How To Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

There are most likely many reasons why people click the “like” button on a Facebook page (some I’ll never understand). It could be the topic, the page could be interesting, there could be a competition running, or it may offer a free service. Either way the more “likes” you get on a Facebook page the more popular the page will become. Listed below are the main reasons people ‘like’ a Facebook page.

Free stuff

No matter who you are or what your circumstances may be, no one I know will refuse a freebie! Kids, University students and adults the world over will step all over you to get something for nothing. Whether that something is information, a witty joke or a personalized item with a brand name on it, if you give away something free of charge then you can be guaranteed to get people’s attention.


Whilst this overlaps slightly with the free stuff category, the competitive streak in most people will get the better of them here. A great example of a powerful Facebook marketing campaign was when ‘Skittles’ launched the ‘Win the Rainbow’ competition on Facebook. They now have an astounding 20,863,887 ‘likes’ on their page! They asked what people would do for a Skittles vending machine. Easy as that. They are currently running another campaign ‘the greatest fan in the world’ where a new winner is chosen weekly.


Kids and big kids alike seem to be partial to a bit of gaming. McDonalds have a few mental games on their Facebook page. From market research, the guys at McDonalds say that this has helped to grow their number of ‘likes’ significantly.

Environmental or social causes

If you are truly passionate about a cause; whether that be the environment, poverty, animal care or something else, there are people worldwide that will empathize with you and help to share your campaign. Sharing is caring as they say and certainly equates to a lot of likes on Facebook!

Make a stance

There is nothing more frustrating than someone who constantly sits on the fence. Stand your ground on an issue and publicly talk about it on Facebook. Encourage others to do the same and get involved in discussions. This will garner you genuine ‘likes’ from those who truly want to hear what you have to say.

Show your personality

People like to get to know the real you. Politicians and celebrities generally see an increase in Facebook likes when they upload photos of themselves celebrating the birth of a new child, appearing without makeup or generally being normal. Put up too much information though, and you may find that you have a stalker!


Pages that are light-hearted and funny generally garner more likes. So the best advice is to enjoy what you do and interact in a light hearted and funny way. Remember, the best comedy is only funny if you have a sense of humor. Don’t try too hard though, it may backfire!


Set yourself a challenge and document your progress on Facebook. The challenge could involve losing weight, running a marathon; it could be writing 100 articles or reading 100 books. Whatever it is, by publicizing it on a Facebook page you should find yourself with a steady army of followers in no time.

Be yourself

No one likes a know-it-all or an imposter. Be yourself and let people like you for who you are.

Now go get yourself some LIKES folks!

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  1. Taylor says

    Making people like your page can be very difficult at times but, once you know what impresses people nobody can stop you from getting the highest number of likes. A page might not always have something different, it can be something very common but the way you create it should be attractive. Most importantly, it should relate with people’s lives. If they don’t have any idea of what is your page about they will never like it.

  2. Sara says

    There was also a variety of facebook like pages that was really popular a couple years back which followed the “If this page gets x likes, I will do something amusing” pattern. I think they declined in popularity somewhat because a lot of the page administrators had no intention of following through.

    I think the number one thing that is important in getting facebook likes is making the consumers feel included. Between corporations inviting consumers to play mental games to those facebook pages that invite users to “like” if they recognize a bit of popular culture, it’s all about making the user feel a part of something.
    Sara recently posted..Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden to Boost Your Overall Health

  3. Scott says

    Before, I was just like clicking on a page with interesting features on it as quizzes and other fun stuffs but today, I dig into its content and how it will serve me on the long run.
    Also, I consider the look of the timeline photo.

  4. Elena Anne says

    Well now I know what I actually like when I push like on Facebook. I will have to use this in my Facebook advertising.
    Elena Anne recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  5. Celine says

    I would like a facebook page if I am interested with the page itself, that is if I like the info being shared in that page. Like in the past, one facebook friend shared a photo about home designing and I liked it very much. I went into that specific page and liked it. And then I was able to browse more home designs. I really enjoyed checking the page out.

