Upload a PDF Ebook Report to Your Hostgator Server

Knowing how to upload a PDF file, a report, or even a full ebook to your server is a “must know” task when it comes to building websites. We all know you need to feed your website visitors with new information to keep them interested and PDF files seem a great way to do this. It is all the rage.

How to upload a pdf file to a Hostgator web server?

1.  Sign in to your Hostgator account.
2.  Scroll down to the Files section.

3.  Click on the File Manager icon.

4. A file directory box will appear.

5.  Select which domain you want to install the pdf on. If you only have one domain name on this server you will not need to choose.

6.  After selecting the correct domain press go. See the screen shot below.

7.  You will be taken to the root directory of your website.

8.  Now you can press on New Folder to make a folder to put the PDF file in.

9. Double click on the new folder to enter it.

10.  Now click on the upload icon.

11.  Another window will open. Find your file and upload it.

Once you have uploaded your PDF file to your Hostgator server you will need to know the file path so you can make a link for website visitors to click on. The path or link will be the domain name, then the folder you made, and finally the file name. It will look something like this: http://www.tips4pc.com/foldername/filename.pdf

To see more information watch the video tutorial below.

Why would you need to upload a PDF file to your Hostgator Web server?

If you do not know this already, most free giveaway reports and ebooks are in PDF format. If you intend to transfer these files to your websites visitors you need to store them on the internet and therefore we need to upload it to a server.


  1. Brenda Macalino says

    Hi Mitz thanks for the information you share in here this is very helpful and specially to me I need to learned this..
    Brenda Macalino recently posted..קבלה

  2. Naomi Delatte says

    Thank you for this really useful information. Basic stuff I know but so important. Many newbies struggle with this kind of thing but your explanation is excellent.

    Thanks again.
    Naomi Delatte recently posted..Work at Home Top Tips

  3. Allan says

    Great article Mitz. It’s been over 10years since I used to do this using Dreamweaver.
    Now I use WordPress I had no idea how it was done. Thanks heaps for sharing you made it an easy task to accomplish.

  4. George says

    Thanks for sound explanation so much! everything is clear and useful, I had a question though: This one was for free links, but if I want to make a clickable link or button on my sales page to sell stuff, I need to direct it to my Paypal buying page first and then after payment is processed, to take them to my “thank you” page with downloadable link on it. Could you share how to do this? Thanks in advance,

    George G.

  5. ilham says

    thanks for sharing video File upload,It’s really useful.Also want ask you.Before i upload File should i publish my site?

    Thank you

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