This WordPress Website has Dofollow Backlinks and Commentluv Comments

I guess if you’ve visited this WordPress website lately you would have noticed that it has dofollow backlinks in the comments section below. It also has the comment love plug-in which is also enable to be dofollow. I am not concerned with giving away link juice, as other Webmasters are, as I believe that what you give out you get back. If not sure what all this back link jargon means please see dofollow links and nofollow links.

Let me tell you that I am not inviting you to make comments for a dofollow backlinks as I do not tolerate generic comments. You know the ones that we all hate…

“Wow! Great Post!” – Totally never seen this comment before. Ha Ha. But who cares.

“I agree with what you said….” – Well that was easy. I am glad you agree but do you have an opinion?

“I was searching the internet and I found your blog” – Well that’s how I usually get website visitors so make sure you have something to say that;s a bit more interesting.

Here are some more examples of comments that look real.

There is not only a free version of Commentluv but also a Commentluv Premium now too!

Dofollow backlinks and comment luv comments that will get approved

  • I am inviting you to get dofollow backlinks if your comment is genuine and adds to the discussion.
  • Any valuable tips and tricks related to the post to share with us will be approved.
  • Any questions on related subjects will be approved. Please explain your problem though as me replying with “please explain more” is a waste of time.

I do not have Keywordluv because the entire blog is dofollow in the comment section. I did not see the need to add another plugin to do the same thing. I really do not think you need to add a keyword in the name section as you are getting the dofollow comment luv juice anyway. Here are some great ways to use the commentluv plugin to your advantage.

Why have I made my comment section dofollow backlinks now?

I actually thought that my comments section was all ready dofollow, however I noticed the other day that it wasn’t. That’s okay because I have now installed the dofollow plug-in.

Do Dofollow backlinks harm my Google page rank?

At the moment I believe that having do follow back links on your website does not affect Google page rank. However we know that things change very often with Google and who knows what’s down the track? The thing is, I love building WordPress websites and helping other people along the way, and I don’t really care about page rank.

When building a WordPress website I like to concentrate on making a website with great content, the best SEO possible, and then I believe that page rank will come eventually. I know this sounds a little bit silly waiting for page rank to happen, however it just happens that way with all the work that you do on your website’s.

Do dofollow backlinks hold more value than nofollow backlinks?

I still believe that dofollow backlinks hold more value than nofollow backlinks. However nofollow back links are still registered as backlinks and you will notice that Google knows they are there. The debate which one is better could go onto the years, until Google actually tells us the right answer.

Why did I write this post?

Unfortunately I get a lot of comments that are not worth approving. I am writing this post to let people know that I do not except comments that are not related to the article I have posted. I also will not publish a comment that has other links in it unless it is a fantastic resource link for the readers.

It is very simple. If you write a decent comment that is related to the subject at hand, you are welcome to leave a commentluv dofollow link and your name linking to a website of your choice. (no sex, drugs, or illegal websites…but still your choice.)

Ok, enough said. Go and write some decent comments for my website. I want to hear your opinion!


  1. Crystal Watts says

    Thanks for this informative post. Do-follow backlinks are a really great way to increase your traffic. Another gold mine of traffic is posting on sites that list their (Top Commentors) in the sidebar. This is your opportunity to not only generate a backlink but also to get front page exposure. Some site typically take around 5-7 posts to make it to the top commentor list. Yours in Success…
    Crystal Watts recently posted..How to Use Twitter Search and Storify to Get More Engaged Followers

  2. says

    It’s quite confusing Google lists back-links even from no-follow websites, and they are not considered to help.
    So, is it worth making comments on no-follow blogs to get backlinks ?

  3. Matthew Fox says

    The best thing that ever invented to boost SEO marketing is commentluv. By making your blog dofollow you will attract lots of spam comments but at same time lots of exposure and extra traffic.
    Underwater Photographer

  4. Sandy says

    I agree with you mitz. Making your blog dofollow to those commenter don’t do harm on your site and your giving credit to your commenter and visitor and it don’t give harm on your PR.
    Sandy recently posted..And the winner is…

  5. Topher Bricks says

    I have never used Comment Luv, but am beginning to see it more and more on blogs. I don’t really understand how it works, so my question is, can CommentLuv users get link juice on nofollow sites? If they can that’s great, but if not then wouldn’t if be just as easy to place regular comments on a dofollow blog? Thanks

  6. Steven says

    I think this is a nice idea. I appreciate the opportunity to utilize this option. You’ve got a great site and yes I have visited your site and looked over what you offer. Thank you for the information that you share.

  7. says

    Let me see if I understand this correctly. Is this all about getting to the top Google’s search engine? In my case, I’ve been #1 when you search for my site for at least the past year. Does that mean it doesn’t matter if I’m posting comments on dofollow or nofollow? So confused. Help please :).
    Fawn recently posted..How This Club Came to Be

  8. Peugeot Mills says

    As for Page Rank – If you link back to your main home page on from your sub-page, that will direct the Page Rank juice to flow to your Root Domain. Thus, your building a more authoritative site because the roots of your website has good authority instead of just your main domain.thanks

  9. says

    Please forgive me for this question if I should already know (but I don’t :). I am a part of a network of bloggers on BlogFrog and on certain days we do blog hopping. When I post a comment on the blog (similar to what I’m doing here) and enter my website on their blog, how do I know if it’s a nofollow? For that matter, how do I know if my SquareSpace blog has the comment section set up as a “nofollow”?

    Again, if this is a silly question please forgive me. Your blog post was insightful but I’m a bit confused about this portion of it. Thank you in advance for your response!
    Fawn recently posted..Optimism of a Child

  10. Maria Naita says

    I think dofollow helps blogs get more traffic. I run away from nofollow because I get nothing in return for my comments.