  6. Sarah says

    I totally agree with your post. People don’t just “like” a Facebook page because there has to be something in it for them either now or in the long run. Or else they just have unnecessary feed popping up on their Facebook page. Personally i very seldom “like” a page.
    Sarah recently posted..8 Rules of Social Media for Customer Service

  7. says

    In order to start liking your Facebook page, people would need to experience the various services that you offer. They should believe that they are doing the right thing by liking your page. Liking the page of a particular business does not in any way force the other person to have an obligation to that business. Give them a great reason why they should join, tell them news, or find a creative way to mention and link to your page. Just like any form of online marketing, it takes a lot of hard work. Making a successful fan page, website, blog, or anything online takes commitment and sustained effort.

  8. Stan says

    I like the “Be Yourself” Recommendation. Too many people are going out of their way to look more official or trying too darn hard to be cool and hip. Don’t do it!

  9. says

    Free stuff works for sure. That’s how we got the vast majority of out likes. Another thing I find to be determining factor on whether or not I’m going to like a page, is if the company has an actual website. I run into companies trying to use a FB page has their only “site”. Personally, I’m just not going to give you a like if you don’t also have a legit site.

  10. Syeda Mehwish says

    Hi Mitz,
    Basically when I used a product and I liked its result or inspired by it then I like its facebook page and also some pages I liked on facebook because of freebies :)
    Syeda Mehwish recently posted..Webhosting Plans

  11. says

    An interesting freebie will get me to ‘like’ a page in a heartbeat. It could be a free e-book, download, etc., so long as I perceive it as a value, I will ‘like’ it.

  12. says

    Oh well, I actually like free stuff! Being serious, I usually like well designed facebook pages instead of those gray-boring ones.

  13. Michael Di Carlo says

    I think that seeing all the invites to join silly games that I receive on facebook, it seems that that’s the main thing that people like and share :(

  14. mdenise says

    Nice, Mitz. Seems like number of FB likes determines the popularity of different people, subjects, apps and a lot more things. I just hope the non-sense pages lessen eventually. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve come across different pages that do not have that much bearing; nothing really significant for many. I mean, if you are going to post something personal, post it on your timeline, why create a page for it and only get your friends like it?

  15. Sally Thompson says

    When i click on “like” on Facebook, i make sure that this is very interesting to me. Even when it is a commercial, i want to be informed on further updates. Thank you!
    Sally Thompson recently posted..Celtic Tattoo Designs

  16. says

    Just checking out this article Mitz. Thought I’d share my views. I read a lot of blogs but I only visit a handful on a daily basis. The blogs that I re-visit constantly are the once with great content. So after a while a get so hooked that I don’t want to miss any new posts. Sometimes instead of Subscribing, I simply I Like their Facebook page so that I can see any updates in my Facebook feed. That would be the only reason that I would Like someones Facebook page.

  17. Shaquille Ray says

    What makes me like a facebook page is the content the page posts. For example i like WTF facts which posts interesting facts and some that make you think what the hell!

    Pages I don’t like are ones that post URLs continuously and never ending spam threads. Sharing photos are okay but links every 5 minutes to spam my newsfeed, i don’t think so!

    • Karthik says

      Shaquille, I’m getting a parse error on your website. You might want to look into that.

      Additionally, I definitely agree with Shaquille…the more astounding (yet believable) a post, the more I get interested. Sometimes even enough to like it!
      Karthik recently posted..Top 5 Cheapest Wedding Photographers in Utah

  18. says

    I joined FB ,Coz of my friends you wudnt believe but i found lots of my school friends from FB.its really an amazing place to interact with peoples.& i only like FB page if it match with my interste or i like this page.& if the page is not of my interest , than it must be a usefull or helpfull info page.which information i really need. & last point i but not the least , if the page is of my make by me , my friend or my knowns person……..
    Smith recently posted..The Bourne Legacy

  19. Shannon Baldridge says

    There is nothing worse than a company that uses Facebook wrong and advertisers to their fans like a social media billboard. It’s frustrating to try to showcase the benefits from establishing a relationship with customers via Facebook to people who just don’t get it. Good write-up!

  20. Margarita says

    I like a facebook page, when it resonates with my interests and values. Also, when someone shares a helpful link or information. Good service always gets a “like” from me.

  21. Mama says

    I joined FB because already my friends made an account there and I like the idea of see what they like and post. I never played games or other stuff. Chating and like-ing
    Mama recently posted..Produse Calivita

  22. Neil says

    Some good insight here. If you have a facebook page then getting likes is only part of the work. The next steps include getting people to share the page and to interact on it. Only then will you start to see a return on your investment.
    Neil recently posted..Cramps: The potassium connection

  23. says

    I completely agree with your information. Nowadays, Mostly people use Facebook to make their sound branding across the globe. Facebook provides us extra functionally such as business pages, where we can easily promote our business related services to get more genuine visitors. According to me, people who want to use Facebook for their better business they should read this information. Thanks for sharing it.

