7 Reasons Why your WordPress Website is not Making Money

New webmasters are often asking why their WordPress website is not making money. This is especially a sad question when people have been blogging for 2 years or more without any rewards.

I often see people’s websites and would dearly love to critique their website to help them out but there are just too many disasters out there. Don’t get me wrong as I have made all the same mistakes myself and this is why I can tell you a few problems that stand out for me.

I have started to publish a few posts about how I make money online and although people say this information is inspiring, it does not help you with making money. This is why I am going to mention a few reasons why your WordPress website is not making money.

#1.  Your niche is too wide

When people start a WordPress website from scratch they often pick a general niche. For example they might want to make a website about computers, family life, or just news in general. I do not recommend having a general niche that is not focused and it will be very hard to know which direction to take your website. It is also extremely hard to make a plan and stick to it when you have such a wide scope.

Instead of choosing a large wide topic like computers, dig deeper and pick a small and niche within that topic. There are a thousand smaller niches such as, computer help for seniors, computers for beginners, even computer parts, computer maintenance, computer virus help, and so on..

As you can see the word computers has a broad meaning. A person looking for this might want to buy a computer or maybe learn about them. There is no way of telling  and this is why we need to target extra words to narrow down our prospects before they flood your website and find nothing they like.

Researching a niche is the most important part of this business. When a website is not making money webmasters often overlook the fact that they are in the wrong niche altogether. Maybe there are no buyers for this niche. Do the research. Demand for the niche equals traffic and sales.

#2.  Website lacks focus

Even if you do have at tight niche with a focused subject, people seem to go off topic which does not help their website at all. How do you know that your website visitors are interested in your off topic? Just because someone is interested in computers does not mean they are interested in writing programs or building computers. If you were going to a website about “software programming” you would not expect articles about building a computer from scratch, you would expect articles about code and writing software programs.

#3.  Too many goals

If you are wondering why your WordPress website is not making money; then you need to investigate your methods. How many products or advertising spaces have you got on each page? Have you gone overboard with the ads?

Having too much advertising makes you look desperate and also screams inexperience. The K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) method is recommended for a new WordPress website. Do not go populating your website with advertising until you have a little bit more experience under your belt.

Having the wrong advertising or even too much can annoy a website visitor and in the early stage of a website you need all the visitor you can get.

#4.  Your content is not complete

Webmasters often ask me to look at their websites and when I get there I see that their content is not that great. Unfortunately they think it is great. I often see articles about a particular topic that do not cover the entire subject. You cannot just start a story and not finish it. You cannot mention that a product is great without saying why it is great and giving examples to prove it. The whole story and nothing but the whole story. That is what you need.

For example, to write an article about certain information you sometimes need to include some background information. This might be on the page or linked to.

An example would be telling people how to format or Re-install windows when you have explained that all the files will be wiped from the computer when you format. Or you haven’t mentioned backup of files before formatting. Then what happens after formatting. The story continues.

I have some techniques I use to write killer content but it is not easy as it all comes with experience. The more content you create, the more you realize what is classed as great content, and the easier it gets to write.

#5.  You do not have the right skills (yet)

Of course many new Webmasters that are building their first WordPress website lack in the skills needed to build a successful business. Building a WordPress website to make money is a huge task and you should not put pressure on yourself to try and learn this too fast. People study for years in college and university to become qualified at something and Internet marketing is not offered as a study option as yet. Therefore most new Webmasters are taking advice from other people that are making money online and it depends on who you follow as to what skills you learn.

The moral of this story is to choose your mentor wisely.

#6.  Not knowing how to monetize

Some new webmasters simply do not know how to make money from their website and miss golden opportunities to do so. Every page on my website is a sales page (not the pushy kind) or it leads to a page that has a clear goal, which is another sales page.

I treat each page as an important page, especially if it has a history of making sales. Webmasters, and not just newbies, often forget that every page is an asset and they are like shelves in a big store.  So the homepage is the shop front and the pages are the shelves. So let’s stop and think about each shelf in the store. What item would look good on that shelf that might appeal to customers?

#7.  SEO is non existent

People often ask me why their WordPress website is not making money. They list all the things they have done and it appears that they are doing everything correctly, however when I look at the website, immediately I see that there is no Onpage SEO. Yes they have good content but I should be able to immediately work out what keyword is targeted by simply glancing at your title and your first paragraph. Bingo! If I do not see your keyword staring me in the face, then I know you are not doing it right.

