Top Ten Tips for Making the Most out of your Old Posts

One of the many benefits of owning a somewhat aged blog is that you’re likely to have amassed quite a collection of posts. While many bloggers fail to take advantage of their archives, it’s actually surprisingly easy to keep old content, shiny and new. Here are ten simple tips for keeping the cobwebs out of your archives.

Revamp Your Categories

If you want to encourage visitors to read your old posts, effective categorisation is essential. Come up with as many descriptive categories as you can think of and assign each post to one or more categories. Include links to all categories along the side of your homepage but always stick to your sidebar etiquette. Avoid categorising your posts according to the date when they were written, your readers are unlikely to care.

Include an Effective Search Function

Regardless of how good of a writer you consider yourself to be, it’s important to accept that most visitors to your blog are looking for specific information. If you want them to actually find it, an effective search function is essential. Quality archives aren’t worth much if your readers can’t find the specific posts that they’re looking for.

Install a Popular Post Plug-in

If you’re going to direct traffic to your archives, the best posts to highlight are obviously going to be those that have proven the most popular in the past. This can be achieved pretty effortlessly by simply installing one of WordPresses many popular post plug-ins. Such plug-ins simply select your archives most popular posts and display links to them in your blogs sidebar.

Interlink Your Old Posts WordPress

Every time you write a new post, try to link to at least two old posts. Provided you spend most of your time blogging about the same topics, it shouldn’t be difficult to find relevant posts to link to. Use clearly marked textual links i.e. underlined text. Linking to old posts will not only ensure that more people read them, over time, it should greatly reduce your blogs bounce rate.

This is important to help with SEO also and is called internal linking. But not many mention that you should go back to the old posts in WordPress and add more links on them. This weaves them in with the newer related content.

Revamp the Titles

The title of a post is arguably its most important sentence. The title can make or break a post, and at times, it can even be the reason that a post goes viral. Coming up with excellent titles takes patience, it also takes a certain amount of creativity. Unfortunately, even the best bloggers aren’t creative twenty fours a day. Get into the habit of regularly brainstorming new title ideas for your old posts.

Remove/Update Inaccurate Information

Depending on your niche, chances are that as time passes, previously accurate information can become outdated and inaccurate. Take a look through your old post titles and try to determine where inaccuracies might have crept in. Updating old posts in this fashion doesn’t take long but it can make the difference between old content that’s valuable and old content that questions your credibility.

Improve Readability

If you feel that your standard of writing has increased over time, take a look back through your old posts and try to improve them.

  • Break up big blocks of text.

  • Convert regular posts into lists.

  • Add sub headings and/or bullet points.

  • Find and correct any and all spelling mistakes/typos.

Add Photos

Most experts suggest including at least one photo in every post you publish. Photos make posts look more attractive, they can also greatly reduce bounce rates. If you’ve failed to include photos in your old posts, take the time to slowly incorporate them. Choose attention grabbing, stylish photos that are relevant to each posts subject matter.

Write “Best Of” Posts

If you frequently post about the same topics, writing a “Best Of” post can be an excellent way to direct traffic to your archives. For example, if you own a blog about cats, you might write a post titled “Five Best Posts About Kitten Training”. The idea is to simply group together your best posts about individual topics, thus making them easier to browse.

Write Follow Up Posts

Finally, if you really want to draw attention to an old post, the easiest way of doing so is to write a follow up. Use your blogs traffic statistics to determine which of your past posts were the most popular. Provided you feel that you can say more on the subject, writing a follow up can prove highly beneficial. After all, you’ll be giving your readers more of what they like.

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  1. Sigal Zoldan says

    Thank you for this post Mitz. I was wondering if you can elaborate on “Effective Search Function”. Are there search buttons that are not effective? I have a search button on my blog, but I do not know how to make it effective. If you have a blog that that speaks specifically about that I’d love to read it.
    Thanks. I must say that I am very impressed by the content you are sharing, very rich and valuable.