  11. Noel Addison says

    I too believe that PageRank is overrated. It’s not as if PR will ensure conversion. What’s important (as you’ve said) is content. Of course, you still need to promote your content or ask people in your network to do the same. It’s not like once you build it, they will come.
    Noel Addison recently posted..Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

  12. Janice says

    The best thing that ever invented to boost SEO marketing is commentluv. I do agree with all the positive feedback about it. In fact I can’t say something cos everything has been said well.
    Janice recently posted..lifecell

  13. John says

    Yes, comment luv is a great plugin and people who comment will remember this and give you back a dofollow link or will mention your blog at their site. Many bloggers are going for the do-follow and comment luv plugin. As long as you don’t make your comments auto-approve all is fine. Your blog page allready has pagerank 2, so nothing to worry. It will all come down to content in the long way.

  14. Tina says

    I am new to this and I was taught that finding a do follow blog would really help a lot on having a high rank in google search engine but I am not sure what is wrong because my website is still not showing on google. Do you have any other options on how to have a positive results?

  15. Ematrix South Florida says

    I am writing this post to let people know that I do not except comments that are not related to the article I have posted. I also will not publish a comment that has other links in it unless it is a fantastic resource link for the readers.

  16. Carl says

    well i before reading this topic i think that nofollow and dofollow doesnot matter only commenting matters but now i know there big difference thanks man u are great………Luv U

  17. Rose says

    Many pose that their site is a do follow site and many are fooled. I recommend a mozilla plug in No dofollow for your Mozilla 5.0 but higher versions are not available. This plug in will help you determine a real DO Follow blog from not. This one is a do follow blog since its mark blue on my screen.

    I have check the notify me once there will be questions.
    Rose recently posted..Most Common types of Web Hosting

  18. Jamie says

    Its a hard one to judge. And I feel we will never know the answer. However building back links i believe it is health to have a mix of both so it seems more organic to Google.

    To improve my SEO word press I have found this invaluable Keyword Winner 3

  19. von rod limpot says

    hello mitz! How yeah doing? This is actually my first time to hear about comment luv, and geez, thanks to you because I’ve learned something new. I find this article very informative and I think having an informative post is one of the best qualities of a good blog. It feeds up your readers brain. Hope to hear from you mitz and please continue being awesome.:)
    von rod limpot recently posted..Vettel Wins, RedBull Bags Constructor’s Championship Award

  20. Edd says

    I’ve had this impression that if a blog allows DoFollow links and people spam on it, giving links to unworthy websites, then in case Google penalizes any of those unworthy sites, it will have an adverse effect on the blog as well. I may be wrong also. Not really sure.

  21. trabalhar em casa says

    Mitz, recently I made a check on a website that shows the inbound links from any website.
    I am sure you already know about this kind of “tool” , BUT what surprised me is how I
    wasted my time commenting in Nofollow blogs. Where I saw lots of competitors with only dofollow inbound links.

  22. Steve says

    What a nice way to use your website. I appreciate the opportunity to utilize this option. You’ve got a great site and yes I have visited your site and looked over what you offer.

    I’ve been building sites with WordPress for about 7 months now and love to use the tool. It’s amazing how much you can do with it. I’m going to review some of your articles and see if I can’t learn a few new tricks!
    Thanks again!

  23. mitz says

    When this happens I would create my own blog on and and publish content on there with backlinks to my main website. If you cannot find what you want then create it…

  24. Fadil says

    I’m your daily reader, but i never really want to leave the comment… the reason is because I’m not good in English (I’m Indonesian), but I understand everything you write in this great site…
    you write every post clearly, really helpful for me, as I just newbie, :D
    Fadil recently posted..Spesifikasi dan Harga LG Optimus Black

  25. Humphrey says

    Hi mitzit

    I’m creating the world’s largest fine art gallery online and plan to set up a comment facility but I’m not sure what the benefit of going the dofollow route is. I can understand that for this blog you will get a lot of traffic by publicizing that it has dofollow comments, but I’m not sure it would do anything for me other than attract spammers. I can also appreciate that it’s good karma to ‘spread the juice’so maybe I should get in touch with my inner buddha..
    please do the post on comment spammer protection – I may need it very soon!

  26. John Winson says

    By making your blog dofollow you will attract lots of spam comments but at same time lots of exposure and extra traffic. You might be giving away link juice but at same you will get incoming links because your blog will appear in many do follow blog directories. To avoid spam comments many effective plug-ins are available so I believe overall you made a good move and I wish all the best.
    John Winson recently posted..Niche Reaper Review

    • mitz says

      People are wasting their time if they tried to spam my website. I am just going to delete it, market as spam, or trash it. But believe it or not, I do not get many of these comments at all. Even after making the whole website do follow.
      I do have comment Spam protection and I will be writing a blog post about that soon.
      mitz recently posted..SEO Keyword Research Tips and Tricks

  27. Al says

    I’ve toyed around with this idea (allowing Do Follow links) on some of my blogs. I’ve never done it since I was afraid that I would be inundated with spammy links. I’ve also questioned the type of traffic that it would bring to me.

    A neat follow on post from you would be some analytic data. What kind of traffic will you receive from this experiment and will it convert? What do you think?
    Al recently posted..10 Million Point Shot – A Dud

    • mitz says

      The thing is, that I don’t care about page rank because I’m not selling links. Giving people a do follow link on my website will not affect my rankings in the Google search results. This is all I care about, along with direct traffic etc.

      If the traffic does change I would definitely let everyone know as the traffic to this blog at the moment is top quality pure.

      I still have to approve comments, unless you are a regular of course, but I will still be keeping an eye on it.
      mitz recently posted..Do You Need Software to Research a Niche runs on the Genesis Framework

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