There are many parts to search engine optimization and there are also many ways that people do this. Everyone develops their own style and I have taken many years to develop mine.

You need to know that SEO is a big part of online success and the sooner you realize this the better. The Art of SEO equals targeted traffic which in turn results in happy website visitors.

Conclusion to why your WordPress website is not making money:

It is not all doom and gloom as it can all be repaired. The affiliate links can be added in correctly, the ads can be taken down, the content re-written and SEOed, and so on..

If you have to scrap the website and start again, you can use the content for other things in the future.In some cases it is quicker to start again but in other cases you can simply change your focus.

This article is here to set you on a path to making money online and not have negative effects on your attitude. Just remember that I have made all of these mistakes and if you are making them too then you are very normal!

It is pure torture wondering why your WordPress website is not making money




  1. Sudipto says

    Nice tips and I think lots of hard work is also required and in starting days of blogging we have to do it for free just for sharing information. For money making first our goal should be fixed and then we have to concentrate on our goal and we have to keep some patience. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.
    Sudipto recently posted..How To Make Smart Home

  2. Laura says

    Hi Mitz:

    I have been interesetd in starting my own website. I’m a busy mom and am looking for a way to make extra money for our family. Anyway i found the Affiliorama website very helpful regarding site building. I thought i would start with a website that promotes products that i have utilized and find work for me. What is your opinion of affiliate marketing? Is there really a chance of making any money here for a newbie?

  3. Roberta says

    Great Article. Now I got my answer that why my wordpress site was not much beneficial for me. Thanks for sharing this very useful information.


  4. Terry says

    Times have changed!!

    Yes you need to find agood niche, but Adsense used to be much more profitable and is no almost worthless!

    • mitz says

      Hi Sanjan. I don’t think that high competition is a reason for not making money because you only need one targeted visitor to make a sale..Targeted traffic can come from anywhere. High competition does not stop you from ranking in the search engines. You just have to do more to get there and beat the competition and rank for long tail keywords.
      Low CPC is bad if you are making an Adsense site but I have found low or no CPC keywords that make big dollars if you sell the right product. :)

  5. Linda says

    Just a great post Mitz and right to the point about making money with your blog. Like others, I learrned the hard way that internet marketing takes work, commitment and time. If you believe the hype that some of the so called “gurus” state, anyone can create a wealthy internet marketing business in no time. So far from the real truth. Thanks for taking the time to post a great article Mitz. It is much appreciated and right on the money.

    Linda recently posted..Achieve Success with Effective Goal Setting Methods

  6. says

    Hi Mitz –
    I came upon your site(s) recently and am really impressed. Will be spending some quality time reading through much of what you have here. I have to say, though – I’m a little frustrated! I feel I’ve done a lot of what’s described over the past several months, but I’m just not earning at all. Traffic is surely low – on average about 80-90 visits/day (~1800 unique visitors/month), but it seems highly targeted from the search queries. I have Amazon and some other affiliate links: have tried hard to keep with the KISS concept with the ads. Adsense dropped me for some reason which they won’t convey. And I’m extremely proud of my content, which is the cornerstone of my site!! I won’t quit, but I’m definitely frustrated. If you or anyone reading could take a look and let me know your thoughts – they would be most appreciated.

    Am I perhaps missing something simple? Would sure feel great to make, say, $10 one day. 😉


    Mark Russo
    Jersey Shore, NJ
    Mark recently posted..How to Fix a Door that Won’t Latch

    • mitz says

      hi Mark,
      I looked at your website and I can tell that you have really put a lot of work into it. I can see a few problems though so please don’t take offense to my comments.

      1. You have links to the absolute best “do it yourself” websites on the net..in your sidebar. You are basically offering this to them on a platter..Put your resources there..
      2. You have no internal linking between posts. Like bathroom fixes linking to other bathroom fixes.. or any similar or helpful posts.
      3. You have no real text amazon links and pictures from amazon which both sell the best.
      4. All your renovations are very neat.. I can’t see any dirty old houses or rotton jobs..
      5. Also some jobs done without buying stuff…on the cheap..
      6. The posts need some H2 H3 headings that contain keywords.. Not general sayings, keywords.
      7. When you click on the category pages there is nothing in the sidebar. The site then looks empty.
      8. Sell some Home diy packages from click bank and so on… show a project using timber and then offer plans for DIY projects.

