Two Years Blogging and No Real Income! 8 Reasons Why

You just don’t know how many times I have heard this statement. Two years blogging and no real income! It sucks and I was sadly reminded of this problem today when I received an email from a person asking for help after blogging for 5 years without income. This sucks and I would love to personally help everyone who has this problem but it is really up to this person to take the right actions.

I am not for hire, unlike other bloggers, but I have helped out about a dozen or so people for free, that’s as far as I go. The thing is, sometimes I am wasting my time, as the person I am teaching is just never going to get it. Or if they do get it, they just don’t do anything about it. This is a disappointing feeling for me as I like to see other people have success too.

But I have to tell you now, I do not know anyone, not one person, who earns money the way I do. I only know other successful bloggers on-line. It is a funny world for me. Just remember, I am in Australia, living about 1.5 hrs. north of Brisbane.

Most people in Australia have no idea this money making method exists so my chances of meeting another blogger that makes money online is greatly reduced. If I lived in the US, I guess I would have loads of blogging friends.

Anyway lets just say I personally know 5,000 people (I know a lot of people). Of all of those people, not one earns money like I do, so what are your chances? Do you have to be lucky? Do you have to be business minded? Do you have to be technically skilled?

No, you do not need any of these things. You just have to want it bad enough. That’s it! Those people who DID GET it and didn’t succeed did not want it bad enough. And those who just didn’t understand it, didn’t get it because they didn’t want it bad enough. (might have confused myself here?)

So if You Want It Bad Why Isn’t it Working?

People email me and say ” Hey Mitz can you look at my site and tell me why my blog is not making money.” I take a look and sometimes I could make a 10 page list and other times, seriously I cannot see a reason why.  That’s when it gets complicated and too deep to analyze with the time I have.

Anyway here are 8 possible reasons why some bloggers never make any money. Of course I do not have time to mention the other 542 reasons here.

#1. You’re too busy learning and not taking action

Many new bloggers get stuck in the learning stage and never get out. Do you really need more learning when you know what to do? You should be writing content, publishing it, and then promoting it any way you can. While you are trying to learn how to become a successful blogger you are actually neglecting your blog. Funny isn’t it?

#2. You waste time trying to learn things you don’t need to know

You start to learn HTML and PHP and other fancy codes when you can build a website without knowing any of these. Granted you will need the very basics in HTML to form a link, however that is about it.

Another thing people try to take on is web design. Why bother when your intention is to build a website or blog in order to earn income. Learning web design is only necessary if you actually want to become a web designer.

#3. You spend too much time on your website layout

Stop fiddling with your website layout and design. Haven’t you heard of keeping things simple? Why over complicate your blog and make it too fancy? Of course having a nice web design is important but you can install a suitable WordPress Theme in minutes and then get on with creating your blog.

Make sure you have fantastic content and an easy way for your website visitors to find it. That’s how simple it is.

#4. You are too busy reading about other people’s success

Who really cares what others are doing? Of course it is nice to have a mentor but how many do you need? Choose a few successful bloggers to follow and cut the rest out. Make sure you don’t cut me out though!

#5. You’re not performing the right actions

You are cruising around from blog to blog commenting and that is as far as your actions go. The real actions are publishing content and promoting it, so why are you over doing it in the commenting area?

The right action is to post amazing content on your blog, create links to it, share it, and talk about it. Posting content on a regular basis and following up with promotion is the best way to build website traffic.

Here are two more posts about promoting your stuff and generating traffic:

20 Often Forgotten Website Traffic Tips

Website Traffic Checklist – 25 Concrete Ways to Get Website Traffic

#6. You do not understand your audience

You are trying to sell rice to the Chinese (and they already have rice) or you are trying to sell rice to Italians (but they like pasta). Find your audience and understand who they are and the money will come.

Are you guilty of having a hosting banner on your website when your site has nothing to do with building websites or hosting? Sure you are hosting your “dog training site” on a hosting server, but your audience is interested in dogs..

#7. You do not know how to monetize your content effectively

You just don’t know how to monetize a website and stick links and banners all over your website, then wonder why you do not earn any real income! Even worse you have totally unrelated advertising on your blog. Sidebar Etiquette went out the window when you added your fourth banner to your page footer.

Or maybe you are giving them too many choices. Look at the picture with all the lollies… ??? Too many choices there make for a difficult choice and the more difficult the more likely they are to give up and not buy a thing!

#8. You say you are doing what I am doing but you’re not!

Your idea of hard work and my idea are completely different things. You hear the word guest posting and say you are doing this, but when I investigate, I find you have only published one. I do two or three guest posts a week for each website!!! This is just an example.

So if you have been blogging for 2 years and had no real income, stop and think what could be causing this?


  1. yogesh pant says

    well, a good viewpoint has been placed here by you for a blogger not earning while having worked for more than two years…
    It may be due to the fact that you should have been too busy on the customization of your website that you forget to reply to the feedback to your readers.
    yogesh pant recently posted..Aurora: The facts about borealis and australis

  2. Sudipto says

    Hey Mitz,
    Another nice post and I really enjoyed all the 8 points you mentioned above. According to me, blogging requires lot of hard work in starting and for a successful blogger, first we have to make our goal and then we have to update our blog regularly and also makes links with other blog continuously. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All Time

    • mitz says

      Yes keeping up with the content is a big task and would be one good reason why people get out of blogging.

  3. says

    thanks for sharing valuable points. i am new blogger, this points very helpful to me to gain real income from blogging.

