WordPress Premium Themes in My Internet Marketing Toolbox

I have loads of handy Internet marketing tools in my toolbox and this includes a collection of WordPress premium themes. Over the years I have tried many free WordPress themes and also paid WordPress themes, even more than I care to mention. Therefore after all this time I have a set of regular WordPress premium themes that I use for my websites. At this stage I am probably building two extra websites a year and they all require something different. For example, recently I built a WordPress website hosting website and used a premium review theme from the Elegant themes collection. Another recent website that I am building at the moment, but have not promoted at all, it is called Web SEO Tips. I am still laying the foundations for this one in my spare time. This website is built with Thesis and a ThesisAwesome skin. You can see why I need a variety of WordPress premium themes in my Internet marketing tool box. In this article I am not going to talk about free WordPress themes because if you are creating an Internet marketing business and planning to do blogging full time, you need to invest in some tools to make you look professional. I am simply going to tell you why I have chosen these particular WordPress premium themes.

WordPress premium themes in my Internet marketing toolbox

Elegant Themes

I have an elegant themes membership because it allows me to choose from 60 or more elegant themes. These themes include such a variety that I do not think I could live without them. They include themes for business, real estate, photo blogs, mobile websites, review sites, and many many more. They even have the most simplest blogging themes, and the most difficult e-commerce themes. The first video shows features in the Elegant Themes website..And the second video shows me installing the InReview Theme and how I customized it. The other thing is that he video contain video intros I bought for $5 each from Fiverr… A different intro for each video. (Personally I like the second intro as it makes me want to dance in my chair!)

As you can see, without Elegant Themes it would be absolutely impossible for me to put up a professional website in under an hour. In the video I have installed the in review theme and show how to customize it. I always say that WordPress is easy, and it may not be that way for everyone, however it is easy for what you are actually developing. Building WordPress website and then using one of the elegant themes will make you look like a pro. These kind of websites use to take months to develop. Not just that, you needed to many geeky skills to start a WordPress website from scratch.


Thesis it is probably for the more experienced Webmaster because you will be dealing with customized code to change your website. You will also be using a lot of CSS and designing something from scratch. Thesis is a framework to build on. This website you are looking at now is using thesis and it started from there shell and is progressing slowly as I get time. I possibly could have been happy with simply buying elegant themes, however I cannot help myself, and I needed to know what was so great about thesis. In Thesis everything revolves around the customfuntions.php file and the Custom Css file.

All you do is basically edit these two files to make the website do what you want. One wrong move and you have to go to your server and replace the file to get your blog up and running. When you get used to it though, it is a breeze.. Again there is amazing support for this WordPress premium theme and you can go to the thesis forum and they will look after you until your question is answered. If you go to the forum and explain what you want to do with your code or with your CSS, they will give you the exact code already done for you.

Therefore you really don’t need to know how to create the code, but you do need to know how to place it in correctly. Along the way you learn. We have tutorials on this website about how to add a navigation menu and how to customize Thesis. Some people prefer the Genesis framework. The beautiful themes in the Studio Press gallery make me want to buy them but I know I have enough with what I have.


I find this almost the ugliest WordPress premium theme I have in my Internet marketing tool box. Sorry to the developers but it can look great with a bit of customization. That’s not the point though. Socrates WordPress theme is the highest converting WordPress theme I have ever used. It produced the best AdSense click through rates and also the best affiliate sales. When I moved my blog to thesis I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce Socrates conversion rates. So maybe there is something to say about ugly websites? The support with Socrates is absolutely amazing and I believe this is a great WordPress premium theme for a new Webmaster. It is not that difficult to use at all as everything is laid out for you, and if you don’t understand, you can get help.

The other thing about Socrates that people do not even take into consideration is their banner exchange program. You can place a banner on your website and clock up impressions. Then you can go in place your Banner code into the Socrates system and other websites will display your Banner. I have actually made a lot of sales out of placing my banner inside the Socrates banner exchange program. I also sold the Socrates WordPress website theme as you will become an affiliate after buying it. Therefore I never paid to the Socrates WordPress theme, and it only gave me a profit.

