18 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Blog into A Million Dollar Business

It all starts with what seems to be a fairy tale, but a true one, about how normal people are literally turning ordinary blogs into million dollar businesses. They are making money while they sleep, not just getting paid by the hour, but earning income any time of the day or night.

Some of you might be skeptics, while others are already on this road to freedom, but either way, hold on to your hats to see 18 ways to get there.

1. Employ WordPress First Up

If your aim to turn your ordinary blog into a million-dollar business, you need to get your priorities straight from the beginning. Do you really want to muck around with Web design, when WordPress has it all packaged for you, and all you have to do is work on your business.

WordPress is by far the best content management system to choose when you are building a website from scratch. Just ask any Problogger.

2. Get Hosted For Real

Building a million dollar business does not get hosted on a free hosting site or free blog site. Get real here guys. Looking around for free website hosting is just saying that you have no confidence about your business making money from the outset.

Take a positive step and buy reliable web hosting for your business. It does not cost the earth, (actually about $4.95 a month) and you can be in total control.

I have been building websites for years and always highly recommend Hostgator for the best and most reliable web hosting. People say to me, ‘but aren’t you biased towards hostgator?” Well yes I am. I have tried other hosting companies and they are the best. You do not need to take my word for it though, as the world is voting on its own. Hostgator is now considered one of the top 5 Web hosting companies in the world.

3. Get a Great Theme

I have already stated that you should use WordPress to build a million dollar business but the theme is also very important!

Obviously paid themes look far more professional and save you loads of time, but free themes are ok too!

When choosing a WordPress Theme, investigate the SEO features behind the scenes and also the conversion rates. I know this sounds silly but I have had themes that convert better than others. The best I have had so far is the Socrates WordPress theme. I love the conversions on this theme but I do not like to complete look of it.

4. Put Your Name to Your Blog

Be proud and accountable for what you are creating from the beginning. I see some people neglecting to add an about me page or even a contact page! Ouch! This is a website crime as far as I’m concerned!

When I see this kind of website I immediately wonder if they are hiding something.

Be proud of the blog you have made and show it to your visitors. Be proud of the content you provide and stand by your blog.

5. Nothing but the Best Content

When you are new to creating websites (or blogs) you are never really sure about the content you are supposed to be delivering. What is quality content after all?

There are many ingredients to add to an article to create quality content but the real judge will be the human visitors. Sure you can research your competition and try and create better content than them, but in the end still be the human’s choice.

Therefore quality content must be something that make sure human visitor happy.

6. Content Thicker Than Water

Keep everything related! Make sure your targeted anchor links and eye catching titles all directly relate to the content on the page. If all of your content and promotions is not centered on your main topic then you are just watering down the power of your blog!
Make sure you know why people visit your blog and give that to them. Don’t stray from your subject because you think the grass is greener on the other side. It never is.
Watering down your topic brings fewer conversions and takes you further away from the million dollar business you desire.

7. Over Deliver Over and Over

When you think you have created great content, spend another hour checking it over and adding your personal touches. “An hour?” you say. Yes, I know we all have time limitations, however investing this time in your content will make sure you over deliver.

8. Harness Your Passion

If you can build an ordinary blog about something you love, then it will be 80% easier to turn it into a million-dollar business, if your Passion is driving you. Does this sound right to you?

Well let me tell you that I have websites that I have a passion for and they are my biggest money earners by far. It is simply a choir for me to work on something I do not care for when I have a choice to play with passion. There is no competition here.

The only thing is, I only hope you haven’t got a passion for something really weird that no one is searching for in Google?

9. Stand Out From the Crowd

Are you a follower or a leader because followers blend in too much, while leaders stand out naturally?

If you are a follower you need to take leadership lessons as the buck will stop at you.

You will be the content creator, the decision maker, and the money earner.

Showing your real personality will also make you stand out in the crowd as people are highly intrigued by individuality.

10. Be Cool About Selling

You must be cool about the way you sell products and advertising on your blog. You might think that the more ads you have and the more affiliate links you have, the more money you make. This is not true.

Making money through blogging has no luck involved and is a skill that you need to develop. New affiliate marketers often run into monetizing their blogs like a bull at a gate and scare off potential followers with their pushy tactics.

11. Choose Who and What You Promote

Do not just create links on your blog for what you will get in return. Promote people and products because they are genuinely great!

Test, experience and research everything you endorse. This includes every outgoing link on your blog.

You are the leader/owner of this blog and you are responsible for leading your web visitor through this link. You cannot back down later and denote a product or person after you have already recommended it to your readers.

The absolute best way to turn your blog into a million dollar business is to create your own products, especially if you are seen to be an expert in your field.