  4. says

    honestly appreciate this article really these are basic point to know behind no income ! There is tips to increase income from Blogging “Leverage Your Content” well Bloggers have different posting rates & due to this some people post twice a day, others post only a couple of times a month…these eight reasons have so much truth! Really helpful and informative article! But i am glad, that i dont wanna earn money with my blog!
    wasim recently posted..Yes !! You can workout at home !!

  5. says

    Too much researching is the worst. I think it is also called…..information overload. It gets a lot of people and I am no exception.

  6. Nadia Barbara says

    From the very start understanding your target audience, knowing their preference and wants is crucial in writing a content that will capture their interest. If your blog contains irrelevant posts to your target audience or target niche then don’t expect that visitors will stick to your site and visit your blog again.
    Nadia Barbara recently posted..SEO Tip: Google Analytics

  7. Cudjoe says

    Hi Mitz,
    This is truly an amazing post. Many bloggers tend to lack the self confidence of writing since the intend to believe that their posts might not be good as this or that blogger.

  8. says

    Wow #3 really rings true with our clients! It’s amazing how easy it is for people to get hung up on all the unnecessary details. It’s mind-numbing at times. If half of this time was spent on learning how to better convert that traffic and relate to your audience, then I think we all know what the outcome would be. Thanks for writing this. What a refreshing reminder. ( :

  9. Richard says

    It takes a long time but you do need to learn as well as write blogs. Its a very tall learning curve to make serious money online. Dont give up the day job just yet!
    Richard recently posted..F1 Review 2012

  10. says

    Hello Mitz,
    You nailes it with number 1. When I started my new blog I spent at least 6 months learning and learning without doing anything (everything was ready, but i barely published content). After that I decided to start writing and less reading, and things started to work.
    It’s really impressive, but it feels like going to college 5 years and study medicine without practicing anything related at the end.
    The worst? I had already built a successful blog years before without knowing anything about blogs, just creating interesting content…
    Servando Silva recently posted..Niche Site Challenge – Who’s in?

    • mitz says

      Hi there Servando
      Yes it is ok to learn but it is the actions the add up to success… Even I have to stop myself from wasting time and get back to work. :)

  11. Keenan Dijon says

    I am humbled… My teachability balance scale has just gone back up. It’s possible that I have been trying to “sell rice to the Chinese.” My blog does generate money and I am grateful. Now, I am looking to get the monetization to happen more rapidly. Your post taught me tips but also took my student mindset back to the earlier days. Thanks!
    Keenan Dijon recently posted..Considering a Payday Advance?

    • mitz says

      Yes we are all guilty of selling rice to the Chinese…and it is even harder to tell who is actually buying and who is not in our work. It is good that you are making money because this is where the road begins. :)

  12. says

    You hit the nail on the head. I actually got into the WP codex earlier this year. Printed it out, was reading it and realized that if I wanted to get a good grasp of this, I had to DO it. I’ll make my mistakes, screw up, but that’s the stuff good blog posts are made of, right? In any case, I’m going to start building my site next year and am building up this current blog to a level that I can leverage it for my newer projects. I’m not up to 3-4 guest posts a week but I am up to 3-4 blog posts a week…and it’s working. It’s a journey and I am NOT giving up because next year I want to fire my clients and go to Italy…where they like pasta and not rice :)
    D. Dixon recently posted..Reality Check: The Other Side Of Blogging & Social Media

  13. says

    You are absolutely right Mitz, One of my mistakes when starting blogging is point number #2 ( You waste time trying to learn things you don’t need to know). Learn programming code is not essential for us. As blogger we need to focusing our time to write content, guest publishing, networking with community, and others thing that can generate more visitors. Thanks for tips..
    Werry Adnan recently posted..Jual Jersey Grade Ori

  14. Jasmine says

    Blog for another two years and hopefully we will be able to make some income online! :)
    Okay, that’s a joke. But I really like your tips, thanks Mitz. I have learned a lot from your articles all these while!
    Jasmine recently posted..Speed up your website with MaxCDN

    • mitz says

      Ha ha ha… I would do that because I know how great it is when you make it… Well worth 4 years to make it in blogging. (the worlds best job)

  15. Reynaldo Dickerson says

    I absolutely agree with all of the described points. I used to spend too much time on promoting my website, but never asked myself a question: “Who am I showing this to?”. who is my audience, what do they want and what should I do? After I realized that, I was on my way to the top!

  16. says

    Amazing tips not only for newbies but for bloggers who lost their way somehow. Understanding my audience is something I need to work on and I find it very, very hard. Thanks again.

  17. says

    Great reason to know why there is no income via Blogging. I honestly appreciate this article really these are basic point to know behind no income ! There is tips to increase income from Blogging “Leverage Your Content” well Bloggers have different posting rates & due to this some people post twice a day, others post only a couple of times a month.
    Michaela Wirth recently posted..12 bad link building practices

  18. Dora says

    How i know it, it was the same with me, i was slowly to giving up and then have started to read lots of article how to improve your blog. I must admit that it really works, it takes me time, because not everything was going so smoothly according their tips but finally have some income every month and have more and more visitors! just be patient

  19. says

    I also used to wonder about my fruitless efforts when I entered the world of blogging and your post addresses all the reasons to why I did not get the desired results. At least more people would now be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Great share.