      Are you backlinking to these pages?
      SEO seems a bit thin all over.
      Link as many images as possible to something to buy..So if you are showing a hinge, link it to an affiliate that sells hinges..

      This is a quick look for me.. Some things might be wrong (for eg you might have internal links but I didnt see them) so just take the advice that you think will help you. :)

      • says

        OMG, Mitz – This is FANTASTIC!!

        Thank you so much. Take offense?? Absolutely not – these are incredible comments, and you’ve just given me additional high-priority items to add to my website “work plan!” Will definitely dive-in here, and will definitely be reading through your sites in lots of detail in the coming weeks. You’ll surely hear more from me. Cannot thank you enough for the review and pointed comments!!

        Financial Goal 1: Make $10
        Financial Goal 2: Work my way slowly/steadily toward that Billionaire’s Club with you! 😉

        Mark recently posted..How to Fix a Door that Won’t Latch

  7. Ricky says

    Awesome Tips, I need a way to bring more people to my site. I have a small following, because of the articles I write and a lot of it is stuff people would pay to learn. However, the stuff I offer for sell at a good price is so much more. However, I cannot seem to keep a good amount of traffic coming in. I think my best day was around 200 people. However, on average it is between 5 and 20. If you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated, if how have time to that is.

    Thanks a bunch,

    Ricky Strode
    Ricky recently posted..Hypnosis Training Update

  8. Gails says

    Thanks for the tips Mitz.I would like to add one short tip for Internet Marketers.”Don’t believe any Guru who tells you that you can make money working only 2 hours a day and fulfill your dreams”.In my 2 years of experience as an internet marketer and SEO I’ve discovered that Internet marketing is just like any other business .And the ingredients for success in every business are same “total dedication and hard work”.
    Gails recently posted..Content Marketing Strategy in Internet Marketing Blogs

    • mitz says

      I have only ever made money from blogging…I have either sold affiliate products or had some form of advertising on it…To start earning money…this can be almost immediately if you setup your website correctly and get the right people there to see your page..

  9. Mary says

    Having a niche too wide is one of the most common problem by many. It’s because they can’t cater a specific group. We should bear in mind that people are actually looking for a straight forward answers when they do their own research. These people are a bit impatient so they rather choose other sites than dig lots of posts in a particular site.
    Mary recently posted..Causes And Symptoms Of Aging

  10. Cheolsu says

    Hi Mitz,

    These are some great tips for new bloggers who are yet to make money. This will give them some focus and help them identify things they re doing wrong.
    Cheolsu recently posted..Facebook Restricted list

  11. Sean says

    Nice post!

    I have recently started up my own blog about my quest into the world of affiliate marketing. If you are interested in reading about my failures and triumphs then check it out. Here is the link for anyone that is remotely interested – http://www.MyAffiliateQuest.Com/Blog

    Thanks again,

  12. Aaron says

    Hi Mitz,
    I guess it would help if I would follow directions here, right? I am just overwhelmed right now!

  13. Aaron says

    Hi mitz,
    You have a lot of great suggestions, I really enjoy the post! I am a complete newbie at this and am finding it rather difficult to get backlinks? I did not think it would be this difficult. I seem to not be finding where they will let me leave a backlink ie blogs, forums etc. Any suggestions? Would I be better off starting with article writing and web 2.0 such as digg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • mitz says

      Yes try article writing and guest posting..Also free blogs and also commenting on dofollow blogs like this one..

    • mitz says

      what about just “pet squirrel” then sell a book on how to care for them.. Mind you I have never even seen a squirrel as I am in Australia.

      Your website you have now seems good .Blog News Reviews. Great idea. You just need to stick to the blogging subject..So all posts you do should link to blogging…

      ” How to blog like a superhero?”
      ” Bloggers philosphy tips from Superman himself”
      ” 10 blogging product reviews personally recommended by Wonder Women”
      ” 10 things that will be your blogs kryptonite”
      ” 5 SEO lessons from Batman And robbin”

      No kitchen products..it does not go…

      Told you I was crazy! :)
      mitz recently posted..How to Export an Existing Website and Import it into WordPress

  14. Rob Lindquist says

    Hey mitz,

    Thanks for sharing this. My blog is written to assist people in my industry to overcome many challenges that I have had and are most common.

