Video and Audio Marketing: Is It Important For Online Business Success?

Are you doing audio and video yet?

Recently I did an article on how to create amazing video and audio content for your online business. It’s a fact that we’ve come to a time when people are less attentive. They’d much rather watch or listen to something than read it.

Even I’ve fallen victim to this as I now look for audiobooks over regular books.

Being that we as online business owners and/or bloggers want as many people as possible to get a hold of our content, we need to cater to as many different personalities as possible.

With that being said, we must eventually, add video and audio marketing to our online businesses.

In this post, I want to show you problems that many face and why they shy away from video and audio marketing. I won’t leave you hanging though; Never that.

I’m going to show you what I did to counter the fears that come with this new venture and how to improve once you kick that fear to the curve.

Are You Scared? I Was Until….

The number one reason why people shy away from doing video and audio marketing is because they are afraid of what people will say. Some are worried about how they look or even how they’re voice sounds. Often people hide behind non personal videos like the ones you create by turning powerpoint slides into video.

I admit it can be tough putting yourself out there for the world to see but there is something I’ve realized. If you know what you’re talking about, people will listen.

The object is not to know everything but to know more than most people. If you’ve chosen a subject that you’re an absolute genius on, then you’re in the money.

Be aware that you will have those certain people that may disagree with you but understand that everyone is not having a great a day as you’re having. Wish them the best in life and keep on trucking.

How to overcome fear…

Fear is a major crippler of success in anything but when it comes to something you know, it makes you selfish. Yep that’s what I said. Fear doesn’t make you scary; it makes you selfish.

There are a lot of people that can benefit from your knowledge but because of fear, you’d rather keep it to yourself. I learned this from an amazing audiobook called “Confident Public Speaking: Secrets for Painless Presentations!Audio Marketingby Susan Leahy.

Now I’m guessing you’re wondering what does public speaking have to do with creating video and audio content. Well just so you know, when I got this book, it wasn’t for the purposes of improving my online presentations but she had the most amazing way of looking at creating presentations in general.

It went along the lines of whatever you do outside the privacy of your home is public. The internet takes that to a whole other level. She was basically saying the minute you step outside the privacy of your home, you should be ready to impress because you are in public.

After you overcome fear, work on quality

The most important part of getting started with video and audio marketing is getting started. It sounds a bit naive but it’s a fact that getting started is a big obstacle for many.

This can also be due to fear of messing up, making mistakes or not looking as good as your competition.

Everyone started somewhere. The greatest joy is looking back on your past work and seeing how far you’ve come. It’s also great when your followers are able to see your progress.

Progress can be in many forms:

  • Video intros and outros
  • theme music
  • watermarks
  • something different

You can’t expect to be perfect when you first start. Of course we want to because that’s just human nature but you’ll never be. Just clean produce some great content, keep a smile and a nice background and you should be good.

For audio, I suggest having a nice musical intro. You can get stuff like this done on Fiverr for five bucks.

How to BRING IT!!!

Now you’ve conquered your fear and pushed the selfishness to the side. You’ve started creating audio and video and added this to your blog traffic strategies but you feel there is something missing.

You know what most people are missing?


The most important part of creating some amazing video and audio content is to BE YOURSELF. I learned this best from a book by Gary Vaynerchuk called “Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your PassionAudio Marketing“.

That dude is the definition of being yourself no matter what anyone thinks.

He’s in an industry where you’re expected to be like Ben Stein from those Clear Eyes commercials. No; he brings it with his own rockstar personality that wins over his audience and has put him in a league of his own.

You have to be yourself. Think of how you are when you’re with friends and family. Look into the camera and just imagine you’re talking to them.

If you talk to me in person and we get to talking about internet marketing, I will literally talk your head off. You would see my passion because I would tell you so much. Every time I shoot a video or record some audio, I think as if I’m talking to someone right in front of me.

Some ways you can get seen or heard…

These days, there are too many ways to get your content seen or heard. I’m going to detail a few ways I know of that have worked with or see other pro using in their online businesses.


  • Podcasts – you can record audio podcasts and distribute them online for followers to listen to. The most popular method is via iTunes. If you know of any others, please enlighten us.
  • On site audio – If you record audio and want to allow you viewers to listen to it, there are many ways to include audio on your blog. I recently installed MP3-jPlayer because it looked to have all I need.
  • Odiogo Listen button – This plugin I’m overly excited about. It reads your content to your viewers for them. Talk about making your blog futuristic.