12.  Step Out Your Door

Go out onto the internet and share your blog, talk about your blog, and link back. Be available and get involved with other bloggers in your niche.

Staying inside your blog like a hermit will only let your business grow so far. It will hit a brick wall and become stagnant.

13.  Update Regularly

No one likes a dead blog and this includes both humans and search engines. It is a proven fact that posting more frequently brings in more traffic and sets your blog up with a buzzing vibe.

Yes this takes hard work but who ever said it was easy to build a million-dollar website business?

If you are serious about turning your ordinary blog into a million-dollar business, you better get prepared for some seriously hard work!

Post fresh quality content with a goal included, promote it, share it, reply to comments, tweak it, promote it again. Yes this is just for one fantastic article on your blog. But if you think this is a waste of time then your content must not be worth the effort!

14.  Tweak and Test

You cannot be an expert from the start, so if you are serious about building a million dollar business out of your ordinary blog, you will need to do a lot of tweaking and testing.

This includes tweaking ordinary pages and posts on your blog to enhance them for the best outcome. For example, you might have had a few sales from one particular article. There is always the chance that you could make a few more sales on a regular basis if you invested the time to tweak and gauge the progress of such content like this.

15. Revamp the Gold

Tweaking and testing helps me revamp the valuable content on my website.

Neglecting to revamp content is one reason why so many blogs just simply stay as ordinary blogs. They do not see the value in the content that they already have.

Here is an example. I wrote an article about 5 years ago. I saw that it was getting a few visits every day, so I revamped the content and freshened it up. More traffic came.

After about a year I decided to see what keywords it ranked for and to optimize my content for them. I did and the traffic exploded.

I began to promote that ONE article as if it was an entire website and more traffic came.

Today, 5 years later I can make $400 plus a month from Adsense off this one post and up to $1000 in affiliate sales.

If I did not notice that this content had potential in the first place I would have been missing out on some major money over the years.

To maintain my income from this ONE post amongst an 800 or so page website, I revamp the content at least twice a year. This technique alone helps me dominate the Google search results.

16. Get a Goal

Never publish content without a goal in mind as it is a serious waste of time.

Here are some examples of Goals:

  • You want the customer to buy through your link.
  • You want the reader to sign up to your list.
  • You want the reader to download your Ebook.
  • You want the visitor to go to another page on your blog.

The question is, “What do you want your visitor to do?” You should ask yourself this question for every page and post on your blog.
The next question is, “Are you pointing your visitor in the direction of your goal?”
Then when you have a goal it is well worth promoting that content.


17.  Add To Your Snowball Every Day

I like to think of my business as a snowball that just gets bigger and bigger every day. I might not see the changes today, but every now and then I see massive changes when my snowball is rolling.

To add to my snow ball I create content for my blog and publish it, promote it, and then finally maintain it. That sounds simple but it is a big job as quality content can take hours, promoting can take days, and maintaining can take up years.

But I am here building a snow ball, one word at a time, one link at a time, and one day at a time. The key here is to keep adding to your snowball.

18. Just Be Honest

Other bloggers talk about gaining your website visitors trust but can’t we just be honest instead? If you are honest and truthful, won’t people learn to trust you anyway?

This is the way I have decided to run my business and it works for me.

Who else thinks that gaining peoples trust can be as easy as being honest?

Building a million dollar blog is in reach of anyone who dares to take action and add certain qualities to their blog. Bloggers that succeed in creating a valuable piece of virtual real estate are the ones that never say never! They are the CAN DO people!

When All is Said and Done?

Always believe that you can do this and that YOU can turn your ordinary blog into a million dollar business. Those people who have succeeded with their websites and blogs are just ordinary people, just like you and I.


  1. Stephano says

    I like your Revamp the Gold tip. I hadn’t thought about really milking the pages that are working and making those pages the focus of my efforts. I can see the wisdom in it though. You have given me a lot of food for thought here.
    Stephano recently posted..l’acqua ASEA e l’acqua alcalina?

    • mitz says

      This is exactly how I make money.. Produce content and see if it works. When it is proven I work on it and make more money from it for years to come.. :) It is easier when you know that a page CAN make money. You know that your time is well spent then.