  20. Lauren says

    Hi Mitz

    Great sound, I’m 100% agree with this article. Its really wonderful article to learn the reason why there is no Income via Blogging. I seriously more appreciate first point of this article “too busy learning and not taking action” It happens its take to much time to learn but even not take good & right decision. Its seriously matter to learn.

  21. says

    One more reason is that some bloggers not always follow all the novelties that appear in modern society. I guess that bloggers who’d like to achieve success should always try to offer their readers something new, interesting and original

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 25 Standout Drupal Templates by ThemeForest Authors

  22. says

    What I see a lot is too many people doing what they think will make them loads of money (slapping ads all over their site, posts, RSS feeds, Twitter etc.) and not spending enough time taking sound and simple advice and then acting on it. In my personal experience, ads and affiliate income are somewhat limited, but where my business really took off was in becoming an expert in my field, supplanting that with good content and selling my services to those who wanted them. That work and income can quickly add up.
    Dave Clements recently posted..Creating a Premium Membership Site with Restrict Content Pro

  23. Harry says

    Hi! I totally agree with your points. I think besides creative writing, anyone want to succeed in doing blog needs a clear plan (short and longterm) with good strategy and high patience.
    Highly appreciate for your post

  24. Shane Ryans says

    You are right Mitz, not everyone knows where they are missing out, or why. When you are starting out new and fresh it isn’t always easy to find the right advice. Great way to break it down to help people figure out what they are missing.
    Shane Ryans recently posted..Why keyword negatives are important

  25. says

    I am not really a blogger.. but I earn extra income through odesk..I keep telling my friends who have no job about this wonderful opportunity. I hate to see people asking for advice and support yet I don’t see them helping themselves. If you want success, motivate yourself and keep focusing on your goal! That is what we called success.

  26. says

    We initially made some on these errors, however i can recommend trying to find sponsors if you have a niche blog, we did this and secured 3 major industry leading sponsors withing our niche which is fitness, this doesn’t seem something that many bloggers do and they pay is much more reliable than Adsense and also pays better and gives your blog a more professional look as you can control banners etc, great post will be back.
    Rick recently posted..WHEYYY Its Nearly Christmas! However Fitness people can be a nightmare to buy for!

  27. says

    I am really happy to read your post. I am a blogger and got income till the penguin update. After penguin update my visitors are very less. I got visitors from google search and after 24 April my website is not appearing in the first page of google search hardly earn the hosting charges. Can you sujjsut any method to get out of this penguin update. Or should I give up my website or domain name and may I start a new domain name. Is this the solution. I am a new subscriber of your blog
    Jerry Jose recently posted..Job HIghlights of Employment News 01 Dec-07 Dec 2012

  28. says

    Well you know I do not consider myself a blogger per say, but I do consider you a friend! And I am in the U.S. And we have have never spoke to each other…LIVE!

    I will not go into how you have absolutely changed everything about me & how I do business, you already know(I think I have actually said this before on your comment area before…lol! Well it is true!).

    I ain’t(u like that?)gonna lie, I have made $$$ from my two websites & YouTube videos in this past year, pretty certain nothing like you have. Not for a living type $$, but nothing to shake a stick at either for literally doing close to nothing!

    You do make a GREAT point in regards “Wanting it bad enough”. I have always had the hunger to succeed. People need to understand that it won’t work if they don’t work!

    Offer help & they will come! You do it perfect and I am proof of that. When I found you I had the sorriest looking website on the internet and then you showed me how to build my own WordPress website. The phone, even now in our slow season is still ringing!

    People spending too much time reading the “How To’s” and not teaching the “How To’s” and get stuck.

    Absolutely great great great article!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..10 Years of Outdoor Service

    • mitz says

      WOW… I am so happy to help anyone that will listen. HA HA… But sometimes people just don’t get my message and they just read my articles for the sake of reading and learning… the fact is you read the advice here and used it by taking ACTION… !! Good on you!!!

      As for making money…all you need is a taste of success and an idea on how to replicate that…I am glad you are getting a taste!

      We recently opened a business for my husband (bricks and mortar petrol station/convenience store) set to turn over 1.4 million plus in the first year. But I do not want this business compared to what I have with my websites. The hassle involved in bringing in that money is a nightmare and the expenses are over the top!! That’s why “making money online” is the BEST!!!

      • says

        Well you have had me hooked from day one! And so I will read for the sake of learning also. Taste: small taste as far as making $$ online, big on the services we provide.

        I do know if I followed your routine to the TEE, I would make a boat-load. But I cannot keep up with that schedule of yours with my other services.

        Petrol Station: That is awesome Mitz, I am soooo happy for you and your family. The work you put in——>>>>You deserve it! I liked the FB page..haha
        Bryan Ring recently posted..Partner

        • mitz says

          Ha ha You liked my little petrol station FB page!! LOL… I am having a lot of fun with promoting this and it is all due to my experience in internet marketing… I know what you mean when you say that all this helps every bit of a business…

          Oh my routine…I dropped that a bit but if you read what I wrote in the left sidebar…I am watching where I fall there…

  29. says

    Thanks for sharing this, Mitz. I can relate to what you said about learning too much without putting things into concrete action. I used to think that I need to know everything on the web to be a good blogger, and I have read hundreds of articles about how to be a successful blogger, how to make a good layout for your blog, how to make HTML codes, etc. I came to a point when I felt very overwhelmed with all the things in my head! Now, I realized it’s better to learn things one step at a time and put things into action before learning another trick. I find this very useful :-)
    Shyxter recently posted..Pay it Forward

  30. says

    Frankly speaking, is sad but true. I can recognize myself on just few points, and that causing lots of drama and stress. But after a wile when you understand the how to collect the fruit, you see the blogging life in different way. Thanks a lot for this article with lots of informative points.