  • YouTube – there are tons of videos on YouTube which is why you MUST use your #1 asset that no one can use. BE YOURSELF. See these tips on how to get more views on Youtube.
  • Tube Mogul – blast one video out to multiple video sites.
  • Facebook – Facebook doesn’t allow much marketing if any but if you have original video content and use your own music, it could pay off big.

In conclusion – Video and Audio Marketing

It’s a fact that giving people a visual of who is behind all those words (if you have a blog) is a great way to further connect with them. It’s not a requirement of course but it does help out alot with building a brand. This in return makes them more comfortable with subscribing to your list and becoming followers.

Once you get those first few videos out there, you’ll be looking in the mirror like “what was I worried about”?

I hope you found this post helpful. If you haven’t started video or audio marketing in your online business, I suggest you check out the books I mentioned. Those 2 books made me look step back and look at my online business and see that there were some things I needed to change.

Are you using video and/or audio marketing in your online business? What type of response have you gotten from it?

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share


  1. says

    I agree with all your points. Video marketing is one of the best ways to build your brand online. I mostly use video to generate traffic to my site and used to build traffic magnet videos myself.

  2. Cindy says

    I tried creating a few videos some time ago, but they never got any views and basically were a waste of time. Since then I have read up on how it is still important to promote them as you would do almost any page you want to promote. However, I am never comfortable promoting this way and having no control whether YT would delete the video tomorrow.
    Cindy recently posted..Oversized shoulder bags

  3. Danica Green says

    Great insights Dennis. We must overcome our fear to start new things so we can improve our craft and make some development in our business.

  4. says

    Internet marketers believe in the adage that the audio visual world is definitely more appealing than the written one. It is obvious that the entire concept of internet marketing will look more towards using such mechanisms effectively to promote the websites and increase their profitability. I agree with your post , it must be helpful for us.
    Smith recently posted..Scary Movie 5

  5. Chris says

    Video marketing is a huge step especially if you’re the one stepping in front of the camera. Audio is a little easier as it’s just your voice, but I think that both are essential if you want to build that bridge between you and your customers. The more transparent you make yourself, the more trust you instill with your clients.
    Chris recently posted..Owner Finance Homes: What Does It Mean?

  6. victoria says

    Indeed, people are looking for a much convenient way as time goes by. You know, listening to an audiobook can allow you to do other things such as working out like running on a tread mill.

  7. Nicholle Olores says

    Well, I think and believe that video and audio marketing is really important for any online business. There are many people nowadays do a lot of videos for marketing and so far it do good. All the facts about videos are so true and I am so much agree with it.
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..Timber Doors Brisbane

  8. David says

    Hi Dennis,

    Your title caught my eye because I was recently thinking how to add audio to my blog. I think video is easy, you can just put your youtube video up as a post.

    But audio is different. I do not really know how to do that and I especially would like to know how to put my audio on Itunes. If you have directions or any good posts on that, please let me know?

  9. Daniel says

    It’s proven by different researches that though people are searching for the text content in the Internet, they always get attracted by audio and video content immediately.
    The reason is that such kind of content is eye-catching, bright, intriguing and entertaining.

  10. Kyle says

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the wonderful post on marketing from different angles. Video marketing is still relevant and surprisingly untapped in some areas. Where one product or idea is very saturated on YouTube and other media, another product’s got potential because the competition’s doing next to nothing with online video marketing. With a little research, some quality video spots that are user-friendly (and thus, more open to being shared) and engaging can be a worthwhile addition to most any online marketing attack.

  11. Angel Collins says

    I agree with your article, using those tips via video and audio will be the easiest way to understand more about and business and marketing.

  12. Lexi says

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips, I think they are very helpful for all the blogger os the web. For me especially, they could really help me to realize my new years resolution, to be a better blogger, and do a more effective social media strategy! I totally agree with your article, video and audio marketing are the newest and easiest ways to generate a higher traffic and reach a higher PR for the blog.

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea I hope you get more involved also in social media but don’t fall victim to it.. I recently deleted my Facebook because I saw it as a waste of time personally but from a business standpoint, I’m excited about new things that are brewing with social media..