    Thanks you :-)
    Sigal Zoldan.
    Holistic Healing
    Sigal Zoldan recently posted..How To Program Your Mind To Solve Your Problems While Sleeping

    • mitz says

      Hi Sigal
      An effective search function:
      –actually works and delivers the best results (I would choose Google search over WordPress)
      –does not distract from content but is there available for your visitor easy to find
      –has a clear search button..not one that just requires pressing enter

      (Google adsense search function delivers fantastic results and has suggestions for spelling etc… WordPress brings up junk and if you don’t spell it right you can’t find it.
      mitz recently posted..How To Blog – 79 Ultimate Blogging Tips and Counting

  2. says

    Yes, I agree with that. I always add an interesting photo with a large size on my old post, and the results are very helpful for my old post be better and greatly reduce the bounce rate of my blog.
    Riki recently posted..Graco Car Seats

  3. says

    Great article! I actually think making a compilation of your ‘Best of’ posts is ideal when you want to make the most out of your older posts. You may not call it recycling, but revamping. A little touch up will also go a long way, especially if you are aware that some of your older posts have inaccurate information in it.

  4. Calra says

    It’s not necessarily termed recycling when you decide to make the most and the best out of your older blog posts. Let’s call it reliving, or revamping.Like giving a new life to an otherwise dull post.

  5. Calra says

    I am impressed with yoour article, sincerely. And speaking of social networking s ites, yes I agree that they are all about people. So when you try to sell something like marketing conten, be sure that it should talk about your audience, not about you.

  6. says

    I like the idea of reminding readers about your previous posts or the old ones. It can be quite useful for your new readers as well as for the old ones. Installing a plugin that will show the most popular posts, or the ones that are connected with the one that site visitors are reading, or the old posts can be quite effective

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Catchy Facebook Pages of Top World-Known Brands

  7. says

    Old posts are indeed treasures!! But many of us gets the feeling of what to do, with such posts. You have surely provided with the greatest of the ways for improvising the old posts. Revamping the categories will surely give a new breath to the old posts. Thanks for the share.

  8. Emilia says

    Thanks for sharing great tips and information. It’s like doing repairs and recycling. Updating and doing some changes may get your old posts readable again to new set of readers or audience. Really useful post.

  9. says

    You have no idea how happy I am that I read your post! I was reading all my posts just the other day and was thinking what to do with them. I know now what to do with them and I have you to thank. :)

  10. says

    Thanks! The article sound interesting and provided many useful inputs will surely make use of these tips and advices. I loved your point of installing a popular post plug-in and revamping the titles. Excellent analysis done by you, mitz!

    • mitz says

      For a Newbie blogger: If it is ranking high then you really do not need to touch it…when it starts to drop down in rankings you can try a few changes like refreshing the content and so on. If you are an experienced blogger: you would optimize that post before it drops to concrete the position. once you have done this kind of thing a few times and seen some positive results it makes you enthusiastic to do other posts too.. :)

  11. says

    Greta analysis, and i found something which i didn’t know about. One interesting things about Bloglines numbers.. I think they’re skewed towards a blog’s age. If a blog was popular before Google Reader they’ll have more Bloglines subscribers.

  12. Mohiy says

    you are right every one in this world is get attracted by freebies and by doing this we are recycling our old articles. :) :)

  13. Yasir Khan says

    I absolutely agree with this sentence “The title of a post is arguably its most important sentence” because in order to draw the attention of the target audience and visitors you have to have a catchy headline, something that is worth interesting to know and of course compelling.

  14. aman says

    These tips really help me a lot.I never thought to revamp my old post but from now onwards i will do it.

  15. says

    thanks for these tips. I like to do follow up posts, so my readers get up to date information and see the development things went under. I am struggling a little with the interlinking part, but I agree, that this is a good method to get traffic to those older posts as well.
    Anna recently posted..Badschnellheizer

  16. says

    Thanks for the tricks. I always link from newer articles to older but also the other way around: If I write a new port on a topic that has been covered I go back to the old article and remember to make a link to the newest.Interlinking both ways will give the reader a better experience and will promote all the content of my sige.

  17. Jane says

    Interlinking is crucial for attracting attention to older posts. And adding plugins that will show relative older articles is also effective.

  18. David says

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