  2. says

    Hey Mitz !
    Nice ways. Update regularly is one of the most important aspect. World is changing in seconds. so, regularity in updating is very important. Moreover, “Just be honest” is seriously fabulous tip.
    Thanks for so nice tips.
    Matt Kennedy
    Matt Kennedy recently posted..Win GHDs for 1p at Fancy Bingo

    • mitz says

      Thanks Matt
      Glad you like the “just be honest” tip. It is often the simple things that really make the biggest impact. :)

  3. says

    Add to your snowball everyday…LOVE THAT! It is a daily add isn’t it. I’m getting my goals aligned for this first quarter as I start about 2 new sites, one of which is by accident. I’m slowly working it and am taking my time with the monetizing part. I am slowly making some money and all I’m doing is just, like you said, add to the snowball for the long term while I take care of the short term daily goals. Thanks again Mitz!
    D. Dixon recently posted..As AdBrite Dies, What Are Other Active Google AdSense Alternatives?

  4. says

    Hi Mitz! thanks for sharing this tips. Harnessing the passion is necessary for you to be able to give quality contents for your blog and make it appealing to the possible clients. The steps are awesome and I believe that this is really effective!

  5. Nina Corales says

    Content is very important in turning a simple blog to a million dollar business. Keep in mind that people search the internet for information, so make sure that you provide them the info that they need so they will come back to your site.
    Nina Corales recently posted..Subdivision

  6. Cristian Stan says

    Personally, I find it very important to start working with your passion than to start it out of purpose like for example just to earn money. Using your passion towards everything you do is necessary for you to maintain that drive in order for you to achieve your ultimate goal in life. Anyway, being practical can’t really make you totally happy.
    Cristian Stan recently posted..Best Baby Carrier

  7. Elaine Salt says

    Putting your name in your blog with a picture makes your blog look more credible and authoritative. Readers would love to know that the author of the post they are reading is a real person and she is not hiding her identity.

  8. Nina Corales says

    Hi Mitz! Thanks fr sharing these tips. Blogging about a thing or hobby you are passionate of is helpful in grasping unique ideas. I also agree that stepping outside the virtual world and immersing yourself in an actual community could help you learn more things and generate more new thoughts that you can share to you readers.

  9. Italia Asea says

    I love your list! One of my issues I think is I have troubles picking a good theme though. I feel like I have tried so many through themeforest and woothemes and genesis and clickbump and wpcandy – and yet I am not really happy with any of my sites. I always wish the site looked better.

    Also – I don’t do ENOUGH. My content is tight and focused enough, my posting schedule is too erratic! About the only thing on your list I think I do right is to start with WORDPRESS!

    At this rate, I am on my way to be a one-dollar-business 😀
    Italia Asea recently posted..L’ASEA una truffa? Provala in persona!

    • Mitz says

      Wow you have tried more themes than me.. lol.. I have tried too many also and realized that this was just wasting my time. I just want to build great websites and make the content the best!

  10. Josh says

    While the title seems a little exaggerated, these are definitely some great tips that outline the fundamentals of starting any online business. we’ve implemented many of these tactics while designing our new iPad case website.
    Josh recently posted..Will this Badass iPad robot need a case?

  11. Siddhi says

    For monetizing your blog and getting good amount of traffic so that you can make big bucks is hard but its possible. I myself been into blogging since 3 years and earning couple of thousands dollars but I cant say that i will be able to earn a million dollars from my blog. Thought this is a great blog and keep on sharing.
    Siddhi recently posted..SEOmoz launching MozCast to Automate Google Update Notification

  12. linda says

    Really an useful post Mitz….every blogger would love reading this article and i personally had a good read and gained more knowledge about Blogging ..perfect guide for all the blogging people especially for Beginnners

  13. SUYOG says

    Nice article..
    Previously i have referred the “What Makes Web Sites Credible? A Report on a Large Quantitative Study” it was also totally based on this topic. I loved it. And now this post i enjoyed it. And will check your blogs regularly. I m big fan of your’s. I love the way of representation data its really graspable….

  14. says

    thaks a lot Mitz for posting useful content. My dream is turning my blog into money machine and honestly i’ve got many great insights from this posting. To make your blog into a million dollar bussine you must manage your blog excellent in onpage and offpage..beside that make sure that you make post for human not for robot.

    the golden rule to make your blog into a million dollar bussines is by provide very useful information for the people who need it..thanks for sharing Mitz :)
    Jersey Bola recently posted..Jual Jersey Manchester United 2013 Terbaru

  15. Nawaz says

    Along with technical skills, a lot of patience is required for online income.Dedication is another to boost your skills on this route.

  16. Arnold says

    The most important thing for a million dollar blog in my opinion is quality and unique content.Also, helps your design and your theme.You must offer value to your readers in order to come back to your site.Besides these, it is necessary to share your article with socials media and bring the information to many people.
    Arnold recently posted..The top 5 workouts for abs.The secrets to get flat abs.