      I wish you much success Lexi.. Thanks for taking the time to comment..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..I Chose To Delete My Facebook & Here’s Why (w/ Videos)

    • Dennis Marshall says

      I heard YouTube has an average on-site time for their users at around 25 minutes.. That is mind boggling.. I see why they are a PR9.. They deserve it with site times like that…

      Got me seriously thinking about creating my own video site…
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..iB4D 001: How To Make Your Blog Better

  13. Edward says

    I totally agree with the importance of video marketing. People respond well to stimuli which involve as many of their senses as possible. When people watch, they use their senses of sight and hearing, that’s why information may be processed and stored better than when simply reading or listening to it. With the fast-paced style of living, people want to get everything in just a second, so videos might do the task. Videos are compact but could be filled with all the important messages a company wants its audience or clients to know.
    Edward recently posted..Is there just one type of wine corkscrew that you can use?

    • Dennis Marshall says

      You should consider carpentry because you hit the nail right on the head.. The world we live in now calls for a mix of everything. Some want it fast and some want it the old fashioned way… Just have to suck it up and do our best to give them what they want…

      I love to listen to blog posts and podcasts now on my iPad because it just makes things so much easier. I can consume content while washing dishes and so on..

      Thanks for coming through Edward
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..Easy Video Player Review: The Best Video Software For Websites & Blogs? (w/ Demo & Walkthrough)

  14. says

    I would recommend carefully planning your video project so as to minimize cost. Preparation and pre-planning can save you a considerable amount of money. in doing so you can storyboard and think through what kind of a video you want to create. It is easy to make changes from the storyboard and it does not cost as much if you already shot and needed to make expensive revisions. Planning out your video using professional techniques, using effective production values, can result in a great looking video. The net result could be potential savings. Use a good camera, not a flip, ensure your audio is clean, use a good microphone; and consider a good soundtrack to support your story.
    David recently posted..Canaan 4- Steps Powder Coating Methods

  15. Obaidul Haque says

    Creating a video doesn’t always mean you’ll need to show your face in front of the camera. There are many ways that you can use to create impressive videos and engage your target audience. You can produce a video tutorial or you can share the work culture of your company. You can also create videos for events organized at your company.

    Videos engage an audience pretty quickly. Images or text will never offer the kind of potential that videos offer. Once you’ve created your first video, you’ll learn more and have more confidence to make it better next time.

    If you are an online video marketer, you should also remember to watch lots of videos on channels like Youtube and Vimeo. It’s a good idea to watch videos that relate to your niche industry. It can provide you with more innovative ideas to work upon.

    Thanks for the share, Dennis.
    Obaidul Haque recently posted..How Companies Learn Your Secrets –

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea I’ve learned a lot from watching other bloggers.. You have to watch others not as a fan but as a fellow marketer..

      Once you can do this, you’ll never have to pay for a course… Just learn everything for free… This is for those that may be challenged financially. I suggest investing in a good course if you can..

      It’s also a good practice to find a good mentor.. They’ll help mold you into the success online business owner you aspire to be…

      Thanks for coming through Obaidul
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..14 Tips On How To Become A Psychic Blogger And Know Just What Your Readers Want

  16. Lily says

    I cannot say that I’m looking forward to this trend because I hate my voice when recorded and I sometimes I cannot hear a thing!

    Also, I like to get back to certain things in texts and it’s harder to do so in audio and video formats.

    But I realize that this is the future and I just have to get used to it!
    Lily recently posted..Is the Healthy Trim Price Worth It for the Results?

    • Dennis says

      Tell you how I overcame that…. Record yourself, be confident and don’t listen to it…

      I do real estate also and setting up my voicemail would literally take an hour.. That’s not good.. I would listen to it and then re-record because I didn’t like the way I sounded..

      Now unless I mess up during the talking, I don’t start over and I don’t listen to it. Eventually you become great at doing audio because voicemails are simple to me now. Of course recording podcasts and video is a bit different…

      I suggest if you mess up, pause for like 15 to 20 seconds to gather your thoughts and pick up where you left off.. With that pause, you’ll be able to spot areas where you need to cut out mistakes and it will flow through smoothly..

      Hope this helps

  17. says

    Everything I have read about SEO lately STRONGLY suggests that having a a video on your landing page makes a significant difference in terms of conversions. You can literally quadruple the amount of time a user spends on your site by adding video, and if its well done, get a lot of natural back links. Some industries are tough to make videos for, however.

  18. Mark says

    I agree and think you hit the nail on the head so to speak. Video marketing is definitely important, it’s one sure-fire way of attracting attention. Videos do increase rankings (which is a great reason to get involved in the video marketing hype), not only do they do that, they allow your customers, or those you want to be your customers, to get to know you… Rather than just reading text that you’ve written, it gives them a taste of what your personality is and a feel for who you are. There’s no reason why video marketing should be left alone by any business.