    What I’m wondering after reading this post is if my sub-heading is too wide and if you would recommend I focus it more.

    I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how to improve it or which part would be best to complete first.

    Rob Lindquist recently posted..Results of My 30 Day Challenge… Don’t Laugh

  15. Peter Venter says

    Hi Mitz
    The URL’s are all the same and as far as I know the websites were not down for any length of time. Nothing was changed on the sites, this is what I don’t understand. A couple of days after the move I checked my sites as I normally do and all three had dropped off page 1. I will do as you say and continue to build more backlinks. Real pity as the one site had become a real money maker in the number 1 spot.
    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated
    Peter Venter recently posted..Black and Decker MM1800

    • mitz says

      I have changed a theme on a website and lost Adsense earnings..But this was because I had advertisers targeting certain ads and they dropped out so everything had to be started again… This is the rankings though and if you were at page one you can easily get back there… I would get straight onto it though as it is costing you money! :)

  16. Peter Venter says

    As you say there are many reasons why people’s WordPress blogs fail. I wonder if you could comment on this problem I am experiencing at the moment. I had three WordPress sales pages on page 1 in Google. Two were in position number three and the other in position one. I changed my hosting to Hostgator and all three sites dropped off page 1 on to page 2. All were highly optimized but they are now on page 2 and I am not sure how to get them back onto page 1. I would appreciate any comments in this regard.
    Peter Venter recently posted..Black and Decker MM1800

    • mitz says

      So the url is the same?
      How long was the website down for?
      When you say they were highly optimized…how did you lose optimization? The backlinks must still be pointing there and the onpage should be as it was…
      Anyway to get back simple do some backlinking. Check out or 18 backlinking techniques by Ben.

  17. ron says

    Hi Mitz, I just have one question to you. Regarding about lacking focus, but its not about a website its more about me. I’m really new to this world of blogging, SEO, Web master and Web design. However I’m a person who likes to make design, not a writer type of person, I guess you can notice that already,lolz! and I also get bored in link building like profile linking, Dir submission, blog commenting you know stuffs like that. Web design or creating a website is the only thing that challenges me, however my boss assigned me to different tasks even though i’m just a newbie and its kindda hard for me to coupe up, doing half of my time web designing using WordPress. Basically i customize already made themes so it won’t be that much work to do and the other half of my time is on link building. Do you think this it is wrong or what? Since i know SEO and Web design are two different branch of web development and I’m just a newbie.huhu! I hope you can give me some advise of what should i do, i don’t really like link building and even this comment already took me time. I’m good in designs, html,css, some php and javascript. But making a sentence in correct grammar is a not that easy for me. But my goal is to be a web master or a web designer not a SEO, Please give me some advise Master?thanks.
    ron recently posted..Thanks For Visiting!

    • mitz says

      I shouldn’t tell you how torun your life..but I will give some suggestions..
      Stay with your job and do what is needed. If it does not make you happy make plans for other things…You probably need to keep your job though as most people need money to live..

      In your spare time start buildng something that envolves what you love…If I had your skills I would be trying to make someting like the Elegant themes website. Or you can make a blog about webdesign or a blog selling individula themes..

      I know what its like to do something you hate but to do it you must have something to look forward to… Think of the job you hate as a path to your future happiness because it will pay you while you chip away at your dream on the side.

      • ron says

        Thanks for the advise Mitz. I really do appreciate your suggestions, specially the web design blog and don’t worry I won’t let my skill in web design to go to waste. I’ll try to design elegant themes on my spare time as you suggested, I’m seeing it already as my future hobby… And thank you so much for making me see a better perspective on Link Building, since i never really thought SEO is one of the things i should get into, but hey! as what you said it could be one of the roads to my success, so yeah i can take that. Even thought i hate it, but you know there is no easy way to success. So thanks a lot Mitz, I’ll try to be more positive on SEO now. God bless you Mitz and more power to you..oh by the way, just one more question… Which would you prefer wordpress or joomla?
        ron recently posted..Thanks For Visiting!