Max Mag

This is the quickest purchase I have made! I saw this theme on another bloggers site and rummaged around to find out what theme it was. Of course they did not have a link so I had to look at the source code to find the name of this fantastic theme! I bought this Max Mag theme and had it up an running within the hour. Crazy decision I know, but it worked out to be very easy.    I love the fact that I can easily have different content on sidebars for the homepage and posts, the fact that you can make up amazing displays on the homepage, and so much more.


Genesis is another framework theme like Thesis. They are both considered the best, but recently I have been impressed considerably by Genesis. This theme framework is simple to install, has an awesome design out of the box, and is made for the future. I have also noticed that the theme is fast after doing many tests on pages through the Google page speed tester. I have been testing a few different themes in comparison and Genesis is coming up trumps.

Others I have tried

Genesis Framework for WordPressI am ashamed to say that I have bought the AdSense CTR (click through rate) theme. This was my biggest waste of money and I probably had it on my blog for about two hours. Unfortunately I forgot to go and get a refund, but it is a decent theme, it was just my conscience that wouldn’t let me use it. I could not make a website that was made for AdSense (MFA), and this theme definitely looked like that. I have also bought WPRemix, The Ultimate blogging theme, and more. The thing is that most are forgotten as they did not impress me in one way or another.

Advantages to WordPress Premium Themes

  1. It is great to get help if needed which makes life stress free and saves time.
  2. They just work as the developers have an obligation to make them user friendly and error free.
  3. You can join a community where other webmasters are doing exactly what you are doing. For example I am using the Inreview Theme from Elegant Themes and there is a forum just for that theme. In fact there is a special section for each theme.
  4. Your theme will look more professional.
  5. All of the themes have basic SEO options included. Including a fab navigation system.

WordPress Themes for Internet Marketers

I guess you could be asking if these WordPress themes are any good for Internet marketers? Well if that means selling from your website, then yes they are great! This is what I do for a living, full time, and WordPress themes that do not convert do not get a second look from me.

The Long Haul

I really do not think I need any more themes and can make do with what I have. I prefer both Elegant Themes and Thesis packages as they both give you an endless scope. Socrates is great but the ugliness gets me. (sorry Socrates developers) It is more of a mans website theme. Which WordPress Premium Themes do you have in your Internet marketing toolbox?


  1. yogesh pant says

    Hi Mitz,
    Nice collection of the premium wordpress themes. But for the new bloggers, I would still advise them to make use of the free and the child themes available as they have little to do at the start of their blogs. When they know more about blogging and the importance of the presentation of the articles, they can easily swap for the premium themes.
    Rest, theis is really an awesome theme!
    yogesh pant recently posted..UPSC | INDIAN FOREST SERVICE EXAMINATION

  2. says

    Hey Mitz,
    The elegant themes option is an enticing choice. The list provides a myriad option which can provide a stress free process. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  3. Misha says

    I really want to invest in Thesis theme as I have heard all good things about it. My theme is Adsense optimized. But that is good. I wonder why do you feel that it is not right to have that kind of theme.
    Misha recently posted..Top 5 Gaming Laptops

  4. Emilia says

    Hi Mitz! I’m all for giving my readers a visually appealing treat, I personally love the elegant themes package–this is highly recommended and the best value for money! Thanks for your other suggestions!

  5. Dipa says

    You won’t believe this! This is the second time in a day that i am reading about elegant themes. Does look very attractive and user friendly. Will surely check out that and the others you have mentioned. Thanks for the very insightful post!

  6. Joy says

    The elegant themes package seems to be a great option, for that amount and considering the number of great themes you will be getting this is value for money :) Thanks

  7. says

    Hi Mitz! I’m contemplating on purchasing a couple of themes for the other sites I’m planning to develop and this post sealed the deal. Thanks!

  8. richa says

    Thanks for these great tips, Mitz. Where and when to promote their affiliate links and banners is an important decision to make.