  19. says

    Honestly, I never did any audio marketing, but I use video marketing quite a lot. Most of my videos are screenshot videos where I either explain a step-by-step procedure (for example, how to use a specific software tool) or I do simple Powerpoint presentations.

    Those videos are very easy to create, they don’t take much time and they deliver a good stream of traffic.
    Robert recently posted..Free Rank Checker Tool – Google Rank Checker

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Man I suck at creating those powerpoint vids. I’m a perfectionist so as much as I try to say screw it, I end up taking longer than I need to to complete a project.. I’ve done a few in my day tho.. I just need to come up with a system like I have for my videos. I can crank those babies out in less than an hour…

      As for audio, I did my first official podcast the other day.. I think it went quite well.. Can’t wait to really get some great audio stuff going.. I’m just getting my hands dirty now..

      THanks for coming through Rob…
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..iB4D 001: How To Make Your Blog Better

  20. Paul says

    Video marketing is the best option to promote any business. It gives customers a clear idea about the product. Giving just information about the product in a piece of article will not make much impact on customers. But if audio and video means are used to promote the business or products then the impact is much more. I think the tips which you have listed here are perfect for the beginners.

  21. says

    Bringing innovations in blogging business will help making the readers curious about the new products to be launched. I think, video and audio marketing of any product is the best way to bring some creative innovations in the business. This will help in increasing the popularity of any product in the market. This will also give readers an interesting way to access any information. This will also help in giving them a clear understanding of the topic.

    • Dennis says

      You’re right Dave. I like to hit them from all angles.. Video, audio and written.. I’m getting ready to start doing audio soon…

      It’s also good because it increases time on site stats.. That’s great for SEO.. I heard YouTube has an average of 25 minutes per user on their site… All video.. Got me thinking about creating a video sub-domain and hosting all my videos there.. I’ll definitely have to be pulling in some big numbers though because to host your own videos takes a lot of bandwidth and i’d have to pay handsomely for that..

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting… I really appreciate it…

  22. Becca says

    With constantly changing innovations and ideas generated through the Internet, it is easy for anybody to start up a business online. And using video and audio strategy is very popular these
    nice post!!

    • Dennis says

      I agree Becca.. Especially if someone already has that budding personality that people just flock to… They’ll have easy success..

      If I were a video person, I’d consider doing a video blog..

      Thanks for coming through and commenting Becca.. I really appreciate it…

  23. Owen says

    This is a great post. I have this same problem and I’m working on it. Then along comes this post. I will definitely read the books that you have mentioned and hopefull will be able to master this area.

    • Dennis says

      Yea.. Definitely check out Crush It.. It’s one of the best entrepreneurial books I’ve ever read..

      Thanks for commenting Owen.. I really appreciate it..

  24. Adeline Meyer says


    Nice post as it reminds me the importance of videos on a blog. However, for my case, I don’t want to appear in videos as I consider that I must protect my identity and image. It is notably the case when we have several websites on different segments.

    Therefore I have a short question to commenters: have you considered to make the video by an external service, and if yes, do you have some particular recommendations?

    I tried to post a project on and such website but it is very difficult to see in advance if it will sound professional or not… and I had a big surprise with my last project: the video was horrible :)

    But I guess it is a good idea to hire a professional speaker to present something, what do you think?

    Thanks and best regards
    Adeline Meyer recently posted..Exclusif : quand les journalistes renseignent les Hackers

    • Dennis Marshall says

      I understand where you’re coming from Eban Pegan (think that’s how you spell his name) is one of the biggest internet marketers on the planet but he is also one of the biggest, if not the biggest, names in the relationship names under the name David Deangelo…

      I didn’t know this up until recently.. Its one of those things if you create an image and identity in a totally different niche, your followers will have no reason to look up your info and he provides such great info, I don’t think many care..

      When it’s a matter of security and safety, that’s different.. I suggest finding a company that handles creating video presentations professionally.. You may have to come out of the pocket because you get what you pay for..

      If you want to save some money and risk a few 5 dollar bills, I suggest checking out Fiverr and find someone that has tons of good feedback for creating testimonial like videos..

      Shoot them a message telling them what you like and see if they can provide what you want. If so, test them out with a test job. If you like, hire them for a bigger job and pay them for like 4 jobs. They’ll be glad to put their all into a video if they’re getting paid a bonus for good work…

      I once got a radio personality to do a very nice voiceover for a presentation I have. Ended up only paying 10 bucks for a minute long audio which I placed in a video..