  24. Laura says

    I “like” a Facebook Page of someone’s local business or group to show my support. I would also do it for a competition or to show my personality. Some people go way overboard with it though.

  25. says

    Hey Mitz I LOVE free stuff and FB has plenty of it. I cannot spend much time there anymore as it is too addicting. Usually it is a distraction for getting ANYTHING done.
    Humor is key I think in everyday life. Even when everything is going wrong, finding something to laugh about is very healthy.
    I hate FAKE people, I can spot them a mile away. How can I make that type of statement? I used to be one, plus I know I do love HATERS though, they drive me to work even harder!
    Facebook is one aspect of my business and has become a great word a mouth for my landscape business. Last year I held a Facebook drawing for services and grew my following, adding 73 more fans. It is hard on any social medium to get quality followers, but if you are YOU, they will come…Thanks Mitz!
    Bryan Ring recently posted..3 SEO Tips For More Web Page Visibility

  26. Sandra says

    A very interesting topic, Mitz… If everyone answers the question why people should “Like” his/her FB page (and what kind of people) to himself, he’ll definitely come up with many new ideas on how to improve the page to make it more popular.
    Sandra recently posted..Template #38057

  27. says

    Regular status updates is certainly a factor which i look for before choosing to like a page. A page which is humerus and gets its customers heavily involved in the brand such as competitions and giveaways is also a huge contributing factor.

  28. Jeanne R. Weiss says

    I only like a page if it is about music specially when I like the artist. And sometimes I like a page because a friend ask me to lol!
    Jeanne R. Weiss recently posted..Local SEO

  29. Edd says

    One of the main factors that make me like a Facebook fan page is the activity on the page. If the page has no activity there is no reason for me being part of it. The second reason is how it portrays information. I do like good design, but I am from the minimalist movement and I do not like cluttered designs.
    Edd recently posted..Designing A Brand Logo

  30. Taba Rama says

    For me, I usually like (its FB page) those sites whose niche are related to News (especially Technology) and Humor. Well apart from this i rarely click the Like Button just because i don’t have the reason or say necessary to do so.
    Taba Rama recently posted..WordPress –The Best Blogging Platform

  31. says

    I like pages on Facebook based on interest like musician pages, tv shows, movies, etc. I also like pages of establishments and business I have had the joy of doing business with and brands I like. I also like social causes, general trivia pages and even humor pages! :) Facebook pages is becoming an awesome way to promote something :)
    Reese recently posted..Discover Student Card Review: Intro APR on Purchases

  32. Becca says

    I only like the page if the content is very interesting and it helps me in some ways. Like the popular pages today, quotes pages that seem more and more creating their quotes fan page.

  33. Prakhar says

    interesting post….. all d best…….. i found this blog today only… its really very useful for the persons like me who love to read articles on online earning….
    Prakhar recently posted..What is Gold ETF?

  34. eddie says

    personally i think people join social media to have fun and enjoyment. i put “like” on a post if its funny or i feel inspired after reading it

  35. Abrielle says

    Its okay to like a lot of page from Facebook, but we need to do it in moderation.. I have to agree with everyone else that too much information posted on our FB wall is not good. Judging from the current Facebook page, a lot of social issues are being posted and users are very passionate in sharing them esp if it involves a sick person, animal cruelty, missing person etc..

    • says

      Completely agree with you that over doing it on any social medium, will drive fans or followers away from your blog or sites. People in general are good, but we know that not all have much compassion except when stuff effects them.

  36. Sugotech says

    Face book provides the people a big platform where every one is free to share , and enjoy their knowledge , experiences, events, anything which they want. Like in Facebook is the way to get attraction of visitors to you wall or make it popular .

  37. ann says

    To that end, using _any_ tactic that will get people to Like me is a good one, but producing quality relevant material has got to be the most important. i.e. for the challenges idea (which I love) people have expressed interest in the sailboat I am building, but I wouldn’t dare post updates on my WordPress blog as it is not relevant to the topic.

