Tried-And-True Website Ideas – Make Money and Attract Traffic

The best website ideas are proven website ideas. If someone else has made a website work, you know you can make it work too. Furthermore, you can learn from the mistakes made by other people who have used the website idea and make your website even better.

Website ideas fall into two broad categories: website ideas which help you make money and website ideas which attract traffic. Let’s look at five website ideas from each category:

Make Money #1—Donations

This is the money-making website idea I recommend the least. If you accept donations from your readers, you probably won’t make much money, and if you ever start hosting adds or affiliate marketing links, your core readers will complain—and possibly leave.

Donations don’t work for a lot of reasons, but the most important is that there’s no sense of immediacy. When someone sells you a product, you buy it because you want it. But by the time someone asks you for a donation, you’ve already received the useful information from the website, so there’s no immediate reason for you to donate.

Further, there may be people similar to me who refuse to donate to websites because they donate to other, more worthy causes. When I have to choose between donating to the poor and donating to someone with enough wealth and free time to create a website, I’ll donate to the poor every time.

Make Money #2—Host Advertisements

A lot of people monetize a website using advertisements, but I’m not completely convinced it’s a good business model. For starters, some advertisements are ugly. Add to that the increasing number of people using AdBlock Plus to hide the advertisements on your website and the number of other websites which engage in fraud (lowering the value of legitimate ad clicks), and you have a tough market.

But advertisements do have one thing working for them: they’re easy. Just create an account on an advertising platform, copy and paste some code on your site, and start serving ads. I kind of make this sound too easy and if you are interested to find out more see my advertising check-list. This will help you get on the right track. If you make ads work for you, that’s great, but also consider trying some of the other techniques on this list.

Make Money #3—Affiliate Advertising

Unlike serving other people’s advertisements, affiliate advertising lets you write your own advertisements and embed them in your articles. For this reason, affiliate advertising can be much more successful than regular advertisement.

Of course, it can be hard to get your readers to trust you when you make money off of every product you recommend, but this doesn’t seem to be a major problem for most website businesses.

Make Money #4—Retail or Resale

If you’re successful at affiliate marketing, you can often increase your profit percentage by selling your own products or by selling other people’s products directly.

Of course, this means you’ll have to deal with customers directly—but that can be a major advantage. It gives you the chance to satisfy a website reader who would otherwise stop reading your website because you recommended a product that didn’t work as expected.

Making your own products can be difficult, but the growing industry of drop shipping makes selling other people’s products from your own storefront increasingly easy.

Make Money #5—List Marketing

Websites are a great way to find customers, but they’re a terrible way to keep them. This is especially true if you focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), infrequent blogging, and other ways of attracting one-time traffic.

The best businesses are built upon relationships. You go back to the same stores and websites over and over because you’ve learned to trust them—or at least, you’ve learned what to expect.

But if people search for information about a product, visit your website once, and never come back, you aren’t building any sort of relationship, and the only products you can sell them that will repay your investment will either have to cost a lot of money or offer a huge affiliate percentage.

Instead of selling people a product, consider getting them to sign up for your weekly newsletter—and then use the newsletter to consistently tell them about great offers. That way you can sell them dozens of low-priced products or low-profit products over a longer period of time, increasing and stabilizing your income. We all know this is called email marketing and you need to build a list of subscribers in order for this to work.

Attract Traffic #1—The Blog

Everyone wants a blog today, and blogs are a great way to attract traffic—if you write things people want to read. You can build a blog or website, the difference is disappearing because most are built on blog content management systems anyway.

Too often I stumble upon the personal opinion/personal problem blog. These blogs are only interesting to the people who write them and maybe that person’s closest friends. It’s easier to post your opinions and problems to Facebook.

On the other hand, if you can regularly post useful information, a blog is a good way to distribute it and attract traffic. But you must make sure that you write it in a way search engines can find it. To do that, use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to arrange your keywords and blogs.

Attract Traffic #2—FAQ

People—all people—hate to look like idiots. Most people even hate to ask questions because they’re worried about looking like idiots. So one of the easiest website ideas you can create is the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) list.