  17. Glen says


    You’re so right on having a goal in mind in starting a blog and writing content. Not everyone has that ability to focus on one thing or niche or goal alone.

  18. Faissal Alhaithami says

    Building a blog is lots of fun. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you could learn so many things and improve your blogging strategy. Of course, being honest is one of the most important skills of a professional blogger.

    Thanks for all these wonderful tips.
    Faissal Alhaithami recently posted..First 5 Steps to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

  19. Nancy Grace says

    Hi, I’ve read your blog post regarding make a blog into million dollar business. but when I read the title I think there will be a chance to make ordinary blog into million dollar blog but its not like that..because if people follow your every single step on this article then this blog will not be a ordinary blog yet :) it will be a gr8 blog forever :)

    I’ll try to make some of my blog by using your tips.

  20. says

    you have covered almost all the topics.
    its very easy to follow your tips.
    Definitely we must update regularly with latest technology,trends etc so that readers will touch with us regularly..

  21. Joyce says

    Awesome insights for blogging tips. I like the way you presented it. It makes me think that I’m going to revive my blog site. Your list provides great rule on how to sustain your blog and compete against others and how to monetize it.

  22. says

    Pearls of wisdom about blogging here and experienced as well as the novice should take note.
    I use the Socrates theme for my blog. I will not recommend it for a beginner as the video tutorials are very poor. For a beginner, Elegant themes are a better option.
    Your follow up post should be ” Ways to monetise your blog” That topic needs a separate blog post.
    Once again, Mitz, you over deliver.
    Owen recently posted..Business Startup: Paul McMahon and The Happy Chocolatier

    • mitz says

      yes I do need more about monetization…I have a good one coming next about placing advertising on your blog…:) Just putting the finishing touches on it…

  23. says

    I couldn’t agree with you more on hosting mitz. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to build a great website, only for it to go down for whetever reason and you having no control over it. Hostgator is excellent. They have great customer service and are very reliable.

  24. chris says

    Exceeding expectations definitely helps bring visitors back again and again. Hosting is crucial also, a slow host will turn people off as your blog will be really slow to load. This should be extended to include the fact that bloggers can make their site faster by getting rid of unnecessary plugins and having themes that are simple and fast to load.
    chris recently posted..Make My Own Website

  25. gloria says

    what comprehensive, helpful tips here on how to make your blog profitable, anything to stay on the good side of Google too eh! Am totally with you on no.12,- ‘getting involved’ like you said.

  26. says

    Great post Mitz! I see that you focus a lot on the “on site” part of running a weblog? Is it that a good site will get (and keep) visitors? Or should a blogger work hard (or maybe even harder) on off site, like SEO, networking, guest posts etc? I always thought that more than 50% of the work comes down to #12?

  27. MsKatrina says

    I love the tip of having a goal for the reader to complete with every post. On my shopping blog, I put click here and buy now buttons and immediately saw an increase in clicks to the site’s.

    • mitz says

      Yes and I guess this applies to all businesses..It is called customer service. All businesses have customers and if you treat them right and give them what they want, the word spreads.. :)

  28. says

    Thanks for the tips! They came at the perfect time for me, as I’m just starting my own blog. Social media can also give some boos to your blog I will definitely be coming back to read this post more thoroughly and try out some of your ideas.

  29. Bhushan says

    What a great post determined by you!!!!!!!
    Really amazing!By This we can get a great achievement And Blog can worth of million.For blogging it is very essential to do your own research and write your own contents. Read a lot and do a lot of brain storming before writing killer contents. People will visit your blog to read new contents.
    Thanks for cool one!
    Bhushan recently posted..ERP Software Development Companies

    • mitz says

      yes I agree that you need to research and write your own content. This can bring on killer content. :)

  30. Aditya says

    Hey Mitz,
    What a great post by you.Keeping in mind these point will surely make ones blog worth of million Dollar,but what is more important is a blog may be a million dollar but the worth you one gets is infinity,can’t be compared.

    One has to target the right niche for his blog and target the right people to gain traffic.And providing them what they want will add to the advantage.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.These are 18 but if followed can make you stand out unique in the particular niche.
    Aditya recently posted..ERP CRM Softwares Solutions Providers

  31. Ranjit RAI says

    1 Million Dollar Blog? is it true. I think everything is possible in life, what you wish you will get, just be honest and real!

  32. says

    Very comprehensive!

    Related to pt # 12: One of the things most (successful) bloggers seem to do to good effect is connect and network with others online. IMO, one of the best ways of doing this is through social media – Twitter in particular. Twitter is a great, personal way of ‘getting involved’ like you said.
    CraigStevens recently posted..5 Google Analytics Data to Keep an Eye On

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