. I’m having troubles with some of my plugins with the latest version of firefox. But I think they are working on it already.
    Vesper recently posted..Contractor Falls Head First Onto Concrete Pit

  13. Ann says

    Hi Mitz,
    As a novice blogger, your Firefox Plug-in information was understandable and detailed. I too, loved the Scrapbook plug-in. It will save me lost of backtracking hair pulling time!! I’ll definitely be visiting often!
    Thank you for sharing the upgrade info, as well.
    Ann recently posted..Does Credit Counseling Hurt Your Credit

  14. Carla says

    Great list of add-ons, those are really helpful for any blogger. I think I’ll try Web Ranking I’ve been searching for something like this and from the describe you shared it suits perfectly for my requirements.
    Carla recently posted..Volvo XC90 Facelift

  15. Mel Lifshitz says

    you can also add on your list Zemanta. very helpful especially if you run out of ideas while writing a specific topic on your blog.

  16. Zhyra Bonete says

    After reading your article I reassessed my tools and started Firefox add-ons for blogging. And it needs compatibility in my Firefox.
    Zhyra Bonete recently posted..Rifle parts

    • mitz says

      This is one problem with Firefox…It updates so often the plugin developers cannot keep up… If anyone is interested..most if not all of these plugins are available for Google chrome..

  17. Barry Wheeler says

    A great list of resources for Firefox. Have you tried all of these in Firefox 6? I’ve recently upgraded and have found some of the normal plug-ins I’ve used are no longer working unless I install the compatibility addon.
    Barry Wheeler recently posted..Social Media is a Fad Right?

  18. Dave says

    Great list – would like to see a similar list for Chome. I like the NoFollow add on to see if links are Do follow or not. What else do Chrome users like?

    • mitz says

      Chrome has most of these available and more…Chrome is set to take Firefoxs place very soon…Chrome is kicking butt..I might have to start using it.. runs on the Genesis Framework

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