On many websites I work for, the FAQ page is the most visited page on the site after the homepage. That’s because people have learned that it will probably provide useful information in a quick and easy-to-read summary format.

You can even create an entire website devoted to the FAQ about a particular subject. Just make each entry on your blog the answer to another question.

Attract Traffic #3—Variety Sites

A good way to attract traffic is to collect the best ____ from the web. The ____ can be videos, blog posts about a particular subject, photos of kittens, or anything else. If people know they can come to your website for the best of ____, they’ll probably come back often and recommend your website to other people.

This can be one of the easiest or one of the most difficult websites ideas to implement. It’s easy if there is a ton of ____ already easily searchable. It’s difficult if you need to do a lot of research everyday to find your next ____ post.

Attract Traffic #4—Product Reviews

Before buying any high-budget item (which can cost as little as $10 for some people), people want to learn whether it will be worth their money, so they’ll search the Web for information about it.

You can tap into this huge traffic stream by offering quality reviews for these products—and you can monetize it using affiliate advertising, as discussed above.

The key to this website idea is answering people’s questions about the product even to the point of answering questions they haven’t yet asked themselves.

Attract Traffic #5—How-To

Probably the best way to attract traffic on the Web is to help people learn how to do something. Despite widespread reports of an apathetic population, most people on the Web make several searches every week for information about how to do something or another.

Any article you write which starts with the words “how to” is almost assured traffic once the search engine indexes it, making it the most simple and effective of website ideas. That is exactly how I built Tips4pc and made it so popular, by writing good how to articles.


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    i perspnally wouldn’t like ask people donate via paypal on my blog though many people do that rather i would place ads and do affiliate marketing.

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    Personally against asking for money via donations – yeah you could out up a PayPal Donate Now button on your blog,what a amazing way really these way to attract visitor really and Host Advertisements is great way and appreciate really thanks for the sharing me.thank you for sharing!
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  3. krishna says

    Donations usually don’t amount to much if any unless you are a big recognized organization that helps something. I have had a donation area on the main part of my site for a few years and I can tell you I get many.
    thank you for sharing!
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    Hey Mitz,
    Amazing tips on money making and increasing traffic count. Affiliate advertising has helped me out tremendously in making money from my website. Apart from this, paid surveys and polls have added more to my income. There are services that will pay money to run a small survey or poll on your website which I think seems to be great. I enjoyed reading all the points included in attracting traffic. Found it really informative. Thanks for the share!

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    These are great tips for earning and making money online. Blog is one of the good ways to get traffic, and to get more traffic, a blog should really be interesting to its audience. Good to know that these are tried. Thanks for this! :)

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    Salutary share . Affiliate advertising is new to me but seems quiet promising . I have tried advertisements but it is not such an effective way to earn an at the same time you need to analyze which advertisements you want to flash on your website. Liked the share.

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    I am curious about the affiliate advertisement and I’m hoping to be able to try it as soon as possible. Thank you so much!! :)

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    what a amazing way really these way to attract visitor really and Host Advertisements is great way and i appreciate really thanks for the sharing me

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    These are nice tips you have here. Making money online is not really easy, but these tried and true tips of yours can really be helpful. A lot of bloggers may become successfully earning with your ideas.

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    Cool! These are awesome ways on how to make money and create funds to keep going! I hope to read more of your informative blogs! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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    I still believe and still being sure that blog is the best source for getting traffic, without spending much efforts or any money on it

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    Hi mitz
    I have started a second blog about bucket list which is something I enjoy writing about and enjoy ticking things off the list. So your part about affiliate advertising rather than just using google adsense really appeals to me.

    So for great info thanks lee
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    I was only focusing on Marketing list, i don’t know about the others method before read out your article.But one thing i want to share with you, i get traffic without these method because i did only unique and good thing on my money making site.
    but i can earn more now to follow your instruction.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Blogs and affiliate advertising are my tried and tested. Thanks for mentioning other ways; will try them out too.

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    I like how you broke everything done I think most effective way to get your site is teach them something or the “how to” people are always looking for advice like me.I dont have Faq list is should go fix that
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    All tipes are effective. I am really interested in affiliate marketing. This is really a very informative post. Thanks for sharing these great and awesome tips.