  31. Ricardo Nunes says

    Definetely this is my reason: “You’re too busy learning and not taking action”
    I’m not busy learning how to blog but i spend much time learning new things in web design and for the blog i have small time. :)
    Nice post!
    Ricardo Nunes recently posted..10 Brochure Design for you Inspiration

  32. Hamilton says

    people who start a blog for the money won’t earn anything. They have to write for passion not for the money.

  33. says

    Thanks for this interesting post. I loved it. This kind of input helps bloggers to drive its technical skills to a new level

  34. says

    Hii Mitz,
    before six month ago I started my first blog.That time I dont know much more about blogging.But after almost 2 month of blogging i learnt about SEO and many more other things.Thanks to u too for providing your points. Thanks again.

  35. says

    Hi Mitz, thanks for sharing this topic. What I personally find very difficult, is to find what the benchmark is, or in other words how do I know that I am on track. I have tried building three blogs in the past, and I am working on one now. The main reasons why I got rid of my previous blogs, was my impatience of now having any results within a month of blogging, and also because of a lack of passion of the topics I wrote about. This has been a while, and now I know that it is not very realistic to expect real results within a month.

    From your experience, what should be the minimum time and number of posts in order to have some results as to the number of visitors? In other words, when should a blogger start to get worried and rethink his strategy?

    Cheers, Alex.
    Alex recently posted..The Role Of Your Physical Appearance When Dating Women

    • mitz says

      When you have followed my blogging routine…that is posting to your blog about every three days…then promoting each post 5 times..this could be a guest post, a yahoo answers link and so on…

      If you do this continually for 6 months and providing you have targeted products to sell, your blog should make from $300 – $500 a month.. It can make more or less..It all depends on what you sell, what your share is..and of course who you get to your blog… Relevance is the key. :)

  36. Justin Mott says

    Writing great content and promoting it through social media and article directories seem to be the best way to build a site. I’ll be honest though. My worst enemy is over learning. I hear listened to an audio from smart passive income that was about a guy talking about doing the same thing and I’ve been focusing harder on not doing it as much. Of course I still read about an hour a day, I am here right lol, but I now work on my content more often.

  37. john saxena says

    Its great article for us.whatever you write it but the most important thing your content.if your content is so good then definitely you will earn good money. well now i am earning good money. thanks dude for sharing it.

  38. Varun says

    I was blogging for the past one year and i was not very happy with my income
    this article really helped to see what i`m doing wrong and i hope i will also be benifited by this
    thank you very much

  39. Law Essay Examples says

    I think blogging is the successfully method to earn money from commenting and other promotion way.

  40. komal says

    I have been in the business for quite some time now, I have had some success but that is very little to be honest, I want to be a bigger blogger, but still unable to do everything right. Your post has really enlighten me and hopefully I will get on the right track now.
    komal recently posted..15 Most Beautiful Free HTML5 Web Templates

    • mitz says

      If you work hard you should see some money after about 6 months, then it will grow and grow..That would not be a full time income though as this takes a bit longer. It all depends on what you do though.

  41. anna says

    Absolutely true. I spent two weeks, trying to make my wp site look like I had imagined. The thing is – people really don’t care. If you have really good stuff on your blog – they will read it even if it is twenty eleven basic wp theme. Content is the king.
    anna recently posted..Dental Hygienist Salary

  42. says

    This is a good post that points out things that should be obvious, but apparently aren’t to many people.

    One thing I would like to point out is that you need to find a balance between reading about other peoples’ success and learning vs. getting things done. Mitz, you’re right that too many people read and “learn” but never implement – but I know plenty of people who go to the other end of the spectrum and quit learning. I did this for awhile, and found myself stagnating with no idea why.

    I now recommend that people set a timer for 30 minutes to an hour. Use that time to read about success, learn new tactics, and inspire yourself with various articles and videos. Then get back to work. This can create a good balance – it has for me, anyway.

    Thanks again for your insight! :)
    Lindsey Rainwater recently posted..Paradigm Shifts Part #1 – Time for a Change

    • mitz says

      The timer sounds like a great idea! Otherwise people can really get stuck doing absolutely nothing productive. :)

  43. Sandy says

    I guess I can classify myself on “You’re too busy learning and not taking action” . Since I think my process is not working then I think that I need to learn a lot but I spend more on that and forget to apply it or too tired already to apply those things that I learned.

  44. Dan Norris says

    Great list Mitz, I think I am a few hours south of you on the Gold Coast.

    Niche selection must have a big impact on it as well. I know it’s popular for people to say that you can make money doing whatever it is you are passion about but some fields are a lot more commercial in nature than others. Plus how broad you are focusing will have an impact and what your particular angle is (and whether you have one).