  9. says

    Knowing when, where, and how to advertise your business is the holy trinity of marketing. With the internet taking over the way that companies showcase the products and services the landscape is definitely changing.
    StilconFL recently posted..Heat Up Your Bathroom

  10. Jonathon says

    So pleased I came back to read this post again and this time watch the videos. As I said previously I had added the free flexibility3 theme to 5 of my niche sites because I had seen quite a few sites using that theme but sadly none of mine look as good. Now after watching your helpful videos I’m thinking the Elegant themes might be a better bet although I don’t know if the paid flexibility3 option is as helpful in terms of design tips and support. Anyway you’ve given me food for thought. BTW my niche sites are in health, weight loss, relationships/dating and golf. Do you think Elegant themes will give me enough scope in those niches?
    Jonathon recently posted..Eat Your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight Fast

    • mitz says

      I have my tools ready and I may have paid for them in the beginning but now they are priceless! I really actually make use of all these themes and I have also got used to using them which saves time wondering how to change anything.

  11. Shiva says

    Ah Mitz, you seem to have quite similar premium themes with you as that is with me. I also like you have Thesis and Elegant themes. Along with Thesis I have Kolakube skins membership which is just a good replacement for ThesisAwesome although Thesis Awesome is great too. I have heard about Socrates but did not bought it since I think other frameworks are better than that one. I recently bought a few themes from Solostream too. Also I have few themes from Themify.me and Theme Junkie that I won in contest. Recently Genesis has been catching my attention and most probably I may buy it in the future. Really premium themes rock for people like me who do not know designing. :D
    Shiva recently posted..Tips to Use Social Media to Market your Blog

    • mitz says

      I agree totally Shiva…I love premo themes as it just saves you so much time…You get a fantastic design and that leaves you time to create content and promote your stuff.!!! :)

  12. Albert says

    Mitz, I like your actual theme and I’ve always noticed when you’ve changed it :)

    Finding the right WP theme is an hard way,because you need to fit both economical and esthetic value.
    I’ve also tried several theme, especially the so called “adsense themes” and some of theme put too much attention to your CTR and neglect the basics for a good site

    • mitz says

      I didn’t think anyone would notice if I changed the theme every now and then..LOL I am a Women and its like choosing what to wear before going out…:)

      • Albert says

        Changing theme,colors,background and do some test, It’s a vital part of an active blog.
        It’s to humane nature that push to an evolution and trying to always improve your skills :)

  13. Mark says

    I ‘m using Blueprint at the moment, which is a free theme I got from the WordPress Theme Directory. I recently bought Canvas from Woo Themes, but I’m still playing around with it on a sandbox WordPress installation. I started off with a free theme because I just wanted to get cracking with my site without spending a lot of time looking for a theme. I always planned on getting myself a decent theme, but when you’re getting started with WordPress you’ve got so many other things to think about. It can take a lot of time searching for themes if you’re new to WordPress and you don’t know where to look.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying playing around with Canvas. Out of the box it looks very basic, but it’s highly customisable. According to Woo Themes it’s their most ambitious theme yet.
    Mark recently posted..WordPress Themes Revisited – Woo Themes

  14. Ann says

    Hi Mitz,
    It does seem as though WordPress is one of those programs that once you learn how everything ties together and works, it is a piece of cake. I do think the websites (that I have seen) are very professional and appear to have a lot of thought and talented input. And, all of these products come with a support staff. So, they sound like super deals. It is simply implementing and writing!! Oh, and funding. I really want to check into Thesis also. Thanks for sharing such great information. I appreciate you sharing your experience and expertise, it prevents so many missteps!
    Ann recently posted..Consumer Credit Counseling St Louis

    • mitz says

      Yes I wish I had been told all this…I wasted a lot of time and money in the early days..The reason these themes are so great is because you can use them for more than one website…and when you get into building websites these are very handy to have around.

  15. Peter Lawlor says

    I have ElegantThemes, Woo, StudioPress, iThemes (Builder), WordPress Product Review Theme, Premise for WordPress, and Catalyst. I LOVE premium WP themes and am constantly trying out new themes.

    Every penny I’ve spent on themes paid off at least tenfold (I build my own websites for my online and offline businesses).