  38. Danica Green says

    What makes me like a certain facebook page is when I am interested to the topic, brand or cause that it is promoting and sometimes I like a facebook page out of curiosity because a friend also liked it :D

  39. David says

    I think the reasons which you have listed here are perfect. These are the most common reasons of facebook page likes. Creating games and competitions on FB are the most effective method to gain some healthy counts of likes. These methods also don’t need any extra efforts. Just a simple question or a concept game will help in gaining more likes on FB page.

  40. says

    I haven’t been a great facebook user up until now, but can someone tell me if it’s possible to keep personal and business FB pages totally separate, or is there bound to be some crossover in the future. I have projects I would love to do, but keep separate from my ordinary friends.
    BrianK recently posted..How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

  41. Julie says

    Thanks for sharing this useful and inspiring article, I had been searching for a guide to get more likes on my facebook page for a while, when I found your blog. Thanks for the useful information!
    Julie recently posted..wisdom teeth

  42. says

    I love it when people click ‘like’ on my facebook pages. I have also installed the facebook widgets on my websites for people to click. It’s a good sign that you’re doing something right. Social media is the future.

  43. says

    Pages get a lot of search engine respect. Even “big business” takes them as seriously as they do with their own corporate websites. Learn what the big deal is about.
    Derek recently posted..P90X

  44. says

    I ‘Like’ a Facebook page if it’s a cause I believe in, a retail brand I like buying from and a personality I really like. But I don’t go on ‘Liking’ frenzy as I totally dislike unnecessary flooding on my timeline!

  45. Joseph says

    The only way I “like” a post if they are FUNNY! Most of the time people just write dumb stuff. Hey! I’m at the mall :) Boring! Next…. But If you have a funny post or something that is interesting you will have my “like”
    Joseph recently posted..Tir Na Nog Bar & Grill

  46. says

    Mostly I would say is the competition and free stuff. This is what happened when our page giveaway a free Ipad 2 last year.

  47. says

    People like Facebook pages, posts, shares, comments simply because it got their interest!
    Social media has many interesting things to offer! That is why many people are really engage to social media sites.

  48. says

    Jan is right I use it to reply to comments, photos and video. What makes me wanna like something depends on who suggested it. My younger cousins age (5-11) may bet a lower priority than an old friend or colleague because my older friends know what I will respond to.

    When I’m searching for communities with similar interests, things like when the group was created vs how many members they have definitely influence if I will like them.

  49. says

    I used to ‘like’ Facebook pages when I wanted to show that I liked something but now I only ‘like’ a page if I’m interested in it because I know I’ll be inundated with updates from the page the whole time! And if theres too many updates a day (as in, more than 2 a day) I’ll ‘unlike’ the page so it doesn’t clog up my newsfeed!
    Harriet recently posted..Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

  50. says

    I know I’m in the vast minority here, but I *really* have no love for Facebook. I haev a page,a nd I rarely use it – a personal page. It seems mostly spammy to me. But… that’s all moot as the whole world in there. (The drowning man cannot say he lacks interest in water!) So, I do want my site to be FB “liked” of course. I went on a bit of a campaign this past weekend and generated about 50 likes best I can tell. Eventual SEO impact? We shall see. But somehow I think the +1s might just be given more weight by Google, right??
    Mark recently posted..Hall and Stairway Trim Work – Low Maintenance Shadow Boxes

  51. jan says

    It’s a great concept, but you have to be careful because whatever you like shows up on your FB page so your FB friends could be inundated with stuff that they are not interested in, although you can hide stuff that you don’t want to see, which is why I hesitate for some incentive type things like competitions.

    When I am on FB, I use like mainly to say hey I like your comment/picture/point etc but I don’t really have a comment to make. I use it just to say “I hear ya”, I don’t have anything really to say but I am not ignoring you. Not sure if this is a correct expression of liking?
    jan recently posted..Insulin and weight gain – is insulin making you fat?

  52. says

    I have actually blocked people’s updates on Facebook because I got tired of their constant check-ins and Likes (but then again, I have less patience for interruption than many people I know!).

    However, as a marketing tool, the more Likes that I receive on a particular webpage the better. To that end, using _any_ tactic that will get people to Like me is a good one, but producing quality relevant material has got to be the most important. i.e. for the challenges idea (which I love) people have expressed interest in the sailboat I am building, but I wouldn’t dare post updates on my WordPress blog as it is not relevant to the topic.
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