    I think this is probably fundamental stuff that could be holding people back regardless of the action they are taking. What do you think?
    Dan Norris recently posted..8 important podcast statistics

    • Mitz says

      Hi Dan
      I go to the Gold Coast for a holiday with my laptop of course! There are probably a lot more people there that are into blogging!
      I agree that niche selection makes a big impact and also the fact that most don’t stick to their topic anyway. They stray off because they think the grass is greener on the other side. :)

  45. Ishan Verma says

    I started my blog about 5 months ago but i am not generating serious money or income for me. I read way to much and everyone has a different story. So, I read something that I think is real helpful and I’d like to apply, but on Tuesday I read something that is even better and is almost the opposite of what I read the day before. Talk about confusion. Need to find a plan and stick to it. Apply and go!
    Ishan Verma recently posted..31/7/2012 – Indian Games Schedule in London Olympics 2012

  46. Alex Brennt says

    “You waste time trying to learn things you don’t need to know” might be the reason why a lot of young and really taуned people give up on their blogs. They are trying too seriously, not that i mean нщг should take it lightly, but you shouldn’t overdo it either.
    Alex Brennt recently posted..How to Become a Psychologist

  47. Phil says

    I started blogging as an aside to my photography business, so I tend to blog about photography. Though I am now very much hooked on blogging and find that although it takes a lot of my time it is so enjoyable. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world through my blog and the inter-action with them is very rewarding.

    Item #5 is great advice, the biggest rewards come from providing content that inspires and helps people. It has not happened yet but I just try and work to create a blog post that goes viral, that would be so cool.

    So you are right that it is all about content and networking, one without the other is bound to fail.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I will be back for more :)

    – Phil
    Phil recently posted..The Creative Process

    • mitz says

      I started blogging as a side to my computer business and other businesses… I ended up selling them all for this blogging gig…I love it!!

  48. Hemant Mendi Ratta says

    You shared wonderful thoughts and the factor which said “who wants IT BAD ENOUGH will make IT” really touched and is really true.All other factors you listed comes after but they will also help. Thanksss.

  49. Ana says

    Definitely great advice, Mitz – we are all guilty of spending our time on things that keeps us busy, but don’t really make us any money…

    Like my recent obsession with Pinterest… :)
    Ana recently posted..Do I still Use Market Samurai?

    • mitz says

      Oh was Pinterest a waste of time? I do not even have an account yet and was avoiding it as these social sharing sites are getting out of control for me.. :)

    • Bee says

      Oh Come on Ana, don’t be so defeatist. We’re going to make this Pinterest thing work – I came here form your Pinterest board – Z-listic!

  50. Joe says

    I started my blog about 3 weeks ago but I can totally see #1, #2, and #4 being serious issues for me. I read way to much and everyone has a different story. So on Monday I read something that I think is real helpful and I’d like to apply, but on Tuesday I read something that is even better and is almost the opposite of what I read the day before. Talk about confusion. Need to find a plan and stick to it. Apply and go!

    Thanks for the read!
    Joe recently posted..Mobile Auto Detailing San Diego! Make sure you choose your Auto Detailer wisely.

    • Jasmine says

      Hi Joe,
      Perhaps don’t believe everything that you have read on every single blog. And it’s a good idea to only believe in those who are really willing to share their experiences and knowledge, such as our host here, Mitz. :)

      Good luck with your plan. All the best.
      Jasmine recently posted..SiteGround Web Hosting Review

    • mitz says

      Jasmine is right, don’t believe everything that you have read. Just post great content, promote it, link to it, share it, talk about it, then start over. when you have some content built up, create an ebook from that. Bang! There’s your first product!

  51. says

    exactly….. it happens…
    most of the time we spend in seeing how others got success
    it was really helpful…………….

  52. ayesha says

    These 8 points are main reason for not real income. Sometimes we waste much time it effects a lot. Time teaches us a lot and always do something better instead of wasting it. Save time and spend it in improving ourself it’s very important.Very admirable post!
    ayesha recently posted..Best iPhone App Template

  53. Sarif Brock says

    Making money off of blogging is too much of a dream come true to not want to put any real effort into it. You have to treat it with the same level of seriousness as that 9 -5 that you’re trying to avoid. If you’re trying to make money off of it, treat it like a job.

  54. Gil says

    I don’t have adsense, i have a social media blog, but how do i monetize it? even after 1 year of serious blogging i am not seeing any income, what should i do? show me the path, i read the post but still not clear what to do?
    Gil recently posted..Chlamydia Symptoms

  55. zarabrad says

    I have been in the business for quite some time now, I have had some success but that is very little to be honest, I want to be a bigger blogger, but still unable to do everything right. Your post has really enlighten me and hopefully I will get on the right track now.

  56. Greg Taylor says

    Great Article! I learned a lot. I have other revenue streams ( my marketing services) that I drive from my blog, however I would like to start generating money from the blog itself. I too have found myself wasting time on the look and feel of the website, when my time would be much better invested providing great content, and promoting it, I have noticed that many of the most popular blogs on the internet are not fancy, In fact, some of them look like dinosaur blogs. It just goes to show, content is king. I will use these tips, and see if it helps me in monetizing the blog itself . Thanks for this valuable information.
    Greg Taylor recently posted..Yahoo Local Business Verification Gets Easier

  57. says

    If at all possible, we should be able to make our own layouts on our website or blog. We should not constantly buy new themes or hire people to do this job for us. We should learn the basics and practice because this is our business and it is our task to improve it.

  58. sanjay says

    Another good one Mitz! Been blogging for a while now and loving it, I guess it’s time to make some money from it. You inspired me :) Thanks!

  59. Gabriel Gutierrez says

    Thanks a lot for your share. It’s a big deal to know the problems why some gets bare result of making money online. I like your straightforward points.
    Gabriel Gutierrez recently posted..4My Blog

  60. Amit Shaw says


    Mitz, your article is a lesson to me. I spent a lot of years just learning the nuances of authentic English and enjoying it blissfully. I am an example to most of the points raised by you. But I got my mistake two years ago and took to blogging seriously.I don’t have complaints today. I am happy with my blogging. It has good traffic.