    I probably have more premium themes in my toolbox than most people and have spent many hundreds of dollars on themes; however, when you consider the cost of hiring a website designer, my investment is much less and I have access to all kinds of amazing website options.
    Peter Lawlor recently posted..StudioPress Responsive Design – WordPress Mobile Theme Technology

  16. Mike says

    One point I struggle with is all of these themes cost money. Just wondering if there are any good free premium wordpress themes that someone could use who is just starting out on a low budget. Personally I am pretty saavy at using wordpress and I am not intimidated by having to install complex themes or pay for a theme that can make me money but I know there are probably a lot of people out there struggling to make a buck who don’t have money nor the technical skills to make these work. Do you know of any themes you like that are free but still look good?
    Mike recently posted..Tissot PRC200 Chronograph Review

    • mitz says

      Hi Mike
      I did know but I do not use them now.. I actually never stuck with one long enough..I wouldn’t worry too much as you will just be using a free theme until you can afford to buy something else. If you are WordPress savy I would go for a simple clean theme and customize to suit your needs. The more functions they have the more can go wrong…

    • Jonathon says

      For Mike. There are a few good free themes out there. One I’ve found easy to use is Flexibility3 and Holly Powell (SimpleHowToVideos.com) provides good video tutorials.

      • Mike says

        Thanks for that tip. I looked at the site. It looks like you can download the framework but you have to buy their skins for about $9 to use with it? I am going to try installing it to see what it looks like out of the box.
        Mike recently posted..Tissot PRC200 Chronograph Review

    • mitz says

      Yes it is looking good and I am very happy… I do like playing with the code in Thesis but Elegant themes is definitely a polished theme in a matter of minutes. :)

  17. Andre says

    Hey Mitz,

    these are always very good tipps for WP premium themes! Thanks! :-)

    I recently found one that is very beautiful simple, all CSS and HTML5 valid AND it has also its mobile version integrated. It is called “bugis” and costs € 12,- Definitly worth a try. And no, I am not affiliated with those guys. Although I should… ;-)

    Just google for it and check it out. I use it on 60% of my blogs now.

    Andre recently posted..Spickzettel gegen Flugangst? Tipp13

  18. Jim Calaman says

    I have a lot of trouble editing the header. Does Google penalize you for using the same theme for different websites? I have some different ones but not many. Personally, I like Socrates. While I am here, I disagree with Robert that content is not king.
    Jim Calaman recently posted..Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels With Diet

    • mitz says

      You can use your theme for as many sites as you like..Just make sure everything else is different. So tags, description, site name and so on…all unique.

  19. Robert says

    I have heard a lot about thesis recently used to have it on one of my blogs when I first started as an Internet marketer but I didn’t like it. After reading your post I think I might have to give it another look. I have seen Some of the thesisAwesome skins And they look very nice. One thing I must admit is that with the premium themes there’s no messing around everything you need is in the user panel like SEO options, Google analytics etc so there’s no need to install certain plug-ins.
    Robert recently posted..Sorry But Content Is Not King!

    • mitz says

      Very true. A lot of questions are answered for you with Premium themes as they have boxes for you to fill out. It also means you do not have to go into the code and mess with it too much. :)

    • mitz says

      Genesis is a close match to Thesis but they have all the groovy child themes available too. That does tempt me sometimes.

  20. Mick says

    Constructive criticism: sort out the grammatical and spelling errors. Reads a bit like you’re keyword stuffing; otherwise an interesting read

      • Mick says

        Maybe so, but it doesn’t read “naturally”. As an example of what made me say this:
        “Over the years I have tried many free WordPress themes and also paid WordPress themes, even more than I care to mention.”

        Should this not be:
        “Over the years I have tried many free and also paid WordPress themes, even more than I care to mention.”

        ..but of course this gives you an extra instance of “WordPress themes”….

        • mitz says

          OMG are you serious? Unfortunately I am not perfect and I do not strive to be. I am simply sharing my information.

          • Danny says

            Haha I think he is serious.
            That kind of gives away where your focus is at Mick.

            I had no problem whatsoever reading this blog.
            Show me a grammatically perfect blog that is not in the grammarophiles niche.
            Blogs are for humans and made by humans. Get over it.

            OT: This post can save a lot of people a lot of money and headaches. There are so many themes out there, and many of theme are not worth the time and money.
            Danny recently posted..Remington RM1015P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric Pole chain Saw

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