      Hope this helps..

      Best wishes..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..4 Solid Reasons Why Blogging Is Alot Like Real Estate… And Some Changes You Need To Make

  25. Alexandar says

    Video is better than a audio system for online business.Video system is one of the popular system, people love to watch video.So,with video related marketing system,people understand very easily the theme of the marketing and people do respond also very often.
    Thanks for tips related online business.
    Alexandar recently posted..Apple iPad 3 Features Revealed?

  26. Julie says

    Wow! Thanks for sharing these useful tips, I think they are very helpful for all the blogger os the web. For me especially, they could really help me to realize my new years resolution, to be a better blogger, and do a more effective social media strategy! I totally agree with your article, video and audio marketing are the newest and easiest ways to generate a higher traffic and reach a higher PR for the blog.
    Julie recently posted..cosmetic dentists london

    • Dennis Marshall says

      Yea… traffic to good content is definitely a proven way to raise that PR. You know what’s crazy though. I have a static site that has had a total of 78 hits, less than 10 backlinks with all copied content and no videos and it has a PR1.. and it’s a sub-domain…

      I’m totally confused.. My actual site has a PR0… More than 50 unique articles.. Videos and audio.. LOL..

      Gonna be doing a lot of testing in the upcoming months.. See what I’ve stumbled upon..

      Thanks for the comment Julie.. I really appreciate you coming through..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..Social Sharing 101: Forget A Phonebook! It’s Time To Get Your Online Business Listed In Facebook!

  27. Jean says

    Video and audio marketing is one of the best tools which has a very high conversion rate. Gone are the days where prospect will only read some text and photo advertisements. Today, people will look for video and audio for clarity.
    Jean recently posted..Best stackable washer dryer

  28. klaus says

    Thanks for a good and useful post.

    I even started making video for youtube. The best part is that they organize very well in google and can give your projects a lot of new customers. Making video marketing is definitely something people should use.
    klaus recently posted..Apple aktien sætter rekord.

  29. says

    Personally, as someone who reads a lot of blogs, I prefer video to just sole audio, its always good to see the person whose blog you are reading. Also, with video bloggers can show physical things on the video and, if the blog needs it!
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

  30. says

    Depending on your personality, presence, and probably few other factors, you might notice that you come off differently speaking into the camera, alone in your room vs. speaking in front of an audience. I personally tend to come off better when I am speaking in front of people. There is a different energy to the performance. When speaking into the camera, I tend to come off little flat. You may be different, but I bet there is a difference in the way you present yourself depending on the type of environment you’re in. Play to your strengths.

    • Dennis Marshall says

      yea it’s easy to give a half decent presentation on a video.. in that same ebook I recommended, she said to turn the volume down on your videos and watch yourself. This practice alone will show you a lot about how your videos look to other people.. We look at our own videos and see nothing less than perfection sometimes.. LOL…

      I did this and saw that I was completely boring.. I have hour long videos that I have to redo because I refuse to put it up with the voice tone I used..

      Thanks for the insight..
      Dennis Marshall recently posted..The Top 10 Successful Internet Entrepreneurs That Influenced Me More Than They’ll Ever Know

  31. says

    Although it might seem so small, I think one of the most important tips with video is to take advantage of the lower-thirds in your video–meaning use your editing tool to add in your name and your website at points throughout the video. Mari Smith always does a great job of optimizing this space and it is a terrific branding opportunity. This blog post is so timely for me. We’re in the middle of producing some video content, and these tips are nice and concrete.
    Mitchell recently posted..What does a bed and breakfast vacation package in Jamaica offer you?

  32. says

    Video and audio marketing is the best way to reach out to the customers. It is rightly said that pictures speak more than words. And I think video marketing is the best way to make customers clearly understand about the online business. It is better to give customers something which is innovative rather than the old traditional articles to read. This will also make them attached with the site. I also think the tips which you have posted are very good for any online business owner.

  33. Rick Castro says

    Video and audio marketing can really help a lot when it comes to gaining popularity online. One key here is that the video or audio is to go viral so that a lot of viewers can see about what you advertise! Great post overall. Thanks for sharing,

  34. mitz says

    Dennis this post is fantastic! You are a pro!!!

    I have felt the pain of making videos. My first video took me all day. (Well it seemed like it) I had to forgo the perfectionist in me to make videos and although I have improved, I still say UMMM every two seconds… Anyway I had to get over that.. lucky I did though, or I would have my Youtube partner account.