    Amit from iTechCode
    Amit Shaw recently posted..How To Sync Your Program’s Data With Dropboxifier

  61. prabhat says

    hi mitz,
    i want to thank you for this article. i am in blogging from 5 months and still not making money. but i think this is the learning phase and i am not in a hurry. but the reasons you described here are quite right. thanks for this post
    prabhat recently posted..The Dark Knight Rises Reviews Out

  62. Bangladesh says

    Thanks Mitz. I Just feel the post. This is really true that many people only like to learning but not interested in teaching! I am also like this. I hope your post help me to overcome this, Again thanks for the valuable post.

  63. Glen says

    I feel you. I get the same dilemma with people who wanted to earn money through blogging but aren’t doing “enough” about it. It takes one blogger to give real action to their blog for them to earn:

    1. readership
    2. trust
    3. popularity
    4. incentives/sponsorships/money

      • Glen says

        Yep, it’s sad that there’s not one real strategy on how to earn real income, there are only standards and bloggers need yet to find out what strategies work for them…and if there’s just one strategy or set of strategies to make it work, everyone should be blogging now and earning big time. Keep more of these sensible topics coming. :)

  64. says

    I think the real problem is that people’s expectations are off. If you’re expecting to make money easily or quickly by blogging it’s not likely to happen. But if you approach it like a real business and put in the time it can happen, and in my opinion is easier than a “traditional” business.

  65. Josh says

    Oh well, Its a wacked! All those reasons you have is very ture. Maybe I’ve been spending so much time tinkering and learning stuff around the web, and forget what you really wanted.. Now that I know, maybe I should plan it well so I could be in the right track. Thanks for sharing this out!
    Josh recently posted..About Hauser Brothers Cladding Corp.

  66. Computer Blog says

    Your 2 points Point 1 and Point 3 are spot on. I am often focusing more on website layouts. I hope to start concentrating on whats important rather than just the design :-)
    Computer Blog recently posted..Cleaning Your Printer’s Drum

  67. says

    Hii Mitz, thanks for this great information. Yaa, these all tips are important for consideration. Blogging is a fantastic way for increasing Quality Backlinks, Websites Traffic etc. Many people don’t get the actual importance of blogging, which is really very helpful for our business.

  68. William says

    Hi Mitz,

    I think #1 and #4 are spot-on. I’ve spent countless hours reading about blogging and making web sites, not realizing that that’s pretty much all I have done so far (besides a couple of crappy Blogger “sites”). Just recently I’ve managed to get out of the vortex…

    #2: A slight disagreement. While actually knowing how to code with PHP isn’t that necessary imho, some basic skills in CSS/HTML become necessary quite soon as you probably want add you personal aesthetics to your site. But yes, you can (and you will, even without that much trying) learn those along the way.

  69. says

    Thanks for the info,
    I find most of the blogs I enjoy don’t seem to be monetized at all. They don’t have ads in the sidebar or in the posts but they may have a services page or something similar. I find the overuse of ads invasive so I guess the skill is getting revenue without alienating visitors.

  70. devinder maheshwari says

    I don’t have adsense, i have a social media blog, but how do i monetize it? even after 1 year of serious blogging i am not seeing any income, what should i do? show me the path, i read the post but still not clear what to do?
    devinder maheshwari recently posted..5 Most Amazing One Page Websites

  71. IPKKND says

    Hi Mitz,
    You are right and show right point .
    I am starting two year ago bloging. 1st year we can’t earny 1 penny. but now ……………

  72. Philbeaux says

    Thanks for the info Mitz. I sure could use it.
    I’ve had a website (not really a blog) for several years and income has been sporadic at best. I just accepted that making money on the web was reserved for special entrepreneurs. I made up my mind that my site would be a hobby first, revenue-generating-source second.
    Well, like you, I had never come into contact with web marketing people. I just didn’t know any. Then, about 6 months ago, I started a little side-line gig working with a family that sold greenhouses on the internet. They did pretty good. One of the sons that does the marketing looked at my site and convinced me that with some time and effort, I could really start making a few bucks.
    After reading your points, I can see that I’ve been guilty of a few of them. Particularly #1. Just recently I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of implementing the latest Google-Busting secret I just need to take what I’ve already got and go with it. Sure there’s lot’s to learn, but what I think I need is tweaking and direction, not new programs.
    But I’d just like to say “Thanks” for all the info you put out. I honestly look forward to each newsletter.
    Philbeaux recently posted..So Where’s the Money?

    • mitz says

      You do not need any courses, any programs, or even any products. You just need to take action and keep at it.. All of this is not rocket science and many people put a negative spin on it when they fail. But then again these people are just negative people anyway.

      You seem to be thinking differently and sometimes a break is in order to refocus and come back with a vengeance. I see in your article on your website that you are questioning your niche? Sometimes we need to do this too. Unfortunately we cannot keep going with something that is not going to pay off financially or with satisfaction. But first I would research keywords and see if this niche has any substance.

      Find out if there are other successful websites in the same niche and mimic what they are doing. If there is nothing then move on..