        • mitz says

          I absolutely hate Joomla!!! There I said it…I am the biggest WordPress fan there is… I tried Joomla and if I had stuck with that I would not be doing this…I can make a WordPress website in 10 minutes… I have also taken a few people out of Joomla into WordPress and they have thanked me for it.. They said it is a lot easier for them…

          By the way I have built a pure html website too…This is also why I love WordPress!!! I no longer dream about code at night! :)

          • ron says

            Thanks for the advise MITZ! I just convinced my client that we will use wordpress as the platform, he already did started the site with joomla but as long as i can make the site functional and beneficial then his cool with it. Beside he haven’t put any details or started designing the site yet, he just installed joomla, no nothing.. So thanks for your opinion, never tried joomla yet that’s why i asked you. btw if you have time can you can check this site that i’m developing right now on the commentluv, its the 1st post and haven’t really figure out what to add on widgets or what so ever. if you got some suggestions regarding the design or for SEO benefits i would really really appreciate it .Thanks Mitz :)

            sorry for the late rep, i was really going crazy how to start designing the site and discussing details with my client. Good thing my client is flexible and freaking cool!
            ron recently posted..Holla Ladies

  18. Rob Benwell says

    Common mistakes like looking closely into your web site, you could see things that are not designed to be there whilst something different should be positioned in place of it. For instance, the absence of a user’s search box leads the potential traffic away from your pages of the site. The search box is key to fill the visitors want for information. If the search box is nonexistent or not correctly located, the opportunity for revenue also vanishes.

    • mitz says

      Great point Rob!
      I always over look the search box as I am just too set in my ways…Of course I have it but do not realize I am doing it..
      I agree with you totally..It is an important part to a website!

  19. Carla says

    I agree with all you said here, every step is very important and yes it may be a lot of work but if you want to succeed this is all you want to do. I didn’t see in your post about the bad design, you must have an user friendly theme to attract your visitors.
    Carla recently posted..Peugeot HX1 Concept MPV

  20. hp tablet pc says

    Niches are almost important and i am disappointed the way i am doing.I finally got some tips from other Bloggers and now doing fine.I started in the making money blog after some time I thought that I only don’t make money and what i should teach people.so i closed that and started a tech blog and at this point too their are so many competitors and have to beat them.finally i am getting some traffic to this tech blog and making some money.
    Their are lots of information on net we can research and post on our blog but this takes time and we need to invest it.
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  21. dave says

    I think that a lot of beginners that are trying to make money off of their wordpress sites are 1.not waiting long enough to monetize and 2.Are just not working hard enough.
    When I start a new wordpress blog I will wait 6 months to a year before I monetize it – usually once I am getting 100+ uniques a day is a good sign to throw up some monetization. Also don’ t be scared to build links until your fingers bleed. :)

    • mitz says

      I do not do it this way…I montetize the site from the beginning and because I monetize individual pages and it is hard to go back on fix them later. I do not slam Adsense all over it…just subtle affiliate links..

  22. Paul says

    I have to congratulate you for the article, you have listed all the essential points
    The most difficult point in my opinion is the search for niche
    Although it may seem easy, although there are many automated programs of research, is not so simple
    The niche should be an ideal compromise between your knowledge, a key word with visitors but not too competitive and a market with products to sell
    Changing the subject and pointing at point 3, I hate sites where there are more banners than the number of useful content
    Paul recently posted..By: network

  23. Farhan says

    What if you don’t know the first thing about WordPress? Most people who have some experience blogging with WordPress just assume that everyone knows it.

    That’s not true. Some people have never even heard of WordPress. Learning how to use WordPress is one thing; learning how to use it to make money blogging is another.

  24. newsletters says

    Really Great. I already read two post of your blog. This post is really informatics . you are true that right skills are necessary to be a good webmaster and also earn money.
    newsletters recently posted..Amazing Cake Decorating Ideas

  25. Malcom says

    You have nailed it in terms of the main reasons why people become so frustrated with themselves at not being successful and ultimately giving up – complaining, being a ‘douche’ and buying crap. All i can say Follow the post and i am sure the difference will be there automatically.