    Also I had to learn to ignore what people say and never take their comments to heart as Youtube has a crazy bunch of users. All I needed was one comment appreciating my video and I would forget all others.

    If everyone shared their valuable knowledge we would all be a smart bunch. :)
    mitz recently posted..Content Is Not The Only King Of WordPress Website Building!

  35. chanikacha says

    I usually use video for marketing my websites and products. Video marketing truly is most of the best to promote your products or website because of the people love watching some video. It also helps us to drive more traffic. I never tried Audio Marketing but I can sure try it.
    chanikacha recently posted..Effective Ways on How to Learn French

  36. Mike Lawrence says

    I know I need to do video marketing for my business and it’s not shooting the video that scares me personally. I just don’t really know how to drum up topics people are looking for. Should I try to combine keyword research with my video topics. If so, how do I find those longer tail questions that people may have about my niche so I can make a video about it?
    Mike Lawrence recently posted..Are Electronic Cigarettes “safer” than regular cigarettes

  37. Yasmine27 says

    Yes, I believe so. It is more effective when you are promoting with video and audio. In this way, you can demonstrate your product and your prospects or readers can see what you are offering and at the same time they can decide whether your product is useful or not for them.
    Yasmine27 recently posted..More Home Security Tips

    • Dennis says

      Yea Yasmine I feel the same way you do.. video and audio marketing is a great way to show features of a product. I’ve seen many top affiliates do videos of products…

      Thanks for coming through and commenting..

  38. says

    Hi Dennis,
    this post is really Awesome post.since log time i was searching audio and video marketing success secret and i really found here. Thanks for sharing.

  39. says

    “Think of how you are when you’re with friends and family”…I LOVE THAT! There is no doubt in my mind since meeting you online, you are you and that is a good thing in my book!
    I think there are way to many people online and off, that try to be someone they are not…not Dennis! ! Good on you!

    The only time I use videos is when capturing our(Ring Lawn Care)work on the lawn mowers, not so much for the website building…Mitz has that sewed up. I do not fell like stealing her great ideas or yours for this matter, as you two blog for a living.

    I appreciate more than you know, your passion and drive for what you do. I have seen a lot of bloggers pump out posts, and you are right up there with them. Some of them are just useless information, but you have clearly done your research and this will serve you well in the long run.

    “How to Bring It” Who says that? One who is being true to them and not “Selfish”, that is who. Personally I love the way you bring it. You have a deep feeling for what you do and one can see you are making true efforts.

    As Mitz would say “Don’t Quit”! If you are going to cry go get a 9-5! Or something like that. Dennis keep BRINGING IT!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..3 SEO Tips For More Web Page Visibility

    • Dennis says

      Bryan my man… Thanks for grabbing that top comment spot.. I really appreciate the love man.. yea I’m going to keep bringing it.. As long as I have a keyboard in front of me and some great topics, I’ll keep it coming..

      I really enjoyed putting this on together because I remember one lady somewhere was saying how she was scared to do videos..

      I use to be in that same boat..

      Thank you for the support… Both Bryan and Mitz…

      I wish everyone who reads this post much internet and offline success..
      Dennis recently posted..14 Tips On How To Become A Psychic Blogger And Know Just What Your Readers Want

  40. says

    I would love to get into making videos for my blog. It opens up huge potential. Just think of how many videos are viewed each day on youtube. Chances are, there aren’t very many good ones in your niche. It’s a traffic source just begging for someone to jump all over it. Like many the one thing holding me back is my self consciousness. I am worried that my voice won’t sound good or that I won’t be interesting enough in a video. I guess I’ll never know for sure until I give it a try.
    Jeremy recently posted..Buy An eReader & Save Money On Books

    • Dennis says

      Gotta get out there and try… Create a fake account and post some videos.. See how people respond. Don’t leave a link to your site or anything.. Just talk about whatever..

      You may inspire people; you may get some criticism.. Whatever you get, take it as advise on what you need to do to add video and audio marketing into your business.. If you feel it will take you a level higher…

      Hope this helps..

      I wish you much success Jeremy and thanks for commenting…

      PS… Hey I use to think my voice sounded funny.. I learned to just go with it..
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Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

When I changed to the Genesis Framework and the eleven40 Theme my page load score went from 58 to 79 instantly. This was without any optimization at all. The other thing about this framework and theme is that it was so simple to setup that I can highly recommend it to each and every person that visits this blog! Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.