  73. Elena Anne says

    If writing a blog i think it is important to write about what you know. Too often people try to be clever and second guess the market by posting about something they see as niche when in reality no-one really wants to know about. Write about what you know, what you care about, what you’d like to read.
    Elena Anne recently posted..10 Ways to Increase Calcium Absorption

  74. Nancy says

    great post, thanks for sharing this information, i have learned blogging from a guy who is exactly in your situation, the author of but he do not teach any one, he spend a lot of his time teaching others and for free but he only choose real serious people who will follow his steps, but one tip he always told me that really made me successful he always said “don’t focus on making money with the blog, focus on marketing and building an audience to your blog, money will come”. I think it is the most important tip of successful blogging.
    Nancy recently posted..Blog Traffic – How to generate and increase traffic to your blog

  75. Rose says

    OK. There is a LOT of truth in what you are saying. No matter what you write about, I think it is important to follow blogs like this for the occasional/frequent heads-up, ideas and suggestions on how to make your blog better. Blogging sure is not an easy lineair path to success! We need articles like this to constantly re-evaluate.
    Rose recently posted..How to Make an Origami Butterfly

  76. sumon says

    Thank you for not only sharing some guides, but explaining their functionality to us. Overall I can definitely see how they would help you tremendously. Great article and great information as well thanks.

  77. SammieClemmons says

    You always post such great information–I really appreciate you sharing what you have learned. It has helped me immensely, as well as helped me help others to a greater extent. In the beginning, I was definitely guilty of number one—I felt paralyzed and like I could not do anything until I learned everything. I know now how wrong that thinking is,and have learned to think less and do more.

  78. kevin says

    Great article and very good points you made. I think that #6 understanding your audience is one of the most important things to take into account. You audience is what makes you sink or swim, so it’s definitely in your best interest to keep them interested and happy. Give them what they want and chances are you will get what you want.

  79. Jean says

    Good post, Mitz. You are quite right about the raw desire to succeed playing an important role in success in this field. Being an unconventional mode of working, it requires constant initiative from you to stay on top of all available methods in a constantly changing environment.

    Jean recently posted..How to be proactive about used tire problems

  80. says

    Mitz, its your kindness that You are helping people for free in their need! I appreciate it! I have seen many successful bloggers in online world, but many of them are women, so My question is that , do people like to read the blogs of females because of curiosity about their intelligent thoughts? Please don\’t consider it as a rational question, it\’s just a general thought which originated out of my mind while reading your post! Thanks

    • mitz says

      No I don’t think it has anything to do with women or men as there are some guys out there with amazing thoughts.. It could be possible that women express more….and men might assume you know.. Who knows???

      • says

        Thanks Mitz, for rectifying my doubts! You are right, there is no discrimination between guys and gals mind! The way of thinking would be different the but the ultimate motto remains the same i.e. to contribute something informative , easy to follow and adapt and understand!

  81. Chris Williams says

    Hi Mitz, I wonder if this will be the wake up call for some people. Don’t think so, but you have to feel even a little bit sorry for someone blogging for 5 years with no success!! That’s harsh.
    Chris Williams recently posted..Top 10 News Websites

  82. Mariella Lombardi says

    All that you have pointed out makes a lot of sense Mitz. It is about wanting it enough and putting ourselves out there. People expect to make lots of income from one website but I have met people with great websites that had no idea how to actually make money out of their websites. There was one that sold his website for a small amount and the person who bought it turned it into a hundred thousand dollar business.
    Mariella Lombardi recently posted..US Marine Replaces TRX Destroyed By a Roadside Bomb – The Benefits of Using the TRX Suspension Training!

    • mitz says

      Yes this happens all the time!! That’s exactly why I used to get good offers for my first website because they could see the big money holes… they offered me 20,000 first..then the offer went to more..the latest one has been 100 thousand dollars but now that is not enough.

      But when they offered me 20,000 I thought that was great and was thinking about selling.. My dad stopped me when he could buy a house for 300,000 and not get the return you are getting from that website..
      And I did not have to spend 300,000 to get my website…that’s the difference!
      mitz recently posted..How SEO Works Under the Hood of your WordPress Website

  83. vishvast says

    hi mitz
    This is a great article! It is so true, in the beginning I spent most of my time formulating algorithms and analyzing website that were popular. I wasn’t creating content!!! thnx for this complet post and nice article will share it to
    vishvast recently posted..Creative Facebook Status Quotes

  84. Jasmine says

    Great tips from you again, Mitz. These are really essentials to build a good website which will attract a lot of readers.

    • mitz says

      Don’t get overwhelmed!!! Just “keep it simple”Just use a great theme that works well on ipads and phones…

    • mitz says

      People often give you clues on what they need…You will see questions in emails and comments and there will start to be a pattern.

  85. Anton Webber says

    Income doesn’t just comes with time, it basically comes with the quality of work and time you invested in your work.

    • mitz says

      No income does not come with time, but when you hit the two year mark the time counts more and more.

  86. wajahath ali says

    Hey Mitz, I totally agree with you that lack of focus, reading success stories, consistently going in the wrong direction and no action will definitely take you nowhere whereas taking action and not waiting for that perfect moment to do everything will probably save you time and teach you something valuable. Let’s start doing it…
    wajahath ali recently posted..2 Email Accounts which you need in your lifetime

    • mitz says

      Yeah I love real action… I never like saying “I am going to do this” I like to say “I am doing this right now!”
      People always say that they are going to do something and never get around to it.