  26. Michel Blaze says

    another reason is you need to spend more time on each field like blog commenting,archive publising,social network bookmarks etc my friend went from rank 0 to 132 on google in week doing this

  27. Custom Essay Writing Service says

    This is actually one of the most incredible sites I have read in a very long time. The volume of information in this post is wonderful; Your website is excellent for any one who would like to know this topic more. Excellent stuff; please keep it up!

  28. Larry Lourcey says

    Unfortunately, it all comes down to traffic. You can have the best content in the world and if people aren’t visiting your site, it does you no good.
    Larry Lourcey recently posted..Facebook vs Google Plus

    • mitz says

      Yep Larry you are right about traffic but it is even worse if you get traffic and then don’t make money.. That is the sad part.

    • mitz says

      I can see that you are one of the “go to people” Ana. I think your articles on your blog are the most in-depth I have seen! :)

  29. sanjay says

    Good point! I should add that when picking your niche, there’s this thing that we call “super niche”. Once you determine yours it will boost your organic search and inbound links, focus on that and soon you’ll be earning from it.
    sanjay recently posted..10 Best WordPress Theming Tutorials

  30. David says

    After years of working as SEO, link builder, project manager for an affiliate, I’ve decided to start my own affiliate sites. Right now my niche is WordPress themes.

    PS. Love the KeywordLuv plugin. I am going to install that on my site.

    Great article…thanks!
    David recently posted..PlatformPro Framework Review From PageLines

  31. Smith says

    These points are not limited to wordpress plate form.These are applicable to any plate form. In blogging niche has very deep meaning,I think first of all a blogger should get the real concept of niche and which one niche is the best for him.Secondly he should know from which source he wants to earn money either from adsense or affiliate. There is third possibility of earning though skills by making clients.
    For affiliate I want to share my own experience.
    Just select some keywords
    Get affiliate program related to keywords
    Bring your site in Top three ranks under these keywords, you will get targeted traffic.You will appreciable sale

    Always write good and relative contents. Also create relative links.
    Smith recently posted..Steam showers | steam saunas | steam cabins | steam shower

    • mitz says

      Wow great comment Smith..
      I agree that this can related to any blogging or website platform.

      1. A blogger should get the real concept of niche and which one niche is the best for him.
      2. He should know from which source he wants to earn money either from adsense or affiliate.
      3. There is third possibility of earning though skills by making clients.

      1. Just select some keywords
      2. Get affiliate program related to keywords
      3. Bring your site in Top three ranks under these keywords, you will get targeted traffic.You will appreciable sale
      4. Always write good and relative contents. Also create relative links.

      Excellent tips Smith!
      mitz recently posted..10 Excuses you Can Use When you Fail at Blogging

    • mitz says

      Yeah Ben.. I always like to rearrange my shelves too… Some products sell better on other shelves or in different places on the shelves… I related everything to my business and sales experience..

      Gotta tell you Ben…To get all this traffic and make loads of money…I do not use anything fancy or special at all…Everything I have is very basic..Maybe you could do a post about these things to let people know about them..

      • Ben says

        I’ve never really bothered with popups or anything of the nature, but I’ve been considering it for a while. I think I’ll try out a non-invasive slide up and see if I can put together a case study of sorts to share my results.
        Ben recently posted..Niche Finder Review

  32. Kathy Dobson says

    Hi Mitz…
    I so enjoyed reading that informative and easy to follow and understand blog post!
    Every point was/is valid and although I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now, that is the primary question I want answered and solved this year…. 😉
    So, you’re blog post is invaluable to me. Keywords are definitely a weakness of mine…although I know of their importance.

    I am however determined to make a full time living by blogging. I wonder…how do you keep up with 20 blogs? Do you write personally for all of them?

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter…
    Thanks 😉
    (If this is a repeat comment please delete one…I wasn’t sure it went through ? thanks 😉
    Kathy Dobson recently posted..Can I Have Some Space Please?

    • mitz says

      Hi Cathy
      Welcome.. I got your email.
      Wow this post has attracted a lot of bloggers wanting to make or break their blogs.

