WordPress Website Basics

This is the ultimate WordPress website basics page full of free WordPress tutorials to help you learn to build a WordPress Website the right way.

Ok so you want to build your own WordPress website. Great! You have made the right choice.

This is the real deal here. We are not playing games because people are making multi-million dollar businesses using WordPress  I personally have 2 websites valued at over $100,000.00 each and many more on their way to the top..

WordPress opens up a whole new world to everyone. It gives the non technical person a chance to become a web-master and own virtual real-estate that can grow in value.

This entire course on how to Create a WordPress Website is totally free for you.

By starting this I presume:

  • You have website hosting. If not see the discounts you can get by using my coupon code MITZSave25 on this page: Create a WordPress Website from scratch.
  • You are serious about starting a WordPress Website and will not give up when the going gets tough.

WordPress Website Basics

#0.0 Build a Website – The First Steps  Tutorial

What are your first thoughts when deciding to build a website? What do you need to think about?

#0.1 Build a Website the Right Way The First Time Advice

This is an article about building your website the right way the first time so you do not have to repair silly mistakes later.

#1.0 Start a WordPress Website from Scratch Video

This video shows you how to install WordPress on your hosting. I am using Hostgator hosting for this tutorial.

#1. 1 How to Install WordPress Tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial that is also showing how to install WordPress on your server. You can watch the video above or read this tutorial. 

#2.0 How to login to your new WordPress Website Quick fix

This is also shown in 2.1 and 2.2 but if that’s all you need to know then this is a quick fix post. If you want to learn more, move on to the next tutorial.

#2.1 The next step – How to customize your WordPress Installation Video

This is a 34 minute video showing you how to sign into your dash board when you have a new WordPress website. 

#2.2 How to setup WordPress and change your settings Tutorial

This is a full step by step tutorial showing how to change the settings. Includes screenshots and is similar to the video just above.

#2.3 WordPress Discussion Settings 101 Video

It is important to set-up these discussion settings in WordPress so you can start to control comment spam right from the start. Neglecting this step can see your blog instantly hit by spammers.

#3.0 Make your post categories the right way Video

This shows you how to find your best post categories and how to create them. It also shows you what to do for Search Engine Optimization. Having relevant categories and content is all part of SEO.

#4.0 Search and install a WordPress Plugin Video

This shows you how to search for a plugin or upload it from your computer.  After installing most plugins you need to customize them and change the settings to suit your blog.

#5.0 Install your first WordPress Theme Video

This video shows you how to install a WordPress theme onto your new WordPress website. This is exciting as it will make your website look professional.

#6.0 Write a post the right way Video

Writing a post in you WordPress website.

#7.0 WordPress Sidebar Etiquette Tutorial

What you should and should not have in a WordPress sidebar. People often dump all they can into their sidebars and do not stop to think about what it looks like to the visitor.


More coming soon…Please leave comments below of what you would like to see here.

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