  87. Faissal Alhaithami says

    This is very common (yet serious) situation with many bloggers. If blogging for 2 or 3 years doesn’t bring any good results, it’s definitely time to take a microscopic look. Not understanding one’s target audience is certainly one of the biggest reasons for blogging failure.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    • mitz says

      I agree with you Faissal! Missing the point of your audience is a tragic mistake. unfortunately it takes experience to understand your target audience. One day it will just click. :)

  88. Will says

    Steve has a good point. I’ve been making blog too but I never cared about the income I get(if i get or not). Writing a blog is like writing a diary to me, the only difference is that when you create a blog, everyone gets to read it unlike diary.
    Thank you for sharing, Mitz.

    • mitz says

      I guess I should say that this website is all about creating blogs or websites to make money… Then that would explain why it is sad when a blogger does not make money after 5 years. ??
      Obviously for you it does not matter but then again maybe it will one day? I never intended to do this full time and started out as a hobby.
      mitz recently posted..Making Money While You Sleep – Is This True?

  89. Nathan Wolf says

    This is a great article! It is so true, in the beginning I spent most of my time formulating algorithms and analyzing website that were popular. I wasn’t creating content!!! I feel into the trap of not posting and not doing. Now I am trying to post and follow your advice! Thanks for the great post!
    Nathan Wolf recently posted..WordPress Permalinks

  90. says

    Hi Mitz,

    Some very valuable points you have made. Most people who start a business want a quick buck and are not prepared for the long hours that it takes to build a business (online or offline). Another good point is stop comparing yourself to others – it only causes resentment and dissatisfaction. You really have to believe in what you are doing, be committed, focus on what you do well and prepare yourself for the long haul – just a few of the many factors successful business requires. Thanks for sharing!

  91. says

    The point you make about beginner bloggers spending too much time learning and not enough time doing is very valid. After a certain point you should just jump right into it and start posting content and promoting it. You are bound to make some mistakes initially but that’s all part of the learning process.

  92. says

    5 years blogging and no income, wow! Gotta hand it to the guy for sticking with it and persevering for this long!

    Laziness and the inability to take action can also be a factor. I know because I’ve been there and experienced it personally. When it comes to blogging, and above all monetizing your blog, it is necessary to be proactive about it, take every opportunity that you get and above all (as point # 1 states) take action.
    Marlon recently posted..Best Sources of Traffic in 2012

  93. says

    I know one more reason, Mitz. People are trying to earn money in the same ways others do. I’ve given up trying to earn money from my blogs. It will never happen (although I still blog because I’ve got lots to say). I now earn money online writing articles and editing people’s websites for grammar, subject verb agreement, etc. I help people show their business in the best light by copying editing their work to say exactly what they want it to say – in a way that will impress potential clients.

    I can’t do what you do and I wasted a whole lot of time trying (and thinking I could). I’m a published author and a qualified and experienced editor. I figured I could use those talents instead of trying to learn a totally new set of skills.

    I learned from you that you use your technical skill and marketing knowledge to make a good living. I just turned this around and used mine :-)
    Anne recently posted..Make Lemonade With Life’s Lemons

    • mitz says

      Yes Anne you have chosen what you were always good at..And you would probably enjoy that more.
      That’s the key, to find something you enjoy.

  94. Sabine says

    All your point are so true! I have just realized that I am guilty in your 2nd point: I have wasted time trying to learn things I didn’t need to know. At the beginning, I thought I could do all the things with my blog and inline business my own, but it didn’t worked. There is so much to do! To manage a blog you have to be writer, a programmer, a designer, a marketing expert, a SEO expert, an economist, etc..
    Sabine recently posted..Wir verbringen unseren wohlverdienten Urlaub auf Korfu!

  95. Aditya says

    Hey Mitz,
    Yes your point #7 is of great concern.Most of the bloggers don’t know how to monetize their content.For this they have to check whether their blog contains powerful content or not.Also they should check whether their blog is loading properly or not.If it is taking time then one should check the problem and cure it before implimenting his/her blod in the market.
    Aditya recently posted..Android Application Development Company

  96. Martin says

    #4. You are too busy reading about other people’s success

    Who really cares what others are doing? Of course it is nice to have a mentor but how many do you need? Choose a few successful bloggers to follow and cut the rest out. Make sure you don’t cut me out though!

    I think this right here is my problem. i keep on telling myself that at this point in time I should be just like those other bloggers and then I sulk and hit a slump when I don’t. I guess I just have to realize that to become successful, I need to rely on me and not on what others are doing. Thanks for the enlightenment!
    Martin recently posted..Seagate BlackArmor Sale

  97. Abhishek Boinapalli says


    The most important things is you didn’t decide how to make the money .. You didn’t create a product / service on the blog ..

    If you are just gonna believe you will earn using the advertising on site, then you have got to wait a lot .. and you might be disappointed soon ..

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree that creating a product is a good idea too!! And yes it can bring income before advertising will. :)

  98. Liane Markus says

    I certainly agree with the 8 reasons and this may also be the reason of other people who still do not have a good positive result for a very long time. We all know that there are many people who are having problem with this. They probably need to help themselves and even ask others advices.
    Liane Markus recently tactical gear

  99. says

    Hi Mitz,

    When I first started creating my own blog, It wasn’t for the money I was after. I was after for the feelings that I would like to share to the people and read their own opinion about it. But after almost a year of blogging, I’m beginning to think that I should earn money from it. Well, I really need to learn those 8 points you said above. I wanna thank you for sharing it. runs on the Genesis Framework

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