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    This is very nice idea about making more money throughout the website. I agree with your Advertising ideas, and List Marketing and Blog are also known ideas for making money. Yes, of course FAQ page is most visited by people, because they have many questions for that particular website, this also good idea for marketing purpose.

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    Interesting article! I definitely got some good info from your perspective of the different bullet points you listed.

    I’m new to this blog, but I’m definitely going to have to come back since I’m new to the whole SEO scene and I would love to learn it.

    Thanks again,

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    I have a small blog on my main website and try to write, when i have time, when Im not washing cars, hints and tips for looking after your own car with out using guys like me. So this is a good idea after being confirmed above. I will look at your suggestion regarding reviewing car cleaning products. All these suggests seem like a logical way to increase traffic
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    Great post. I find the best way to monetize a blog is not pushing too many ads and product reviews while your audience is small and fragile once you have a solid audience you are much more flexible. I would also on a side note, that sites which are not focused on a specific niche have a much harder time making it just because there is little reason for visitors to return for.

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    Love the ideas on making money online. I did the affiliate thing for awhile, now sell my own products…while affiliate marketing can make you some good money, it also depends on the quality of the products you are advertising. At least with my own products I KNOW what I am selling. And yes I do agree, donations; unless they are for a good cause usually don’t work out very well. Thanks for the info and ideas, there are many people out there looking to start an online business and this will definitely help them!
    Ron recently posted..Get Out Of Debt 101 PLR Package with Private Label Rights

  22. KevinR says

    Personally against asking for money via donations – yeah you could out up a PayPal Donate Now button on your blog, but they’re pretty useless and you’d have to harass people into giving you their money (not recommended for obvious reasons) in order to be able to make something out of it. Instead, why not sell your product for a dollar or two; that way the people get what they want and you get money too.
    Needless to say, great set of tips!
    KevinR recently posted..Tips and Tricks for Blogging Success

    • mitz says

      Yes I agree..Just sell your stuff instead.. I had a format xp section on my website and made that into an ebook that sold for $3.95. People bought the book for convenience even though it was available for free on the site.
      mitz recently posted..The Top 10 SEO Blogging Tips

  23. Ray says

    Donations usually don’t amount to much if any unless you are a big recognized organization that helps something. I have had a donation area on the main part of my site for a few years and I can tell you I get many. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use one if a site was talking about making money or how much money they are making online. People would probably say hey if you are making so much money why on earth should I donate. Anyway I see people telling others to add a donation page or button every now and then. I would really think about it before doing so.
    Ray recently posted..Cloud Hosting Storage and Your Website

    • mitz says

      Yes I do not like donations as a business model. But I did get a $20 donation on a forum for giving someone some computer advice.. That was years ago so it was a lot of money back then. :)

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    what a amazing way really these way to attract visitor really and Host Advertisements is great way and i appreciate really thanks for the sharing me

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    Wow! This is really a huge lists that would help noobs that are wanting to start a new website. My partner and I were thinking of getting some affiliate links to promote but don’t know where to start. Your topic is heaven sent to us as I got several tips and points to keep. Thanks a bunch!
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    • mitz says

      You can start by making a list of things you think your audience might buy. Then search for affiliate programs for those products or develop something yourself. :)

      Just make sure anything you promote is very much related to your site.

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    hey mitz
    a compilation of tips has been made by you. To monetize your website, advertising seems to be a great option for generating money online, but it depends upon which sorts of ads you want to go for.
    i personally like affiliate advertising, since you get to create your own ads and incorporate them into your content.
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    Nice tips Mitz,

    Advertising is not a big source of income but many times makes your website to look ugly. So it’s essential to choose right advertisement that suits your theme and leaves good impression. No doubt affiliate marketing is best source of income.
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    • mitz says

      I have a few email lists and also feedburner. The optin is at the bottom of each post. I have stopped pushing for signups at the moment while rethinking my layout and business model.

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    This information is no doubt awesome for anyone just getting started with blogging. A real confidence booster.
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