      Ahh 20 blogs….
      Well I have 5 -10 great ones, but 3 are exceptional, and about 5 potential ones that need work now, and more on the back burner waiting for me to decide if they stay or go… I have also started a new one that I am starting with a bang….That means 100 articles scheduled to go and more…

      I outsource content writing but I pay good money for the top writers. I never did this in the beginning though, not until I made decent money. The content on this blog is by me though…as it is hard to find people that have experience in this field and want to write for money?? I also have some great guest posters that are creating some really great content… Make sure you all visit their blogs!!! :)

    • mitz says

      Hi NO NAME
      I went to your website and it is not very user friendly. Too dark and not showing off your great posts enough… Also the Adsense is bright and white and not blending in.. Go back to simple white background and make it simple.

      • money making guide says

        Ya I know that my website is too dark. But there is a reason behind this. I am trying to rank this website and it is on first page of google. I am afraid because if I change the theme i will lose the rank. Also tell me if not so which theme is best for me. And how can I make it more user friendly. And John has wriiten that my website is not usefull is it so.
        money making guide recently posted..Make Money Online From Home Selling Your Own Stuff

        • Jean says

          Try blending your ads, the background of your ad should match your site. Also, the location of your ads will lead to a very low CTR. If you want a higher CTR you are going to have to put your ads in the main content and blend it in there.

          Jean recently posted..Used Tires Prices in New Jersey

          • Jean says

            Also I should mention that the niche in general is going to have a low CTR, so you will need alot of traffic to make some decent money with Adsense, unless you have alternative monetization methods.

            Hope that helps.


          • mitz says

            Very true Jean. A general niche is a real drag and it will make your CTR very low. I have been there and done that! :)

  33. Gloria says

    Every time i drop by here it’s always, i am so glad that i found this post.and about the SEO so far i been working that it’s not giving me hard time in my daily task.
    Gloria recently posted..angry birds

  34. Benjamin Hübner says

    I´ve often faced the problem to use the wrong method for a given niche! If you stick with affilaite marketing, there is also the possebility to choose the wrong or not matching product for example!
    Benjamin Hübner recently posted..Onpage SEO Checklist

  35. Jean says

    Sometimes the niche itself can be an issue. I’ve seen it personally where some niches simply do not have any sort of products or anyone placing ads in which you can use to monetize. So even a #1 ranking would be useless. A simple way to look to see if money is being poured into a particular niche, is just by doing a simple Google search, if you see ads from Google Adwords then its a great indication that there are advertisers targeting that niche!


  36. Simone says

    I would add number 8: bad site design.
    I’ve seen plenty websites with huge potential ruined by bad font/background color choice, complex designs that were too slow and not user-friendly and layouts that were not encouraging navigation. And this results in huge bounce rates.
    Like you said, simple is best.

    • mitz says

      Oh no! Another thing I missed! Thanks for reminding us Simone! :)
      I am sticking to simple designs but I am going to fix it up a bit…But otherwise it works just as well being simple… Those ugly sites are terrible though. I think they should keep it simple if they are making a mess of it..

  37. John says

    Too wide of a niche was my first problem when i first started. fantasy sports and video games.. way too big

    • mitz says

      wow they are big…doesn’t mean it won’t work though..

      I went for computer tips believe it or not…but I was lucky to pick up on longtail keywords that helped me out…

      I stuck with it though and I have been on page one for 4 years… But everything on my computer tips website is to do with computers… i have a lot of competition in this niche…but I studied them and did better.

      If your website about fantasy sports was just that and you ended up with a lot of content, then it could work.
      mitz recently posted..10 Excuses you Can Use When you Fail at Blogging

  38. Anderson says

    I am newbie to blogging and i select a niche of internet marketing but i am confused about selecting topic, i want to give some fresh content to my reader about SEO/SMO/LL/ORM etc. but i didn’t understand where should i start? can you plese help me?

    • mitz says

      You really need some experience to write about this… Think about what you know and start a blog with that… Then when you have experience go back and write on the Internet marketing niche…

      If you had experience you would not be wondering what to write…

      I can’t even outsource this subject as there are not enough experienced people out there…
      mitz recently posted..3 Tips for Expanding your Staff with Outsourcing

      • Anderson says

        @Mitz, Experience is not an issue but what i personally think that initially i need to spend a lot of hours for post research, analysis and writing. Thanks for your advice.

        • mitz says

          Good point Anderson
          You do really need to research your articles deeply, unless you are an expert and don’t need to.. When you have experience there will be less research…this will always vary for niche to niche.

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